About VICE News’ Exposure of Justin Wayne

Readers of my old blog remember me publishing evidence that NYC-based PUA Justin Wayne is a scammer. That was back in 2012 and way before he made it big on YouTube. I had completely forgotten about this, but about two months ago I received an email from VICE. I will post my email exchange below, but let me provide some context first.

As one of my readers recently informed me, VICE ran a report on Justin Wayne, exposing him as a scammer. He is caught on video, essentially threatening to kill a woman who is posing as one of his girlfriends. Like a true poet, he says, “I got weapons and stuff”, or something along those lines. VICE also caught on video admission of the fact that Justin Wayne pays his “girlfriends”. Justin Wayne clearly isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, because VICE didn’t wiretap his “girlfriend” but instead they put a microphone on him, and that moron simply didn’t consider that he’s being recorded. Oh, wait, I bet the correct PUA term is that he was “keeping frame” and let no stinkin’ microphone keep him from scamming.

Here’s the vide from VICE:

You clearly get the messaging: YouTube is making money off those scammers, and Justin Wayne only got caught because he was willing to speak to VICE. They make it sound as if this was all an accident. Yet, in reality, the VICE crew was merely pretending to report objectively on him. Instead, they were trying to find something to make him look bad. Based on the emails I’m posting below, it’s clear that they knew that Justin Wayne isn’t “legit”. Well, Justin Wayne then made the job of those two VICE chicks a lot easier by being a dumbass.

Here’s the email I received from VICE producer Brady Welch on 22 February, along with the subsequent exchange:

I’m not too fond of VICE, thus I wrote:

And so on:


A few weeks later, they tried again. Now Elle Reeve, who’s getting a lot of airtime in that video, reached out to me:

I ignored that email. So, that’s that.

I’m in no way trying to defend Justin Wayne. He’s a known scammer. Instead, I want to point out how shady VICE is. They tell Justin Wayne they want to do a piece on him and behind his back they are collecting material that shows what a low-life he is. They most certainly didn’t approach him, saying, “Hey, Justin, we want to expose you as a scammer!” He let them sit in on his seminars. It’s of course amusing that he thought this piece would give him exposure and would be great advertising. Exposure it did indeed give him, but probably not the kind he had expected.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t cooperate with VICE. VICE is part of the dominant leftist mainstream. Thus, I had no expectation of receiving any kind of objective treatment had cooperated. The first thought I had was that they’re working on a hit piece on Justin Wayne, and I can come in as some kind of anonymous online woman-hating fascist scumbag, sending the message that Justin Wayne is such a low life that even someone as detestable as me me looks down in him.

I thought for a second or two how VICE could feature me, and tried conjuring up the worst scenario I could think of. My first thought was them showing either an extract of my email response or a voice clip, and in the background they enlarge some of the edgier statements I’ve made, of course completely out of context — “As we were researching Justin Wayne, we came across this vile Nazi sympathizer online who is selling books in which he describes how he shoves his dick into the mouth of poor, innocent 16 year old girls!”. Maybe add to that a Hitler picture and an “ironic” 70s porn soundtrack. I asked myself if it was realistic that VICE would to that to me, and my kneejerk reaction was that it was absolutely realistic. That was me after a few seconds. Those deranged lefties and feminists could surely come up with something much worse in a few hours or days. Thus, I bowed out. VICE can suck a dick.

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12 thoughts on “About VICE News’ Exposure of Justin Wayne

    1. Justin Wayne and I had a bit of beef back in the day, but he went way out of line. That’s really too bad for him, because otherwise I may even have told him that VICE is working on a hit piece on him. I guess karma really is a bitch.

  1. So, hold on here… you bashing Vice for trying to expose the truth? Reading the comments it’s crazy this lack of critical thinking.

    knowing vice, they probably went there with an open mind and then started noticing fishy happenings. Nothing necesarily nefarious happened what you are trying to insinuate, you don’t even have proof to prove VICE’s intent.

    1. You’re starting to seriously get on my nerves. The emails they sent me came when they were planning the feature, and they clearly show that they wanted to paint him in a poor light. How’s that for having an open mind? (Note that this does in no way constitute a defense of Justin Wayne.)

      Enjoy your ban.

  2. There isn’t a single reason to talk with leftist media. Why someone like him considered it? He could have known they didn’t like PUA. Maybe they posed like someone else? PUA should only post their own content. Never let someone else tape you. As there are people on both left and right that hate PUA with a passion. The same go’s for MGTOW and other red pill philosophy. You can even see it happening with the MRM. It’s what lefty’s do. They twist words because they have no argument. The Peterson debate on channel 4 was a perfect example on how the leftwing media operates. She was trying to twist his argument the hole dam time. Hoping Peterson would slip up and would agree to a twisted statement. (so you are saying?) Lucky for Peterson he’s very careful about these things. And much smarter than this PUA punk.

    1. I’m surprised you hold Gavin McInnes in high regard. I don’t. He’s a simp in wolves’ clothing.

  3. Elle Reeve is vile. She convinced her military ex-husband to lie for some story and he got thrown in the brig. She dumped him.

  4. I somehow stumbled across all these blog posts after seeing an old email from awhile ago. Justin Wayne definitely went by Subliminal and claimed to be a ghost writer. I was one of the women who was part of the “fake” MTV group. The audition seemed similar to other legit auditions I had been to so I wasn’t suspicious. We would get emails from someone named Lisa Marie with an email domain that seemed legit at the time and I knew another girl that was at the audition but who wasn’t selected. There would be emails of beats and songs we should practice and where we would need to meet. They would get space in Ripley Grier and other locations. I don’t think anything happened with him and any of the girls as it sure as hell didn’t happen with me. There was also another guy that went by Manny Lal.

    It’s weird how a lot of guys were defending him on your other posts. He’s a scammer and wasted our time. In the end they said the show wasn’t picked up by MTV. Now that I’m older and have a sense of how production really works, that would have been more of a red flag as we were never mic’d when we were out and I doubt sound quality was great directly from the cameras.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there in case he’s still scamming folks. Hopefully when they search Justin Wayne pua they’ll come across this.

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