Men Who No Longer Really Care About Women

A reader of my blog recently left a comment on my post, Proud Sluts Are Worse Than Guys Who Burn Their Money He writes that he is fed up with women with high partner counts:

The women I’ve dated who had high partner counts had issues and I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Inquiries about her promiscuous past would be met with “I’m proud of my experiences” or..“I have no regrets”. I’m not putting up with that anymore.

The bigger problem, though, is that trying to find a woman with a low partner count, let alone a virgin, is almost an impossibility in the current year.

This reader is not alone, though. What I have been increasingly noticing is that there seem to be more men around nowadays who don’t even want to invest any time or energy into dating women. I know a few guys who go wild in the brothels of Eastern Europe or tear up Pattaya but who live quiet, content lives at home. When I was younger, though, it seemed that every guy wanted to get laid. If you had anti-social hobbies or did not want to spend your money on a fronthole, you kept that to yourself. Today’s young men, in contrast, often seem to have no qualms about just going their own way.

Through my professional context, I happen to know a few guys who would make for rather eligible bachelors. One recently tried to bring up #metoo via a joke, which I ignored because I’m a “ghost” in real life. It’s quite obvious that he gets it. Instead of wining and dining chicks, he has a high-end VR setup in a dedicated room in his apartment; he has the best consumer hardware you can buy. A few years ago, guys were ashamed to mention their prized possessions in public. Guys are no longer in any way ashamed that they spend a lot of money on themselves. A decade ago you were a “manchild” if you had a gaming rig in your apartment. Today, there are no chicks around who could call you that because you no longer give a shit.

What I have also noticed is that guys are increasingly getting fed up with Western women. I mean in real life. My first wife was a white Western woman, blond and blue-eyed, and with a sense of entitlement that only grew with age; my new wife is a demure and petite Asian who actively supports instead of obstructs me. Heck, I commonly get so drawn into my work or hobbies that I forget that she’s around. In contrast, the average Western woman I dated just could not stand if I did anything on my own — no, not picking up chicks with my bros but just sitting down and reading a book for a while or meditating. This is not a unique experience. Yesterday’s simp wanted a new girlfriend as soon as his last one left him. Today’s men often take long breaks, sometimes a permanent one, from having a girlfriend after yet another bad experience. Guys have slowly been waking up and no longer believe that having a relationship is necessarily beneficial to you. If you don’t want to have kids, then don’t even bother.

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22 thoughts on “Men Who No Longer Really Care About Women

  1. Asian or White, it’s same nowadays.
    I’m from SEA, Indonesia exactly, they have a high expectation from men. Never realize she just give a pussy and debt to men.

  2. and what if you do want kids? i have my work cut out for me.
    i see two approaches one is meeting unicorn and the other to have multi defense system of protection , and then just let the mother be single mother afterwards. i dont know. the second way is pain in the ass there first one is to luck, where do you find the unicorn if you a (6-7)/10 dude like me. where do you find any unicorn?
    while the decision of wanting kids seems bad, i cant help it.

    1. Honestly, you need to give women a break. Why?
      They are fed terrible propaganda from a young age and practically brainwashed into a hoe phase.
      The checklist for men should be (1) do I get good regular sex (2) is she hot (3) does she treat me well.
      If you have those things I’m not sure why you’d complain.

    2. The bar for women is very low, but not as low as the one you suggest. Also, when was the last time women gave men a break? How is a promiscuous woman treated versus an unemployed man?

  3. I pretty much agree, but I don’t get why the focus is exclusively on *Western* women. Save for some cultural differences, women are very similar no matter where you go.

    I’m currently in Russia (was born here, but live in the U.S.) and it’s more or less the same. It’s a fantasy that many Western men harbor, that somewhere in a different land, far far away, there are women who truly love and support their men en masse. They speak a different language and their poop smells like roses.

    A lot of American men who come to Russia to find their perfect bride get BURNT big time. They get milked for everything they got. I heard the same about Thailand. I know from talking to friends that other parts of Eastern Europe are similar. Latin America? Same shit.

  4. I’m happy Aaron found an exception, but I don’t believe it’s to do with the fact that she’s Asian (Hi, Sleazy’s Wife :)). Most Asian women have their man by the *balls,* maybe even more so than Western women. They’re not necessarily all ‘feminist’ about it, but that’s just a stylistic difference.

    Just a brief example. I was selling my apartment. I white man, asian woman and her 10 year old son came to see it. The man barely looked around. The woman looked around thoroughly. She was clearly in charge. He was just tagging along. When she was done looking the man just looked at her like “so, do you like it? do you want it? shall I buy it for you and your son?” It was pathetic.

    1. We have a lot of people visit from China in one of my hobby circles. I haven’t quizzed them or anything, but it seems to be the same there. It’s probably exacerbated because there are 115 boys born for every 100 girls. Maybe it’s easier to find a virgin to marry in China, but this virgin will have you by the balls all the same.

      IMO, a traditional wife (real world version, not fantasy version) is only marginally better than a feminist wife. But yeah, if you want kids… I really feel for you guys who want kids. I guess I’m kinda lucky I never wanted any.

    2. P.S. Had to split my last comment in 3. When posting as a single comment, the page would time out.

    3. Fair points, GMoney 🙂 Reminds me of when a friend asked me if Aaron has yellow fever. My answer was: it’s hard to say. I’m his first Asian gf (hence no track record of him going after only Asians), but what if Aaron believes that my cultural background is a main reason for why he finds me as a person marriageable? This would imply that there’s at least a little to do with the culture.

    4. Be careful when you split comments into 3 parts because of the comments bug on here… Cani is gonna come and accuse you of mentally masturbating and being obsessed with a topic…

  5. “my new wife is a demure and petite Asian who actively supports instead of obstructs me.”

    So you are married for the second time? Congratulations!

  6. I don’t really care much about partner count per se, because certain circumstances lead to those partner counts. I actually did date a wonderful woman with an astronomical partner count, but she’d been raped (no not false allegation I got drunk rape, real rape). A common response to the PTSD from rape is hypersexuality.
    That was years behind her at that point and she was a nice, gracious woman…I didn’t have to put in much work into the relationship at all, cooking, cleaning, demure, funny, etc.

    Her accounting of it was fair ‘I’m not ashamed of it because it was a human reaction to a very traumatic situation. Do I wish it didn’t happen? Everyday.’ and ‘People say the past doesn’t matter but it fucking matters.’

    It’s more women who can’t learn from experience that turn me off.

    1. “I don’t really care much about partner count per se, because certain circumstances lead to those partner counts. ”

      Son, let me tell you something:
      Any “circumstance” leading to a high partner count in a woman is sick by nature.

      Be it because she’s a rape victim, or because she had a bad relationshio with her father or to some extent her mother, it is a symptom of a psychosis.

      No girl with good relations to her parents goes and fucks around till the skies fall down.
      And if you pick a chick with a high laycount, then whatever caused that high laycount will make your relationship/marriage with her a nightmare.
      But maybe you’re a destructive persona, too and are just looking for that – a reason to screw up your life.
      Good news: It can be healed.
      “Bad” news: It takes time and lots of effort.

      Oh and before you come up with “bbbut, muhhh she can do whatever she wants”, don’t make Alek come out and start a stats argument, where it is known that girls with absent fathers/bad relations with their father do have their first period earlier and lose their virginity earlier.

  7. “If you don’t want to have kids, then don’t even bother.”

    Thanks to Huff Post (or should it be re-named “Puff Post”), I just heard of a new hamster rationalization for womyn not wanting kids: “Climate change” worries and how it is wrong to bring a child into a word of ‘climate change’.

    I thought it was a satire piece but…it’s Huffington Post and is incapable of that kind of writing.

    1. That is a great spin because they can pat themselves on the back multiple times: strong and empowered, needs no man, and helps the climate! Too bad that Africans multiply like crazy, but let’s not spoil that kind of deluded world view by considering the big picture.

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