Is the Ideal Western Politician a Childless Pervert?

Quite recently, Candace Owens promoted the conspiracy theory that Emanuel Macron, the French president, is married to a tranny. There is plenty of evidence that seems quite difficult to refute, but even if his supposed wife was not a tranny, it is rather odd that he married a woman who is 24 years older than him as the point of marriage is to have children. Yet, someone childless probably makes a better Rothschild pawn and WEF puppet as they may have much less of an interest in questioning the plans they are told to execute on behalf of their masters.

Macron may be a particularly egregious case as it is an absolute perversion of human nature to live with a woman who could be your mother. Yet, he is not that much of an exception. The list of childless political leaders is quite staggering. I wanted to refer to the current and last two chancellors of Germany to make my point, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Gerhard Schröder, chancellor from 1998 to 2005, is on his fifth marriage and is childless. Angela Merkel, chancellor form 2005 to 2021, is childless. Likewise, the current chancellor, Olaf Scholz, does not have any children.

The problem goes much deeper than that. I came across an article in Jeff Bezo’s rag The Washington Post, which mentions that five out of seven of the G7 leaders are childless:

The leaders of the top industrialized nations are meeting in Sicily, Italy, for the annual Group of Seven summit, and this year, most of them are united by their lack of offspring. Five of the seven national leaders attending the G-7 summit have no biological children. British Prime Minister Theresa May, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni have no children. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has two stepsons, and French President Emmanuel Macron has three stepchildren.

This was in 2016 but childlessness among leaders is still the norm. Of course, there was the outlier Boris Johnson who has eight children with three women, which is an “r strategy” quite suited to low-IQ African bushmen. Donald Trump has five children. Yet, it is perhaps not a coincidence that both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are “populists”. These are the people who perhaps may not deeply care about they opinion of their subjects but they certainly will pay close attention to public opinion and try hard to not be in opposition to it.

I wonder how much different the modern world would be if only people with biological children could be elected to public office. There is of course the theoretical possibility that Tyrone with his 9 children and as many “baby mommas” would end up on a ballot somewhere but I am sure that we could find ways to limit such nonsense. Shutting down the Open Society Foundation would be a start, and so would be closing all those supposed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who, for whatever reason, get a lot of governmental support in order to promote radical leftist agendas that are fully aligned with the views of the Democrats.

A better approach would probably be to only allow people to run for office who have children, are not criminals, and who do not live off the government. This would be a huge improvement over the status quo. The basic argument is that anyone who is a responsible member of society has a vested interest in seeing it prosper, and this drive is surely even stronger in those who have children. Obviously, such people would be less open for corruption and thus they constitute a threat to all those shadowy organizations engaged in social engineering.

4 thoughts on “Is the Ideal Western Politician a Childless Pervert?

  1. Lots of people on the high end of anything (whether that be in wealth/status or in skill/intelligence/talent,etc.) seem to have a propensity for being weirdos. Steve Jobs for example liked to soak his feet in public toilets (yes,I’m talking the public toilets of his company…) to destress.

    correlation or causation? I don’t know. It might very well be the latter,as a video I linked to here in the past talked about the “Toxic Champion Mindset” as a straight up example of it.

    1. There’s also the possibility that it’s just not true. A lot of people love to trash-talk successful men.

    2. Trump is an example. According to the mainstream, he likes to get pissed on by Russian strippers. Meanwhile, the depravities of the Biden or Clinton families are not to be spoken of.

  2. Somehow related topic: I think that children should have a vote. Of course, children are not able to vote because they don’t have the intellectual capability or maturity. Therefore, the parent should vote for his children. This secures the one person one vote – which democracy is for isn’t it? (Because we got rid of the means tested voting).

    For sure some here will object because this means more votes for Tyrone. But then married people which children are more conservative than singles overall. Plus if we had my voting system less doctors and engineers would have been imported to begin with

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