Admin: Call for support/fund raising

If you enjoy this blog and think I’m making a valuable contribution to the world, then please consider donating to the upkeep of this site. Your support is greatly appreciated. This blog is losing money as I pay for hosting and infrastructure. I also spend a lot of my spare time on it.

Funds raised will be used for:
– hardware
– hosting costs
– IT support
– software development

You can contribute in three ways: donate BitCoin, donate funds via PayPal, or use my Amazon affiliate links.

If you use BitCoin, my address is:

I also welcome donations to my PayPal account ( Please use the “friends and family” option because otherwise PayPal will subtract a substantial fee.

If you shop on Amazon, you can support my site even at no extra cost to you. Just access any of the websites via one of my affiliate links, e.g., or With the previously mentioned links, you end up at the product page for Minimal Game. If you now buy other products, I still get a small sales commission.

Thank you very much for your support!

19 thoughts on “Admin: Call for support/fund raising

  1. What’s the avg donation? I’ve bought all your books. Can’t wait for the upcoming ones. This blog is a game changer

    1. Thanks for buying my books! I received a small number of donations already. Of those, the average is between 30 and 40 Euros. Every Euro is appreciated.

  2. I send $150 to your btc adress (0.057 at $2629 bitstamp price):

    $50 to support the blog
    $100 for your free ebook about debunking the seduction community – this had a lot of value for me to get my thinking on the right track again (after being confused about this nonsense). Thank you for writing this, Aaron!

    I did not read your other books yet – feel free to send me epub/pdf-versions to my mailadress from this post (but that´s just a suggestion, no big deal, i can also buy them sometime in the future)

    Keep up your good work!

  3. Aaron, why don’t you turn this into a full time business? You seem like the entrepreneur type but if i understood correctly, you are working for someone else?

    There seems to be a frustration/desperation in your writing , that you are afraid to become who you really are. Just fucking go for it. Reveal yourself.

    Start creating more content.

    Get yourself out there.

    You are smart and funny and clearly enjoy expressing your views.

    The world needs more people like you, who are not afraid to look at reality in the eyes and say I’m not afraid of you motherfucker.

    Look around man, people are fucking living in Disneyland.

    Just some friendly encouragement, that’s all 🙂

    1. I thought about emailing something similar. You can definitely make a living off of this. You’ve given free value for a very long time. It’s ok to start charging more.

    2. Making a living off blogging is probably a tall order, but if you have any suggestions, I’ll certainly listen. (We better discuss this via email, though.)

    3. I’m not an expert on this stuff but have been studying it for some time now as a hobby.

      Nobody makes money directly from blogging, that’s just a marketing tool to sell other products and services. Your model is already great, no need to mess with it. Just get more books out and put some more effort into the coaching and marketing/promo. And if you wanna get serious, consider creating a course.

      An email list would be useful so you get some data on how many people actually support you. And it’s an avenue for infinite growth. Now you probably have some blog stats and shit but that’s a little arbitrary because people just come and go here. Emails are personal. And when you have a new book out, all your true supporters will dish out that 10€ or whatever.

      I’m guessing right now this is a hobby for you and you probably make some extra money from your ebooks. You have a following and a platform and years of work already as a solid foundation.

      All of this is scalable from a business point of view. You might want to consider writing some longer more definite articles too now and then, that’s better for google searches (rank better). More random people will find you and buy your books when they are searching for shit. The reason longer works better is that people will spend more time on a given page and google sees that and thinks that content is more valuable.

      There’s a lot of retards out there who are still spending money on complete bullshit. And I think it’s great that you started this new blog to broaden the subject a little bit.

      There’s a lot of monetisation possibilities here Aaron… look into it. Besides getting laid , you can help guys with thinking critically, meditation, your ideas on politics, power, sex, etc. And when you are making a few grand a month (even one grand is enough for to live in some pretty good places, you can teach them how to do that.

      That bitch who wrote 50 shades of grey started with writing erotica fiction on some Twilight message board. The book has sold 80 million copies! And it’s absolutely fucking awful. I couldn’t get past the first 50 pages.

      Grow your tribe. The money will come.

      And as Alek said, enough with the communism 🙂

  4. Do you have the possibilty to additionally set up a monthly donation option with a free choice of the amount?
    I could imagine a range of 1-10€.

    1. Don’t know if these small amounts are economically viable with paypal though.

      *cough* blockchain *cough* 😀

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