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43 thoughts on “Open Thread #351

  1. Many blogs are disappearing (or being censored!)

    I started thinking about is when someone asked for GLL links. I thought about it more when I saw an old post about “The Black Pill.” Why is this important?

    (And maybe it’s not so important?!?)

    I think history is being changed before our vary eyes.

    Let me explain this.

    For example there was a vary specific meaning of “The Black Pill.” It was defined by Mr. Omega Virgin Revolt. The “new” definition of the Black Pill is something vary different. It was co-opted by “lookism” “put hate” and “slut hate.” While that might not make much difference in the big picture. There was an original definition known to maybe 40 or 50 commentators, many have no awareness of the original definition or the reasons for it. Much like how privilege used to mean someone who was borne wealthy, it now means someone a feminist doesn’t like and “you are blind to your own privilege.”

    The manosphere used too be Matt Ferny and Inmalafide. Now that is mostly irrelevant and people call Andrew Tate and now Andy Huberman the manosphere. Likely both Andy’s would have made fun of Matt Forney and called him a lard ass.

    Feminists used too hate pornography and prostitution but now they all have there Only Fans and think sex work is empowering whilst the chumps who pay for it are still pathetic chumps. The reasons for this is feminists never wanted men too abandoned chivalry but if you look at the timeline, in both cases they want men too pay. If one says “I will not pay for someone who putts themselves on sale” this would have ben a reasobnable thing too say in the time of the boomers. Butt now this would be a misogynist statement. So I bring this up so when one is being attacked, they can say “Well you changed the rules and I don’t like the new rules so you can go kick rocks.”

    Would like to here Aaron and others ideas about this!

    1. What is the new definition of the black pill, then? The old one, from the article you shared, is exactly the same as the one used by Aaron:

      Throughout the manosphere you will hear guys talking about taking the “red pill”, and allusion to The Matrix trilogy of movies, where the main character was given a red pill to discover the truth about the matrix and the real world. However, as it is currently used in the manosphere, the “red pill” isn’t dealing with reality, it’s at best a slightly more realistic delusion. In some cases it’s nothing more than an alternate delusion. To discover reality as it is, you need to take the black pill.

    1. Let’s not get our panties in a twist! I am sure that there are countless instances in which bishops illegally migrate to third-world shitholes and randomly stab local doctors and engineers. This is simply an example of bad karma, nothing more.

    1. If a person thinks feminism was done TO women, then they think feminism was done by some other group such as the Jews, liberal men, the Rockefellers, the NWO, communists, minorities, etc. then they aren’t an actual anti-feminist because they aren’t holding women accountable. Those people are nothing but interlopers trying to take over the mens rights community for the purposes of fighting the Jews or whatever other group they hate.

      Is omegavirginrevolt a jew himself, by any chance? Women were around since forever, feminism – only since jews aquired enough power in the West. Yet somehow I’m supposed to be an anti-feminist and hate women instead of hating jews.

    2. Women, by and large, never and embraced feminism. Most use it as a pressure valve to unleash their frustrations over not having children by their early 20’s. Unlike their predecessors down the line. It’s not “their fault” that they yearn for motherhood. It’s the long deceased patriarchy.

    3. So yes, I agree with CP. Nefarious influences in Western societies has steered women in an anti-male direction. They take real anger, however subconscious, (over not procreating at an optimal age) and misdirect it at a long gone society that they otherwise naturally prefer.

  2. It’s obvious you both don’t agree with the original version of the Black Pill. This was coined by someone named Paragon and then championed by Mr. Black Pill/Omega Virgin Revolt. IE the problems between men and women are systematic and can’t be solved on an individual basis. It looks like you both adopt the “modern” version of this term which has ben co-opted by “lookism.” I am unaware of where Aaron stands on this debate or even if he cares to enter into it. I presume Aaron was around to see the split as the term drifted from the original meaning. I was around too see it then and see it now. I have provided links to illustrate this dichotomy if you will. I only wanted to illustrate a point that when three people say “Black Pill” they each mean three different things but there was an original meaning that many no longer acknowledge. So, if people care that their language is more precise than feminists then this is something that should be resolved. If not, then IDK what too say.

    And, if someone accuses me of being a secret jew, oh well. Maybe I wrote the article about visiting lady boys to fund a depopulation agenda. Or maybe, I get free lady boy sessions for each one of you a prefer 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. the problems between men and women are systematic and can’t be solved on an individual basis

      I’m not disagreeing with that statement, I’m just saying that those problems are caused by people leading our society and not by women. And, consequently, the problem may go away if the current leaders go away, so hating them makes sense. Hating women doesn’t make sense, because the only scenario where women can go away is total extinction of our species

      I also feel we are not on the same page on what constitutes difference in terminology. Let’s say one guy is black pilled with respect to women (for example, realizes that looks are way more important than personality), and another is black pilled with respect to politics (for example, realizes that both ruling parties in US have identical opinions on all issues which matter). Is it valid to call them both black pilled? In my opinion, yes, because they both have disillusioned themselves through research or observations, or deconstruction of the mainstream narrative. You seem to think, however, that it’s wrong to call them both black pilled because they have applied black pill to different areas. Please let me know if I understood you correctly.

      And if I did, then I disagree with you. I think black pill is a method and an attitude, not results, and therefore it’s ok to call people with different results black pilled. Here “different” doesn’t mean “contradicting”, because if results contradict it means at least one of them is wrong or incomplete. Rather it’s different because different subjects were studied. Like a physicist studies particles, and a biologist studies cells, in the end they both are scientist as long as their study design is solid and their discoveries are reproducible

  3. “I’m not disagreeing with that statement, I’m just saying that those problems are caused by people leading our society and not by women. ”

    Ironically a feminist would call this patriarchy. Don’t like divorce laws or VAWA, blame the mostly male politicians who created this not women.

    I think a deeper reading is this. Women “voted” in there self interest, not just in the voting booth butt socially. Think of things like the white feather campaign were woman shamed men who were note sent to the front lines.

    You could find a *good woman* and merry her. The marriage could slowly deteriorate. You may suggest couple therapy to save the marriage. Nothing like an affair or physical abuse happened. Butt she could decide that it is better for her to divorce as she is still young enough to find someone else and many in her social circle don’t find divorce shameful so she can still find a husband. You will now owe her ali-money as well as half the assets. She will get all she asks for because no fault divorce. You did everything she wanted butt your sacrifice means nothing.

    “the problems between men and women are systematic and can’t be solved on an individual basis” Yes, this explains why she is so incentivized too leave. It don’t matter if you hate women or the system that created it. You are walking into a landmine either way.

    Their are cucks like Rollo Thomas who will say she left because you didn’t exhibit enough “beta” whilst also being alpha and you are getting ass raped in divorce court because you didn’t buy his ebook on married game! (This is red pill scamming!)

    “”… another is black pilled with respect to politics (for example, realizes that both ruling parties in US have identical opinions on all issues which matter).”

    In this particular instance, I think “black pilled” in regards to politics makes sense because it relates to the systemic problems of neither party caring about the men that vote for them and just expecting a resource they can tax.

  4. Look at this steaming pile of shite!!!!

    “In the incel movement, the black pill is far more pernicious. The term was popularized on the men’s rights blog Omega Virgin Revolt, where it was first used by commenter Paragon in 2011. Like their extreme right counterparts, incels believe that taking the black pill means realizing that their situation is hopeless. Where redpilled incels are not happy about their place in society, they believe there are ways out of inceldom, including working out, plastic surgery and a host of dubious self-improvement strategies; blackpilled incels believe that their situation is permanent and inescapable. In a blackpilled world the sexual marketplace is governed exclusively by genetics. A man is either attractive to the opposite sex or he is not, and no amount of self-improvement can change this.

    This is where the incel movement takes on characteristics of a death cult. Taking the black pill leaves a person with relatively few options: Giving up, or in incel parlance “LDAR” (Lie Down and Rot), suicide (incel forums are filled with suicidal fantasies and threats, as well as encouraging comments to those considering suicide) and “going ER.” The latter is a reference to Elliot Rodger, who killed six people near campus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2014. In incel forums members, “Saint Elliot” or “The Supreme Gentleman” as they call him (and he called himself), is hailed as a hero.

    While Rodger didn’t explicitly refer to himself as blackpilled, he displayed the key trait of the blackpill: He believed that attempting to change the status quo was futile and the only possible outcomes were death and violence. In a manifesto posted shortly before his killing spree, Rodger wrote:”

    They get the vary 1st part right, crediting OMVR and para gone! Then it all goes to shite!

    ” In a blackpilled world the sexual marketplace is governed exclusively by genetics. A man is either attractive to the opposite sex or he is not, and no amount of self-improvement can change this.”


    This is Lookism, not what OMVR disgust! No mention of systematic problems!

    Then it ties ER to the Black Pill! I don’t believe ER ever mentioned it, he may have butt I am unaware of this! This is a smear piece, it seams like something written by that piece of sh!t, David Futrelle. He is human excrement! Worse than Jabba the Hut! He has bullied many men into suicide and he will never pay for his crimes!

    1. Well, you cannot expect a non-biased article from the ADL. They are clearly agenda-driven. If anything, I am surprised they do not openly call all incels potential mass murderers. They are restrained enough to only hint at it by referencing Elliot Rodger.

  5. P Ray,

    It makes no sense for women to invent feminism. It’s a maladaptive group evolutionary strategy. It goes against every fiber in their being. Why is it only now that they accept it? Why only in the West?

    Women don’t invent anything really. Neither do Jews………Except for nation wrecking strategies:)

    1. OK, this is getting frustrating! By OMVR’s definition, you would not be an anti-feminist. You still want to use terms like Black Pill and the like, ok I guess I am unable (and unwilling) to stop you. Just be careful though, see the link I posted above. If you change terms too much then you help smear campaigns like the ADL make it sound like things are being said that weren’t said. There was a definition of the Black Pill and the definition has ben altered (not by the OG’s.)

  6. Aaron,I know you’re a teetotaler,but I assume you’ve had several player friends who weren’t,so there’s a question I’d like to ask for back when you were in the club partying scene.

    You’re familiar with the term “Beer Goggles”,I’m sure. and the general lowering of inhibitions. I know MDMA (also known as “Ecstasy”) provides a similar effect,but I get the impression that its even more potent than Alcohol at doing this. It is after all,known as the “Love Drug”. if you’ve happen to have been around people on X,did you notice this peculiarity or reported by past friends?

    I know Coke and even psychedelics like Shrooms/LSD have been used to enhance a sexual experience.

    if anyone else on this blog happens to be knowledgeable on the topic,I’d appreciate your input.

    I’ve brought up the hypothesis elsewhere with a friend that I suspect many incels (not all by any means. “Chadcels” would especially benefit) might have better luck by going to places where the wild side dances. Where everybody (and themselves as long as they partake) is less inhibited. I wonder if this would have worked for Elliot Rodger,for example.

    Mind you,this is more of a thought experiment rather than suggesting actionable advice. I wouldn’t advice anyone to enter this scene unless they are specifically interested in substance exploration. (and have accounted for legal and “other” issues.) But it does feel like this is an idea that could work for those who’ve had a rough time getting laid.

    1. Sounds like you are asking about “druggie game.” The only individual I can think of is an unwashed, unreliable loser known as Stonah Wit Ah Bona. The tragic mulato would post on Advocatus Diaboli’s blog whinging about race and his crappy jobs. He was a real pest and we all made fun of him!

    2. I am not sure I would recommend consuming drugs in order to lower inhibitions, but some of my more remarkable sexual experiences were with women on Ecstasy. Some were very explicit about it. One even told me she wanted to take some “E” and wanted to share two pills with a kiss, and a few times women tried getting a pill into my mouth while making out with me. In this subculture, taking drugs together seems to be some kind of bonding experience, but this is probably generally true. No matter what people may be into, as long as they consume it casually, they are happy to share.

  7. If you are looking for a bigoted RPG without blacks, lesbians, and gays then Kingdom Come: Deliverance may be to your liking. Today, the sequel was announced:
    I own the first one but at the rate I am going through my backlog, it will take me quite a while to get around to playing it.

    1. To be fair, any game which deals with violent street crime is probably going to have a disproportionate number of blacks in it… 😉

    2. This is only the case if the game wanted to be realistic. In GTA VI, black criminals will likely be quite underrepresented. This reminds me of GTA: San Andreas, which got praised for the black main character. Yet, game journalists do not seem to notice the implications of having a black bird-watching protagonist who commits all kinds of violent crimes.

    3. Yeah, GTA: San Andreas showed blacks as generally heavily involved in criminal gangs and drug use (and trade). But that was back in 2004, and things were different then. I have a hard time imagining the wokesters letting a game like that enter the market today without throwing a hissyfit.

    1. Germany looked like an amazing place back then. Not sure if it was the photographers. The propaganda ministry? I’ve seen footage of the occupation of France that even looked glorious. Like the French and the Germans getting along famously.

      Footage of 1950s America give you a warm fuzzy feeling too. Like home movies I’ve seen of my mom’s childhood. Granted, my grandma’s stepdad was a skilled photographer, but some of this stuff is just natural. Cultural and economic cohesion is electric.

  8. Aaron,have you ever found yourself being turned off by a woman’s voice?

    Its happened to me a few times. I’m usually unapologetic (as if its ever been a secret that men prioritize women’s beauty) about placing great importance on looks,and as I learn more from this blog (and other good sources that expose female entitlement/narcissism. “Think Before You Sleep” on youtube is one great example),I’ve only become even less apologetic about it seeing that less attractive women don’t at all make up for it in Character/”Personality”,like what Disney tried to get us to believe.

    If I like everything else about a woman except her voice,I don’t think I would turn her down though,and the idea of doing so does come across as a genuinely shallow thing to do to me.

    But I’d like to ask what you think of this,given that you have far more experience here than I do. maybe I’m underestimating how tiresome a mismatching voice on your partner will be in the long term.

    1. Yes, of course I have been turned off by female voices. There is also an interesting evolutionary angle: men and women with pleasant-sounding voices are, ceteris paribus, seen as more desirable partners. Also, as women age, their voices sound harsher and harsher. Consequently, we know that, evolutionarily speaking, men prefered to mate with younger women. This is obviously not a surprise. Yet, the implication seems to be that the quality of a woman’s voice, even if you know nothing else about her, can serve as a proxy for determining her mate value.

      You furthermore should not even think about the long-term. If you do not like a woman’s voice, regardless of how attractive she may be, you will find it grating to listen to her very quickly. You may even move on within a few minutes.

  9. Working at Boeing is wild. Here is a recent senate hearing:

    This is the diverse utopia the left does not want you to know about! Too bad that planes falling out of the sky cannot be explained away with vague references to racism or the patriarchy.

    1. DIE failures will be covered up as long as possible. I can see some positive aspects, though: Boing airplanes, with software written by Indians, and flown by Shaqueesha and Kweenesha is a match made in heaven. Let us just hope that not too many unsuspecting people have to die as a consequence.

    1. I do not know anything about this guy,but one of the comments say that he just uses the nonsense to advertise his material,but the real stuff he uses to actually train the people is the genuine formula.

      I’m not going to comment on this person specifically,but I do believe there is a time and place for people like I’ve described. Here’s a term called Lie to Children:

      There are some people out there who are stubborn about clinging to their personal delusions (or will be unable to comprehend the real truth. As an example,Children often can’t comprehend why exercise and good nutrition is important in the big picture,but what you can do instead is trick them into starting on the path. ),and in order to have a hope of getting these people on the right path,you have to…”accommodate” their delusions,and try to slowly lift them out of it.

      In the seduction community back in the day,”60 Years of Challenge” kinda served this purpose. Now,I’m definitely not arguing he went the route he did out of some heroic sense of trying to get people out of the game delusion (maybe he started out this way but eventually sold out for profit? I do not know the full story. it doesn’t matter at this point),but his material was compatible enough with the Church of Game that it served as a gateway to eventually getting out of it.

      Roissy/Heartiste was SINGING 60’s praise back in the day. I was kinda lucky in a way that,while Neil Strauss’ book was my first exposure to “The Game” (Being the socially inexperienced fat nerd that I was back then,I was beyond fascinated), 60’s stuff was my first instructional thanks to Roissy’s recommendation. Many folks lost years of their lives in the game cult,but I managed to wake up from it in less than a year. I got really lucky that I learned about Aaron in one of Chase’s articles. The rest was history.

      To use a more relevant example from my personal life,I got into weight training via Jay of aworkoutroutine’s beginner program. Its a very minimalistic program,which also discourages cardio (which most people,including me,absolutely hate),that serves as a non-intimidating gateway for beginners.

      The unfortunate truth is that you will eventually have to do more work if you want great results. (and having good cardio will help you handle that work) I do 5/3/1 these days and now I’m able to Bench 200 lbs for 1 rep max thanks to it. But had you thrown 5/3/1 at my face back when I was first starting,I would have run away for the hills and probably never would have seriously gotten into the gym.

      Sorry,you probably weren’t looking to read all this detail. This was just my excuse to bring up the interesting topic of “Lie to Children”,lol.

    2. I don’t think that guy’s nonsensical workout routines are an example of the “lie to children” approach. For instance, doing squats on a bosu ball is not only bizarre, you can also severely injure yourself. He does not simply anything.

    3. This was a pretty entertaining video. I think I have come across videos of the guy he is making fun of before. The exercises that dude comes up with are ridiculous.

    4. What I said definitely isn’t a defense of the guy. Like I said,I know nothing of him. (except that video thumbnail where we already see him doing that ridiculous bosu ball Squat. Definitely not a good impression there.)

      Expanding on the topic a little bit more,I think there’s a fair few “lies-to-children” that society commonly tells that do more harm than good. For example,I have never been a fan of fooling children into believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Or schools telling children they can be anything they want when they grow up as long as they work hard enough for long enough on the path. (That encourages min-maxing,which I think we all already know how badly that can turn out)

      I originally wrote a much longer follow-up here,but didn’t want to derail this thread. the topic of the harmful “Lies-to-Children” commonly told in society would be probably a big enough subject to warrant its own open thread. Probably a topic best for another time.

  10. Anybody noticed how self righteous and pretentious Jews are behaving about campus protests?

    Shit……that was my life in college. How my people were so wrong about taking land from the Indians, enslaving the blacks. They really had a hard on for Vietnam too.

    Yet, the second Zionists are questioned they shit their pants. Nobody in my college would give a fuck if I was offended by something. Jews need to have thicker skin. Especially considering they are at the heart of a Western criticism. I guess “practice what you preach” wasn’t in the Tora.

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