The Dan Bilzerian Deception

Most of you probably know of Dan Bilzerian, the real-world billionaire roider playboy who is infamous for his excessive lifestyle. On his Instagram page you’ll find countless pictures of himself in a sea of women. Here’s a good example (Fair Use assumed):

You may see a bunch of whores. I, on the other hand, see a doctor, an engineer, an archaeologist, …

The average Joe now sees this and might be envious of this guy and his lifestyle. Just imagine having so many women around! Wouldn’t it be awesome? If you think that then you can’t have been with many women. Dan Bilzerian is merely showing off in order to impress the easily impressionable. If you’re envious of him then you probably lack experience with women, sexual or otherwise.

With the possible exception of menopausal women, you’ll not have female friends at any point in your adult life. You hang out with women because you want to get laid. More importantly, the reverse is true as well: if you’re poor but hot, then women hang around you only because they want your dick. She may be dating some other guy, but you’re some side-dick she’s happy to jump on every now and again. If you’re not hot, then you better have resources. If you lack both resources and looks, you won’t have female friends.

If you’re perfectly honest, you are not hanging out with women because you enjoy talking to them so much. The average woman is not likely to have any intellectual interests at all. Thus, going on dates can be a real chore. The first time you met up with some chick who seemed a bit thick you may have thought that she was maybe an exception. Then this happens again and again and you realize that women aren’t a lot of fun to talk to. This is reflected everywhere in life. Men and women hang out separately because they are interested in different things.

Having to endure the inane conversation of one chick is bad enough, but imagine having five or six chicks around with shit for brains! With one chick, you tolerate her low-IQ opinions, bang her, and kick her out. You’ll probably feel disgusted with yourself afterwards, but that’s the life of men. You meet a chick, she’s horny, you’re horny, you fuck, and then you realize that you have absolutely no interest in her. Post-coital clarity can be a curse as it makes you realize that you’re a much less rational person than you may have thought.

Normally, guys grow out of chasing after chicks for quick hookups, no matter how successful they are. I’ve seen guys switching to prostitutes for the convenience. Some even avoid women altogether. Thus, I have a hard time believing that Dan Bilzerian has much use for all the women in his pictures. He probably bangs a few of them but most are likely just extras. It could well be that he gets a bunch of chicks together, possibly a few pros too. He then has them pose for pictures in order to maximize Instagram ad revenue. After the photoshoot, he probably sends them home, minus one or two if he feels like smashing. Meanwhile, Joe Average is fantasizing about all the fun Dan Bilzerian has, hanging out with all those women, whereas the Instagram fantasies Dan Bilzerian creates, which I don’t think correspond much to reality, are closer to a vision of hell.

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44 thoughts on “The Dan Bilzerian Deception

  1. The other deception is that he didn’t make all his money playing poker like he claims – it’s all from dad’s shady finance dealings.

    1. I can’t believe people think Dan Bilzerian is real

      I had a fuck buddy a few years ago that was invited to one of his “parties” but in order to lure the girls in they made it seem like a contest

      They would go through rounds of hanging out with him and the ones they selected to be used in promo content were promised cash prizes.

      They also had to sign non disclosure agreements if they didn’t make the cut in order to maintain his reputation

      Total scam!

  2. “You may see a bunch of whores. I, on the other hand, see a doctor, an engineer, an archaeologist, …”

    ROTFL!! 😉
    => Spot on.

  3. That guy is incredibly insecure, it’s painfully obvious from all the posting and look at me and my fabulous lifestyle (sound familiar, like maybe every female you know?)

    He’s never accomplished anything on his own and desperately needs the world to believe otherwise. It’s actually very sad to witness.

  4. “After the photoshoot, he probably sends them home, minus one or two if he feels like smashing.”
    What does “smashing” mean in this case?

    1. Is it British? I used to watch a movie called Alfie, and he said the cloth is “smashing”, does it have a different meaning.

      Funny, I speak English with a British accent, but I don’t know much of British colloquialism except for some basic terms like “bloke”, “tosh” (=rubish), etc.

    2. Yeah, you are right. With a bit more caution, I can explain the difference based on their grammatical roles.

    3. @Sleazy
      When I saw “smashing”, I also suspected that it meant “fuck”, because smashing describes the act of having sex in doggy style, banging your hips against your lady’s arse.

      But I was still unsure because you said he might only have sex with a few girls among those he invited, so I felt the need to ask.

    4. Do you think he’d bang ten chicks a night? This reminds me of a video I saw on a private seduction forum well over a decade ago. Some dude traveled to some third world country and got himself some cheap hookers. He posted a video of his exploits, i.e. the chicks he got who were obviously hookers but because he didn’t pay them for sex outright (they only wanted money to help their family or some other pretense) they weren’t really hookers in his view. His video had a bizarre segment where he has two chicks on the bed and he takes turns putting his dick in them. First the one on the left got a few thrusts, then the one on the right, and this went on for a bit before he gave a thumbs up to the camera, which was the end of the video. I found it quite bizarre.

      The point of all of this is that if you want sex, you’re fine with banging one chick and banging her properly. On the other hand, if you want validation, including validation from hookers, you’ll need variety. I’d even go as far as to say that for men who need validation the actual orgasm is less important. In that regard, Bilzerian is also a good example because he seems to care more about getting validations from anonymous men online. He’s the male equivalent of your typical female “influencer” on Instagram.

    1. BTW this dude appears like a 6’3” chad, but I was shocked to find out he is just 5’9” lol

    2. That might explain part of this behavior. Also, I would not be surprised if he was secretly gay, considering that gay men essentially are on a spectrum ranging from effeminate to hypermasculine. Also, steroid use is a lot higher among gay men.

  5. Although Bilzerian is a charlatan of the highest degree, he did have an interesting take on happiness when interviewed on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He basically said that at his level, happiness is hard to come by because there is nothing left for him to accomplish or experience. I found it rather profound, and I have to admit that on a certain level I can empathize with him. It has been hard for me to find meaning in my own life once my survival needs have been met. At points I often wonder whether I am just waiting to die.

    On a lighter note, I found it amusing that he boasted that he had once had sex with a woman without saying a word to her, as if that were some rare and difficult accomplishment.

    1. Words from a selffish prick.
      Look at Wittgenstein for someone who was hailed from a prestigious family.

      Even if you are not a genius, you can still dedicate your life to help the poors and the unfortunate. No helps are ever enough for them.

      Me, me, me, only about me, that’s American way of life.

    2. Food for thought: if you keep helping the poor, why would they ever want to fend for themselves? There’s a reason there is now a welfare aristocracy in the Western world. You can bet that if there was no welfare state and no charity, we’d have a lot more eager hands. Yet, it’s apparently a violation of a welfare leech’s human rights if you order them to, for instance, sweep the streets in exchange for getting free food, money, and shelter.

    3. I don’t disagree with your view of me or the American way of life. However I do know some people who have dedicated their lives to helping the poor, and they too struggle with nihilistic thoughts. I don’t know much about Wittgenstein, but after skimming his biography, it looks like struggle with depression also was a major part of his life.

      What gives you meaning, CQV? How do you deal with depressive thoughts?

    4. I base my happiness on the well-being of my family members. As long as all my family members are healthy and alive, I am very happy. I also try to stay close to nature, for I find that spending time with trees and plants has a healing effect. I also have a dream that I must make it come true. There’s also a sense of duty to my own country (Vietnam). My goal is to help them learning well and even excelling at foreign languages.

      Also, exercise constantly. I have been jogging and running for a while now. I could run 3 miles, aim to push it to 6 miles later. I vaguely remember that Aristotle said: “The essence of life lies in motions.”

      Pay close attention to what you eat, avoid all the trash foods that American corporate impresses upon you. Find fresh fruits, fresh meats, fresh milk, fresh vegetables, stay healthy. Take good care of yourself

      “I don’t disagree with your view of me or the American way of life. ”
      I wrote that comment to reply to the view of Dan. It has nothing to do with you, sorry for misleading you.

      All these symptoms of depression seem to stem from the material abundance of the West. You guys have everything you could ever ask for. So instead of being grateful and drink every drop that Liberties and Freedom deliver, you wander in depression and suicidal thoughts. I can’t even relate to this state of mind that you guys are having.

      Spend some times in a foreign third world country. Learn to appreciate what you are having right now. Fresh air to breath, fresh food to eat, free roads to ride, and the possibility of doing better in life extends beyond the horizon. What could you ask for more? Why do you want even more? What else can make you happy?

      I really love the US, even though I have been only for 6 years. I love the constitution, the bills of right, the declaration of independence. After reading all these documents, I will proceed to the federalist papers.

      There is no time to be depressed in this country, for there is so much to do.

      Love your country, try to do goods to your peoples, revive that sense of Patriotism and Piety that you guys have long forgotten.

    5. He’s only spent his dad’s money, though, so there would be plenty of things left to accomplish. Lack of motivation because you’re too comfortable is very real and arguably a primary reason for the malaise of our time. There is a great comic strip flaoting around, which I didn’t manage to track down. On three panels, it shows Stone Age Chad killing and skinning a wild boar and then dressing himself with the animal’s hide. He’s full of vigor. On the fourth panel, though, you see modern-day Billy Beta who has a shirt picked out by his girlfriend in the store, and he looks dead inside.

    6. “I base my happiness on the well-being of my family members. As long as all my family members are healthy and alive, I am very happy.”

      And what if something happens to your family? Its stupid to make your own happiness dependent on other people .

    7. “And what if something happens to your family? Its stupid to make your own happiness dependent on other people .”

      You are not going to be happy to alone. That’s how humans work. If people around you are happy, you will be happy. If your warm nest is one day destroyed, part of you will be destroyed.

      In Buddhism, we call it dependent origination. Nothing can exist by itself. Things exist in relation to others.

    8. @CQV

      Oh, I had the impression that you were a 2nd-gen immigrant and that you were born and/or raised in the US.

    9. @Sleazy Wife

      Why did you have such an impression? May I ask?

      English is not my mother-tongue, I still commit grammatical mistakes (mostly because I just post an answer as fast as I can).

  6. “He basically said that at his level, happiness is hard to come by because there is nothing left for him to accomplish or experience. I found it rather profound, and I have to admit that on a certain level I can empathize with him.”

    Plenty of rich kids strike out a new path for themselves. This guy from Kinobody has successfully built up a fitness branch that bears his own name. He has money to buy a sport car. Dan could do so much more, build up his own business.

    Honestly, it is just that the prick is too hollow in characters to ever contribute anything meaningful to the society that has nurtured him.

    It spells out the disgusting facet of self-absorption.

    1. Kinobody is just another self-absorbed prick selling ridiculously priced fitness info that you can basically get for free online. He also makes these outrageously pompous videos that boasts his lifestyle to help sell his products and probably roids, similar to Bilzerian. And Joe Rogan is kind of burnt out and far out there.

    2. I remember Alek Novy said that he was a natural.

      He was a kid from a very rich family. Also, the choice of monetizing your products is valid. I don’t see any problem with it.

    3. Did Alek claim that? Maybe he’ll weigh in and confirm what you say. I’m not arguing against monetizing a product, but if he is indeed a roider then I’d find his product to be completely dishonest. It’s akin to purchasing PUA material from a guy who either doesn’t get laid or does so with high LMS yet claims his success is from magical sentences.

      Kinobody also makes incredibly unscientific claims about intermittent fasting and how it produces all these abundances of growth hormones to get you big and shredded, like him. I remember watching some of his videos on yootube and literally laughing out loud. He’s the actual definition of a douchebag. Btw, CQV, you seem auite naive.

    4. I have not known any of his claim. However I did try his advice on intermittent fasting and I lost 6 lbs in 1 month. I don’t know whether intermittent fasting is the cause.

      I never buy anything from him, including his protein powder. I believe you just have to absorb your nutritions from fresh foods.

      One thing that causes me to wonder is that this guy said he persued a degree in a university. I intend to ask him why he didn’t study Biology and Biochemistry to gain a solid understanding in nutritions. He has never replied to my comment on youtube.

    5. KinoBody might have gotten a lot worse since I last said anything about him, which you’ll see was 4 years ago.

      Back then he had a SINGLE simple product and kept it simple. He was closer to a 90-10 “keep it simple and avoid the BS” kind of a guy.

      That’s all I sad tho. I don’t see claiming if he is or isn’t natural. But he was small enough to make it possible (which isn’t a guarantee), but he was small enough to where it is theoretically possible to be natural, but nobody can know for sure.

    6. Intermittent fasting helps with calorie restriction, so it can definitely help you lose weight. I recall reading some information about fasting and increasing autophagy, which is one possible health benefit associated with fasting.

    7. Intermittent Fasting is just a hack to make it easier to stave off hunger when you’re limiting your calories. Any other benefits are completely made up bullshit.

      I’ve been on intermittent fasting for something like 10 years now. I’ve been fat for the past 5 years. Yes, I’ve been fat for the past 5 years despite being continuously on IF.


      Calories-in, calories-out.

      I still end up eating the same fattening amount of calories in that small window I have if I don’t consciously limit the number of “allowed calories for the day”.

      I still need to limit the amount of allowed calories in the day to lose weight. The only benefit with IF is that when you get to have all the allowed calories in a small window of time, it’s much more satisfying… It’s actually easier to fast in anticipation for that one big meal… than eat bird-sized portions throughout the day.

    8. Yeah I feel you man, Novy. You seem to have an easy-to-get-fat body. This is probably genetic.

    9. Intermittent fasting it is the hype of fitness in the last years. Every few years fitness industry package some specific research in medicine and adapt it to sell the bullshit. It happened for ketodiet (packaging some specific diet for epilepsy), now it is intermittent fasting with its idiotic claim about autophagy and fast fat loss. Some specific research of cell death and the process of cleaning the dysfunctional cell became a way to become superhuman. At the macro level fat loss is regulated by calore deficit, at the micro level by hormones (Testosterone, DHT, Estrogen, Cortisol, T4, T3 etc). The trick is optimizing the two in the long term, usually people go in calorie deficit without thinking about the hormonal balance, the diet ends and the body rebound with a lot more fat. This is what happens with intermittent fasting, you upregulate cortisol receptor because of the stress (few calorie, usually few carbs, more workout), you end up fatter when you rebound.

  7. YESSSS to all of this. great post.
    He’s just been outed as a total fraud right>? Like operating a kind of ponzi scheme thing or something….
    One thing I always thought about Bilzarian was the guy can’t dress for shit…
    Like dude you got all this money and the chicks, parties, weed, guns, poker etc whats with the ‘army pant and plain T’ uniform…you think youre a ex-seal or a mercenary or something.. cmon bro hire a stylist ffs

    Do you guys know theres a copycat guy down under here in Australia called ‘ The Candyman’ ? He lives in The CandyLand Mansion up in Queensland ,full of big tit glamour model gfs in bikinis , he walks them around on leashes etc
    Stories of him in the tabloid papers, parents of some girl were saying ”The Candyman stole my daughter ”!! …creepy dude

  8. I just re-read your article and happened to recognize one of the girls depicted in the photo of Dan Bilzerian and his “harem”:

    The third girl on the left with the violet bathing suit is nude model and home pornmovie “star” PUTRI CINTA. Sad to say, that this Indonesian angel (now apparently 24yo) influencer/model is already about to hit the wall. If you compare her current photos to the videos from a few years ago it already becomes apparent. She looked absolutely super-delicious back then! But alas, now her facial features are already hardening and getting bit by bit more masculine…

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