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I came across the video below in which a guy proposes to his girlfriend with a “ring pop”, which is candy in the shape of a comically large ring. It seems they are quite common in the United States but I do not recall having ever seen them in Europe. The proposal goes about as well as you imagine:

When you think about it, the woman’s reaction is completely out of line. A proposal is obviously a supplication ritual. Spending an inordinate amount of money on an engagement ring is furthermore an example of fiscal supplication. White-presenting diamond miners suggest that your engagement ring should cost three monthly salaries. The idiocy of this “rule” is mind-boggling. Imagine car manufacturers telling you that your car should cost at least two yearly salaries, or Nike telling you that you need to buy a pair of sneakers in every month without an “x”.

This woman should arguably be glad some guy proposed to her. Based on the fundamental law of dating, whatever guy a woman dates at the moment is better looking and more successful than any of her potential future suitors. This is because her sole bargaining chip are her looks, and they are fading rapidly.

Despite all this supposed female equality, paired with DIE initiatives, men likely still end up financially contributing a lot more than women. A lot of women simply stop working, or switch to working part-time, after marriage. The guy will also have to pay for a second car, expensive vacations, and a house, all of which he would not need on his own. Thus, proposing to a woman leads to never-ending fiscal demands on you. In purely financial terms, your chances of retiring comfortably arguably go down with marriage. Thus, the cost of an engagement ring is basically a rounding error. Sure, the ditz in the video may have liked to get a three-monthly-salaries ring but this expense is completely irrelevant compared to the cost of a house, her student loans, cars, child care, or family vacations. This entails that even a ring-pop represents an extreme sacrifice of the guy.

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  1. Aaron,
    Those ring pops where popular in the 80s in the US, and were heavily marketed via television.

    Back in my early 30s, I met this girl who told me that when she got married her husband took her to Disneyland for their honeymoon trip.

    1. Yeah, I remember ring pops back in the day. They were huge.

      But Disneyland for a honeymoon? FUCK that. Too expensive.

      Seriously though, my cucked out cousin pays for a year round pass for their family of 5. He lives in fucking Arizona, probably a 5 hour one way trip. It’s mostly for his wife. Well, at least he has a 3 kids, very rare for modern day White Americans.

  2. He should leave her.

    I get that she’s upset, since to her it probably seemed like he was pranking her, but resorting to violence as a first instinct shows really poor self-control. Plus she follows it up with throwing her drink on him on top of that. Serious character flaws.

    She’s just a typical harridan in the making.

  3. Bidenomics, baby! But what venue are they in? Is that a football stadium? Is his act being broadcast onto the large video wall of that venue? And what are those two people wearing? Honestly, there is just so much wrong with this little clip => F***k all of modernity big time!

    1. I can’t stand zoomer fashions. Young women look awful in those baggy jeans. Tube tops are a faux pas as well, you never see women with the right endowment wearing them, it’s always the flat chested, saggy or misshapen.

    2. I looked a little bit into the background of this clip, they are seemingly from New York, but the incident took place in a stadium in Toronto, so this already suggests that Bidenomics or not, the guy is not exactly struggling.

      Moreover, he seems to own a high end female bath suit business called Love Lost Manhattan. His girlfriend in the clip is wearing one of their signature products, which led some commentators to speculate this may be a staged publicity stunt. Anyway, looking at the models on the site, I am confident he can get himself a new and hotter chick any day he wishes.

      I am not so sure it is staged, multiple people have pointed out that he seems to have the real ring in his left pocket, and you can see an object about the size and shape of a ring box is visible in his pants when he gets up. Apparently it is something not common but not unheard of in the USA, that men may jokingly propose with a ring pop, while producing the actual ring shortly after.

      In any case, it is a good test of the quality of character of a woman, and she clearly failed.

      It reminds me of a time long ago, back when I was still a student, and had a girlfriend. Our anniversary was coming up, and I had neither the money nor the time to do something special on the day of our anniversary. With much effort I managed to squeeze a bit of time in between work and university to take her out to the park to give her a gift, some box of chocolates or something like that, memory is fuzzy. Probably flowers too, knowing myself at the time.

      What I do remember is that she absolutely hated it, she would never hit me, and she did not leave, she stayed, but her face and attitude were dismal. Funny thing, when she later told her female friends about it, each and every one of them took my side and thought I had been incredibly romantic, and that she had ruined it.

      She later apologized and we stayed together after, but it was already a sign of things to come.

    3. The guy looks like he’s dressed alright to me. They were at a ballgame, and he was wearing a ball cap, t-shirt, and jeans.

      Girl’s dressed like a ho, but that’s so common these days that it didn’t even register for me at first.

      I think Yarara is right, though – definitely a marketing stunt:

      Yarara, re: the story of the girl – maybe you should have switch to one of her friends instead? 😉

    4. @Karl

      Being who I am today, I would most likely not do it because I wouldnt want to deal with the hassle of being in the middle of a fight between female friends – you know how poisonous these can be.

      Being who I was back then, I wouldnt do it because I had no idea how to act with women, I didnt even know how to detect interest or how to flirt. I was pretty blue pilled, if you want to use that term. This girl was only the 3rd real girlfriend I had managed to have, and the first one I had had real sex with at the time. And I thought she would be the one I would marry and have a family with. I thought the rough edges would smooth out over time, which is totally not what happened, but it still took me a few years to figure that out and bail on her.

      In fairness to her, she was also pretty hot (short but slender brunette, big tits, perfect ass) at the university I remember half our class staring at her butt every time she left the classroom. At the time I thought I would never be able to score any hotter girl. And she was a conservative minded girl, she did try to point out what I was doing wrong, and how I should be more alpha, but I could not wrap my head around it back then.

      Postscript: regarding her friends, most were not really hot, or were taken, or they were bitches. Except for one, whom I liked, but my girlfriend figured out instantly that there was chemistry between me and her (even before I did) and managed to keep us apart so that we almost never crossed paths. Fast forward many years, about a year a half or so my ex-gf comes by to visit (she lives in another country now) and we go out together with some old friends of her, including this girl I used to like. First time I have seen her in over a decade. Turns out she would still like to fuck me, and even my ex is ok with it, but on the other hand, time has not been kind to her at all… 🙁

  4. When Aaron and I got married, we bought silver rings costing around £60 a piece from an online jeweller 🙂 They sent a cable tie in the mail for us to determine the ring size we wanted. It was a very pleasant and fuss-free process. I checked out a few jewellery shops in Singapore out of curiosity, and none of them sold silver rings. I guess the material might be too cheap for it to be profitable for them. I think the cheapest rings available in those shops were white-gold and cost around S$1000 for a pair (~£588), with a much longer waiting time than the online jeweller we used (which was UK-based).

    1. I remember Aaron saying that he had to woo you like he never had before in order to snag you. I remember our conversation in the past where I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you’ve really researched the topic of parenting. An effort that I have sadly never seen in the other aspiring parents that I have met in other places. (both IRL and online),so this made me wonder…

      May I ask if there’s been any book or information source that you consumed and would recommend to other women looking to get married to a quality man?

      I remember Alek in the past critiquing (and rightfully so) mainstream dating advice for women. Stuff like Cosmopolitan Magazines,”He’s Just not that into You”,The Rules,etc.

      The big irony with these “guides” however,is that they end up weeding out quality men (by that,I mean Men of Good Character who would be willing to commit),leaving the woman with either players or worse; Men who do not care about your boundaries or even your well-being to suit his desires. (Stalkers,Abusers,etc.)

      But at the same time,you don’t want to be easy either. (if you want commitment) so where’s the middle ground? (start at 5:00)

      “Don’t Be Easy! But in the first 5 seconds,BE easy!” (to the guy you want to attract)

      Matthew Hussey definitely makes a great impression here. I’d have to read one of his books before I can really make a conclusion,but this sentence he says right here is definitely one that needs to be heard by more women.

      May I ask if you’re familiar with him? although ironically,Aaron would have been one of the few exceptions where this would have been a bad idea. lol.


      Following up on the topic,I’d say this is one of the best articles on Girlschase,and relevant to everybody. (both men and women)

      Fall in love too soon,and likely even the best gameplan is going to fall apart,and more likely (its not wise to count on the other person having a heart of gold to not take advantage.) you will be forced to settle for terrible deals/terms in relationships.

    3. I think Aaron merely said that he made the most effort he’s ever made, in his pursuit of me. The spirit of that comment was more about how a decent woman is worth making effort for and not that I was hard to “snag”. If anything, my self-perception is that I barely put up any barriers and was reeled in right from the start. Lolol haha. In contrast, Aaron thinks we progressed relatively slowly.

      I briefly came across Matthew Hussey years ago. I don’t know what his work is about.

      As for information sources, the ironic thing is that the most impactful content for me has been from the red pill dating circles and MGTOW. My eyes were opened to this world through Aaron. I learnt a great deal about what mattered to men and some points I still apply today in my marriage, like the Captain/First Mate dynamic. But I can’t just forward such sources to female friends due to the perceived misogyny! There’s also a book I read in the first year of my marriage which I found good and written by a female author– ‘The Surrended Wife’ by Laura Doyle. This should be a lot more palatable to women and could be a viable starting point.

  5. “Despite all this supposed female equality, paired with DIE initiatives, men likely still end up financially contributing a lot more than women.”

    I just learned that DEI stands for Didn’t Earn It. Best one I’ve heard since Burn, Loot, and Murder.

    1. Now days women tell the groom to be exactly when and where to propose. If they buy a ring with too small of a diamond, they order him back to the jewelry store.

    2. This does not surprise me at all. I think that women who insist on expensive rings and a fancy wedding are undermining the marriage as this will invariably lead to financial distress. This is true regardless of socio-economic status because such women will always find a way to spend above their means. The other day, one guy at work whose family seems to have some money bragged about his upcoming marriage. They are renting a hotel and are inviting more than 500 people. Sure, this guy can go ahead and do this but would this money not better be spent elsewhere? A related issue is that people who grow up in great financial comfort often believe that they will always have money. There is a good reason why we speak of the “third-generation curse”.

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