“Pajeet” is a Made-Up Name

The most surprising piece of knowledge I gained this week was that the affectionate name “Pajeet” to refer to people hailing from the future superpower India has been made up and did not exist until a few years ago. According to Wiktionary, this is the etymology of this name (term?):

An invented Indian-sounding given name, originating from the “Pajeet, my son” meme created on the 4chan message board /int/ in July 2015, mocking Indians’ supposed propensity for open-air defecation. This was itself inspired by the “Mehmet, my son” meme, popularized on /int/ in late 2014, which mocked Turkish people.[1] The term acquired wider online usage in the early 2020s. Although the name does not exist in South Asia, similar-sounding names exist, especially in the Indian state of Punjab. The -jeet part is most likely derived from Indian male names ending with Hindi जीत (jīt, victory), such as Baljeet and Sanjeet.

I am not sure about the connection between the name “Pajeet” and the “supposed propensity for open-air defecation“. That website does not substantiate this claim at all, so we can safely assume that it is a flaccid attempt at smearing the wit and humor of the denizens of 4chan.

KnowYourMeme also has an entry on “Pajeet Kumar“, which may be of interest to fellow Internet historians. Relevant is that “Kumar” is a name low-caste Indians use in the West to camouflage their social status. If you encounter a Kumar in the wild, you are not dealing with a high-caste Brahmin. Kumar means “son of” and is a middle name. The last name, which would give away the low-caste affiliation of its bearer is simply omitted. Thus, the coinage “Pajeet Kumar” is much more elaborate than one may superficially assume.

Looking around some more, I came across the following discussion between pajeets, in which they explore, in a completely earnest tone, what a Pajeet really is. At first, I thought this was a skit where people try to be funny by using dead-pan delivery. This is not the case at all as these people are deeply concerned about the usage of the term Pajeet.

On a more abstract level, the most interesting takeaway for me is that Internet lingo develops extremely fast and terms can catch on so quickly that you assume that they are firmly established when, in fact, they only date back a few years. The term Pajeet caught on because it filled an obvious gap in contemporary English. Yet, a lot of terminology that is pushed onto society by our hostile elites is similarly seemingly in wide usage. In the latter case, however, I expect frequency of use to drop sharply once the current social order has been overcome. On the other hand, the term Pajeet will easily live on for decades.

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  1. The name “Pajeet” can be easily amended to “Poojeet” as a more clear reference to the open defecation practice found in South Asia, as well as their propensity to smear cow dung and urine on themselves in reverence to the sacred animals. On 4chan, it’s quite often used in reference to anybody who posts or comments under an Indian flag, or a Canadian/UK flag in reference to those countries’ large immigrant South Asian populations. The female term would be “Pajeeta.” The first two terms on Urbandictionary when you look up the word “Pajeet” is in reference to the Canadian South Asian immigrants who are coming in large droves within the past few years and changing the demographic makeup of the country.

    I think what the South Asian commenters in the video fail to realise by even cursorily browsing 4chan is that the term is used in far more contexts of the South Asian person’s daily life rather than just personal cleanliness or general backwardness in not knowing how to navigate the modern world. It delves into their lying and cheating nature in falsifying details on their job applications or school admissions, taking advantage of Western welfare systems for gibs (, to running crypto or identity theft scams that you may receive over the phone or email.

    I do agree that the term has staying power and would certainly not make itself onto the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year list. The reactionary nature of using this term on the free web will only spread in reaction to the South Asians coming into political power in the English speaking world and enacting legislation like “Hate Crime Laws” in Scotland that crack down on such language. “-jeet” itself may just be a reference to the common Indian names of Sanjeet or Ranjeet.

  2. I came across a Pajeet movie last night called Lion 2016 film about an Indian boy who gets adopted by an Australian family.

    1. The trailer does not make me want to watch the movie, but I get how leftists may feel compelled to do so in order to virtue signal. The scene with the flies and the cow dung probably really appeals to them.

    1. This is incredible! I only watched parts of it yet, but I am greatly amused. So far, I have seen nothing I disagreed with. As I have read elsewhere, the voice-over has been AI-generated.

    2. Furthermore on pajeet matters, Tree Shrews are more advance in hygienic standards using Rajah Pitcher Plants as toilets compared to degenerate pajeets.

    3. The behavior of these animals is most impressive. It is quite startling that some members of the homo sapiens species, which are all the same, regardless of IQ or skin color, fall short of it. On a related note, I am not aware of any mammals who drink urine or cover themselves with feces.

    4. Furthermore on pajeet matters, Tree Shrews are more advance in hygienic standards using Rajah Pitcher Plants as toilets compared to degenerates pajeets.

    5. This video is the most disgusting and degenerate shit i’ve seen in a while , pajeets are probably the lowest of the human races, at least the blacks have a superior physique.

    6. Clicked a random spot on that video, around the 40 minute mark, and was greeted by an Indian man taking a bath in a tub of cow dung. Good Lord Almighty…

      Those are lower-class Indians, though. The higher-class ones are much more refined. Former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai, for example, did not stoop so low as to bathe in cow dung. He was far more cultured, instead promoting drinking urine for health and longevity. 🙂

      (Seriously: )

    1. Karl, I recommend you watch at least parts of the documentary Tortuga posted. It gives a pretty good summary of the problems of (and with) that country.

    2. He’s had the misfortune of directly and indirectly working with too many Indians in the course of his work. At university, I went through a phase of being interested in India (took courses on it) and even travelled there under a school programme. Good times xD

    3. I also used to be quite interested in India. Buddhism originates from there, and I wonder how open I would have been towards various Indian exports, including yoga, if I had had access to unfiltered information about that part of the world.

    4. Ah, I see. Yeah, I can’t disagree with him. I’ve worked and studied with Indians as well. There are good people among them, but the average… Jesus. I think I only ever worked with one Indian I liked and who was a good worker.

      By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, why the interest in India? Is that like a “thing” among Chinese girls? I had a girl from Hong Kong who was similar, with a huge interest in India. I think the only other girls I’ve met who were interested in India were the white “yoga girls” back in L.A., but their interest was superficial to say the least. 🙂

    5. It’s not a “thing” at all in my social circles. My friends were in fact bemused by my interest. I was partly motivated by wanting to find an academic niche to differentiate myself a little. And my interest didn’t extend to Indian men, yoga, Bollywood/pop culture, or Indian languages. Looking back, it was more academic than anything.

    6. Aaron:

      I’m familiar with the shithole (in this case often quite literally) aspect of India. 🙂 Filthy, messed up country. I can only really think of two things I really appreciate about the country: the food (well, the westernized version of it, at least), and that it’s one of the few countries, along with China, that doesn’t kowtow to Muslims.

    1. This video made me laugh. At first I thought this was a parody, but it seems that this “awesome” pajeet is dead-serious. I wish him luck. On a related note, I wonder if there are Indian stand-up comedians. They just need to be themselves on stage. The audience may be somewhat limited but the market is probably big enough for two or three pajeets to make a decent living this way for a few years.

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