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The Richest Man in the World is Getting a Divorce

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world if you exclude all those shadowy people who hold their wealth in trusts which they do not legally own, such as the Queen of England and the trillions she has stashed away this way. Bezos made his money with Amazon, which briefly was the most valuable company on earth. His net-worth is believed to be around 150 billion dollars. That’s a lot of dough. You thought that having a million bucks was a lot. Bezos has 150 000 million bucks. He earned it. I assume he deserves it.

Yet, divorce laws in the West being what they are, his soon-to-be ex-wife will probably get a good chunk of it. One may hope that Bezos will get off as easily as Elon Musk who got rid his wife for a few measly million. Jeff Bezos does not have a prenup, though, so it may be painful. Let’s assume his wife gets half. Man, I can’t wait to read the feminist drivel claiming that she earned every penny of it because she supported her man and raised the kids while he revolutionized the retail industry.

Bezos and his wife were married for 25 years. They have three kids, and, presumably because his wife is a bleeding-heart liberal, they adopted a Chinese girl. Who knows, maybe she used to hang out with Angelina Jolie and her United Colors of Benetton-gaggle of kids? So, 25 years and 75 billion bucks later, her share amounts to three billion per year or a cool 8.2 million per day. Sure, she must deserve all that.

How often does the average married couple have sex? From what I hear, a few times a year, on special occasions, is a good approximation. However, we’ll give his wife the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s been a real trooper and served her master once a week, without any hint of a migraine or whatever other excuses women love to come up with. That’s 57.8 million for blowing a load. If that isn’t absurd, I don’t know what is.

I’m not making fun of Bezos in any way. Instead, the point is that his soon-to-be ex-wife will be rewarded very handsomely for having picked a winner. Nobody will see anything wrong with it, and if you do, the usual suspects will attempt to shame you. “You must not have enough money to get a wife,” they may state. Or they ask, “Who hurt you?”, “Why are you so bitter?”, and other insincere rhetorical questions. Yet, at this point the absurdity of the entire situation will become all-too-obvious. Did Jeff Bezos not have enough money to get a wife? Was he not “alpha” enough? Should he have manned up?

The only chance to win this game is by not playing. The second-best option is marrying in Sweden with a prenup and being prepared to go nuclear. A guy like Bezos, however, won’t be able to “ghost”. He will bleed.

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15 thoughts on “The Richest Man in the World is Getting a Divorce

    1. Yup, no surprise there. There is a disgusting opinion piece by the Guardian rationalizing / hamstering away how Mackenzie Bezos deserves half of Jeff Bezo’s fortune:

      I mean, without Mackenzie vacuuming and microwaving tv-dinners, then there’s NO WAY JEFF BEZOS would be able to create Amazon. In fact, I’m sure her creative writing degree was what got Amazon started so she’s the Ada Lovelace of Amazon… /s

      If women housecleaning / being domestic (which I doubt the modern woman does) is their justification to half a man’s weath…might as well hire a maid…hell, hire those asylum seekers.

  1. “The only chance to win this game is by not playing.”

    ==> @Aaron…any chance this is a reference to the winning move to avoid nuclear war in the film “War Games”?

    Or that just a coincidence?

    Nevertheless, in both cases, seems a sage and saner strategy.

    1. (The only chance to win this game is by not playing.)
      It’s a common saying within MGTOW circles. I use it myself on a regular basis. Might have dropped it here a cople times. And it’s the only logical conclusion.

      Housecleaning / being domestic?
      Like someone would do that when they have that much money? That bitch doesn’t cook. That bitch doesn’t clean. That bitch doesn’t even microwave food. They have professional hired staff for everything. A woman married to a guy that rich has only one job. Fuck her husband. Thats literally her only job. Fuck her husband.

      But i do hope she gets it all. Cases like this make great warnings for younger men. It’s so freaking clear that the system isn’t about justice or fairness in this case. This is a great MGTOW advertisement. If anyone questions the logic behind MGTOW. Just refer to cases like this. You have to do some serious mental gymnastics to even justify her getting 1% of his money. No pussy is worth that much money. Not even close to one percent.

    2. There’s no way she’s cleaning herself. Everything becomes optional when you have that much money. Even if they had 0.01% of that money. She would still hire a maid. There’s no justification for her getting even one percent. This dude gave her a life of luxury most can’t even imagine. She should worship him like a god. But instead she gets a divorce. Shows that hypergamy floats. You can’t keep them by being a provider in this system. If we didn’t have these ridiculous divorce laws. And she wouldn’t be entitled by law. She would do everything to avoid divorce. She would give him blowjobs with his morning coffee. She would be just fine with being one of many of his harem bitches. A guy this rich should only have to worry about who of his thousand harem bitches he wants to fuck today. Not about a bitch taking half his shit. How could men ever let it come to this? This is ridiculous. How did we go from guys like Alexander The Great conquering the world. To guys like this being on top and getting robbed for half?

    3. You’re a perceptive reader! It is indeed a reference to War Games. I also used “nuclear” deliberately in the subsequent sentence.

    4. @Manuel S: All these relentless lefties get the blade in their back sooner or later. It’s mostly these male feminist who get the blade first. Just look at #metoo. The left always eats his own.

    5. I got the nuclear reference as well hahaha

      I boggles my mind is this quote, from the Guardian article:

      “But would he have been able to have a stable, happy family and build a prosperous company without the work of his wife?”

      Hell yeah! I doubt his wife ever did much work at all.
      More often than not women are not contributing anything, they are a nuisance.

    1. Publicly known are the values of the various trusts that benefit the royal family. The Queen of England has also been implicated in the Panama Papers. Speaking of “trillions” is an exaggeration. Nonetheless, I would be very surprised if her net worth, including the value of the trusts she does not directly control but which directly benefit her or other members of the royal family, and the money she most likely has in other off-shore tax havens, was below the net worth of Bezos.

    2. notabene… that whole “net worth” is a larger mental jerkoff than people think.
      Buffet doesn’t “have” 70billion USD. The market capitalization of his stocks is worth that. But of course the average idiot couldn’t be bothered that marketcap equals number of shares times last traded price.
      The notion of liquidity and orderbook depth are beyond such people’s horizon.
      Buffet selling all his Berky stocks would simply slam the market by probably 50-70%. I’d be surprised if his average price he sold at would be higher than half his “net worth”

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