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Middle Class Women Are the Biggest Sluts

I received a comment on my post The Emptiness of Travelling and Travelling Sluts that reminded me of the heydays of the PUA community. I quote,

I think the sluttiness applies to a particular demographic, think lower-class British girls with slabs of makeup on.

Such comments only thinly veil the insecurity of the person writing them. I’ll detail a bit later why the statement this reader made is wrong. Before that, let me put it in context. When I began posting “lay reports” online, some people told me that what I write about is an impossibility. I had guys tell me that one-night stands only happen in movies and if you see a couple leaving a club together, then it’s because they are boyfriend and girlfriend and had arrived together. With just the slightest bit of experience, you know that those people are misguided. Just pulling one single girl home from the club cures you of such misconceptions as this proves, through first-hand experience, that one-night stands indeed do happen.

I was also told that I must bang the worst skanks out there or single moms with STD-ridden pussies and whatnot. Again, that is complete bullshit. It is not the case that only the most disreputable women want to get laid. Furthermore, if you happen to be a sexually attractive man who does not fuck up his sexual escalations, you happen to be attractive to a lot of women. Some of them will have staggering partner counts, but most are just regular girls. Regular girls still can still get a lot more easily than regular guys, though.

Now, let’s get back to the claim that only underclass women with thick layers of makeup fuck around. There are two objections. One is that, in my experience, plain chicks are the bigger sluts, which is arguably due to them getting approached by more guys than women who are better looking or who use clothes and makeup in an attempt to make themselves look sexually more appealing. A lot of men find those women more intimidating. For them, it takes a lot more balls to approach a woman they perceive to be hot than some plain Jane. A chick with above average looks with a lot of makeup who has her tits hanging out likewise intimidates your average guy. He doesn’t dare to get near them because he (probably rightly) thinks that he woulndn’t be good enough for her. Thus, they go after mediocre-looking women.

Then there is the allegation about social status. I can readily imagine those sexually frustrated guys with solid middle-class careers sitting in their nice apartments and fantasizing about the underclass getting it on in alleys and behind dumpsters. However, while there are few social barriers for sex for women in our modern, enlightened age, many opportunities for spreading their legs are not accessible to the lower rungs of society.

A lot of fucking gets done at college. While we may lament that the tertiary sector has been pumped full of morons, it is not the case that absolutely everyone gets to extend their adolescence by a few years. Instead, attending college is the quintessential middle-class activity, which is vastly overrepresented, while the working class as well as the underclass prepare their offspring for life a bit differently, for better or worse. Attending college is a matter of both money and “cultural capital”, as the faggots with a degree in the humanities would phrase it. If there is not a single person in your entire social circle who does not live off welfare or who cannot read without moving their lips then even some bona fide IQ95 degree subjects like Education or Gender Studies are mostly off-limits.

Let’s contrast the opportunities of women from the lower classes and the middle classes via a concrete example. Compare the schedule of a woman studying some bullshit like Art History at Clown U with a woman of the same age who pursues an esteemed career like Hairdressing: Stacy has a few hours of classes a week, multiple social events to chose from every single day of the week, and not a single existential worry in the world — at least while she’s enrolled. Meanwhile, Cindy is dying the hair of overweight ethnic single moms 8 hours a day and runs her own household. She does not even have the time to slut it up like Stacy.

There are also opportunities for fucking around that are primarily open for women who belong to at least the middle class: vacations, exclusive social events, and jobs like working as an au pair. Traveling is quite an expensive hobby, even for women who don’t pay for hotels because they have figured out that they get free accommodation in exchange for getting dicked down, which is, like, totally awesome, er, an obvious win-win for a woman of easy virtue. To vacation in style, those women hang out in the better bars, wear expensive clothes, and take the cab everywhere. This all adds up quickly.

Social class also gives you access to certain events. Sure, the underclass may have their own venues and activities, but all of them tend to be confined to a narrow geographic region. Plenty of those people hardly ever make it out of their district. Meanwhile, all the Stacies and Chads go on spring break excursions, skiing trips, fraternity and sorority events, and mixers of various alumni and professional organizations.

Three categories of jobs stand out as prime means for getting a lot of dick and they are all only open for women with a middle-class upbringing. One is being an au pair. As a young and cute fronthole, the world is your oyster. In case you are not familiar with it, au pairs are little more than childminders for the upper class. They get free room and board and a bit of pocket money, and they can spend their spare time freely. In addition to doing minor household chores, they may also pick up the kids from school or practice their mother tongue with them. For that reason, French and German au pairs seem to be popular in London. Of course, the host family wants someone presentable, so the underclass is definitely out. Also, being an au pair does not pay particularly well, so it is only an attractive proposition for women who do not really need to work.

Jobs quite similar to what an au pair does can be had in business, too: secretaries are largely chosen based on looks and manners and the same is true for hostesses. Have you ever been to a trade show? The women there are primarily eye candy. Then, there are sluts who want to grow wings, i.e. stewardesses. They basically turn their hobby into a short-term career. If you fly Lufthansa, you may be forgiven for thinking that stewardesses nowadays have to be fat, old, wrinkly, ugly, and non-white. However, there are still plenty of airlines who employ model-caliber women. The women stewardesses employed by the major Chinese airlines or Singapore Airlines certainly entice you to take a second look at them. These jobs are highly coveted as they put those women into steady contact with well-off guys traveling first class and may thus be an excellent alternative pathway to an MRS degree. Of course, if you fly first class, you don’t want to have some uncultured brute who lacks grace serve you champagne.

One of my biggest surprises, when picking up women in London, was that I did not even meet any women who did not either attend college or already hold a degree. Also, judgmental guys like the reader I quoted in this article, should keep in mind that the life story of a particular woman may be much different than what they assume. Some Eastern European bartender or waitress may look like a cheap whore to you, with her skimpy clothes and thick makeup on, but it could very well be that she left a professional career back in Poland or Hungary because she can make so much more money abroad, at least in the short run. Such women hope to make it somehow, and their vague plans often seem to be based on reeling in some guy with a fat wallet. You’d be surprised how many women like that you’ll find in large Western cities.

Another privilege of the middle class is taking gap years. Society even encourages it. A gap year is what it says on the tin: you take a year off and do whatever you want. It’s common to have some pretense, i.e. do some volunteering for a week, followed by going on a massive bender. If you happen to get a job offer with a well-established company, they commonly tell you that you can defer the start of your contract by up to a year, in case you want to party it up again on Bali because the last gap year you took, after high school, was so long ago. Yup, colleges tend to give you the option to defer admission by one year almost as well. That is at least the case at the schools I am familiar with. Also, if you make headway in your BigCorp career, then you may get offered sabbaticals. At that age, though, the middle-class sluts we have been talking about will be well beyond their prime, though. Still, that does not keep some of them to relive their youth.

The bottom line is that if Stacy wants to really maximize the mileage she can get out of her pussy, she better be born into the middle class. With a college education, a gap year, a year as an au pair and a few hostess jobs the number of cocks she can get is a great multiple of what an underclass or working class girl could ever expect. She’ll also have access to a higher quality of men, at least for a one-night stand.

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3 thoughts on “Middle Class Women Are the Biggest Sluts

  1. On top of that, the typical middle class women is spoiled and got most of her wishes in life fulfilled: her dad, some boyfriend, some classmate, some fellow student, colleagues…she had always an easy life.

    I’ve seen plenty of male greenhorns who where falling for women like that: she’s working in the same department as he, he thinks she must be pretty smart to work there, she’s smiling at him…and we know where this will go

    1. You forgot to mention that underclass women tend to become teen moms. They may party it up with one kid, but some of them may already have 2 by the time they’re 20, and have let go in terms of looks besides.

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