GMail has Started to Block Emails from Yandex

In light of recent events, I had to update my Consultations page to add my ProtonMail email address. For context, in order to hamstring an unwelcome competitor, GMail has started to classify all email from Yandex as spam and refuses to deliver it to recipients. Yes, you read this correctly: Emails from a Yandex account do not even end up in the spam folder of the recipient. Instead, you receive an automated response from GMail saying that they refuse to deliver your message.

I can receive emails from any email address to my Yandex account, but I cannot respond to email from GMail addresses anymore. Of course, I will keep using my Yandex email account as the main one, not just because their product is superior to Google’s (and I much rather have Putin read my emails than some CIA pedos). If you still use GMail, you may want to look into switching to a non-US provider but if you really want the Deep State to keep building an ever-more elaborate profile on you and you therefore cannot give up your GMail account, then please email me at my ProtonMail address if you need to reach out. If not, I will simply respond from my ProtonMail account. This simply means that it may take me a bit longer to reply.

3 thoughts on “GMail has Started to Block Emails from Yandex

  1. Hi Aaron,

    I confirm, they have done so from the 30th of September, using, as usual, a lie and fallacious excuse, to justify their (again) illegal and abusive action to undermine a very very succesful competitor.

    It proves, if it was needed, that YANDEX is doing something good, otherwise, google GESTAPO would have never tried to bloc its users.

    I have a solution to fight that. Ditch google even further and as your recipients to close their gmail/google accounts and move to better, safer, and more democratic providers lie YANDEX, PROTONMAIL, VIVALDI or the dozens out there who are currently destroying google monopolies.

    I encourage specifically businesses to never ever use google for their business, there are so many better options that it is surprising that in 2021 anyone still uses the fascist corporation google.

    We are millions who have boycotted google for the last decade and it works very well for us. No serach engine, no emails, no ad services, nothing related to google and we live very well without these criminals.

    Ps: YANDEX is so superior to anything google do, it’s amazing.

  2. yes, google gestapo is now censoring a better, smarter, and freer competitor…

    It doesn’t matter, people using gmail are in general ignorant or stupid enough not to care about their rights and privacy because ‘they have nothing to hide’…

    We have so many other better provider not hosted in banana republics like the USA (since the senile pedophile creepy joe stole the elction) that google can really go f*** themselves…

  3. I confirm since I too cannot use my Yandex email to send to gmail since sep30. This is I guess just the beginning of the craziness to come.

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