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The Tesla Psy-Op

In my post on the layoffs at Tesla, I made the schizo statement that the United States surely strong-armed its European vassal states into subsidizing the purchase of EVs. In this post, with my schizo hat firmly put on, I will expand on this.

The first and completely uncontroversial statement is that the United States has dismantled its industrial sector, similar to the United Kingdom. I suppose the goal of the US elites was to completely live off grifting, i.e. exporting their debt via the petrodollar, extracting wealth via financial engineering, pilfering of natural resources, and enforcing monopolies in the IT industry. However, there was probably a point where the elites thought that perhaps they had gone a little bit too far because what do you do if the rest of the world sees through your evil machinations? If you have a military everybody is afraid of, you shrug your shoulders. Yet, if this is not the case, you have a bit of a problem.

Tesla probably was the right company at the right time. The cars are cheap to make, at least that is the impression when you look at them or sit in them. The technology, compared to an internal combustion engine, is downright primitive. The problem, though, is that EVs are a really poor value proposition, so how do you overcome this? There is an easy solution: you run a psy-op, and this is exactly what has happened.

As you are well aware of, the US has been the prime supporter of the climate-change hoax. They finance activist in Europe as well as NGOs. In addition, they engage in lobbing, which may or may not include strong-arming politicians. All it takes is a visit to Epstein’s island and Bohemian Grove to fall in line, it seems, and if that it not enough, then a visit to Comet Ping Pong, followed by a spirit-cooking session with the Podesta brothers ensures that you will do whatever the Great Satan tells you to do. In our case, this means that Europe went hard at pushing climate-change bullshit. Besides, Germany’s prime industry is car manufacturing, but not EVs, so the German-hating US elites probably felt particularly incentivized to support Tesla. If you ever sat in a Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, then the thought of a Tesla being competitive is nothing but laughable, though.

Threats do not work that well in the real world, if you have not sold your soul. Thus, in order to incentivize people and companies to purchase EVs you need to not only brainwash them with a psy-op but also subsidize them because it is not rational to buy an EV, given their many shortcomings. This would have been the setup of the grift, i.e. run a massive psy-op, with the help of quislings, to get people to buy EVs. On top, the European Union also wanted to ban internal combustion engines. As Tesla was the market leader, the plan was surely to enjoy a long-term monopoly. Price gouging would have been easy to implement. Just tell people that the car would actually cost $200k but the government subsidizes it with $150k of taxpayer’s money. If you think that this would be ridiculous, then maybe look into how many billions of euros went into the pockets of Pfizer for their deadly vaxx.

The seemingly all-powerful United States did not take into account that you cannot indefinitely run a psy-op that completely contradicts reality. More and more people are realizing that man-made climate change is bullshit. Even worse, there are now Chinese competitors such as BYD that produce cars that are both cheaper and better than Tesla’s cars. The latter look incredibly cheap, yet are sold at a premium. I really wonder what those people are thinking. Their thinking was probably similar to the kind of people who specialize in payday loans.

I would not bet on Tesla in the current market. In fact, I would not be surprised if we will look back at EVs as a questionable fad in a decade or two. But even if this does not happen, it is undeniable that BYD is eating Tesla’s lunch. As the geopolitical influence of the US is waning, the number of countries in which they could ban the import and sale of BYD cars is shrinking.

2 thoughts on “The Tesla Psy-Op

  1. Out in Commifornia, Comrad Newsome wants all electric cars by 2030 or something.

    They do not even have a working power grid.

    Let me repeat that so even the third world doctors and engineers understand-THEY DO NOT EVEN HAVE A WORKING POWER GRID!!!!!

    Don’t be triggered, I am using a woke news source!!!!

    Just imagine when everyone turns on there AC and charges there electric car! Rolling Blackouts every wear!

    1. I normally dislike making up mocking names, and find it a bit juvenile, but I have to make an exception in this case and admit I got a chuckle out of “Commifornia.” 😀

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