Poor Obese Single Mom Tricked by Scammer Pretending to be Vin Diesel!

One of my favorite satirical sites is Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer. (I mean, it’s got to be satire, right?) He also has the occasional humorous piece. Here’s one I had a hard time believing it was real, but it seems to be true. Read this:

32-year-old Katelyn George is a single mom who says she struggles to give her two boys the opportunities they need. (…) What appeared to be Hollywood action star Vin Diesel contacted her through direct messages, flattering her and started a romantic exchange of hundreds of messages. There were vague plans to celebrate his birthday in Calgary together — but a critical piece of movie making equipment broke — he needed money to fix it and save his latest film. George would be the hero and get the leading man. Instead she lost more money and had her heart bruised.

You won’t believe how hard I laughed when I read this. After all, it makes total sense that a multi-millionaire actor would message a woman who looks like this:

Once the real Vin Diesel sees this, he’ll message her!

Of course, our condolences go out to this poor woman who has been wronged. What the scammers did is truly despicable. Yet, there is an important lesson here: due to the free flow of information on the Internet, at least in some corners of the Internet, the unrealistic demands of women are now widely known. They can be easily mocked by a phrase like “six pack abs, six feet tall, six-inch dick, and six million in the bank”. It’s one thing to chuckle when you see an average to above-average woman believe she is hot shit but quite another when the story is about a legit 2/10 who believed that a Hollywood star would be interested in her.

I wonder how high the probability is that she’d fall for the same scam twice. Let’s say someone else would pretend to be Vin Diesel, and write to her that he’s heard about the scam she fell victim of, and go from there. I think there is a non-trivial chance that she’d fall for it. It’s a much more plausible background story, too.

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15 thoughts on “Poor Obese Single Mom Tricked by Scammer Pretending to be Vin Diesel!

  1. As a proud white man it’s sad to say how stupid western white women have become. It’s honestly an embarrassment. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves.

    1. To be fair, I think most men are also quite stupid.
      Not as stupid as women overall, but they are not too far behind.

      How else would you explain all the cuckery? How else would you explain that a lot of men still go for marriage?

      We often think of women as being hive-minded, but most men are not much different in my opinion.

      It’s just that because our IQ distribution is wider, at least some men are very intelligent, compared to women.

    2. just an example how stupid even educated people are:

      there was a discussion in an Austria newspaper, about “ethics education” which should replace religion education. Which is probably a good idea.

      But I made the question “so what kind of ethics are they going to teach, if all ethical systems are equally subjective?” (no system ever bridged the is-ought-gap)

      Then I got heavily downvoted.

      But none of these supposedly educated and woke people could tell me:

      a) the basis of their ethical beliefs
      b) why those beliefs are objective
      c) that they even understand the rules of the discussion (meta ethics)

      so these people make fun of christians, but they are on the same level basically. they just believe what they got told as children basically

    3. I think there is a genetic component to ethics. For instance, if you can’t compete in society, you’re much more likely to be a socialist. In contrast, if you’re a winner, you’re likely to feel drawn towards fascism, even if you wouldn’t use that word or even be aware that your beliefs align with it. Leftists tend to be fucking losers. Interestingly, leftist women are generally unattractive. There are memes floating around about that as well:
      Of course, one could say that this is an example of “anecdata”, but it does hold. Pick a random leftist woman and a random right-leaning one, and the former is very likely to be significantly less attractive than the latter.

    4. I also believe there are genetic components to our morality.
      But that still only gives you descriptive ethics, not prescriptive.
      But these morons don’t even understand the difference between these two. It’s quite sad.

    5. Interestingly, leftist women are generally unattractive. There are memes floating around about that as well

      I think it’s for the same reason that married women vote conservative and single women vote leftist. They even find women’s voting pattern change the moment they secure a provider (husband).

      Explanation? Well, leftism is “take money from dudes and redistribute it to single moms (among others)”…

      But when she has a provider… all of a sudden if she continues to vote left, her vote would mean “take money from my provider… money he was earning FOR ME and give it to some single women”. So then they vote conservative.

      The same logic probably applies to women who are attractive

      Let’s face it… every woman wants a powerful man. It’s just that an attractive woman can get him, and an ugly one can’t (thought for sour grapes she can claim she never wanted one anyway).

      Of course women who can get a powerful man are going to be against leftism which is just redistribution and taking away from powerful men to others. It’s taking away from her.

  2. 2/10? I see that you’re being generous today. And you just know that she was telling all of her friends that she was “dating Vin Diesel”.

    1. It just rhymes with the six formula for everything in that sentence. It is slightly above average as well. It’s not much more than average, but it is.

    2. here in my country instead of 6 feet talk they walk about 180 cm which is 5’11 they do like round numbers.
      it is shorter then 6(183) tho.
      with dicks tho the talk is about 20 cm because it is a round number lmao good luck finding 20 cm dick.(8 inches)

    3. Yes, it’s about round numbers. In Germany, the bar is higher. There, women prefer men to be 1.90m tall. As you said, it’s all about round numbers.

    4. Id love it if I lived in a country where chicks are looking for the 180 guy.

      I’m 177 myself, but every single girl thinks I’m 180+

      – Working on posture makes quite the difference, easily adds 1-2 inches in height (3-5 cm)

      Now to be fair I’ve never heard girls here talking about numbers. Must be a cultural thing. But if I were to guess I’d say its 190 that they’re looking for (or at least 185).

      180 sounds low as a number for girls ‘wish list. Unless guys are on average 170 tall where you live.

    5. it is not that 180 is on their wish list ,it is more of a minimum height criteria like with 183 in usa but there are girls who say minimum 185. 180 is the lowest minimum criteria i have heard in my country. well brad pitt is 180 i guess those chicks are going to turn him down.
      what if i am 184 and not 185 they are going to think that i am not good enough because of 1 cm/? can they even measure me with their eyes?
      i am 177 and i am like a 5 dude you know how much interest i get from women
      A ZERO(i got almost zero initially but after my appenditix got surgically removed it literally dropped to a zero within months)
      dating apps are fucking me up to the max. i think i should try hookers at this point.

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