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Fat Men vs Fat Women: The Cannonball and the Blob

This post is related to my recent post Turning 30, 40, and 50 is tough for women, but not necessarily for men, on which one of my few female readers commented that men get fat as they age, and that both men and women age. Of course they do! What is not generally true is that people necessarily get a lot fatter as they get older. You can stay in shape with a bit of effort. As I pointed out in my response to that reader, a big difference between men and women in terms of aging is due to the quality of their skin. The skin of women is not as strong and thick as the skin of men. Maybe just go to a beach and check out the aging women! Almost all of them have cellulite, which is a condition that is unheard of in men.

As men and women build up fat reserves in their body, their appearance changes much differently. A fat man is forming a gut almost like a cannonball. It just grows and grows and protrudes as a solid round shape. You can see fat men with pretty muscular legs and arms. They almost look like buff guys with a fat gut strapped on. In the gay scene, those guys are called “bears” and in big demand, no pun intended. On the other hand, the fattening of aging women is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing and there is no noticeable sexual interest in them either. As their skin isn’t as firm as a man’s they are developing a pear- or blob-like shape. Add to that that they store a lot more fat in their thighs, and you get those really unattractive stereotypical Walmart shopper body types.

Even when dressed, a fat man can look pretty good. Just put him in a suit. He’ll basically just have his gut sticking out. Of course, this is not true if we’re talking about the truly morbidly obese here. With a fat woman, this doesn’t work at all. What is she going to wear that would make her look good? This applies to both more formal and casual clothing. A fat man in a suit looks fine. A fat woman in a dress suit? Nah, I don’t think so. A fat man in a T-shirt with a fair amount of muscle mass looks like a force to behold. A fat woman, on the other hand, has pudgy arms. She has more fat, less muscle mass, and skin that’s no longer firm.

I’d say it is pretty easy to see who is better off, relatively speaking. Being fat isn’t great, but as a fat man you clearly have the edge over a fat woman. (Besides, a fat rich woman doesn’t get laid. A fat man with a thick wallet does.)

We men win this one hands-down.

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21 thoughts on “Fat Men vs Fat Women: The Cannonball and the Blob

  1. A chubby man can get an athletic/slender woman easier than a chubby woman can get an athletic/average man. There are even YouTube videos that explain this.

  2. While all of this is true… to me it’s like discussing how a poor person is better off than a homeless person. Yeah, it’s true, but… why would you want to be poor?

  3. I can not possibly be kidding if I say the richest fat woman on the planet (no naming but she owns a equally fat Australian mining company that her father founded*) has not seen quality dick in a decade. Unless she paid for it. Old, Fat and dumb women (a.k.a. most women) using their wealth as a way to attract men is just bogus.

    *she’s not smart and not at least as her father was.

    1. It doesn’t matter because they both will get close to zero attention. The woman might get more attention but not much. IMHO.

    2. You present the attitude of the typical woman.
      You want to compare attention instead of success.
      It would be dishonest to claim getting bombarded with messages by undesirable men is good. Also, it should be considered that women have much higher demands for men compared to men have for women.
      The comparison is not about attention but valuable opportunities to get laid.

    3. Guys are using it to get dates and maybe a gf… And they make the first “move”.

      Women are passive on it or are just seeking attention.

      So yes women will get attention by nature of the dating dynamic and gender roles.

      BTW what schmuck uses pof?

  4. I have a large friend who found her fiance from that site, and I remember her being bombarded with messages from guys when she first signed on. I’d say about 50 in a two day period. Not sure if that’s the male experience or not.

    1. @Ash;

      I whole heartedly believe you. She got bombarded. Not only that, she got buff smart billionaires drooling.

      Barring extreme circumstances and faked, photoshopped or photos taken from a bad angle…

      Sarcasm aside, it is highly unlikely that the men who massaged her was not homeless or worse in mountains of crippling debt or worse etc. Basically creeps.

      She probably deserves that however.
      Because as the saying goes, there is a bread slice for every banana.

    2. That is not to say I believe you when you say she got massaged a lot which too is still unlikely.

    3. @ash

      Guys likely use templates or one word messages…similar to how guys will indiscriminately “swipe right” on tinder – to play the numbers game…

      …then that’s why Ur obese female friend gets “lots” of hits… More a false positive.

      But hey she landed a fiancé…

    4. Ash,
      who will have a higher chance of getting prime-quality members of the opposite sex: a fat 50 year-old woman or a fat 50 year-old man with a lot of money? Being bombarded by messages means nothing. Men do the approaching, and women respond.

    5. Yes men bombard women online with messages, but they’re playing the numbers game: hoping that one women respond. No interest in her personality and to some degree okay looking to fuck.

  5. I’m wiling to do a social experiment. I wonder if I should edit my own photos to make myself look larger or use someone else’s photo.

    1. A fat 50 year old man with money will be hit up by the Stormy Daniels type. Is this what you mean by quality?

    2. I don’t know much about the US politics but I do know that Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal (hot MILF playmate) were Donald Trump’s girls.

      That aside, you seem to have started a discussion about apples then argued for oranges and then now with the above women are talking about pineapples. Flawed logic seems to be your forte.

      I assure you, Karen McDougal is still hot. Not as much as the current playmate though.

      Meanwhile, it is mad to suggest that a fat women would be better off in life in anyway. You seems to somehow have morphed that discussion into talking about Stormy Daniels who isn’t fat.

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