Seducer survival tip: Don’t give her your name

Some time ago one of my clients asked me how to avoid drama in your life. Let’s say you bang a lot of women. Sooner or later, you’ll come across someone crazy. She could be a stalker, she could be a crazy feminist who is pissed at the world and is looking for a man to ruin by filing a false rape accusation, or she could want to extort child support payments from someone. That is just for starters. In any case, you do not want to be the target of the irrational hate of a deranged woman.

All of this might sound crazy, but I have met women who ended up stalking me, which was a highly discomforting experience. No woman has ever accused me of rape, but I met one who told me, after sex, that she considers all forms of sexual intercourse “some kind of rape”. Another woman demanded I beat her up during sex (I did not). Lastly, I know of two cases in my wider social circle where a woman tried to pin a child on the most well-off of her sexual partners. There is one guy who is paying for a child that may not be his.

The upshot of all this is that women can severely mess up your life. The worst women can completely wreck your life. A messed up woman can also indirectly cause harm to you. Let’s say you fuck some horny slut in a bathroom stall, not knowing that her boyfriend is in the venue. No matter how strong you think you are, you probably don’t want to be in a fight because one hit can, in the worst case, end your life.

As a consequence, I recommend some precautions. What I used to do was, for instance, not giving women my name. This can be done in many ways. Let’s say she asks what your name is and you just pretend you didn’t hear it. If you’re in a loud club, that’s perfectly plausible. Not knowing each other’s name does not mean you won’t get to fuck her. In fact, some women find it arousing to fuck a guy whose name they don’t know.

Alternatively, you could give her a real or made-up nickname, or an altogether false name. I personally dislike this, but I consider it valid. Plenty of women lie about their age, partner count, financial situation, and many other aspects of their life, so why shouldn’t you pay them back in kind? In particular, if you’re only looking for a one-night stand, you should not restrain your creativity in any way. Besides, most women will forget your name anyway and ask you for it another time.

If she only asked you once for your name as a formality and does not address you with it, then there is an easy way out in case you want to rectify the situation. For this, we are simply making use of a favorite method taken from the toolkit of crazy women: gaslighting. If you told her your name is Jack, although it is Joe, then just correct her when she addresses you as Jack. If she questions that, then point out that you told her that your name is Jack and that she must be confusing some things. (On a side note: if a woman ever gaslights you, then kick her to the curb right away.)

My preferred approach is to give them the first letter of my first name. Let’s say your name is Casanova. Then just tell women that your name is ‘C’. If she wants to know your full name, just tell her that all your friends call you that, which should shut her up. In case that you do want to see her again, there won’t be any awkwardness because the fake name you gave her is just an abbreviation of your real name.

In all those cases, the benefit is that if you bang her in a situation in which it will be difficult for her to deduce much about you, i.e. not at your place but, say, at her place, in a bathroom stall, or in a hotel, then she will find it next to impossible to stalk you. This can save you a lot of hassle. Fucking a lot of women means playing with chaos. By not using your real name, you’ll be able to control some of that chaos.

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