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There are No Accidental Whores

It seems that there has been an influx of blue-pilled cucks or women pretending to be men recently. One of them wrote, in response to my article Men Who No Longer Really Care About Women:

I don’t really care much about partner count per se, because certain circumstances lead to those partner counts. I actually did date a wonderful woman with an astronomical partner count, but she’d been raped (no not false allegation I got drunk rape, real rape). A common response to the PTSD from rape is hypersexuality.

To quickly deal with the rape issue: in this day and age, “rape” has lost its meaning. It is thrown around about as indiscriminately as “fascist” or “Nazi.” You’re “literally Hitler” if you question the narrative of mainstream fake news outlets like CNN. You can only escalate speech up to a certain point. Eventually, their hyperinflationary use makes them rather blunt tools that no longer have any effect. The same has happened to the word “rape”. If a girl thinks some supposed creep looked at her, he “micro-raped” her. If she fucks some dude but afterwards remembers that she has a boyfriend, it was rape. If she got drunk to lower her inhibitions, she later tells herself that she got raped. Of course, consent can be withdrawn after the fact in clown world, so a chick may be screaming for more of your cock, only to later on concoct a story according to which this must have been rape because she’s normally not like that. The list goes on and on. The most precise definition of rape in the current year is, “sex a woman regrets, for whatever reason.” Just be an insensitive asshole and ask the next chick who tells you that she got raped if she has filed a police report and whether that bastard who did that to her is now rotting in jail. In all likelihood she has not filed a police report and that guy is still on speed dial, in case she needs a dick to jump on. All of this implies that her story is total bullshit.

Of course, a false rape accusation is an excellent backdrop to justify slutting it up, too, it seems, as the comment of the reader above shows. Thus, a woman gets sympathy because she has gotten raped, whatever that may mean, and on top she has now an excuse to take a new dick every time she goes out because rape is a catalyst for hypersexuality. This is the first time I’ve been hearing this, by the way. From what I gather online, it is far from a “common response”. If anything, it’s the ideal excuse for women to slut it up. After all, what self-respecting woman has not gotten raped (in her mind) yet? If she didn’t, she may even consider herself sexually non-desirable. That is at least how you could interpret the media response to Sargon of Akkad stating that he “would not even rape” a certain politician. She felt offended by that. Apparently, she wants to be seen as “rape-able”.

The other point mentioned in that reader’s comment is much more important, namely that a woman may just turn into a slut without any actions by her part, kind of like getting surprised by sudden rainfall. One moment you’re strolling to the car, the next you’re soaking wet because you don’t happen to have a pozzed garbage mainstream newspaper under your arm, which you could have used for the purpose of covering your head. Similarly, a prim and proper lady apparently goes about her virtuous ways and, by absolutely no fault on her own, she suddenly realizes that she’s riding a cock. Seriously, you blue-pilled dipshits, do you even think before you write?

Women clearly don’t just end up in “circumstances” that make them have a lot of sex. They seek out those circumstances. Sex only happens if the woman wants it to happen. If she does not want to be a slut, she only has to keep her legs together. Not hanging out with all her besties on a girls’ night out and getting dicked down may make her less popular in her social circle, but it will keep her hymen intact. It is, of course, true that your typical (young) woman can get sex a lot more easily than your typical guy. Every remotely attractive girl gets propositioned a lot, and even plenyt of uglies have guys chasing after them.

Here is a question for blue-pilled cucks: how does the girl end up on Chad’s dick? Did she just, trip, slip, and fall on his dick, as the line in one of Eminem’s tracks goes, if I remember it correctly, or did she happily encourage him to escalate further? You have to jump through quite a few hoops until you get to take her panties off. It just does not happen by accident. But let’s assume some dumb chick really got dicked down by accident. She did not know what Chad found so interesting about her or what that funny bulge in his pants was, and before she knew it, she had his dick in her ass. That may happen, at least in female revisionist personal history. We’ll take them at their word, though, just for the sake of the argument. Now, how dumb would that chick have to be to get dicked down by accident again and again? Why doesn’t she learn anything from past negative experience? Oh, I bet that is because those experiences were not all that negative. She may have enjoyed them so much that they triggered her hypersexuality.

Where the previous scenario becomes utterly ludicrious is when we take the claim that a woman can accidentally turn into a slut at face value. Remember, “certain circumstances led to those partner counts”. The only way this makes sense is if you claim that such a woman has no agency at all. Some guy hits on her and the next thing she knows is that she’s on her knees in some dingy bathroom stall, deep-throating some cock. This would be dumber than your average porn movie plot. Instead, those women go out week after week, fuck every guy they remotely find attractive and at one point their past catches up with them. Maybe they just reminisced a little bit on her last few weeks and practiced their rusty arithmetic skills. Then, she realizes that she’s fucked 25 guys in the last six months which, means, “Oh my god, girls, like seriously, did I really fuck, like, 200 guys in college!?” Yeah, you did. But, slut, just because you don’t like that outcome does not mean that it was all just some kind of unfortunate accident that happened to you. You did this to yourself.

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12 thoughts on “There are No Accidental Whores

  1. The dumbest thing about that post is that even if we take it at face value and assume that a woman really did become hypersexual after being raped THAT STILL MAKES HER A POOR CHOICE OF PARTNER. What happened to her was bad but why would you want to be in a relationship with somebody emotionally warped that has self destructive behaviours caused by trauma?

  2. i see you aaron become more aggressive. good, the thot police needs you. 🙂

    heck next iteration will be a war machine journey.
    there is no way that guy is a guy. i mean he makes claims that is just based on that woman’s claim “real rape” “amazin women” , so similar to chick thinking.
    “i am amazing woman” therefor i am amazing woman lmao.

  3. I sometimes tell chicks that I don’t remember how I got to have sex with so-and-so girl. “We accidentially had sex, it just happened, like, suddenly we were in bed.”
    They all get triggered, like, heavily… Guess they know very well how it really goes.

    1. Lol, good one. Never tried that, but totally makes sense that’s how they’d react. I love these kinds of tricks that get them to reveal their bluff.

      They know full well that sex doesn’t just happen, but pretend when it suits them. That sounds like a good trick to get them to uncover it.

  4. [“rape” has lost its meaning.]

    “the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will.”

    [Just be an insensitive asshole and ask the next chick who tells you that she got raped if she has filed a police report and whether that bastard who did that to her is now rotting in jail.]

    This just demonstrates the author’s ignorance of the criminal justice system. Over half of all violent crime in the United States, for example, goes unreported. The victims of violent crime are disproportionately men, and violent crime can trigger PTSD like rape can. Are all of those men liars too because they failed to file police reports?

    There are a lot of cultural and institutional factors that discourage criminal reporting that have nothing to do with whether a crime was in fact committed.

    [ From what I gather online, it is far from a “common response”]

    Hypersexuality as a response to PTSD is well-known, and rape triggering PTSD is also well-known.

    ‘Sometimes, individuals reenact past traumas to master them. Examples of reenactments include a variety of behaviors: self-injurious behaviors, hypersexuality, walking alone in unsafe areas or other high-risk behaviors, driving recklessly, or involvement in repetitive destructive relationships (e.g., repeatedly getting into romantic relationships with people who are abusive or violent), to name a few.’

    [Seriously, you blue-pilled dipshits, do you even think before you write?]

    Reality is now blue pill?

    All I said in general form is that there is no rule that does not admit exceptions, even though exceptions tend to prove the rule.

    Your best bet with a woman is to evaluate her based on how she treats you now and who she is now. If you want to get married (I don’t), then you’ll have to simply vet her for a long period of time to ensure that she wasn’t putting on a front when you first got together. If she’s respectful, young, attractive, polite, demure, gives you regular enthusiastic sex, has her shit together and is reliable…what is the issue?

    How that is ‘bluepill’ advice, I’m not sure.

    1. 1) Read up on legal definitions of rape instead of just looking it up in the dictionary. Grabbing a woman’s crotch can be rape. Also, her consent can be revoked after the fact. It’s complete bullshit.

      2) You’re moving the goal post. An important characteristic of rape is that the victim knows the perpetrator. Cases where a woman gets dragged into an alley by some random dude may happen in multicultural Sweden, but they are rare. If a woman does not report a rape, yet builds an identity around (allegedly) having been raped, her credibility is zero.

      3) I wrote “common response”, not “response”. You are not arguing in good faith. Besides, your quotation starts with the word “sometimes”. Maybe look that one up in a dictionary.

      4) The kind of woman you describe is only “love-bombing” you. They can keep up their front for a long time. Also, why would you ignore the past? If you were a credit officer and she has multiple bankruptcies under her belt, you’d deny her a loan. Yet, if she gets her dick wet, then the fact that a hundred dudes rammed their dick down her throat does not matter at all. How does that make any sense? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. But, sure, go on and save a hoe! I can only encourage you to do so.

      5) Enjoy your steak. You’re a fantastic example that ignorance is bliss.

    2. [Grabbing a woman’s crotch can be rape. Also, her consent can be revoked after the fact. It’s complete bullshit.]

      No, grabbing a woman’s crotch is sexual assault. And yes, consent can be revoked “after the fact.” It’s not complete bullshit, here is a scenario: (Sex has started)

      man: I have HIV
      woman: I’d like not to do this anymore.

      Man: (suddenly starts beating the shit out of woman mid-coitus)
      woman: I’d like not to do this anymore

      Man: (suddenly starts saying things that turn the woman completely off)
      woman: I’d like not to do this anymore.

      The act is only consensual under the law while consent exists, once it does not, the act is no longer consensual. Why is that bullshit?

      [An important characteristic of rape is that the victim knows the perpetrator.]

      No, I didn’t. Do you think violent crimes exist in a separate universe? Nearly the same thing is true about violent crime: the people know one another and in many cases are related (why do you think reporting is so difficult in so many cases?). So again, if your argument is that the failure to report a crime means the crime never happened, then millions upon millions of traumatized men are also liars. That is, of course, ridiculous.


      Seems like a red herring. It’s a well-known and fairly common (certainly within the ambit of ‘sometimes’) response that has been extensively documented. Would you like more primary citations?


      You’re way too into the ecological fallacy. I already admitted that there are certain factors (past included) that correlate with other factors, but the dispositive metric should be how the person treats you in the present. Didn’t you believe you screened your first wife well? Look at how that turned out.

      I’m not sure what it is with the incessant just-world bleating around here. Sometimes bad things do happen to good people. Sometimes people grow and learn. Is it the rule? Probably not. Does that mean it doesn’t exist or never exists or even doesn’t exist a significant amount of the time? Also probably not.


      It’s weird that presenting a view with consideration to both sides = ignorance. My position is that there are exceptions to every rule and that your take on criminal reporting is simply wrong — most crimes go unreported because there are factors you aren’t really sympathetic too (that affect men and women) that make prosecution difficult.

      And I’m not sure how I’m ‘saving a hoe,’ either.
      I’m not going to get married, and any woman I get involved with has to earn her keep. The second she stops treating me in the way I mentioned, I leave. That’s why I don’t care.

      Perhaps you’re viewing this from a ‘I eventually want to get married and long-term monogamous’ angle. I’m not. Marriage, as an institution, has zero social and cultural support.

      I wouldn’t marry a virgin or ‘low N-count’ woman, either. It’s not about any particular person, it’s about the culture in which we live — it discourages the values and beliefs that are necessary for long-term monogamy and marriage.

      I don’t mean to come off as arguing in bad faith, either. So sincere apologies for that.

    3. 1) Rape is nowadays penetration of a woman’s body with anything and however slightly. So, if you grab a woman’s crotch and you part her labia with a finger, it’s rape. If your condom slips off or breaks, it’s rape etc. Your scenarios are complete bullshit and sound like a feminist fever dream. What you seem to ignore, though, is that a woman can also withdraw consent after the fact. It’s rape if she regrets having cheated on her boyfriend or if some Giga-Chad does not want to commit to a relationship.

      2) You’re not answering the question. A rape victim more often than not knows the identity of the perpetrator. She has the law on her side. Even a false rape accusation ruins the life and career of any man. So, why the fuck wouldn’t she go to the police?

      3) If something happens sometimes, it is not very common. Brush up on your English.

      4) I learned a lot from my first marriage. A big reason I divorced her was that she suddenly wanted to have kids but I absolutely did not, at least not with her. She tried changing the rules. I walked out. This does not invalidate anything I stated previously in our conversation, the main point being that past behavior reliably predicts future behavior.

      5) Look, I’m happy if you find your exceptions to the rule. In general, though, it is foolish to turn a whore into a wife. Thus, while entering long-term relationships with women with astronomically high partner counts may work for you, it is a recipe for disaster in general.

  5. Aaron/Alex,
    What are you thoughts about women who are promiscuous who come from broken homes, divorce parents, and have absent father’s? Do these situations really influence/causes a woman’s to be a slut/whore, or do they simply seek out those circumstances (being a whore) and blame it on their background to justify their slutty behavior?

    1. Look into biological factors of absent fathers! Those women hit puberty sooner, which may be nature’s way of prompting them to find a man to latch on to. On the other hand, if their biological father is around, they know that they are protected and taken care of, which then delays puberty.

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