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Are DNA Tests Tearing Families Apart?

I received a long and very well written email by a reader recently, who shared his thoughts on an article published by the BBC, entitled “The Christmas present that could tear your family apart.” In short, it points out that doing a DNA test with the entire family could very well be that family’s end because the wife is a cheating whore. I share my readers’ email below. Afterwards, I comment on it.

Dear Aaron,

Greetings. Longtime reader and proud owner of several of your books. I came across an article about a month ago that I thought you might find interesting. It’s a BBC article from back before Christmas titled, “The Christmas present that could tear your family apart” (

The article discusses the side-effects (fringe-benefits?) of those DNA testing kits that have grown in popularity recently: they’re exposing the sexual indiscretions of married women who had affairs, got pregnant, and then raised the illegitimate children as if they were their husband’s. This made me recall a statistic I heard a while ago (the specific details I cannot recall, but I think I heard it while listening to Tom Leykis) which indicated that a significant number of married men are unknowingly raising other men’s children.

Assuming the popularity of these DNA testing kits continues to grow, and assuming estimates on the extent of cuckoldry in the West are remotely accurate, I think we may begin to see a significant number of women’s “dirty laundry” exposed (sadly, in the worst way possible). This has the potential to become a serious “come to Jesus moment” for Western men (but I shan’t hold my breath). After years of men getting stomped on for being disgusting, vile, pigs, etc., I find the prospect of getting hard, compromising data on women to be delicious.

In any case, I think we’ll begin to see more of this type of thing in the news and public discourse, and I’m curious to see how the public and leftists/feminists handle it. I have a hard time thinking feminism can bullshit its way out of this one, but I try not to be surprised anymore.

Alternatively, I wonder if we may see leftists/feminists begin to find these DNA tests “problematic” and attempt to widen the already over-extended umbrella of “consent” to encompass extended DNA testing. I heard that it’s illegal in some places (Australia?) for men to obtain a DNA test on their child without the mother’s consent, and that some places require men to have their spouse’s consent to get a vasectomy, so who knows what crazy anti-male/pro-female laws we could see next: Regulations? Withholding results without the mother’s consent? Government takeover of all DNA testing (and their databases of everyone’s genetic material – in the name of combatting terrorism/extremism/etc. of course)? Or maybe this all turns out to be a big nothing.

I hope you find the article as intriguing as I did – if so, I’d love to read your thoughts on it in a post on either of your blogs.

My apologies if this was the wrong channel to relay this on.

A Loyal Reader

The BBC article this reader refers to is one I do indeed find interesting. The headline itself is rather telling. The reader is told that the DNA test itself would tear families apart. Now, think about it: who is really the culprit? It is the woman. It is not some inanimate object like a DNA test but instead its a cheating whore of a wife who had such limitless depravity that she had no qualm at all about not just banging some dude behind her husband’s back but getting pregnant — and letting her husband foot the bill. If the woman went out of her way to get fucked without protection in order to get pregnant, it can be assumed that she knew very well that she not only cucked her husband but also financially and emotionally exploited him.

You also have to take into account that women don’t get pregnant just like that. It normally takes several tries. I think the average duration between trying and conceiving is around one year, but those numbers are surely inflated due to Western women deciding to shrivel up before procreating. A young, fertile woman probably gets pregnant a lot quicker. Yet, those are likely not the ones who would go for beta bucks as they first need to get off that cock carousel.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to downplay cheating at all. Cheating itself is bad enough and reason to kick out a woman immediately and without any discussion whatsoever. If she cheated on her husband and didn’t get pregnant, her happy family is also nothing but a lie. Of course, in this day and age, there are probably quite a few soy boys out there who are happy to let their girlfriend or wife take as many dicks on the side as she wants. Those cucks think they are open-minded and progressive. Meanwhile, their women laugh at them behind their back. On a side note, has anyone of you fucked a chick who had a boyfriend or a husband? If so, you may have heard how they talk about their “better half” behind their back. It is disgusting.

The infidelity of women is widely known. Yet, it is one of those taboo subjects, similar to the IQ of women and minorities or the atrocities of Zion, which no academic dares to touch. Academia is chock-full of deluded lefties anyway, but in case there was a straight-thinking whitey still around in the social sciences, he would quickly get the boot if he presented material that shows that the odds that your kid is not yours are about 1/3. That is the percentage that is mentioned in some older studies I came across. I’d love seeing an update. I do think that infidelity has been on the rise, thanks to dating apps, so I would not be surprised if closer to 50% of newly born children are not their father’s.

So, thanks to DNA testing, many proud husbands will get proof that their beloved wife is not just a cheating whore, she also exploited him financially and only pretended to love him. It used to be the case that a cheating spouse would not get alimony, if I am not mistaken. Those days are long gone. Today, a complete piece of shit like a woman who gives birth to another man’s child but tells some other guy it is his can take him to the cleaners nonetheless, which will only add insult to injury.

In the short term, we may see more and more stories on this topic. I came across quite a few on Reddit already. I also recently learned that the companies selling those kits train their customer service staff how to deal with men calling in who found out that their kids aren’t theirs. Thus, it is safe to assume that there is a problem brewing. It will only get worse.

I see a few possible outcomes.

In an ideal world, not the leftist liberal shithole we live in, we would abolish no-fault divorce because no sane person would view it as justifiable that a woman could mess with another man’s life in such a horrid way and make out like a bandit afterwards. A cheater will get nothing. I think they should get a good tarring and feathering. They also get jailed for paternity fraud as well as theft, because that is what taking her husband’s money for raising a child that is not his is. On top, lets put her in the slammer a few more years for emotional abuse because unlike a woman wailing that her partner did not want to answer the question whether her fat ass looks fat in the jeans she is trying on, creating an elaborate lie of a happy family for such a husband is indeed abuse.

Quite frankly, one may even debate using the death penalty in such cases. Think about it: a man who unknowingly raises some other man’s children will not leave any children of his own behind, or at the very least fewer. Thus, in an extreme case where all the kids he has raised and financed were not his, his genetic lineage will end, while the woman’s does not. Our laws know punitive damages. Thus, if a woman, due to her actions, deliberately ends the genetic lineage of a man, wouldn’t it be justified to end her entire lineage as well? I think the question should at least be open to debate. I mean, if you rob a bank, you have to return the money as well, and if you made money with money that isn’t yours, it will be taken from you, and then some. Putting the death penalty on a woman who made another man believe her kids are his, too, may very well be justifiable. I’ll leave that to the legal scholars of the future. It would probably be a good day on which we decide to wipe out such a woman, together with all her offspring. That would certainly be a very effective deterrent and keep them in check, at least somewhat. (Singapore has the death penalty for drug traffickers. People still traffic drugs — and get executed when they get caught. Likewise, some women will keep cheating, believing that they are invincible.) It would also be a lot cheaper for society.

In the real world, however, we may see DNA kits for consumers getting outlawed. The guy who emailed me mentioned Australia as a possible example of a country that does that already. I don’t know about Australia, but it is certainly possible, given how crazy that country’s government is. However, in France it is a crime if you DNA-test your kids to check if they really are yours. I think you can even get jailed for it. That alone should tell you everything you need to know because if there was nothing to hide, then this wouldn’t be outlawed. (On a side note, when my now ex-wife wanted to trap me with a baby, I stopped having sex with her and told her that if she, magically, ended up giving birth in nine months, I won’t acknowledge fatherhood without a DNA test. I knew what she was up to when I discovered that she had a second phone.)

I also noticed feminist campaigns that stressed that a “real man” has no problem with raising another man’s child. I bet that they will double down on it. We may even get a proper disinformation campaign in the media, telling us that our kids are never “really ours” anyway or that fatherhood has nothing to do with a genetic bond. Don’t our kids transcend whatever we can be? Don’t we share 99% of our DNA with other humans anyway? Thus, what’s the big deal with raising a kid that isn’t yours, you fucking bigot? (Well, that strategy has stopped working a long time ago, but I can sure imagine them trying again.)

There is something else that will happen in the real world: a serious dropping of red pills. I am witnessing that more and more men have absolutely zero interest in getting married after seeing their friends getting raped in divorce court. For instance, one of the best “players” I have ever met — a dude who is buff, 6’4″ tall, white, blonde, blue-eyed, rich family, great job, too many notches to fit on his bedpost — recently dropped several rungs on the socio-economic status ladder, all thanks to his either soon-to-be ex-wife or ex-wife. I don’t know whether they are officially divorced yet. However, he already has to pay her a shit ton of “child support”. Sure, that guy is not Jeff Bezos, but for your average dude this is a guy who has all his based covered. You’d think there is no way a woman would not try her hardest to make it work. If you see a guy like this go down, you probably take a long hard look at yourself and ask why you should be able to make it work if he couldn’t. Surely, many of his friends will take his fate as a warning.

Divorce becoming a mass phenomenon already makes men stay away from women. Now imagine what will happen if more and more guys know other guys in real life who unknowingly raised children who weren’t theirs! This will make even more men ditch women for anything beyond a pump-and-dump.

Who knows, maybe the rapid deterioration of the relation of the sexes will lead to a change of the laws. Frankly, I don’t see how else you would be able to get men to come back to the plantation. The cat is out of the bag. The “Women are wonderful” effect (look it up!) is fading rapidly. Scrapping no-fault divorce would be a start. I bet if men were allowed to walk away from women who turned fat and bitchy and not have to pay any alimony, and the kids would be his if he wanted to, then marriage would look a lot more attractive. On top, we may even get dowries again.

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24 thoughts on “Are DNA Tests Tearing Families Apart?

  1. “Quite frankly, one may even debate using the death penalty in such cases.”

    => Germany is getting islamized, so your wish may come true in the “near” future ;=) Maybe Islam offers some positive merits after all? ^^

    1. @Frank: (Maybe Islam offers some positive merits after all?)

      Not if you’re a white European man. The muslim migrants will simply kill all the white men once they have the numbers. War is inevitable in Europe at this point. Feminism is weakening white Europeans from the inside. While the muslim migrants are still poring in and fucking like rabbits. It’s only a matter of time until the fighting starts. Either white European men start the war for Europe. And drive the migrants out by force within the coming 10-15 years. Or it will be too late. The moment they have the numbers, they’ll just kill all white European men and make the women their bitch. Either way, war is coming.

    2. @Ben

      I am a white European man with a German and Polish citizenship. Should things become tense, I still can go back to Poland or alternatively convert to ISLAM :=D Although I prefer the first option ^^

      I doubt that Germans are strong enough to fight off the Muslims from within. Germans have become a weak subservient “Volk” without own identity. I mean… Ferkel is flooding the country with millions of third world Muslims, but the Germans sit still or proclaim that “Refugees are Welcome” and give them teddybears as a gift (pedobear approves!). AfD should have 40% by now and not laughable 14%.

      Germany will be done within the next 15 to 20 years… :-((

    3. Germany is on an accelerating decline, that’s for sure. I think that 15 to 20 years is a very optimistic estimate. Have you been to Berlin recently? It’s Idiocracy, the movie, in real life. Imagine all of Germany looking like that. Ze Germans are getting there.

    4. It’s sad to see the Germans in this pitiful condition. I really hope they’ll rise again. They have been mentally abused for so long. It’s understandable they are beaten down. I really hope they’ll recover. It would be a great loss if the German people would parish.

    5. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      I haven’t been to Berlin for many many years…. last time I was there must have been 1998. Is it that bad? Is it worse than Hamburg? I live in Hamburg and it’s pretty bad, especially the eastern and southern districts…

      Do you think that there is still a chance for salvation when it comes to Germany? (I always fantasize that Eastern Germany will separate from the BRD and join the Visegrad-Group :=D )

    6. In Canada, the narrative is that incels and “alt-right” whiteys are the group to worry about, not Muslim terrorists:

      Here’s a sample quote:

      “And while Perry said she’s tracked 120 instances of alt-right violence in the last 30 years in Canada, during the same period there were seven incidents of Islamist-inspired extremism. ‘I think that really puts in context what the risk is.’ “

    7. @Ben
      >>It’s sad to see the Germans in this pitiful condition. I really hope….<<

      I doubt it. There is probably no hope anymore. Today's school classes in Germany consist of circa 30% Muslim children…. population dynamics ;=) 20 years ago politics could have made a difference, but today I think that ship has sailed…

    8. I don’t expect a political solution for Germany nor the rest of Europe. The migrants will not leave without a fight. Even if a government would be elected and started mass deportation. These migrants think they own the place. They’re not just going to leave. I don’t see any peaceful solution at this point. It seems all roads lead to a violent outcome. It’s just a matter of time. People often have to hit rock bottom before they’ll change. That’s basically what happened in the 1930’s. Germany was on it’s ass. 6 years later they were number one. Don’t give up on the germans just yet. They might make a comeback. But it won’t be by any peaceful means. Peace just isn’t going to happen in Europe. That ship has sailed. It’s just a matter of time before this situation blows up. Revolutions are mostly fought by only 1-3% of the population. You don’t need a majority. Only a determined minority willing to risk it all. They’ll fight once they understand that doing nothing is going to get them killed anyway.

    9. Ben, just from a technical perspective it could be done. There are enough guns in private hands in Germany.
      Plus, look at France – the yellow vests are what, 10-30k people and they manage to fuck up the gov in a non-neglectible manner.
      But even if the uprising comes, the game just starts all over again. Goverment first is small and kept small, and 70-100 years later you got the same situation all over again. A big leftist pile of government inflated shit.
      Democracy doesn’t work, but that, together with a new order (of course, provided by a government) is all that will be demanded. Look at France: It’s good that the Yellow Vests are on the streets and that they want more purchasing power but they cry for the lost fortune tax, which used to generate 3billion EUR. As if this shit makes a difference in a country which increases its debt by more than 50 billion each year. They are just as stupid as the left. Their referendum wish is nice, but look at Switzerland, 95% of the laws are passed without a referendum. As long as people think that there is a way where they can vote someone who has no incentive at all to avoid mistakes, our society will never function. And that’s why revolutions have a very poor trackrecord. As much as I’d like to see the muslim filth die and just fucking disappear – it’s simply not the solution. Islam would’ve been dead long time ago without social welfare and development aid. You don’t really think that these room temperature IQ inbred monkeys could even wipe their asses without our technology.
      I can only point again to Gebel’s book, where an obvious solution to goverment is presented. So obviously simple that you shake your head. We need to align incentives again. That’s all.

  2. For what it’s worth there are academic studies showing the proclivity of women to cheat with “chad” or “tyrone” during ovulation (mate with the alpha to acquire good genes) and then have the provider raise it…
    I think “The Selfish Gene” covers this and also a couple of books by David Buss. In the latter, Buss covers men’s evolutionary mating strategies to avoid this (i.e. being on the hook to raise a chile that’s not yours and also not pass on your own genes). He has a book about jealousy that deals with this.

  3. For some reason, I cannot comment all of this in one comment, so I’ll split it up


    I recently went to a talk in which one of the speakers was a representative (and likely one of the higher-ups in the organization at that) of a paternity testing clinic. He said that the stats for his clinic came out such that 30% of the time, the exclusion of the father from being the progenitor of his kids was the case. However, only people who are suspicious of their partners get these tests done, and so there is a much smaller percentage of incidence of paternity fraud in the general public. Further to this, the fact that even when the father is suspicious of raising kids that aren’t his own, 70% of the time he is still the father.


      From this article, the author also points out that paternity fraud is more likely to occur among those of lower socioeconomic status. Thus, this problem largely afflicts those from the lowest rungs of society, and not people like us, who are more educated and have more money. Add to that the potential existence of a non-standard distribution, e.g. strata of society starkly separated from each other in their capacity to be affected by this, and we can see how blacks in Chicago slums are skewing the numbers for Asians in Silicon Valley.

    2. The problem I have with this is that I have witnessed both among friends and acquaintances as well as discussed with clients during my calls quite a few instances where solid middle-class guys found their sweetheart who just so happened that she was banging a few dudes at the same time at the start of their relationship. This is surprisingly common. Those were simply fuckbuddies who eventually dropped off once the new guy was indeed willing to settle down.

      Furthermore, you also have to take into account that the majority of childbirths happen in the underclass.

    3. To take your first comment into account, it is possible that only middle class and above parents are sufficiently invested in their offspring and get a DNA test done. This would refute that point.

    4. Your first point is anecdotal, and assuming that it’s true, it might be influenced by the fact that your clients have a bias towards being very unfortunate (LOL) or some other factor.

      Yes the majority of childbirths may happen in the underclass, and if we assume that the underclass doesn’t care about which ballsack each rugrat comes from, then they will not influence the statistic that even still, 70% of those suspicious of the origin of their children have nothing to worry about. Thus, the numbers for those who are not suspicious should be much lower. From that link I posted, approximately 1-5% is posited.

      Am I missing anything? Statistics is a tool that should be reserved only for those who are vested in telling the truth, but sadly, it isn’t. It could be that the incidence of infidelity among females is as high as you say it is, but I don’t think we have definitive proof as of yet, and I don’t have your reference experience to make any claims.

  4. The feminist have already conquered most social academia. Psychology is completely dominated by feminist. They are relentlessly promoting open relationships now. Together with the idea that dna doesn’t really matter. A guy checking on his wife is already considered abuse. Somehow it’s the guy having a problem when he resists being a cuck. Men will be forced to pay for these children anyway. Even if they’re not their own. This stuff will not stop until men trade their sneakers for army boots. Both feminist and tradcons will keep passing these laws. It’s only going to get worse.

  5. “…atrocities of Zion…” ?? It’s always strange to see anti-Semitism come in out of left field. And it is bizarre to suggest that an academia and media who are openly critical of Israel would instead engage in a cover up of these alleged atrocities.

    1. The charge of “anti-semitism” is a very common attempt to deflect legitimate criticism of Israel, or Jews. A recent example are the “yellow vests” in France who were called “anti-semitic” because they oppose de-industrialization and the squeezing of the middle class. This makes you chuckle, if you think about it. (The criticism is apparently legitimate and the only defense the elites seem to have is shouting “anti-semite”. It’s comical.)

    2. Aaron,

      I’d like to read more about Jews and legitimate criticisms of Israel. Could you recommend some books/articles/other sources? Even TFM, surprisingly, is not nearly as critical of the Jews as you are.

    3. Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” is a very good starting point. You may also find MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” interesting.

    4. Just ordered them, I think the entire “Culture of Critique” trilogy sounds fascinating, thanks for the suggestions!

  6. Somehow I have missed this post.
    I have read your post till the end and stand aghast. A strong wave of hatred and disgust rises in my mind and I just want to send the most hurtful curses to these cheating whores. I even want to get a hammer so that I can smash their skulls and bones to erase all traces of their existence from the face of earth. No men deserve to be treated like this.

    It takes some kind of character for them to even go behind their dutiful husband’s back. They even dare to get pregnant by another man so that they can suck out all the pennies that their significant half has ever made with great toil and sweats. And yet, societies, yes, including even “progressive” societies like Japan in the East, allow this to happen and side with these evil perpetrators, those whose worth are no more than filths and fecal. These women deserve to be abandoned in a lonely island where they have to bear the most gruel living condition, surviving on their own without a man on their side, or starve to the death in a cold taiga forest in Siberia in order to pay for their hideous acts. They even dare to look at him in the eyes and whisper their sweetnothings to his ears, in order to lower his guard and wipe out all doubts about their infidelity. The light of hope must leave their eyes and all signs of living must dissipate at once from their rotten corpses to commensurate with the hideous deeds they did to their husband. They only deserve to be the mothers of worms and vermins, and that womb that they are carrying, are the abomination of Satans, which have been planted in their disgusting body some thousands years ago when women first opened their eyes. The day when a woman opens her eyes is the day when they turn to scums of humanity and plague the world with their sticky pussy juices.

    Where are justices for men like us? Imagine you are loyal, you put up with all the exploitations your capitalists impose upon you, you kindly treat and love your kids, your mind is constantly on the lookout for all the financial opportunities that you could gain in order to better the prospect of your nest, and yet in the end, what do you have? You get to know that your wife is sucking the dicks of some manwhores and lie to your face about paternity. On which planets could this be called the fruitful result from which good seeds grow? Nietzsche coined the term “the death of God”, I call the modern world is the cemetery where justice and fairness are buried. God has been wrong, his most horrendous mistake sn creating women, he should make men give birth to children like jellyfish.

    I find this over, hypersexualisation, a cancer to all societies, a cancer to the soul of young children, of a woman, and of man, spread from the epicenter of the West into the East, and now plagues even a remote place like Vietnam. I just want to puke on all these degradations, all these terrifying fifths that we are finding ourselves stepping on. I feel asphyxiated in this giant madhouse where there is no escape for a sane person. Two hundred million men and women in the United States, they have all lost their mind in pursuing vaginas and dicks, I don’t want to be with them, I don’t want to have anything to them, because I know that I alone want a thing that is no more important in life.

    I don’t want to be a player, a manwhore, a flashy womaniser. But it seems that I need to be engaged in casual sex so to get a taste of what whores are, of which that little leftover of a woman is. I guess I sign my resignation to fate then, as there are no other ways to protect myself from female promiscuity and machinations.

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