Hook-up Culture is a “Hack” of Female Hypergamy

As I have been going through the material for my book on relationships, I had an interesting insight. It is generally acknowledged that the hook-up culture has been made possible by women’s “liberation”. Feminists told them that it is okay to be sluts, and women all over the industrialized world listened. We also know that women consider most men to be below average. Even the most plain Jane thinks she deserves at least a doctor with a ten-inch cock and a money tree in his backyard.

In general, only very few men benefit from hook-up culture. This is the prime reason they PUA industry died. After a few years, there just weren’t enough suckers left because even the most gullible men started to realize that all the money they spent on those gurus did not get them any closer to banging those elusive 10s. Some men, though, do bang one chick after another. This is often summarized in the statement that 20% of the men bang 80% of the women, which is an application of the Pareto principle to dating.

If you put yourself in the shoes of an average thot who gets the tingles only for Jamal and Tyrone, and also Jeff, if he’s got a good job and a nice car, we’re getting closer to a neat insight: She wants to trade her pussy, either for thug cock, or for beta bucks. She’ll ignore the 80% of men who are below average in her opinion until she has crashed right through the wall. Before that, though, she’ll likely go through a bunch of guys.

The guys she fucks will only rarely commit, however. She only wants top-shelf men. Those top-shelf men thinks that she is little more than a slut to fuck for a night or a weekend, if she’s lucky. The reason she fucks them is that she thinks, which may well be correct, that she has nothing to offer but her pussy. She wants to use her pussy to trap a man who is much higher in status than her. On the other hand, if she had a more realistic view of her own sexual marketplace value, she would settle for someone closer to her status. It is only due to her hypergamy, i.e. her belief that she deserves someone of much higher status than her, that guys of higher status can just pump and dump her. Thus, hook-up culture is an exploit of female hypergamy.

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11 thoughts on “Hook-up Culture is a “Hack” of Female Hypergamy

    1. Somebody posted a MGTOW breakdown of this c*** on an open thread some time back. Friendly reminder, leave a short link description next time please.

    2. I posted the original video some time ago.
      Just can’t stop herself taking those banana’s.
      It’s hilarious.
      Banana syndrome.

    1. The red-pill community is essentially the successor of the pick-up community. They strongly believe that they can increase attractiveness by behavioral changes. On the other hand, the black-pill community is about acknowledging that you’re toast without looks, money, and status. Its much more about the importance of looks, though.

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