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Open Thread 2019 (#2)

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81 thoughts on “Open Thread 2019 (#2)

    1. That ad was quite the PR disaster for Gilette. I wonder what the fall-out will be. It’s one thing to virtue signal if you sell utility products that are bought by both sexes, but if your target audience is exclusively male, it’s probably not a good idea to put a crazed feminist in charge of your advertising.

    2. LOL
      Just posted the same thing.
      Just imagine you’re a shareholder. These guys must be screaming through phones while pulling their hair out by now. Lucky for them the mother company has many female oriented brands. So the damage will be limited to their male audience for the most part. But still. Gillette is a very well known mostly male brand. This is a possible hit of many millions of dollars. They do have the female venus line. With they feed into the inflated ego’s of women with those advertisements. (a proven successful advertisement strategy) But feminist made it pretty clear they don’t like shaving. So what are they trying to achieve here? This makes no sense from a business perspective. Why try to cater to a group that doesn’t use your products anyway? At the expense of your target demographic? Makes no fucking sense. I can’t imagine these people keeping their jobs. That would be even more crackpot. Gillette seems to be done as a male brand. They just lost most of the market. Who hired these people?

    3. The only thing that would make me buy Gillette now. Would probably involve them begging for forgiveness and a public beheading of the feminist responsible for this ad.

    4. We’re getting to the point where Piers Morgan on national TV says the kind of stuff that only an MRA dared to say 5 years ago. You know feminists screwed up and overplayed their card if this happens.

    5. The amount of dislikes on that ad. Ouch. It’s not only anti-male, but if you pay attention it’s most anti-white male. Like, I loved how it portrayed black men keeping white guys in check when it comes to knowing how to treat white women. Because that’s accurate. And the two white kids wrestling around while the black child sits patiently on the picnic bench with his legs crossed. What fucking parallel universe did this ad warp from anyway?

    6. I noticed that too and shook my head in disbelief. Sure, attractive well-off whites are the ones who cat-call women, and black men keep them in check. It says a lot about that organization that such nonsense got green-lit, meaning that it’s not enough to put the blame on the woman in charge. They would probably have to dismiss half their marketing department to fix their cultural problems.

    7. @Alek Novy

      Watched the Good Morning Britain video and was pretty surprised to hear some of that stuff being said. It really seems like men are pushing back, and at the very least it’s entertaining to see these women grasping at straws and making terrible arguments.

      @Aaron Sleazy

      I was thinking about how propaganda like the Gilette ad was overwhelmingly downvoted, and just about white men in general being demonized for so long. You’ve talked about peak feminisim before, but I wonder what could happen should Dems (and women) take more control in office and push their agenda more and more. Hypothetically speaking, with more and more shaming language and devices being used against men, waves of unproductive low IQ immigrants swarming in, and more rights being taken away from men (excluding foreign men) and given to women…aren’t white men essentially going to be radicalized in some sense? I imagine the pushback wouldn’t be pretty.

    8. Of course, any major retaliation need not necessarily be aggressive. Like we are seeing now with men taking a more passive-aggressive approach like MGTOW, and then realistic lover dolls and artificial wombs/genetic engineering facilitating that approach. But I can imagine a world where those things are banned and made highly illegal and lawfully punishable. In that scenario I could imagine an aggressive retaliation. Not that I would want anything to do with it.

    9. yea wow didn’t think id go out of my way to not get a product but now feels like its time

  1. I just want to say that I liked and appreciate your Anti-put writing and also Minimal Game.
    At some point I wasted a lot of time reading “Pua” trash in forums online and various literature that was worthless for reasons you know and expound on. For me the biggest misguided aspect is the “cold approach” concept – this idea that to be good with women, you need to be able to stop them randomly in public and get their # in so on… rather than just paying attention to the ones who are into you in the first place. The PUA route ended up making my social anxiety much worse or maybe even help foster it.

  2. One thing that never made sense to me was the typical feminist claim that women suffers (or is oppressed) the most from things people suffer in general. Even though I knew that it’s bullshit, I couldn’t really put my finger on it as to why it is a wrong claim. Particularly because it is an example of the snuck premise fallacy.

    For example, feminists claim that women suffer the most in war. Although, that is utter bullshit, it seems correct for some reason. The fact is though, men have to fight wars and women just stay behind which is far less suffering than fighting wars. How do you wrap your head around this?

    More importantly, how do I inoculate myself against the same kind of bad arguments in the future?

    1. There’s no reason to debate a feminist.
      Turd flinging monkey has a 3 part series on his youtube channel.
      The Three Kinds of Feminists.
      When you understand these 3 different types. You’ll see how pointless it really is. You’ll have more success debating a pig. The only reason would be laughs and giggles. The only one’s you could debate are some white knights. But they mostly understand men’s sacrifices already. They just seem to think it’s men’s duty to serve women. So that would be a different debate.

  3. A good overview of a scenario where a game company employee dumps a crazy ugly feminist chick, and she reports him to HR.

    1. Yep that’s what you get. Just stay away from company employees as much as possible. And never, never, never come anywhere near a feminist. They should be avoided like the plague.

    2. I get the sense that the guy involved here is super naive. As if he was legitimately preyed upon by a sociopath. Easy pickings.

    1. I’ve heard two theories on what will happen. I have no idea which is true… Paul Joseph Watson believes this will actually be profitable for them since most people don’t pay attention… It will just get them a ton of free publicity where the name “Gillette” gets mentioned a gazillion times. And that the boycott is comparably smaller in size… so they would be a “net benefit” situation.

      Personally, I can’t pretend to guess what will happen. I have no clue. But I am hoping it will cause enough backlash to hurt their business.

    2. I don’t think that would have been the strategy here. They hired a radical feminist for their advertisements. That’s the basic story here. Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones think everything is about conspirators of the new world order pulling strings. I’m not saying powerful people never have secretive plans. They absolutely do make secret plans to gain power and wealth. But not everything is because of conspiracies. Sometimes companies just hire the wrong people who cant see past their own politics. It’s just a screw up.

    3. I wonder if YouTube will shadowban or shadow reverse any of the dislike votes.
      Have the NPC’s come out to counter the negative comments on the YouTube video? I haven’t dealt with NPC’s but I’m sure this is the time one can get experience in dealing with these SJW bots!

    4. I wonder if YouTube will shadowban or shadow reverse any of the dislike votes.

      They do, and it’s the first time I ever saw this in my life. All these people claiming they’re deleting dislikes… and I was like how is that even a thing? Can it even be done…

      Sure enough, I disliked the video, documented it… came back the next day and my dislike from the video was gone. Like I get removing a comment I made… but how can you remove a an up/downvote i clicked? what the heck.

    5. Alek,
      They might have deleted the likes/dislikes from people who’ve watched less than 80% of the video. It’s still retarded because those people could have watched the whole ad on another platform, so their dislikes should still hold weight.

    6. There’s a culture war going on. It’s all to be expected. Google (youtube) is mostly run by NPC’s. And now brands like Gillette also have NPC’s in positions of power. All these strong independent women are now getting jobs they’re not qualified for. Just because it’s the current year. It’s only going to stop if people vote with their wallets. Joining the feminist cause has been profitable for a while. But that time is now over. As more and more people are getting sick and tired of all the man bashing bullshit. They can remove all the down votes they want. If people just don’t spend their money on brands who support feminism, we’ll be fine. Investors will see the picture soon enough. Hiring radical feminist will be associated with losing money. Go woke, go broke. Feminist have overplayed their hand. This is a small victory. The battle is ours. The war is just beginning. There’s a shitload of millennial snowflakes ready to take office soon. That won’t make a difference however if they can’t make profits.

    7. Gillet is a private company which unfortunately means that we can’t see its stock price go down in real time. It would’ve been great if the fallout of that advertisement was out there to be seen.

    8. @Don:Tax records end of the year should give some inside. Takes some time to check everything. But it should be visible.

      The anti Gillette reaction is part of the metoo backlash. They won a victory with metoo but overplayed their hand. It has lost momentum. And the counter reaction is in full swing. But feminism is still a multibillion industry. I’m sure they’ll come up with new professional victim outrage campaigns. So we shouldn’t celebrate yet. let’s not make the same mistake as the feminist. The battle may be won. But the war isn’t over yet.

  4. I recall @AaronSleazy wrote about finding love abroad. I also recall that bringing some foreign chick back home won’t end well (i.e. she’ll get westernized, etc.).

    I was reminded of that when i saw this news piece:

    Some Saudi 18 year-old girl gets expedited entry into Canada. (She claimed her life was in danger back home in Saudi Arabia.)

    Once she got into Canada, she turned into an entitled Western slut: using Snapchat, buying frappacinos at Starbucks and dressing like a ‘ho.

    Who knows, maybe she will become Canada’s Kim Kardashian.

  5. Continuation, more from Piers Morgan… wow… just wow. This might go down in history as the pivotal moment when feminism officially jumped the shark and overplayed their hand.

    It might that moment we’ve been all anticipating when even fucking mainstream guys go… ENOUGH… fucking enough. We’ve had enough of your shit.

    I mean Piers Morgan? Freaking Piers Morgan sounding like what used to be called “the MRA fringe”, and he’s doing it on mainstream TV?

    1. Yep. This dude even calls himself a feminist. Piers Morgan? Never have thought he would be the one standing up against this. He even shuts up his female co-host. Sadly they already past some new feminist laws during the metoo hype. So the backlash isn’t doing much. It’s only slowing down the crazy train. Nevertheless a small victory against feminism.

    2. Does make me wonder. How long before Piers Morgan gets the knife? Or are they going to use him as controlled opposition? Let him give a moderate counter argument against feminist extremists. But still pushing the agenda forward bit by bit. Pushing (good) feminism. Slowly pushing out any real counter arguments. By letting so-called moderate feminist debate extreme feminist. That way feminism always wins. We can see these tactics happening all the time in politics. It only seems candidates are fighting. While in reality they are working together to prevent others from speaking. Sucking up all air time with fake minor conflicts. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s going to be the story here. And i wonder if Piers Morgan would even realise he’s being used this way.
      Anyway, good for him he’s not a total shemale yet.


      That’s how far it has gone. Look at this motherfucking bitch. “Oh come awwn… pfff mhm yea right, pleeaaase” let-me-make-some-silly-scratching-of-my-face-kinda-thing-to-invalidate-whateva-you-say-gesture.
      That’s how far these bitches have it up their ass. They actually don’t see how fucking hard the backlash will be.
      Oh I pray for the moment when these cunts get wiped out and only the good ones remain. May these bitches rot in their self-made hell i.e. on their fucking couch, with a freakin’ bottle of wine and their 7 cats – ALONE!

    4. My favorite part (it was the previous day, first video)… where he told this bitch in her face… He confronted her.

      Like I know that in your personal life you bang alpha men, your husband is alpha, your sons are alphas… But in your public life you promote this idea that men should be betas. But none of the guys you surround yourself in you personal life is a beta.

  6. TBH Piers Morgan is kind of all over the place politically speaking. He’s hated by the left for his friendship with Trump, but sometimes he seems to nod to them in order not to become “fringe”. Let’s see if he keeps up with his stance on masculinity, might be his defining moment.

    1. Same here. Might get a simplistic model next month.
      Quick side thought: Any company who does a pro-men ad, could see quite a big surge in sales. I’m pretty sure, just for financial reasons, a bigger company than this one will exploit this inefficiency. And maybe a few smaller ones might go ahead and attack the toxic feminism stuff?

    1. Now you know why they like to travel to India. And later come back, adopt semi-hindu new age religions. Believing themselves to be living Goddesses.

      Never date a white woman who travelled to India. “I like travelling” is always a red flag. But there’s no living with her after a trip to India.

      Talking about beta orbiters.

    2. After fucking and sucking thousand of guys they go to 3rd world country to find some desperated guy. LOL

      Indians are ugly, weak, submissive guys.

      Majority of PUA clients are indians, Bangladesh guys.

  7. Looks, status and money undoubtedly matter. But even then they don’t offer complete protection against the nature of women. Just look at male movie stars as an example, and how many of them have experienced horrendous divorces.

    Some Hollywood stars seem to have cracked the code though. Leonardo DiCaprio for example historically has kept his relationships short term. There are MGTOW videos which report on this.

    Perhaps he realizes that despite his looks, money, fame and power – if he were to get married things would turn sticky for him very quickly.

    1. That’s pretty crazy. Well, if feminism has taught us anything, then it’s that women are never responsible for anything.

    2. Is this woman high? Has she ever met any other women?

      “As a bonus, in general, women love when men use condoms. They keep us from getting STDs, they don’t lessen our pleasure during sex…or prevent us from climaxing. And the best part? Clean up is so much easier — no waddling to the toilet as your jizz drips down our legs.”

      Women hate hate hate condoms. In all of my relationships it was the woman who first asked me to stop using condoms. And I can only think of two occasions where a girl brought up condoms before I got one out.

      “Why would men want to have sex without a condom? Good question. Apparently it’s because for the minutes they are penetrating their partner, having no condom on gives the experience more pleasure. So… there are men willing to risk getting a woman pregnant — which means literally risking her life, her health, her social status, her relationships, and her career, so that they can experience a few minutes of _slightly_ more pleasure? Is that for real? Yes. Yes it is.”

      I actually find it very difficult to even have an orgasm if I’m wearing a condom. Sometimes they even kill my erection. I’ve not used a condom before when I should have because I wanted to make sure I actually got to have sex…

      “What this means is a women can be the sluttliest slut in the entire world who loves having orgasms all day long and all night long and she will never find herself with an unwanted pregnancy unless a man shows up and ejaculates irresponsibly.”

      Or she could just use birth control, ask the guy to wear a condom, ask him to pull out, or take the morning after pill.

      “Let’s talk more about responsibility. Men often don’t know, and don’t ask, and don’t think to ask, if they’ve caused a pregnancy. They may never think of it, or associate sex with making babies at all. Why? Because there are 0 consequences for men who cause unwanted pregnancies.”

      Uh, maintenance payments?

    3. This woman is braindead. Not only doesnt she seem to have met many other women, but she doesn`t seem to know many men as well. Good for her husband, I suppose. It says there that she is a mormon, so maybe she has led a pretty sheltered life?

      At some point i just skipped to the end, the last comments by men praising her are even below moronic.

  8. Speaking of braindead women, how often do you need reality to bite you in the face to at least start doubting you ideological prejudices? Check out this article (link in german!)

    When people have the most freedom they ever had to pursue and express their interests and still don’t conform to her idea of what they should be doing, the fault must obviously lie with the mythical patriarchy. And corporations, of course, because in their mind manipulating people is always easier than just catering to what people actually like.

    If actors want to make the world a better place, they should stick to acting, not activism.

    1. Thanks for sharing, that was as hilarious as schadenfreude can get X-D

      Her obliviousness to the dire state of the medium she worked in up to the day before getting fired is very telling. I would like to think the shock would make her rethink her misplaced priorities, but I somehow doubt it.

    2. Today Vice announced as well…

      I guess go woke, go broke isn’t just a cool sounding meme…

  9. This web series (Dan The Man) is great, particularly the first episode (only 5 mins long). I can’t believe they actually let it go through.

  10. I have a relation from my extended family circle who I care about deeply since he helped me before. He knows about me and girls and asked me for advice. After some introspection about my own game tactics, I told him to do something similar to Stelar method on the forum. I told him how to identify DTF girls and how to approach them directly after that. But he remains extremely scared. I can see it when I am out with him. I remember I was scared before too but I don’t remember or know exactly how I got through that difficulty. Is there anyway someone can not be scared or at least somehow push though the fear of being effected negatively or even extremely negatively?

    1. @Don
      Best strategy, stop giving a fuck.
      Best way to achieve that is by going crazy for a while. Thailand is perfect for going wild. Fucking 30 plus women in a month should make a difference. Have multiple women at the same time. Fuck a couple 10’s. Live out some kinky fantasies if he has any. Should do the trick. After that he probably isn’t going to care much about some snobbish Western bitch rejecting him.

      There’s nothing these stuck-up Western bitches can say to make me nervous. They’re just whores. They are selling their body for drinks. They’re no different from Thai bargirls. Only difference is that Thai bargirls are honest about it. And generally more pleasant to spend time with. Once you see these women for what they really are. You’ll see there’s nothing to be nervous about. They’re just whores. Nothing special about them.

    2. Do you know how does 2-3 gr of phenibut work and what are the effects of it? Can you go over on that?

    3. Thanks Neutralrandomthoughts. Even though I get it that it works and is safe, I am sure my relation is going to be even more sacred to take a drug than to pickup girls. Being the prude he is, it is more than likely.

    4. By “sacred” he means scared…. It’s a typo. And by relation, he means relative.

      Comment confused me too when I first read. Sounded like talking about the relation to the sacred or something something.

    1. Hopefully Captain Marvel tanks… If you want to hate someone with a smirk it’s not that MAGA kid. It’s Brie Larson and her dumb ass SJW comments…

  11. I was thinking:
    In your opinion guys how much you should be on the looks scale of 1-10 you to be able to have your pick and have variety in your sex like? (Other factors being neutral)

    1. If you want to get laid a lot just by your looks, you better be a solid 8 as you have to compensate for a lack of income or just an average one etc.

    2. Now the question is, who among male celebrities is a male 8 on a 1-10 scale all else being equal?

    1. It always crack me up to see more go woke, go broke companies. Thanks a lot Alek.

      Apparently, it’s the CEOs’ daughter that asked him, why can’t I be a woman in the army in a WW2 re-enactment game for which he replied, yes you can. What an idiot.

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