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68 thoughts on “Open Thread #82

    1. Latinas are infamous for that. It’s the same with Spanish and Italian women.

    2. It’s all part of the big “equality” project in the west.
      It’s easier to make cute women ugly, than ugly women cute.
      And if everyone is ugly, no one will feel inferior anymore!
      All to have a more fair and just society. I mean who could be against that?

    3. I can confirm that. It also helps that Asian women are a lot slimmer than Western women.

  1. Hi Sleazy!

    Got a qusetion regarding a guy called costofsuccess in your old forum.

    This guy seems to be able to attract girls easily. I see for the first time in my life stuffs like “vibe” (that’s a new word to my English vocabulary arsenal).

    Honestly, I don’t understand a crap of what he is talking about.

    Is he also very tall and good-looking?

    1. I also think it is rather bollock. How do you measure this so-called vibe. Say you have a good vibe with this woman, all that you are doing maybe just remain nice and entertaining to her, instead of moving the interaction forward. You may not get laid, yet have a good “vibe” with her.

    2. I met him in real life. Sadly, the old mASF form is gone now. He posted a few “field reports” of our nights out. There are a few where he provides a first-hand experience of me picking up women and those could be read in conjunction with my own post. His height is average to maybe a bit above average. He’s good looking, though, muscular, good frame, and an almost stereotypical easy-going Australian personality.

    3. @Alek Novy
      I am reading very carefully the Seductionmyth and I wish to ask you a question.

      It has been established by the scientific community that we mate each other based upon genetic compatibility. The most obvious example is our facial similarity.

      I wish to ask is there a chance for a girl to deviate from this pattern, that is to sleep with a guy whose face has no whatsoever resemblance with her? She must be attracted to him, and not just use him as a provider.

      Is assortive mating, aka facial similarity, the absolute certainty that a woman will find you attractive if you are her “type”? How certain is this? Can it be said to be reduced to a mathematical certainty?

    4. I remember TheCostOfSuccess, or “Cosy”. To me, his writings were an attempt to immerse the reader into his mindset, which was completely artistic and appeared to be drug-induced (I heard that he abstained from drug use, however). As a practical guide his writings were completely useless although I did enjoy reading accounts of his behavior from third parties.

    5. Is assortive mating, aka facial similarity,

      Assortative mating is where 9s end up with with 9s, and 8s end up with 8s etc…

    6. Assortative mating is where 9s end up with with 9s, and 8s end up with 8s etc…

      Nevermind, I got that completely wrong. Anyway it’s been years.

      I think you’re missing the forest for the trees though. The whole point of the seductionmyth discussions was to bring home the point that it’s all about LMS (mostly L).

      The point was not to make you obsess about the minutae details about how L is determined… it’s more to help you overcome the societal bullshit that makes you take rejection personally… like it’s about something you said or did wrong… Nah, you didn’t have the required L… and some additional MS might have helped… but it’s not because you didn’t stand at the right angle or use the right voice tonality or that bullshit.

  2. more cuckery from my social circle:

    so a friend of me is married to an ugly women, they have 2 kids.
    recently we had lunch together.
    he was “so I just got this 4000€ bonus at work!”
    me “sounds great, what did you do with it, buy a nice new gaming rig?” (guy is a total gamer)
    him “na my wife already planed to use this money for something else”
    me “wtf, why is she planing how to use your money?”
    him “you know it’s not really my money… blablabla”

    Also another guy at my workplace, total cuck
    He is quite good looking, and probably makes a lot of money (he is in a higher position in the company than me).
    sometimes his wife is calling him, and then he is “my real boss just called” with like a big smile on his face.
    This guy is a like a well trained slave for his wife. He has internalized his slavery so much that he even enjoys it.

    1. Funnily, I have become Aaron’s convenient excuse if he needs to use it. Like after an apartment viewing, “sorry but my wife thinks this place is too small”.

  3. I thought we had reached peak Clown World, but we’re not quite there yet. You may have heard that Kanye West has announced a run for president, probably only to promote his new album. However, Kanye speeches that double as concerts would remind me of the movie Idiocracy. It would be great if he ran because he’d take the black vote away from Creepy Joe Biden, which would guarantee a Trump victory. As much of a disappointment as this guy may be, at least he’s not a demonic rat (

    In related news, instead of flying to Mars, we’re getting George Floyd holograms. When I saw this, I burst out laughing, and then I laughed some more when I realized that it wasn’t satire:
    This is really happening.

  4. I just had a random memory of a Howard Stern show from a long time ago. It is relevant though because it exemplifies how “game” is bullshit and it’s ALL about LMS.

    Former porn star Jenna Jameson told Howard how she made out with Bruce Willis at an LA club one night. He just came up to her, grabbed her and kissed her. Then he took off. She loved every minute of it. Howard actually pondered how he could pull that off. She said, “he had game.”

    BULLSHIT! Yeh, it had nothing to do with the fact that he is Bruce fucking Willis…..Let’s see…

    Good looking? Check.

    Ripped? Check (back then).

    Rich? heh

    Famous? heh

    I guess the only reason Bruce didn’t smash is because he sent one of his henchmen out to tell Jenna that Bruce would like for her to join him in his limo. Apparently this whore was too good for that. For some reason even whores get offended by that shit.

    Anyway, just s funny memory. I’m sure it was Bruce’s “game” that turned her on initially and not his LMS. If this story is true it is solid evidence that “game” is bullshit and it’s all about LMS.

    1. Interestingly, in the seduction community, Bruce Willis was frequently used as an example for “limiting beliefs”, pointing out that he had a bad hairline in the 1980s, yet still got laid. Another PUA-favorite was Tom Cruise who was an alpha despite being short. The delusion of those people is absolutely astounding. In his prime, Bruce Willis had a reputation for being a grade-A womanizer. He was an A-lister and made money with movies in which he portrayed badass dudes. Everybody knew who he was and he was making money hand over fist. Of course he could just walk up to women and, in the words of Donald Trump, just grab ’em by the pussy.

  5. What percentage of escorts in Switzerland and Germany do you think comes from a underclass background?

    1. Most are from Eastern europe (mostly Bulgaria, Romania. And moldava, also Ukraine) . If you consider that underclass, I would say 80%

    2. In Austria there are almost no Russian hookers.
      I heard they prefer the UK.
      This is quite common that the whores of one country are concentrated in one place/country

  6. You guys out there rock facial hair? I started growing mine out because 1:
    shaving sucks. And 2: my work allows it because we are wearing masks. I’m starting to get some positive feedback from the girls when I get to take the mask off. They don’t exactly say I look better with a beard just MUCH different. I can kind of see in there body language that they like it. I guess I’ll stick with it.

    1. I think if you can grow, you should grow. A stubble helps to accentuate your jawline. I think Western girls love that.

      Eastern girls are more into youthful looks, so beards seem unkempt.

    2. I’m in the pro-facial-hair camp. Note that some companies have “dress codes” that prohibit facial hair. I’d say that’s a pretty good indication that you do not want to work at such a place. It’s also the case that such policies seem to be exclusively in place at woke companies.

    3. I had an ex obsessing with my Night a whole evening, Touching it and shot. Although i have a lot of patchiness in it. I will try to enhance it with the hairloss drug minoxidil, it does wonders to some guys. I may even dye it to get rid of the ginger hairs. Beards can really Save some guys

  7. Aaron,

    Where do you stand on the wear the mask/don’t wear the mask debate?

    The way I see it the worst that happens is we have some marks on our face if they don’t work at all. The best is that we saved Grandma if they work really well.

    For all the left wing bullshit I hear in the United States, the Republicans are starting to challenge them with all this conspiracy talk over the virus.

    1. It all depends if there will be a vaccine.
      It could take years to develop an effective one.
      And if there is none, then all this mask wearing bullshit is doing is to delay everyone getting the virus into the future.
      At some point you will get the virus unless you can avoid all social contact

    2. Well, Big Pharma has gotten billions in funding to come up with vaccines. They also got indemnity:
      I don’t consider scenarios in which the government uses force to vaccinate you with experimental drugs that may have severe negative side effects particularly unlikely. We’re also seeing signs of a popular uprising. This weekend, for instance, there was a huge demonstration in Berlin against repressive and largely ineffective measures against Covid-19, with tens of thousands of people attending. Of course, this was decried by politicians whereas the recent BLM protests were totally fine because, apparently, protesting against white supremacy makes you temporarily immune to Covid.

    3. I think it’s bullshit. From what I gather, you should wear a mask if you’re sick in order to keep you from spreading germs.

    4. I would also want indemnity if they want me to produce a drug in 6 months that usually takes 10 years. I don’t care if they make billions off it if it gets the job done.

  8. How valid is the statement that I should judge a woman I am interested in not by her looks and do so instead by her character?

    I think it is impossible to go on as many dates as needed to know someone intimately without being intimate. Thus it invalidates the above statement.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. It’s a bullshit statement for sure.

      Similar bullshit I’ve heard is when I challenged women on being lazy. For example women who complain the right guys don’t approach them. I’d ask them… soooo what did you do to let him know you’re interested? They would answer something like “If he’s REALLY interested in me, he should just approach me without needing signs!”.

      But then these same types of girls say you shouldn’t be interested in girls on looks alone (facepalm). So he’s supposed to be really interested in your character which he assesed from across the room and run over to introduce himself?

    2. This is soy-boy and feminist drivel. Do those women also judge you by your character instead of looks, money, status?

    1. I watched it in the early 2000s. Back then I thought it was pretty good, but I should probably refresh my memory. Also, my Jew-dar wasn’t nearly as developed back then as it is now, so I may not have noticed subversive messages. The key part of the story is that Kevin Spacey’s character gets a new lease of life after getting infatuated with a female friend of his teenage daughter (was this an attempt to normalize pedophilia?). I also recall that the tough-guy neighbor was depicted as a bigot and, of course, he was secretly gay. What struck me was that this is one of the very rare modern movies that depict women as harpies. I guess you can’t have that anymore nowadays.

    2. Related:

      A number of early reviews of The Graduate described Hoffman as “ugly.” An article in Life magazine referred to him as “a swarthy Pinocchio,” and made humorous reference to his prominent nose. According to Gray, however, “What was important was the way young audiences embraced Hoffman, big nose and all. Suddenly it was okay not to look like Robert Redford and still play a romantic leading role.”[8] Hoffman’s anti-heroic character gave the green light for Hollywood to promote “the ethnic Jewish matinee idol and youth icon in the forms of George Segal, Elliot Gould, Richard Benjamin, Charles Grodin, and Gene Wilder.”[9] These Jewish romantic leads were invariably paired onscreen with beautiful non-Jewish actresses like Marsha Mason, Candice Bergen, and (in the case of Dustin Hoffman) blondes like Mia Farrow, Faye Dunaway, Susan George, and Meryl Streep.

      A few months ago I started looking more into Jewish influence in Hollywood. It’s of course well known that Jews dominate Hollywood, but the social engineering attempted through its movies is not necessarily obvious. It’s a rather rich topic, though. If you started a BitChute channel with a focus on Jewish influence in Hollywood, on a movie-by-movie basis, you would not run out of material.

    3. Yeah, it had some nefarious elements. I’d say it was an interesting piece of art. It was very different even for it’s time. Especially the treatment of the female characters. The narcissism of his wife and the daughters friend was depicted well. Also how he went straight MGTOW.

      I never saw The Graduate as a transformative work, but that makes sense given the male romantic leads that came before it. Before that the male leads had to be tall, handsome, and masculine. Since then they have become more and more nerdy and wimpy. Check out the Harold and Kumar movies. All the white people in those movies are portrayed as bullies, assholes, nepotistic (how ironic of the chosen), simple minded or straight up insane. But the Korean and Indian are all knowing……oh yeah and their Jewish friends.

  9. Aaron,

    What do you think will happen with the increasing number of women who fail to find a man and eventually end up alone? It will be difficult for them as life goes on not to have a man especially as the population ages.

    1. This is already happening. There’s an all-time high of single women. There’s also an all-time high of women on anti-depressants. Presumably, manufacturers of cheap wine and cat breeders have never done more business.

    2. Interesting point about prescription drugs. I remember reading about homemakers in the 1950s making their sales skyrocket. But that was typical liberal propaganda. The book was a companion to a CNN series after all. I think it had more to do with the huge increase in buying power, and expansion of health care coverage of the era. Very telling that it’s even worse now that women are “liberated.”. What a joke feminists are.

  10. I looked up some interesting sports statistics today. I learned that Babe Ruth was the career leader in strikeouts when he retired. He’s nowhere near that now, but another legend, Reggie Jackson, holds the current title. Karl Malone has the most turnovers in NBA history, and LeBron James is second. Brett Favre has the record for throwing interceptions in NFL history. Peyton Manning and Dan Marino are also top ten.

    My point? These guys were all WINNERS. They are known for their accomplishments. Losing didn’t get them down. It separates the men from the boys. They didn’t quit. They went big. Sometimes they failed. But something they fucking won it all. Tom Brady was I think a fourth round draft pick. He only got a starting role in the super bowl because the starter got injured. That was back in 2001. Think about that.

    Life lesson. With sports, with women, with life. I told this to a dude at work today but he boasted that he got 80 percent of the girls he asked out…….Jesus men lie so much about this shit. I think it discourages a lot of guys who believe them.

    “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

    –Wayne Gretzky

    1. Not to be a downer, but you are aware of survivorship bias? For every guy who worked hard and was successful there are 100s who got nothing.
      LMS is most important when it comes to women.

    2. If he really gets 80% of the girls he approaches, which is highly doubtful, he’s aiming too low.

    3. We’ve discussed this before in discussions on minmaxing. Google it plus aaron sleazy blog.

      The main issue with minmaxing is that you’re far more likely to end up worse off than if you didnt minmax.

      Putting all of your eggs in one basket is a very high risk strategy where if it pays off, it can be a high payoff. But if it doesnt you end up in a horrible situation.

    4. Statistics are bullshit, they tell you nothing essentially. You have to be very careful when looking at statistics. They’re easy to twist and turn to fit any narrative you want.

      Things like most turnovers and strike outs is just another way of measuring longetivity. They have the most of anything because they were in the league for the longest time. Of course they have more turnovers than some first year rookie.

      I’m not gonna bother googling anything right now but the Karl Malone turnover record is surprising because he really didn’t dribble the ball much. Even though he was the main scoring option for his team.
      The man really didn’t have many moves, he had a decent mid range jumper but mainly he just bulldozed through everybody because he was ridiculously strong.

    5. Statistics aren’t everything but they are also not bullshit. These guys had longevity partially because they were physically gifted to stay in the league that long, and partially because they meant so much to their team and to the league.

      The entire point was that they never let their “failures” get them down. There are plenty of players that would tail spin if they had a couple of bad seasons.

    6. These guys had the baseline of superior genetics in terms of height, dexterity, and physique. Think of it as the “L” in LMS. Had they been a couple of inches shorter, for example, they would be nowhere near as successful.

    7. Exactly, that’s why I mentioned that they had to be physically gifted. But the mental aspect in sports is huge. Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant never had a high shooting percentage as far as I know. But it didn’t stop them from shooting.

      Imagine if a whole arena/stadium blew up in cheers because you “failed.”. Imagine if the city you play for and the media beat you up and blamed you for losing. It takes a certain type of dude to endure that and hang in there to move on.

    8. Again, the part you’re missing is that you’re falling in a very dangerous logical fallacy.

      – Do super-successful people all have a legacy of massive failure behind them?


      – Is that therefore a good lesson on how to become succesful

      FUCK NO


      Because MOST people who adopt that strategy end up homeless or broke or with lifetime disability.

    9. I adhere to the philosophy of staring extremely small, baby steps, and move up the ladder slowly and cautiously. If you fail, your failure is containable and correctable.

      Just start big and epically fail, that is the worse scenario you ever find yourself to be in.

    10. I actually agree with you guys. I’m speaking from a unique perspective on guys who give up on themselves too early. They don’t realise their potential. They don’t handle failure well. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few.

    11. If you talented and have a good net support, then you can withstand failures. But if you start off with zero support, than a high risked strategy is a sure way to failure.

    12. There are definitely guys that go by “go big or go home” philosophy. I definitely don’t subscribe to that. In fact, it irritates me. But the haters are out there. Maybe it’s an American thing. But many believe that winners always win. If you lose they mock you. That permeates society now days. Rap music has a lot to do with it. Frank Sinatra’s music was much better for young men IMO.

    13. I only mentioned pro athletes because everyone knows who they are. Quite honestly I don’t know many winners. But like I said, toxic losers are everywhere. I think it’s enough to ruin at least a segment of society.

    14. @Good Looking Loser: I see the point you are trying to make, and I agree with it. Context free, resilience matters a lot. Not giving up when you encounter failures is a rare virtue. It has found its way into proverbs of several languages. In my language, it is:

      Chớ thấy sóng cả mà ngã tay chèo.
      (Do not take your arms off the oars when you see (a) rogue wave(s).

      That being said, it also depends on the kind of failure that you are encountering. If is a life-threatening failure, that endangers yourself and your family members, then I would say it is difficult to bounce back. But if the failures are not as devastating, then surely you can recover from it.

    1. I like a lot of music. Alphaville is good. I only learned about them through the soundtrack of one of those GTA games, though. On a side note, compare an Alphaville song like Forever Young to today’s pop music! It’s a clear indication that people, overall, have gotten a lot stupider. Both melodies and lyrics in pop music have taken a sharp downturn over the decades. It’s even more obvious when you listen to an earlier band like the Beach Boys.

  11. Has anyone taken a look at the leaked police bodycam footage from George Floyd’s arrest? It appears that Floyd was in the throes of a drug overdose before he was even apprehended by the police. Essentially, he was going to die that day anyway, and it just so happened that he did so while being filmed for resisting arrest. Had he died perhaps 15 minutes earlier, billions of dollars would have been saved in property damage, and of course, he would be just another random overdose victim instead of a canonized saint. Isn’t it funny how Clown World works?

    1. Yeah, Stefan Molyneux got banned from YouTube for sharing this information. He made many videos discussing this fact as it was buried by the media.

    2. Didn’t they charge the cop with second degree murder? There’s no justifiable way they can convict him for that, though they may do just that to appease the mob. We’ll see 🙂

    3. An acquittal of the cops involved (the other dudes also got prosecuted, if I recall correctly) will serve as the pretense for another round of looting and rioting in case Biden loses.

    4. Tim Pool has a video on this:

      He also warned, very early on that by going for the “second degree” shit, they’re basically making it very hard to convict anyone. In this case, that’s basically asking for a verdict that’s almost impossible to prove, it would be anti-legal.

      But mobs are the feminine “chaos” as Jordan Peterson likes to say, and hence just like the feminine in general, the mob is quite known for overplaying its hand.

    5. I posted a comment linking to Tim Pool’s video on this subject, plus link to earlier post on here about women overextending their hand. It went to bulk filter because it has 2 links, even though one is to this website itself.

      Whoever programmed this filter didn’t realize that you can’t be spamming if you’re liking to the website you’re commenting on itself (ROFL). The second link is a link to this blog itself.

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