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Free Information Flow and Race Realism

A while ago the documentary India: The Worst Country on Earth (2024) made waves. It was made by one guy on a mission to educate the world on the true state of India, a country in particular Western women seem to be fascinated by. Of course, this is due to a carefully manipulated image whereas the reality of backwards Indian culture is normally kept out of the public eye. Similarly, about a decade ago, the documentary Empire of Dust (2011) gained some notoriety. It contrasted Chinese pragmatism with the African mixture of incompetence and self-aggrandizement. Arguably, the people behind that documentary were not some unhinged racists but simply wanted to capture what the industrious Chinese are dealing with when trying to do business in Africa.

While it is the case that the powers that be are working overtime to scrub the Internet of anything they do not like, it is nonetheless the case that the access to information we nowadays have is unparalleled in history. Even twenty years ago, when the Internet was already part of mainstream culture, you could not get the kind of information you nowadays have access to. Only after broadband Internet was widely available could we get a glimpse at what the real world really is like, thanks to video. Everything you were not supposed to see, such as blacks “wiling” or Afghans raping goats became available. Only a lack of curiosity kept you from accessing such videos.

The contrast to times past is quite startling. Even a few decades ago, a lot of people in the West used to romanticize India. Western politicians were talking about all the smart, industrious Indians we could try to entice to migrate to our countries so that they can use their superior skills in order to boost GDP and stabilize society. There were not a lot of critical voices back then. However, I am not sure that a lot of people in Canada, for instance, or anybody working in the tech industry, think that there is a lack of Indians and that we would be better off if we got a few more of them.

I am also reminded of how the European nobility used to glorify Africans. They spoke of the “noble savage” who was spared the dehumanization of modern society. Not knowing plumbing, cooking, basic medicine, or even just basic tool-making put him on a level comparable to a saint. Also, having an IQ of 60 to 70 ensures that such people fully live in the moment. The noble savage is unencumbered of any kind of long-term thinking. Moral quandaries he has never encountered. I can imagine the courtiers of Louis XIV. jerking one another off while talking about how much they wished to be spiritually closer to African bushmen. However, there is little interest in African culture in polite society nowadays, with the rare exception of visiting an African restaurant for virtue-signalling purposes or the somewhat more common but also more recent phenomenon of white wall-hitting women marrying blacks so that they get some black dick whereas Mongombe gets a permanent residence permit in exchange.

India, on the other hand, is a more interesting example. In the West, you encounter some kind of highly curated version of India, consisting of Indian cuisine, yoga, Buddhism, the Kama Sutra (minus the animal-fucking parts), some carefully placed stories about the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, and India-number-one propaganda. Now that there are hordes of Indians in the West, there is some degree of skepticism regarding India’s ability to become the world’s superpower. I nonetheless cheer them on and wish to be entertained by the boundless sense of superiority these walking mediocrities so often embody.

A lot of Western women still romanticize India, however. There are of course unfortunate cases where Western women explore the non-touristy areas of that country and end up getting gang-raped, but let us not blame Rajesh and his 12 cousins. After all, he has never seen white “bobs and vagene” in real life, so when the opportunity presents itself he simply has to act. Yet, the average Western woman is not aware of that. A bit of Hatha yoga and cancerous incense sticks are all she needs to relax. A surprising number of these women seem to want to travel to India, not having done any research herself. Of the countries women I knew wanted to visit, and I should pay for, India was probably the one they mentioned the most often. On the other hand, this could also have been due to them thinking that if they get a guy to pay for a trip, it should be worth it, and flights to more mainstream destinations are not quite as expensive as some bullshit curated experience as part of a travel group.

The easiest way to become a racist is to work in multicultural environments. You will very quickly realize that there are enormous differences between the various races. While your biology teacher may have bullshitted you about there only being “one human race”, whereas there are hundreds of dog breeds, minimal exposure to a “diverse” environment will cure you of such misconceptions. Suddenly, it will be blatantly obvious that race is not “skin deep”. Culture is another issue altogether, but all attempts to create some kind of homogenized featureless culture have backfired. Instead, people isolate themselves and engage in low-trust behavior. In this regard, today’s young generation has an enormous advantage. They see a lot of foreigners, probably many more than they feel comfortable with. Also, negative experiences in real life may lead to people looking up more information online and from there a whole new world will open up. This can be good or bad. If I was 16 or 17 years old today and curious about yoga and India in general, then exposure to documentaries like the one probably would have given me some pause. My views on race in general surely would have evolved much faster in that scenario as well.

19 thoughts on “Free Information Flow and Race Realism

  1. Improved internet has been a double edged sword that has further enabled third world migration.

    With the internet – cheap, fast, easily accessible – migrants aren’t forced to integrate into their new host culture or even learn the language. They have instant access to their own entertainment and social media. They can use Google Translate to wing any necessary communication with natives. Their family back home are always a voice call or facetime away.

    This is just further encouraging the worst of the worst to come to the west.

    1. On the subject of entertainment, I’ve noticed that Indian migrants seem to be content with very elementary forms of stimulation.

      There is a small park near me with a looping footpath. I’ve seen Indians just walking several laps around this boring little park, sometimes talking to someone on their phones.

      I also often see Uber Eats drivers sitting in their beat up old Hyundais waiting for a job. They seem perfectly content to just sit idle for extended periods. Their earnings during such periods could not average out to any more than a few dollars per hour.

      Of course this is the ideal workforce for the Post Reset world. Us westerners are spoiled brats who have gotten too accustomed to our toys and creature comforts, which is why our rulers were forced to bring in people who will accept far less and not kick up a stink about it.

    2. This comment made me laugh. It also reminded me of an Indian colleague with poor social awareness. The context is a multi-hour meeting where we had about a one-hour break in the middle. After we reconvened and did a bit of chit-chat about our lunch break, basically just out of politeness, he showed us a screenshot of some game. He spent an hour getting beaten up in some online multiplayer game, I think it was about 1-15 or a similarly bad score, and he was telling us about how much fun he had.

    3. The UK wants to send “some” asylum seekers to Rwanda. I am not sure this is going to happen anytime soon, but it quite obvious at this point that the narrative is shifting. Once the right-wing backlash is in full force, we will have a much easier time with such policies because the groundwork is being laid right now already. If we wanted, we could probably send them all to Rwanda within a few months but we would not even have to do that because once you start with it, a lot of those freeloaders would pack their things and leave the West faster than they could say, “gibsmedat”.

    4. Based on my anecdotal observations, I would say the tide is definitely turning against mass immigration. The female demographic in particular is starting to wake up.

      One thing women hold near and dear is home ownership. Many will tell you they hoped to be home owners by their mid twenties at the latest. Now, even for women in their late thirties with more than generous paying government jobs, home ownership is beginning to look like a pipe dream. Thanks in large part to migration driving up home prices.

      I also imagine women who use dating apps are having quite an odious time swiping left on a deluge of bobs and vagine hunters.

    5. There’s a grassroots level backlash as well. A Swedish neo-Nazi organization, NMR or Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen (“the Nordic Resistance Movement”), recently took action against migrants.

      What happened was that a right-wing independent journalist made a report on a messy camp of EU migrants (Romani/”gypsies” from Romania) in the woods:

      A few weeks later the NMR went out with crowbars and other tools and attacked the camp. The migrant scattered and ran away, while the NMR members demolished the entire camp.

      I was very surprised by this. Generally speaking, these sorts of groups haven’t engaged in much more than KJing and demonstrations in various cities, but rarely if ever any direct action. If anyone’s read an evil book by an evil Austro-German man called Arnie Hister or something (I can’t remember the book’s name, but it had something to do with some struggle of his), they were a bit like the Völkisch people he evilly mocked at points. Evil!

      For things to rise to the level where they actually take direct action is a sign that there’s been a huge shift in society, and in the mindset of young men, IMO.

      As for white women, on top of home ownership, two other things they value highly are not getting raped, and being able to get a good white man. 🙂

    6. This video is quite something. Remember, these are the people who are supposed to enrich our country. I am being told that there is a lot we can learn from them. Regarding white women, I think they just did not quite understand that they were supposed to play an active part in the race-mixing agenda of the elites. Now that they are realizing that reality is not quite like the leftist bullshit propaganda they have been fed their entire lives and gobbled up like the biggest Chad dick, they are getting quite uncomfortable. I also vaguely recall that the female vote brought Arnie Hister into power because they were just too afraid of their lives and their families. History may not repeat, but we may be witnessing the beginning of a new rhyme.

    7. “Many will tell you they hoped to be home owners by their mid twenties at the latest. Now, even for women in their late thirties with more than generous paying government jobs, home ownership is beginning to look like a pipe dream. Thanks in large part to migration driving up home prices.”

      I hope you’re right, but my guess is they’ll simply blame the usual hoodoos of corporate greed, climate change, Republicans, etc. and screech that the answer is more government.

      Though with regard to corporate greed, I just read that “BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard own 89% of the S&P 500…They’ve now decided to buy every single family home in America…If they stay on the current trajectory they will own 60% of the homes in this country by 2030.” You can thank BHO for this, as he got Globohomo into the landlord business to “help” the housing market after the last bubble burst.

      “As for white women, on top of home ownership, two other things they value highly are not getting raped, and being able to get a good white man.”

      Nor am I optimistic that they care much if civilization burns down. As another red piller once said, “women would rather live in a dumpster with an alpha than in a mansion with a beta.” There aren’t 1:1 mappings between doctors/engineers and alphas, and Western men and betas, but there’s a healthy overlap, which the left encourages by making sure laws only apply to the latter.

      They’re also so indoctrinated than even when they do personally experience cultural enrichment (and survive), they typically find some way to blame white men for the whole thing shortly afterward (“they were only driven to it by colonialization, bigot!”)

    8. Aaron:

      I see you are also a fan of Mark Twain. 🙂

      Yeah, there was pretty strong female support for Arnie Hister as time went on. We see the same thing in the USA: while women in general vote Democratic on average, the majority of white women vote Republican. It’s a slim majority, but it is there.

      If only whites could vote, no Democratic candidate would ever win the presidency. Well, in reality, the Democrats would probably completely change their platform to stay relevant.

      (I am obviously not suggesting that it would be a good idea to restrict the franchise based on race, as that would be immoral and wrong.)


      The Blackrock etc control thing is from RFK Jr. It’s also a load or horse manure. They are big owners, but they are nowhere near those numbers. Not even close to half.

      Unfortunately RFK Jr. seems to be the latest in our (the right’s) parade of “wise men” or strongmen who are suddenly seen almost as prophets because we’re so desperate and thirsty for leadership that we’ll swallow almost anything, as long as someone seems to either speak uncomfortable truths, or just comes off as a tough guy.

      But hey, we’ve done worse. Most of the alt right’s still cheering for the former Soviet communist KGB agent Putin, who today is the Muslim-loving leader of the utterly corrupt Soviet Un… I mean, Russia, who sends his mongrel army of homosexual rapists into one of the whitest countries on Earth to… uh, root out Nazis, I think it was. But he talks tough and doesn’t like gays (despite having a military that is absolutely riddled with homosexual rapes and gay sex trafficking), so we like him, I guess?

      Another funny thing about the right: when the mainstream media suddenly starts lifting up the same people or ideas, our antennae go off, and we become extremely suspicious about what’s going on. But when the right suddenly all start lifting up the same leaders and ideas, then we just swallow it all down as if nothing, as surely we’re all just suddenly presented with the same concepts because of random chance, or because the ideas and people are so brilliant that nobody can deny them, or something like that.

      We seriously need some real (and constructive) intellectual leaders…

      “There aren’t 1:1 mappings between doctors/engineers and alphas, and Western men and betas, but there’s a healthy overlap”
      You’ve drunk their Kool Aid. 🙁 First of all, most of the migrants aren’t tough guys. Second of all, even the “tough guys” usually aren’t. Here in Sweden we have some of the worst gang crime problems in the western world, courtesy of our much loved doctors and engineers. I’ve read plenty about the whole issue.

      Did you know that most of them can’t even pull the trigger when they have to kill someone? Now the obvious question becomes “Then how are the gangs killing so many?” and the answer is drugs. They literally have to dope themselves up to have the balls to kill. Pretty alpha, eh, being a gang member who needs to pop Tramadol to be able to shoot his gun? 🙂

      Also, the whole idea that it is alpha/attractive to be a gangbanger, or violent, or otherwise antisocial is a myth. Well, not entirely. There are certain types of women who are drawn to that kind of man. They even write songs in their honor:

  2. There used too be a blogger known as Advocates Diaboli whom was an Indian IT guy. He would brag about doing expensive escorts but got angry how fat anglo saxon white womne would reject him even though he had lots of money. He showed his true colors as a simp when he was critical of Harvey Weinstein, it was obvious he wanted fat white women too like him and date him.

    Overall, I liked his blog but it was proof you can take the Desi outta da hood, but you can’t take the hood outta da Desi!!!

    1. Would you happen to know if that old joker MikeCA is still posting anywhere, still defending his idol Joe Biden?

      “Only an uneducated moron would think he was shaking hands with thin air! He was signalling his Secret Service detail that he was ready to leave!”

      “Gavin Newsom has done a great job! California has the largest economy in the Union and the highest per capita standard of living!”

    2. Regarding “urban gentlemen”, in a recent meeting, during the initial chit-chat, some white liberal-looking faggot said that he is an “avid birdwatcher”. I had to suppress my laughter but I am wondering if he said it to sniff out if there were any racists in the room. I was close to saying that I really like jogging.

    3. Aaron:

      I fear I’m having a woooosh moment here. What’s the connection between birdwatching and blacks/racism? Or it “avid birdwatcher” a euphemism I’m not getting? 🙂

    4. The mainstream media uses a lot of coded phrases to refer to black criminals. Instead of “black man rapes and kills white woman in Central Park” we read “jogger accused of sexual assault”. Similarly, there was a case where a woman was afraid of some black guy, it may even have been an assault or emerging assault situation. This urban gentleman, however, claimed that he was out at night because he liked “watching birds”. A particularly egregious case can be found in German media. Instead of violent, migrant youth, they speak of a “young party crowd” or “youths searching for excitement” (German: “erlebnisorientierte Jugendliche”). I have done my fair share of partying but I do not even recall a single instance where people went from the dancefloor to vandalizing an entire neighborhood or sexually assaulting women en masse. As you can imagine, such crass manipulations attempts lead to a lot of mockery from the right.

    5. Ah, I had never heard that euphemism before. Thanks for explaining!

      Only birdwatcher I ever knew was a white guy whose entire family left South Africa because apartheid ended. He was racist as heck. 🙂

  3. Mike CA or Mike CaCa as he was lovingly referred too used to visit lion of the blogosphere regularly, IDK if he still does. I never liked the place so I don’t go their. I think AD still has his masterbation blog (not leaving a link hear!) and he has another blog where he accused me of being someone else!!!

  4. “The easiest way to become a racist is to work in multicultural environments.”

    This is very prevalent in law enforcement, but its not openly discussed to the public. You will add words to your vocabulary depending on what you are exposed to. Furthermore, you also become racist to your own race while your own race will call you a race traitor for aligning with the whiteys.

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