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55 thoughts on “Open Thread #352

    1. I second that. She knew full well this dog had behavioural issues and she let it loose anyway. She put the poor thing to death for damage she caused.

      If Trump picks her, you can guarantee she’ll invoke the 25th amendment. Then things will only get more entertaining from there.

    2. When I first heard about this, I thought she sounded like a bitch as well. But I read a bit more about it. Apparently the chicken-killing incident had the dog just grab and bite a chicken to death, throw it away, then move on to the next one, and so on.

      I talked to a friend with a rural family background (we’re talking a small village with a long history of hunting, so very familiar with hunting dogs), and he said that dogs aren’t supposed to behave like that. Normally in the village, if a dog kills even one animal for “pleasure,” it’s put down immediately. It’s a sign of some serious psychological problem in the dog.

      Some neighbor of theirs had an old dog that killed another neighbor’s animal, and he immediately took his dog out and shot it. Came back crying after – he had apparently really loved that dog. 🙁 But you gotta do what you gotta do.

      And let’s not start with that “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners”-garbage. Anyone who knows dogs knows that that’s rubbish. There’s good stock and there’s bad stock, just like with other animals (including humans).

      Her mistake was putting it in the book. People who aren’t from a similar background won’t understand, and will think of her as a monster.

    3. Noem must have forgotten she wasn’t a leftist, where you can admit to anything and just get away with it, even while they’re simultaneously crucifying conservatives for the exact same thing or less. I wouldn’t be surprised if the left has already issued orders to defend her, in the hope she’ll still get the VP slot and thereby weaken the Trump ticket. So we can perhaps look forward to leftist hand puppets lecturing us that, ACKSHUALLY, killing puppies is a good thing, and if you oppose it you must be a not see.

      Y’all can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m hoping Trump goes with Gabbard, simply because she strikes me as the best choice to drive leftists to despair and suicide. They’ve had the knives out for her ever since she let the air out of their precious Heels-Up Harris in the 2020 primary debates. (Of course, in typical Didn’t Earn It fashion, Harris then failed upward to the VP slot despite not carrying her own state nor winning one delegate in the primaries.) Gabbard is also guilty of the unthinkable crime of questioning our national policy of “Invade the World, Invite the World.” I’m hoping she’s as odious to them as Harris is to us, and I want their noses rubbed in her for the next four years.

    4. I know this is a bit of a radical idea, and it probably makes me sound mentally ill, but perhaps it is not absolutely necessary for Trump to choose a female vice presidential candidate? 🙂

    5. I agree regarding the dog, i had a first hand experience with this.

      We once picked up a stray dog in one of our working camps in a rural area. It was a huge, pure blooded male german sheperd, beautiful animal to look at. We figured it must have gotten lost, since it was clearly accustomed to be around people and instinctively knew to hop on the back on a pickup truck and sit down there for the ride. And no one would have willingly ditched such a beautiful animal. In fact, it was such a beautiful animal that in three different occasions people tried to steal it from us during the few months we had it.

      However, there was a really dark side to this dog. It was good to people, but difficult to train. When we were out in the field it liked to hunt and kill animals for fun, especially armadillos. It would run them down and rip them apart, but never took a bite out of them. We could not take it near farmhouses because it would try to fight the local dogs straight away. We had to buy a harness to restrain it because it could not be made to obey an order to do so, and it had an uncanny ability to get out of any normal dog collar in just seconds.

      We once tried to have it breed with my female german shepherd back home, but we had to keep them separated. My female was quite big in her own right, but this male was even bigger. He pestered her like all horny male dogs do, but when she rejected him (as they usually do in the beginning) he turned violent on her.

      Thankfully this dog never ever showed the slightest hint of aggression toward me, or any of my men, or my family. But its behavioral problems around other animals, especially other dogs, made it too much of a hassle to keep it around even out in the field.

      I ended up giving it away to some guy in the nearest town who had several dogs and was sure he would be able to control it. A month or two later even he gave up on it, he could just not get it to coexist with the rest of his dogs. He then gave it away to his cousin, who had it just for a few short days until it almost killed his aunts dog when they stopped by for a visit.

      He then got it back and passed it on to a local cop. He had no dogs, but a couple little children. Last I heard they loved him, and it was great with the children, so a happy ending after all. But if it had been me, I would have not dared leave that dog with any children at all.

      (BTW if you wondered about the happy ending, this place being a small town i go to often, I would have heard if any further tragedy had happened. It was long ago, so that dog is likely dead of old age by now)

    1. I hope this is an A.I. image of Schwarzenegger. Apart from the black woman shown in the picture, he is also in pretty poor shape. I suppose this is what he looked like off cycle. Plenty of guys who do not go on steroids look more impressive than that, though.

    2. Well,this is just backing up what Chase says about how its very typical that the most masculine of men have a tendency to shack up with the most mediocre (at best) women.

      Tbh,I’ve observed it myself a few times IRL. I recall one guy in the gym who was training an obese woman. The difference was so stark that I mistook him as her personal trainer,but it turns out she is his wife.

      I am hoping that at least she treats him well back home.

    3. This seems to be a corner case, i.e. very “masculine” men may have a hard time achieving financial success due to being short-tempered and overly aggressive. This is neither good in a corporate environment nor in entrepreneurship. There is obviously a middle ground but in general, successful men are not hypermasculine. Back then, Schwarzenegger was furthermore not a star but instead tried to find his footing. Thus, it could well be that he did not have access to hot blondes.

    4. Be careful of what you read of Chase. A lot of it is mindless conjecture.

      My experience tells me that macho men also get a lot of good-looking women, depend on the culture.

    5. There is a difference between short-term flings and long-term commitments. Very masculine men get a lot of the former but if they do not manage to acquire resources, they normally do quite poorly regarding the latter. Of course there are outliers, such as Jeremy Meeks, but by and large this observation seems to hold.

    6. Heh, he might just have been horny. When you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat (almost) anything. I’ve never slept with a black girl, but I’ve tapped some UGs in my days.

    7. Your distinction makes sense in the West, especially in the US.

      But in Vietnam, hyper masculine men would repel a lot of girls. Girls here like a more feminine type of guys. It is true that women here like a guy with good sense of humour who could tease them and make them laugh. Hook up cultures still has not left an imprint here so…

      This, however, is radically different in Russia or Central Asian countries where steppe culture still lingers. Women there prefer their men to be quite masculine. No bullshit and intimidating guys get girls more easily.

      Those are my observations.

  1. “I am hoping that at least she treats him well back home.”

    LOL, she eats all the cookies and drinks all the sodas leaving him with celery and carrots. She is helping him be fit, haha!!!!

    1. I feel sorry for the guy. Dudes who end up with chicks like this are almost always biting the bitter (that’s understating it,actually. lol) end of the stick when they end up in arrangements like these.

      What’s interesting though is when women who end up winning the lottery like this still choose dump/divorce the guy. Amber Heard with Johnny Depp,that almost 40 year old divorcee with Prince (a literal prince) Harry,etc.

      There’s that saying about how the “House always wins” in Gambling. Stay at the table long enough and you WILL lose. Know when you’ve won and its time to walk away from the gambling table with your win.

      What exactly were these women expecting to win next? like a literal God or something? lol!

    2. @Maou Something I heard once that should be tattooed on the inside of every beta’s eyelids: The Hamster* Knows No Gratitude.

      * The hamster being the spin machine inside every woman’s head.

      There’s also a cartoon of Superman taking a nap with his outfit draped over a chair showing the big red S, while Lois sits and ponders, “Is he really the best I can do?”

    3. @juliewrites
      Yep. The “girlboss” is not shirking family life for hollow careerism. She is taking care of herself because there is a dearth of trustworthy men.

      Trustworthy- adj. able to be over 6′ 3” with perfect facial symmetry and pull in a six figure income

      Alternative definition: “obviously not trustworthy, and not steadily-employed, or in possession of much in the way of future employment prospects, or intellectually stimulating, or necessarily even all that attractive or athletic, but dangerous and/or aloof enough to be exciting”

      It took me too long to figure out that when women cry about “why aren’t more men like X”, they’re talking about Chads. Betas simply do not enter into the equation.

      I once had a girl tell me, “I need a guy my parents would hate. You, they’d love.” Give her points for self-awareness.

  2. “I talked to a friend with a rural family background (we’re talking a small village with a long history of hunting, so very familiar with hunting dogs), and he said that dogs aren’t supposed to behave like that. Normally in the village, if a dog kills even one animal for “pleasure,” it’s put down immediately. It’s a sign of some serious psychological problem in the dog.”

    Apparently this is the Chris Kyle of dogs!!!

    Remember Amercian Conservatives celebrate murder like American Liberals celebrate abortion!

    1. Not sure if you’re agreeing with me, disagreeing with me, or just going off on a tangent? 🙂

      (I listened to about half the video before I turned it off, as I didn’t quite see its relevance.)

    1. Hehehe, someone in the comments wrote about them trying to hire disabled people:
      “Just wait until these folks are running the control towers.

      “Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring,” the FAA’s website states. “They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability and dwarfism.””

      So I went to check if that can really be true. Turns out it is:

      But hey, it’s better than what the general federal focus seems to be, at least. 🙂
      “Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis. The targeted disabilities (and the codes that represent them on the Office of Personnel Management’s Standard Form 256) are: deafness (16 and 17); blindness (23 and 25); missing extremities (28 and 32 through 38); partial paralysis (64 through 68); complete paralysis (71 through 78); convulsive disorders (82); mental retardation (90); mental illness (91); and distortion of limb and/or spine (92). ”

    2. Identifiers 90 and 91 seem to explain a lot of what is going on in the United States. There was a time when companies had such policies because it was somehow expected, yet people knew that nobody is taking them seriously. Today, though, it seems there are people in charge that believe that anybody but a healthy white man should do the job, regardless of how obviously incompetent and unable to do the job they are. The alternative explanation is that this is simply due to an attempt to demoralize the workforce.

    3. Obviously can’t hire white men unless they’re the only qualified applicant (and the position can’t be reposted)!

      I’m somewhat joking, but I do suspect certain gov’t managers probably get a bonus based on the “diversity points” (my expression, not an actual quote) of their subordinates, and probably extra points for those who fit into those prioritized categories. Gotta get them dwarves on staff! 😀

    4. You would be surprised to learn that in the tech industry, it is indeed not uncommon that senior managers and executives receive a “performance bonus” based on how many women and underrepresented minorities they hire.

    5. Seriously? In tech companies? That’s ridiculous. I can understand it (though I disagree) in the public sector and in non-profits, but it just makes no sense in the private sector. It’s like paying people money for making the company less profitable.

      Ah well, guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I was already familiar with DEI, just figured it was isolated to the really large companies who have so much money that the costs of it would more easily “disappear.”

    6. The missing piece here is investor money. If you get involved with external investors, in particular ones from the United States, they will tell you that you need more women in your C-suite, more women in your engineering department, more birdwatchers, more dark-skinned doctors and engineers, and certainly a lot fewer white men. I happen to know an executive at a somewhat large tech company whose bonus is explicitly tied to the percentage of women and minorities in his business unit, i.e. if he does not get the percentage up to a certain level, he loses a big chunk of his income. By the way, if you ever find yourself in such a situation and you really love having VC dick up your ass, do what he did: lay off a lot of men and refill these roles with women. Works like a charm. The problem is that the company may collapse sooner than you would like, so make sure your contract does not include any clawback clauses.

    7. Aaron,
      I don’t understand why theirs a huge push for DEIs especially with airlines and Boeing. You’re essentially compromising “safety”. Is this part of their agenda to eliminate air travel since the left likes to argue climate change?

    8. I have been pondering the same question. It is probably a side effect the elites do not mind. Also recall how heavily air travel was curtailed during the scamdemic. Once we hear of private jets falling out of the sky, we know that there is a real problem. So far, though, it seems that DIE is only a problem for plebs who cannot afford their own airplane.

    9. I wonder if Boeing doesn’t bother with using DIE/DEI practices for their personnel who help, ahem, take care of anti-Boeing whistleblowers.

      Or maybe it’s all a coincidence… it’s only natural for a whistleblower to contract some illness and die suddenly!

      (Link is to one of many articles about the second whistleblower recently dying:

    1. This is not bad, albeit a bit long for a single track. I mainly either listen to electronic music (retrowave/fashwave) or classical music, primarily string quartets. Regarding popular music, my preferred decade is the 1980s. I like this style of electronic music a lot:
      You can find a lot of similar music on YouTube. One of my all-time favorites is “Death Commando” by Elevn:

    1. @Karl
      This looks like the unfiltered thoughts of a Jewess. Somehow I think I have seen this movie before. I wonder how it will end this time.

    1. This Asian guy is right. Universities used to be for roughly the top half of the student graduating high school, at a time when no more than perhaps 10% of the population even went to high school. I would not be surprised if today the average IQ of university students is below the average IQ of the population. In some cases, this is most definitely true, e.g. wherever a bottom-tier university is located in a reasonably prosperous city.

  3. Today’s news was good for some amusement. Corrupt black DA Marilyn Mosby (surely some kind of outlier) demands a presidential pardon (so what’s in it for the Big Guy?) Noem is trying to pretend she isn’t toast. The unelected senile occupant informs Japan that they’re failing because they won’t let in more doctors and engineers. Go look up one of those walking around Japan videos so you can wallow in schadenfreude at just how fucked the place is. If only they could have more riots, looting, and police being terrorized by mobs (but J6 was worse than 9/11 guise!) Meanwhile, back home, here are our heroic cuckservatives in action.

    I don’t know about you, but personally I’m exhausted from so much winning.

    1. nitter is a front-end for twitter. I use ublock and sometimes forget how much crap there is on the modern web.

      Anyway, it’s a meme of Apu (labeled “GOPE/Boomercons”) frantically jumping between two thugs (both labeled “the left”) who are trying to shoot each other.

  4. Good Lord, “kween” gets into ten different medical schools with a 3.3 GPA and five Cs, and brags about it:

    Another Twitter user points out that most blacks with those credentials get in, while admit rate for whites and Asians with them are 8% and 6%, respectively:

    If you ever have to get a surgery in America and the surgeons turns out to be black, well… How urgent is the operation? 🙂

    1. Pair this with the black judge in Seattle who dismissed all charges of pro-Palestine activists who actively blocked roads. At least she didn’t go into medicine, right? Decades of affirmative action is finally making itself felt en masse that the whole system is compromised. Good luck getting anything you want or need done right in America.

    2. JFC, Tureis, she looks half Muslim, half chieftess of an African tribe. Except a sharia court would never let a woman hold authority, of course.

      And what’s up with the courtroom? It looks super tiny, and for some reason has a map covering the entire wall? I’ve been to courtrooms in five different countries* and I’ve never seen anything like it.

      *(I’m not an international criminal, I just studied law. 😀 )

  5. Street update: I don’t get what changed, perhaps it was really a temporary covid thing. I see eights and nines all over the place now. At least 2 every time I go doing errands.

    Has anyone seen a similar thing?

    1. I’ve sadly regained 30 lbs. Not all of it is fat thankfully (I compare to an old picture of mine at the same weight,and I definitely look better today),but its diminished the whole “I go to the supermarket and notice most people walking around look in worse shape or even outright fatter than I am” effect that I had going for me awhile back.

      Other than that,unfortunately no. at least not where I’m living. I wish the government would start building towards a society that facilitates healthy living. the ugly reality about us human beings is that we are creatures of convenience. You can certainly cook meals that are healthy AND delicious. Unfortunately,the way society’s set up makes it a hella more inconvenient (and usually more expensive) than ordering at fast food or a restaurant.

      In the subject of successful weight loss and fitness,I think the supportiveness (or lack thereof) of your environment has to be the most underestimated factor. Willpower is a finite mental resource,and if you have to exert it ALL the time to adhere to your diet/routine,hardly anyone is going to be able to stay on track. Its a topic we’ve spoken about in length before.

      I think the government could build towards a society that makes obesity much less prevalent in the population. But sadly its never going to happen because having less fast food establishments on the street is just not profitable.

      “Society is very much at fault for the obesity epidemic.”

      As much as people love to preach about Self-Responsibility,I standby my statement here.

    2. Like the clothing store? I haven’t seen that happening up here. Maybe it’s a thing specifically in your country/region?

    3. To be clear, the only people I look at are 20-22 year old university students. For as long as I know, these were always fit and thin. But during 2020-2023 they had become blobby.

      Girls that age are no longer blobby. So maybe it was the lockdowns and remote classes that had made them such. Again I’m not looking at the same girls. This is the new generation of 20 year olds, so that might explain it.

      Where I live girls that age do a ton of walking back and forth to university and university related activites and such, easily 5 digits of steps walked a day.

    4. Being forced to walk a lot certainly has health benefits. It makes sense that the university population is in better shape now than it was a couple of years ago.

    5. Alek:

      Hahaha you meant eights and nines in terms of attractiveness – I though of the clothing brand. 😀

      I haven’t noticed that much difference, to be honest, but I may not have been paying enough attention. It seems to me as if things are still fairly similar up here: the young ones are usually slim, then sometime during their 30s they become chubsters (or worse).

      We never had strict Covid rules, though, so that may have prevented the big changes you’ve sen.

    6. I was not aware of this clothing brand. Judging from the webiste (, it seems they target Tyrone and his EBT money. I also cannot see a lot of white women wanting to wear such clothes.

      You live in the Nordics, right? In Sweden, women normally stay pretty slim into their 30s. I should probably say that ethnically Swedish women do that. The same cannot be said about the many enrichers. One reason why Swedish women remain slim for longer is also that they have kids very late, and normally not before 30 nowadays. There is also intense competition on the sexual marketplace. Stockholm has the highest percentage of single-person households in all of Europe and thus, most certainly, the entire world. This surely keeps women going to the gym and eating salads instead of kebabs.

    7. Not here. I notice a lot more black and brown people in public, though.

    8. Aaron:

      Yeah, I do. And it’s true what you say: after childbirth, a lot of women balloon, using that as an excuse. Walk past one of the universities and it’s slim girls galore, walk past one of those coffee shops where working moms hang out and it’s Chubster City.

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