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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #350

  1. YouTube is flooding my feed with videos of hot Asian women. This chick shows up basically every day. I find her a bit robotic but she is not bad looking at all:

    This video of some Korean actress getting baseball pros salivating over her marvelous behind is quite amusing:
    This woman is 29 years old. Good luck finding a Western woman of that age who is in a similar physical condition.

    1. Yeah, a bit robotic, but I’m definitely Team China here. 🙂

      The Korean girl’s got a banging body, but her face doesn’t quite do it for me. Definitely into the Chinese chick, though.

      I consider Japanese and Chinese girls to be the gold standard for Asian women. Korean girls’ faces just aren’t on the same level (IMO). Their features and their excessively flat faces look a bit too alien for me.

      (I’m talking averages here. Of course there are super hot Korean girls and ugly Chinese ones, but they’re far rarer than the opposite.)

  2. There are several Youtube channels portraying the ‘Wojak’ internet meme, but I find ‘Low Budget Stories’ the best in terms of story and graphics. This guy has some talent for sure. His latest video is called ‘Attractive vs unattractive men’ and made me chuckle a few times, because it is quite accurate how hypocritical the female population can be:

    1. This channel is pretty good. According to my YouTube history, I watched one of its videos a while ago. Do you know Red Pill Comics? You can probably find these comic strips on any search engine not called Google with ease. Low Budget Stories reminds me of it, except that it is a lot less edgy. The tone is otherwise comparable.

  3. Guys,

    What do you think of X navy seals like Joco Wilink and Chris Kyle?

    This guy says they were real scumbags!!!!

    1. It is very odd that your last two comments ended up on the moderation queue as they only contain one link. I just approved them.

    2. Could you give us a quick summary of the pertinent points? I’m not much of a video guy, myself, and the video is over an hour long. 🙁

      By the way, I don’t think calling enlisting to fight in your country’s armed forces signing up “to murder people” is a fair or reasonable characterization. If anything, the western countries need more true patriots, not fewer.

  4. Hey Alek you were right about your fear of fillers, turns out they don’t actually dissolve, instead they just migrate. Which not only means that the desired effect may disappear some time after the injection, but that some other part of your face may become uglier, too. Have a look:

    Unfortunately it also means that the non-surgical jaw extension you posted before is not viable.

  5. Aaron,



    TLDR: A former Navy Seal accuses Chris Kyle of acting dishonorably. He describes the 4 walls of Death (sounds like a cool video game.) And that this guy was killing non combatants. And he says his commander Joco Willink did dangerous things sends his guys on dangerous operations unnecessarily and that they acted irresponsibly killing non combatants and increasing the rates of “friendly fire” incidents. The former seal speculates he did this to advance his career and then he got famous with a podcast. He is almost as big as Joe Rogan.

    It is worth watching so you can make your own determination wether this guy is just jealous or weather he tells the truth. There are already stories about Chris Kyle being a liar such as when he punched out Jesse Ventura.

    1. No worries, P Ray, and thanks for the link! 🙂

      I’m not familiar with the people involved, but if he boosted his numbers, either through lies or murder, that is of course disgusting.

  6. What are Aaron’s and the reader’s thoughts on one-sided non-monogamy and angles to establish it? Specifically where the man can see other women on the side for fun, but his partner is exclusive

    I’m in my young 30s and have spent a small amount of time as a face in the entertainment industry. When it comes to an exclusive relationships, I see myself as sacrificing significantly more than the girl and taking more risk. But If I could ride my status wave and enjoy the women that present themselves, I would be much more comfortable investing in, and being, committed to a stable woman.

    1. I don’t know how you look but the Chaddier you are, the more likely some desirable woman will put up with you fooling around without doing it herself. It’s that simple. You obviously seem to have a lot of status but Alek would be the best choice to tell whether or not enough S compensates for less L in this specific scenario.

    2. I think it really depends on whether she would like to commit to you long term, she might be willing to put up with there being other women around as long as she can be assured that she is “the one”. Females evolutionary programming makes them prefer a stable provider long term, as long as you are not emotionally invested in others there is a margin of tolerance which is wider or narrower depending on your percieved status in her eyes. Even sultans, who besides their wive(s) had a harem, would have a favorite concubine among the harem.

      In my exp the most common scenario is that you will be banging a few women non-exclusively and over time one of them will start being your favourite. Or at least thats what they will hope to achieve.

      I dont think it is necessary to approach the subject in any particular angle, start out non exclusive and let it evolve, I think it more likely that it will happen naturally. More than once it happened that I start a full-disclosure, non-exclusive relationship with a girl, and over time she stops seeing other guys altogether, even tho she has my explicit permission to keep doing so. This happens especially if she knows she is the favourite.

      On the other hand, if she is still seeing other dudes on the side, that is the clearest sign she isnt commited to you. But keep in mind this stage is likely to be time limited, she is unlikely to hold on forever, no matter what you do. It can be months or years, but 99% of cases she will move on in the end.

      If she stopped seeing other guys for some time, but then at some point starts again, that is a sign that she has given up on you, and is looking to move on. Your days with her are likely numbered at that point.

    3. Have you tried just openly talking about it? If there is a significant status difference between you and them, they may just accept it. There are also cultures where women look the other way if their husband bangs the occasional side piece, as long as he keeps providing. Latinos do this, and I think some of the “LBFM countries”, too, with the exception of at least Thailand, where jealous women may just cut the guy’s dick off.

  7. Hey Aaron,

    Do you enjoy works like this? It’s completely different from what I normally enjoy, but I found it quite beautiful*.

    Heads up: the video is NSFW. There’s nothing sexual in there, and the words are innocent (well, someone with a lot of insight might be able to figure out what the words refer to without seeing the video), but the imagery would be considered… questionable by most people.

    *Beautiful only in the sense of giving a beautifully clear view of the past, of course. I find the imagery itself to be propaganda for immoral ideologies I certainly would not want to have anything to do with!

    1. This is a song by Mr. Bond. I do not know if he also made the video, but there are a few more available. Mr. Bond has released several albums before he got thrown into jail by the Austrian WEF puppet regime. It is incredible that he has to serve ten years in prison, especially considering how criminal immigrants are treated by the courts. Anyway, his utterly reprehensible music is available on the aforementioned Argent Beacon website but also on I particularly detest “White and I Luv It”, “Führer State of Mind”, “In the Oven Now”, “Hold Me Back”, and “Pop Some Fags”. Don’t listen to this music!

      The imagery of that video has an obvious aesthetic appeal. The same is true for the works of Leni Riefenstahl in general, e.g. Triumph of Will and Olympia. These were hugely influential movies. You will view the original Star Wars trilogy in a much different light after watching the former, for instance. It is not much of a stretch to call George Lucas a shameless plagiarist.

    2. By the way, it is very odd that the Odysee video ended up in the moderation queue. Spam algorithms really do not seem to like patriotic imagery.

    3. Thanks for the link! 🙂

      I had never heard of him before. Ten years for that… In America it wouldn’t even have been illegal. Europe has such big free speech restrictions.

      Weird about the moderation… Did the video I linked about the Israelis making fun of black people go through without moderation? I wonder how clever the algorithm is, if it just looks at imagery or the text or audio as well.

      Oh, and thanks for the tip about Ms. Riefenstahl. I’ll have to check those works out! 🙂

  8. There is a surge of healthy people that get euthanized in the most degenerate western countries for very arguable reasons.
    Have you noticed that the ones who get the green light to be killed are always white women? If I wasn’t sure that our elites love us immensely, I might think there is a white depopulation agenda here.

    “It will never get better”

    Psychiatrists are not your friends, beware!

    1. Switzerland, despite its supposed neutrality, is quite favorable towards mainstream causes. It seems there are few EU initiatives they do not like. Thus, it does not surprise me at all that they are pro-Ukraine.

  9. Do you guys know of an alternative to the wayback machine?

    I’ve tried to read old articles by GLL,but his website has been excluded in the Wayback Machine!

    mainstream society is just turning more and more into over politically correct pussies. (or “snowflakes” would be the better terminology for them,I guess. lol)

    I remember Wayback Machine being neutral in the past,allowing for an unbiased collection of internet knowledge. but now this…

    1. Thanks a bunch!

      Alek,you’ve talked before about how you personally know Male 9-10’s who can dumpster dive (to even as low as female 2-3’s. although I’m guessing that’s just taking fitness into account,not anything extreme like deformed women. A woman being overweight definitely goes below a 5 to me as well personally.) by hyper focusing on the chick’s best body part. Well…GLL got into the topic long ago,here is the old article:

      Go to the section 6b.

      I’m presuming however that one should be able to do this in a way that doesn’t take a negative hit to your social status. Like you said before,the attractive and fit older women is great for this. (if anything,you’ll probably even get social points for laying a hot teacher,lol.) No need to risk social suicide (or even worse; get stuck with her via an oopsie) by trying to lay fat becky in your high school class.

      Those Male 9-10’s are probably at such a high social hierarchy that dumpster diving doesn’t negatively affect their already massive social status. Probably not something most of us 7-8 mortals can afford to do. (they already like to target us with hallucinated rejections anyway,so lets not give them real ammo.)

    2. Thanks P Ray. You guys should check out the YouTube video where Chris reacts to when he was on the “trashy reality show.” I used to watch “The 5th Wheel” all of the time. I had no idea he was on it. IMO Chris is was too harsh on his young self, hence Good Looking LOSER. He never sucked with girls. Just didn’t get first night/day pulls.

    1. Fuck here we go……ANOTHER war for Israel? I knew the strike against their embassy was instigation to widen the war. Let’s see what the Zionist walking corpse says……

    2. That was quick. According to Israeli news sources, all missiles were intercepted, but this does not seem true. More interesting are claims from the Israeli side that repelling the attack cost about one billion dollars. I am sure that the drones Iran sent cost a lot less, so if this ends in a war of attrition, I fear for the Jews. It would be a tragedy if there was another holocaust with another six million dead.

    3. According to the news, around 99% of the missiles were stopped before they hit Israel. A few got through, damaging a military base, and critically injuring a young Bedouin girl. Apparently the U.S. provided help in stopping the missiles, though Biden has told Netanyahu that he does not want him to retaliate, and will not receive U.S. help if he does so. The Iranians seem to consider the matter closed, as long as Israel does not retaliate.

      I suspect neither side wants to take this any further. Iran had to do something to not look like punks in front of both their own people and the rest of the world, yet they certainly don’t want to get into a war with Israel, and Israel certainly doesn’t want to get into a war with Iran.

    4. I thought the Iranians would kill 6 million and then make fur coats out of their hair or something.

  10. My response to Chris in the “Ring Pop Proposal” thread got me thinking….My cousin pays for year round passes for his family of 5 to Disneyland annually. They live in Phoenix Arizona which is about a 5 hour one way trip. Only because, like all girls from California, his wife is obsessed with Disneyland.

    He has a good job obviously, his wife is attractive, and he has 3 kids. Sounds good right? Well, when I first met his wife about seven years ago at a Christmas brunch at my aunt’s house, she confused me for another cousin. I look like that cousin in the face, but I’m far bigger.

    Not a big deal, but I noticed something after brunch wound down. People were gradually getting up from the table one by one. Once my cousin got up to pass by his seated fiance, she said, “could you like not, SMASH me?”

    I thought it was strange as she sounded inexplicably bitchy when she said it. Also, WTF did she even mean? After a little thought, I realized she didn’t want to scoot in a bit to let her future husband by. I saw it as a major red flag.

    Anyway his mom (my aunt) and my cousin’s wife don’t get along at all. My aunt barely gets to see her grandchildren. Even if you do everything right you end up with a selfish controlling wife if you marry Western women.

    1. There are good western women as well. Unfortunately it just seems your cousin didn’t end up with one of them. 🙁

    1. What exactly does the black pill mean these days? I thought it referred to people who have reached further insights beyond the red pill (or thought they did, at least), but these days the term seems to be used as if it means people suffering from depression or something?

    2. There is a conflation between being a “doomer” and “taking the black pill”. However, the latter is simply acceptance of reality, as I wrote in the article Cycle Path mentioned. Of course, for some people taking the black pill means that they have to embrace doomerism, but this is a corner case.

    3. The black pill stands for realism, essentially. For applying scientific method to human mating and getting results (as in insights, not necessarily getting laid) this way. To arrive at a demonstrably true conclusion about something, whether on your own or with someone’s help, means being black pilled on that question. Arriving at a wrong conclusion will make you red pilled (red pill guys of course would disagree). Not having the question in the first place is for blue pilled normies

      The invention of the term “black pill” alone didn’t make all the allegedly black pilled guys right, of course, but just having the concept proved to be very useful because we can at least claim that people saying bullshit are red pilled and not black pilled. That keeps the concept of black pill relatively clean and doesn’t let it deteriorate like the red pill did. The red pill used to represent the realism, but succumbed under the weight of bullshit, and the new pill was needed. Since reality is unyielding to all and depressing to most, it was christened the black pill

      Aaron has a great article on this topic:

    4. Blackpill these days seem to primarily be centered around Lookism,but I think the original Blackpill by Omega Virgin Revolt (I’m pretty sure he’s the one who pioneered the term) goes beyond Lookism. More than a few of his articles talk about married men who end up getting fucked over,for example.

      Even Aaron talks of how had he not taken certain precautions, he wouldn’t have gotten out of his first marriage unscathed. It goes to show how being Chad doesn’t make you immune to women (and people as a whole in general) screwing you over if its to their benefit at some point.

      Modern Blackpill only seems to be concerned with discussing Lookism these days. I’m not saying whether that’s a good or bad thing,but that’s the hot topic these days.

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