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Proud Sluts Are Worse Than Guys Who Burn Their Money

In one of my recent articles I mentioned that some women are proud to be sluts. They brag about the number of guys they have fucked as if it is a badge of honor, with a particular mention of every (semi-)famous dude whose cock they have gobbled down. If you are a regular guy, you may never encounter women like that. However, if you are used to quickly pulling women and give off the vibe that you are utterly unsuitable for a long-term relationship, then the women you pick up can be surprisingly open about their sexual history.

It is the case that women make a mistake of projection. The qualities they admire in a guy are qualities those misguided women aim to achieve for themselves. They want a guy who makes money and is successful, so they believe that if they made money and were successful in their chosen profession, then their dating prospects would improve dramatically. This line of reasoning is true for men. If you make more money then, ceteris paribus, you will have more success with women. This is not true for women, however. You won’t find her any more attractive if she has some well-paying job, whether it is due to diversity hiring initiatives or was gained properly. It’s a non-issue for us guys. If anything, women who are too eager to make money are a turn off as that kind of behavior is distinctly non-feminine.

Women also like guys who get laid a lot. Part of it may be herd-thinking. If three women in a social circle want to fuck some Chad then, soon enough, all the others want to fuck him, too, and if only so that one of their supposed best friends won’t get to fuck him. Also, women want a guy who can fuck a lot of women as it is clear evidence that the dude is sexually attractive and has masculine traits. As a guy, you don’t just get laid, on the other hand. Instead, it takes some effort. It may even take a lot of effort. Compared to how easily a young slut in her prime can get laid, even the chaddest of Chads has to work hard. I bet that even the most promiscuous women would throw in the towel if they had to make as much of an effort as even a well-above-average looking guy to get laid.

Just like with money, the modern, empowered woman seems to think that if she’d fuck a lot of guys, then more guys would want to — no, not just fuck them, but also be in a relationship with them. The latter is more important because women are very aware of the fact that it is a lot harder to get a boyfriend than to get bent over in a club bathroom and fucked by some stranger. They often lament that they can’t keep a boyfriend, not realizing that the issue is that their only value is in short-term sexual gratification as their whoring made them unsuitable for a long-term relationship.

The best analogy of a girl who brags about having sucked 250 dicks is a guy who brags about throwing away his money, something like the inverse of a beggar. (On a side note, some 7/10 chick once told me, five minutes into our conversation, that she has fucked “at least 270 guys.” She even did the math for me. It was some college slut I met in London. I chuckled and got up. That was too much even for me.) Imagine some dude standing at the corner who hands out hundred-dollar bills to random women. That is the male equivalent of a slut. It’s not quite correct, though. On one hand, the comparison is apt because a guy offering free money with no strings attached will find no shortage of women who happily pocket the cash, just like a slut who throws her pussy at a large number of guys will have plenty of guys who take her up on her offer. Yet, the comparison breaks down because the guy can make more money. The woman can’t turn back the time. Once she’s in her late twenties, more men will be grossed out by her banged out roastie of a pussy than are happy to fuck her. Once she’s in her thirties, she’s toast. Thus, the best comparison to a slut is a guy who has inherited a lump sum of money, is unable to make any money himself, either through investment or work, is not aware that his pile of cash is finite — and still happily throws his money away. That is the equivalent of a woman who is proud to be a slut.

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8 thoughts on “Proud Sluts Are Worse Than Guys Who Burn Their Money

  1. The proud slut must be a modern phenomenon made possible by modern medicine and western media. I cannot imagine a woman 100 years ago risking pregnancy and syphilis just to increase her notch count. That a woman could be proud to be a slut and then expect to be in a long term relationship is absurd. That said, I have more respect for professional hookers who provide a service and don’t expect to be in a relationship and don’t brag about the number of clients they’ve serviced. I still wouldn’t date one though.

    The women I’ve dated who had high partner counts had issues and I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Inquiries about her promiscuous past would be met with “I’m proud of my experiences” or..”I have no regrets”. I’m not putting up with that anymore.

  2. ‘The qualities they admire in a guy are qualities those misguided women aim to achieve for themselves.’

    So true. Some women are also jealous of the height of taller women, because they value height in men. This always seemed absurd to me, as I prefer petit women.

    1. That’s not universal though! I strongly prefer tall women. I think height and to a lesser extent body shape preference varies from man to man.

    2. I’m one of the petite women who’s always envied taller women, by which I just mean in the range of about 163-167cm. As I understand, that’s not even tall for Western standards! I think women in this range of height look more height-compatible with tall partners (so, aesthetic reason). But there’s also practicality. You won’t have to alter the length of your jeans, the cutting of more clothes will fit you better, etc. Some dresses I tried on, I drowned in them like they’re potato sacks over my head.

  3. I would say, I have fallen victim to the thinking that if I go to college and get a great career it would widen my prospects when it came to men. And you know what, my grandmother was correct all the degrees in the world would not men make consider you more. Men actually do not care about your degrees and career. I literally stopped dating because I thought I had nothing to offer financially. It used to baffle me when men didn’t care I wasn’t in a financial stable place and getting a second degree.

    In other words, when a man takes a liking to you he doesn’t care.

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