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Getting Rid of Destructive Habits

I recently received the following article request:

Had an article idea for you. I recently read an article on a dissident site where it briefly mentioned how hostile people on the ‘far right’ can be when dealing with newcomers. I’ve also noticed online that people in this sub-sub-subculture tend to act this way, basically requiring a long list of dos/don’ts and haves/not haves. The article in reference made a valid point about how essentially everyone, regardless of red pill status, has in no possible way been shielded from or able to avoid all forms of degeneracy in today’s world. I have to agree with this, and I bet you could detail some ways in which you got wrapped up in the madness and ultimately discarded hold beliefs and values after realizing you had been duped. I’ve personally found that many of these destructive habits have been firmly ingrained in my psychology, possibly to the point where only shear willpower can hold certain behaviors at bay while never really being able to ever stop the itch.

We sometimes point out that the bar for a woman to be highly desirable for marriage is really low, in theory. She only needs to be an un-tattooed, debt-free virgin. The number of women who can meet these criteria is remarkably small. It is no surprise why this is the cause, considering the full-frontal assault Western culture has been exposed to. We went from Rembrandt to “modern art” or from Beethoven to Cardi B, and don’t get me started on our appalling modern architecture. Our culture has been systematically destroyed. Everything beautiful had to go. Even quaint towns get flooded with illegal immigrants and boatloads of drugs, and if you think that at least your children will get to enjoy a few innocent years in Kindergarten, you probably did not hear yet about early-years sex-ed and tranny story hour.

The main goal of the social engineers that wrecked Western society in the 20th century was the destruction of the family unit, and even that was only a follow-up to the destruction of the multigenerational family unit because in the 19th century, factory owners did not quite like the idea that workers in large families were able to pool resources and had their own safety net as this meant that they could not easily get pressured into taking any shitty job. With the removal of the father from the family home, children essentially raise themselves, with the help of mainstream media, of course. Yet, even the relatively small number of children from intact families have it rough. If the mother has to work, you end up in kindergarten at the age of two or three, and the state is able to mentally abuse you all throughout your formative years, basically from two or three until you graduate from college. If you want to overcome that kind of hostile programming, you really have your work cut out for you.

Growing up in the West, you will invariably get wrapped up in a culture that wants to destroy you. I do not exaggerate this at all. Our system wants you dead. You will get indoctrinated to eat crappy food. In fact, you will get misinformed about nutrition. Weed is cool, hard liquor at age 14 is not a problem at all, and taking mystery pills at a club that could contain anything is totally fine. Then, you get told to go into debt: get that fancy college degree or buy a car you can’t afford, oh, and go demonstrate for open borders or you’re a Nazi! Note that so far I have only covered the mere basics in life, i.e. your physical and financial well-being.

If the system manages to do a number on you in your early years, you can probably not recover at all from it. Think of primary school teachers telling your single mom that you have ADHD, getting put on Ritalin for years, ending up in a peer group that does weed and other drugs recreationally, and so on. Several of my teenage classmates developed a very serious alcohol problem. One guy I knew had been smoking weed since his early teens, probably even in his pre-teens, and had noticeable problems with his short-term memory. Girls get the same messaging, and on top they get brainwashed to be promiscuous, with the goal of destroying their pair-bonding ability. Tattoos have also been normalized. The normalization of porn, which is promoted by one particular group of people, should also be mentioned.

I think I have been more fortunate than most because I grew up in a rather sheltered environment. In fact, the village I grew up in is so small that there are not even stores in it, not even a supermarket. It’s just a bunch of houses strewn across a rather pleasant-looking landscape. There were no African drug dealers hanging around on our primary school playground, and single mothers were essentially unheard of. Only after I had left home and moved to a bigger city nearby did I get an impression of mainstream society, and that was not necessarily a good one.

Looking back, I think I lost my way when I encountered the party scene in Berlin. I never bothered with drugs and have always been firm in my convictions. Besides, when friends of mine opened a bag of coke and I said I did not want any, almost invariably someone would quip that this only means that there is more for them. Girls are in a much worse position, in my opinion, and quickly give in to temptation, or just go along in order to not stand out negatively in their peer group. Still, I found going to clubs and bars quite irresistible, and hardly just for the women.

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I know very well how hard it is to drop a destructive habit, to use the phrase in the message I received. Even though I pride myself in my willpower, honed through many years of meditation, I don’t think I could have dropped going to clubs that easily. Sure, at some point you will be too old for that scene, but when I realized that I needed to get my life back on track, I was far from that age. Thus, I decided to simply leave Berlin and move to a place where there would be far fewer distractions. This worked out, and now that I have outgrown this scene completely, the temptation is no longer there.

Shedding a destructive habit, be it gambling, watching pornography, social media usage, or compulsive gaming, probably does not work with sheer willpower alone. Instead, it is probably better to go cold turkey. Block your gambling and porn sites, or sell your gaming PC, if any of this is a genuine problem for you. However, I think it is also important to not be too hard on yourself if you relapse. This does not mean that all your efforts have been in vain and that you can now indulge in all your sinful activities again. Instead, view it as an exception and move on. I used to binge on TV shows and movies every once in a while, and now I hardly ever consume any such media anymore. Anything coming out of Hollywood is suspect to me. In fact, this has grown into a genuine aversion. Probably, educating myself about society has helped me kick that habit, and rather quickly. Besides, once you know how the puppet masters want to manipulate you, you notice their evil machinations everywhere. Surely, it does not help that those people are getting clumsier and clumsier, sometimes wrecking an entire franchise with the diversity and wokeness sledgehammer.

Another aspect is a lack of awareness of the seriousness of a problem. I used to sometimes get carried away when researching something online. On occasion, entire Saturday afternoons would go down the drain. Now, I do not think that all this time was necessarily wasted. Still, it was largely a somewhat unproductive use of my time. What is worse, the omnipresence of smartphones means that the Internet is always at your fingertips whereas back in the day you would simply shut off your PC and get on with your day, which means that the temptation is always there. What helps here is tracking your time. A couple years ago I also moved all my casual browsing to the iPad, which tracks daily usage. Looking at your statistics and learning that you spent five hours on average browsing the web every day last week certainly has a much bigger impact that idling away one evening after another, not thinking that there is any problem at all.

Lastly, you should not underestimate the importance of having some bigger goal to pursue. For instance, the amount of time I spend on gaming and browsing tends to go down drastically when I need to take care of something. This can be a self-imposed goal such as working on another book or something externally imposed, for instance the government putting a family of enrichers into your apartment building, prompting you to look for a new place because you are just not cool with a bunch of Africans smoking weed in the foyer of the building every other day and littering the staircase. This is not a made up example as I experienced exactly this in Sweden for a while. It is quite amazing how quickly you realize what is important if you are put into such a situation.

If you have a bad habit you want to kick, I would recommend that you first think critically about it. My parents would say that any time spent playing video games is wasted. Yet, the last few months I’ve averaged maybe 1 to 2 hours a week. In contrast, my parents watch a lot more TV every evening, yet they do not seem to consider this wasteful at all. Also, you can’t be 100% productive as you need time to relax. So, track the amount of time you spend on some activity and look at the good and bad that comes with it. If you are not happy with your analysis, decide if you want to curtail the time spent on this activity or cut it out together. Maybe drop it altogether for several weeks, just to see how you feel about it. However, before you do that, make a plan of what you want to do with that time. Surely, there is little to be gained if you replace compulsive partying with compulsive gambling. In the end, you want to get to a point where you need to no longer rely on willpower. Instead, you should change your habits.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Destructive Habits

  1. American Krogan is on fire today on Twatter. He makes some great points about anime and gaming. I thought I’d copy his thoughts on wokeism in gaming under this article:

    “I am not here to save gaming from “wokeism.” I am here to tell you that the gaming industry is now part of a cultural milieu that wants us dead.

    What is more important to you? Cooming for a few more years, or saving the civilization our ancestors bled to give us?”

    I think we as a people have collectively wasted our lives.

    I’ve watched quite a few of those Devon Stack Blackpill streams in the last year or so. American Krogan disagrees with Stack’s approach of essentially ghosting out, homesteading and raising ‘John Connors’ for the next generation. He doesn’t say it’s a bad idea altogether, but that we do need to pursue some sort of a political solution or compromise. I know you have some mixed thoughts on BPS recent output, but I think he put out a good video recently discussing the future of identity politics in the West as a means of power. I think whites are going to end up enmeshed in identity politics going forward, especially has our numbers dwindle more and more. So much for that whole melting pot hypothesis.

    1. Sleaze, what I like about your take on destructive habits, is how you ground it in a larger societal view. And yes, it is absolutely true: “Modern Western society” and “culture” is a culture of death, it wants you dead – and this means each and any aspect of you. It’s literally a dead end.

      But what i always find amusing – and Pickernanny just hinted at it too – is the idea of a “political solution”. That is the dialectical-materialistic prison of modernity for you again. You are trying to put out fire with a flame-thrower. The whole of modernity is built on this neo-pagan concept of “political salvation”. But there is no political salvation for man – because man’s problems are not essentially political, THEY ARE SPIRITUAL. The hierarchy of how man views himself and the world has been inverted. The white papers of the elite that actually discuss how to invert and subvert, how to change images of man etc. What has to happen is that the inversion has to be REVERTED back to the way it needs to be. And that means that first and foremost for man it is SPIRITUAL issues, those come first. And then we have the things like philosophy, family and social issues and things like that, that comes next. And „race“ or „ethnicity“ can be classified parts of that, i.e. you caring for your people is just a broader extension of the family, the tribe, the nation…

      The core realization to reach, I’d say, is: to understand that the issue at hand is a transcendental one. False theology leads to false metaphysics and anthropology, false epistemology, false ethics – and consequently everything else being untrue and eventually going down the drains…

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