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57 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#1)

    1. That article is a joke and nothing more than a weak justification for slutty behavior.

  1. Honest Movie Review: Get Out

    I saw this flick some months ago, and honestly, it was entertaining enough. My big issue with the film is the critical acclaim surrounding it. It currently stands with a 99% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s on every must see list of greatest movies of 2017 and even considered one of the greatest horror movies ever.

    First off, I would never categorize this movie as “horror”. Thriller is more suitable. Now, my problem isn’t with the social justice themes and the bits of racism sprinkled around with whitey taking advantage of the black youth etc. It’s really not a bad film, and the I enjoyed it. But if you watch it, you’d have to be a dumbass to believe the ratings. It simply gets pushed so far because it puts blacks as being victimized by lunatic whites, and that somehow symbolically reflects Western society and imbues a deep philosophical message. Yay.

    1. You’ll see on Rotten Tomatoes that the audience scores are pretty good, but not near perfection. This is important to note because critics are, IMO, being persuaded in some way or another to grant favorable reviews for certain titles and cast off other films as being shit. Look at the latest Star Wars installment titled The Last Jedi. Critics were giving this film upwards to 93% favorable reviews for a while, and currently the audience score ranks at an abysmally low 50%, making it the least favorite Star Wars film ever amongst fans. Worse even than The Phantom Menace.

    2. Hollywood has been politicized. Critics are part of the charade. I don’t trust professional reviewers because they depend on their paycheck. Seeing how left-leaning the mainstream is, it is self-evident that you can’t get unbiased reviews. As you rightly point out, this becomes particularly evident whenever there is a wide mismatch between critic scores and audience scores. Normally, the leftist mainstream switches to insulting the audience in such cases, calling it backwards, closed-minded and whatnot, similar to how mainstream newspaper call people who point out that you can’t have unlimited immigration and a welfare state as rednecks and racists.

    3. I heard about Get Out and wanted to watch it. Then I looked it up and couldn’t help but make the conclusion that this is a movie that is trying to cash in on SJW themes. (No, I did not watch it.)

    4. Despite all the hype, you’re not missing anything. I’ll go ahead and ruin it for you. It turns out old white people are implanting their brains into to young black people. The end.

    5. Had this movie been made 10 years ago it people would just consider a gimmicky comedy/thriller but not bad in that category.
      I think it is enjoyable the only thing ruining it is the SJW hype.

  2. Is it better to make a woman feel negative emotions vs nothing at all. Aka being a dick (if she’s acting like a bitch) or just being nice and ingnoring her.

    I got into a situation when a woman (my buddies sister) wanted to sleep with me but I was internally conflicted cuz it’s my friend for 15 years and even though she’s hot I kind lingered and now she acts like a total bitch to me, as before she was the sweetest girl. So as a result ima bigger dick. And she hates me now….

    I guess my point is. It’s better she feel a negation he emotion then nothing at all??

    1. What’s your motivation? It seems you don’t want to sleep with that woman anyway. Since that’s the case, what do you get out of causing her to feel negative emotions? She is acting like a bitch towards you because you didn’t fuck her when you got the chance. Stop wasting your time and move on.

  3. I’m enjoying your recent posts a great deal!

    I think one thing the PUA community often neglects is questioning whether most men truly want to fuck lots of different women. Simply put, as in the case of Blackdragon, it often seems like they just want to show off, except in the rarer cases of those who truly do want lots of sex.

    For me personally, I think when I didn’t have sex there was a kind of “mystique” about it. Once I had it however, that mystique faded; I found that it can be fun, but it wasn’t worth spending a lot of my energy on. I am also planning to do things that a more settled family life would not really be compatible with so I would rather not mislead any more conservative girls with regard to my intentions. That’s my personal preference, others can certainly differ, but IMO, more often than not, a lot of the people in the PUA community really don’t want sex as much as “showing off”, whether to themselves or other males.

  4. I recently came across this book called “The Frailty Myth” ( I haven’t read it, but you can deduce what it’s about of course via reviews and write-ups.

    I understand the premise to be that, soon, women will match men in physical strength, etc etc etc…hell, even run faster than them.

    As the book was written in 2000. With the benefit of time, I wonder how bullshit the book is (and more POLITICAL science than actual science this book is).

    I bring this book up because I wonder what other books are out there that sprouted various theories (especially of the “womyn are so strong” and womyn are naturally superior) have been put out by books…that with the benefit of time (it’s 2018 now), we can see whether the book fails to stand up to actual…reality and testing!

    Anyways, I came across the Frailty Myth book because I skimmed some article saying that while current results still show women lacking the same performance times as men….women are still superior because proportionately, they are fast for their body mass compared to men. I lost the article link but it was quite the hamstering logic!

    1. This is ridiculous. In leftist ideology, the paradise is always around the corner as well. We only have to increase taxes here, let in more immigrants there, or lock up a few more white males on bullshit charges.

  5. Hey Aaron,
    I recall a while back you wrote a post about some female complaint about how “Asian women are stealing all our white men”.

    According to the New York Times, it’s the other way around…apparently you’re an alt-right neo-Nazi if you have Asian/yellow fever:

    1. Wait, now you’re a racist and a Nazi if you date a woman from the wrong race. Do those dimwits at the New York Times not realize how incredibly discriminatory and genuinely racist that position is? Well, leftists never had any issue with situationally redefining terms or changing their meaning ad hoc.

    2. Everyone who’s not completely on their side is called an alt-right neo-Nazi these days. But who cares what the New York Times says anyway. They ain’t that relevant anymore. There are plenty blog’s and youtube channels that have more followers these days.

      As for the Asian women are stealing all our white men argument. Asian women are not stealing them. White western women are losing their SMV. While at the same time they raised their price. I date both white (non western) and Asian women. I didn’t start dating Asian women because they convinced me. I started dating Asian women because i was sick and tired of the white western sluts. It’s not even about white or Asian. It’s about unacceptable behaviour for me. The behaviour of most Asian women is just so much better because they aren’t infected with feminism. And the looks of white women go down as well. More and more are getting weight problems. Why would any man settle with an overweight slutty bitch that expects a royal treatment and lifestyle?

  6. Hey guys, Aaron. Btw got your mediation without bullshit books and so far so good.

    In your opinion is STRONG attraction that a woman feels for you a physical thing (ie she likes the way your face looks/body looks) or the way you behave with women (acting alpha, being a complete package etc)?

    I feel like its a bit of both but I’m always conflicted with this questions. Because I have friends who look like models yet dont get a lot of pussy, so in their case its because they are too beta. But how do you self reflect and realize if its behavioral or physical?

    1. Thanks for buying my book. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

      It depends on the woman and situation. A woman can feel very strong attraction based on your appearance. However, a woman can also be very attracted to you if you have a lot of resources. It’s the lover/provider dichotomy. For a long-term relationship, looks alone normally won’t help you.

      The issue with your friends is that they have what I sometimes refer to as “anti-game”, i.e. they wreck the chances they get by acting like pussies. With some modifications of their behavior, they would be able to get women very quickly. Note that this is not an example of “teaching alpha behaviors” as PUAs of yore would call it. Instead, the point is that someone only has to highlight which of their behaviors to drop. I once had a very good-looking client who used to have the same problem. That guy was so attractive he had women come up to him and touch him right away, like caressing his pecs or abs, or even grabbing his crotch. The problems started when he opened his mouth. Essentially, all I had to do was tell him to keep his mouth shut most of the time, let her do the talking and if she’s leaning in, go for a kiss and then tell her to leave with him. He “transformed” within one evening and ended up picking up one girl after another until he got bored of it. (He doesn’t bother much with women, if at all, nowadays but he is very grateful that he got it out of his system.)

  7. Hi Aaron,

    What’s your take on the effects social media/technology has had on dating and just society in general? I mean, we’re living in a period where people when they’re alone in a public place, especially young women, would much rather communicate with someone that they know not currently in the room via their phones than someone they don’t know that’s standing right in front of them. I’m wondering if this is really a global issue or it’s just the case with people in bigger cities, especially in the US. Even pickup companies like RSD are marketing like crazy things like “text game” and “pimping out your FB and Instagram” accounts.

    1. It’s a generational issue. I have even seen women in their teens who had developed a hunched back because they spend most of their waking hours bending over and staring into a phone screen.

    2. Somehow, my brother and I have turned out to be a little bit more old school. His previous girlfriend has your typical millenial’s curated and validation-seeking Instagram profile, and she just couldn’t understand why he doesn’t like going gaga in front of the camera with her or not use social media himself. It’s one of the reasons they broke up.

  8. Teen Vogue: Actresses and Hollywood Leaders Announce Anti-Sexual Misconduct Group Time’s Up

    I know we’ve discussed the ‘me too’ phenomenon before. But I just wanted to post this article for the laughs. Just open the link and scroll to the three females pictured in this article and tell me who in their right mind would actually try to bang out the girl on the left and in the middle. Or is this how they’re fighting sexual misconduct, by appearing as sexually undesirable as possible?

    1. Who is the one on the right? I probably saw her in some superhero movie (Spiderman?). She’s the most attractive of that bunch, but she looks really old in that picture.

    2. Yes, she was in the Amazing Spider-Man films. Emma Stone is her name. And she’s looking well past 29 years old at this point, I agree.

    3. Pickernanny: (Or is this how they’re fighting sexual misconduct, by appearing as sexually undesirable as possible?) Thats the funny part about feminist. The one’s screaming the loudest about rape culture. Are too ugly to be raped. No man wants to fuck them. Yet they see rapists hiding everywhere. There must be lots of blind rapists with a taste for fucking hippopotamus.

  9. I’m actually looking forward to see if this will be the case. Naturally, her lawyer is arguing that she was in an abusive relationship and that she was a victim. But all the evidence that has come out in the media so far is pretty damning and she is not getting much sympathy, not even from her own mother.

    According to some of his text conversations with a friend (screenshots were published by the newspapers) she was abusive to him to the point of violence, but he did not dare reporting it because her father is a cop (she actually shot him with her dads service gun).

    Plus, it has also come out that 3 years ago she falsely reported being kidnapped after disappearing from home for a day. HUGE red flag for the guy, IMO, but he stuck with her. Kids these days are dumb…

    I will update if more juicy info comes out ?

    1. You could also say that he had it coming. It’s one thing if a calculating woman coldheartedly stabs her partner while he is asleep, when he assumed she was an angel, but quite another when there were red flags galore.

    2. All her alibis are falling apart. She tried to say it was self defense against gender violence, but the prosecutor and the judge were having none of it. Then she said he was on drugs, autopsy contradicted her. Then she said it had been an accident when they fell of the scooter he was driving, but that has been disproven too.

      Forensic analysis of their phones is still ongoing, but apparently she turned off the location on hers a couple hours before killing him. It looks more and more like premeditated cold blooded murder. Kids these days…

    1. At first I couldn’t believe this was for real. Thankfully, if you check the author’s page on the site, it says that he’s a male satire writer. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were real people believing this crap.

    2. Careful! Commonly “satire” is used as a defense by the left as well as feminists when they face some backlash. Furthermore, those two groups are so bonkers that it is impossible to distinguish between satire and reality. Surely you’d think that micro-aggression, imputed income, or guilty until proven innocent is satire, too. You’d be wrong, though.

    3. Its satire, although the fact that people have a hard time telling the difference from actual feminist pieces speaks volumes about the state of discourse.

      The author is Anne Gus -> Angus, other commenters have pointed out its a guy writing.

      BTW its not the first time this satirical column has been linked here. It was also linked back when we discussed “Yellow Fever”.

    4. Satire or reality? Is there a difference with feminist? There were women dressed as a cunt at the women’s march. I don’t think crazy feminist have limits. Sorry for not checking first. Didn’t had the time.

  10. This is the worst fat acceptance article I’ve seen yet, she’s actually encouraging women not to diet and to get fat:

    “Dieting is so boring. The last time someone told me about their diet, I smiled as I was slowly walking backwards till I could barely see their pouty little face any more. I am not listening to it any more. It is triggering to people with eating disorders, it is a dreadful type of conformity and it is neither feminist – nor healthy. What you are telling me, when you tell me you are on a diet, is: I am trying to look less like you. I am buying into society’s notion that I should be smaller in order to have more worth and beauty. Boring.”

    1. Pretty much someone seeking to emulate the ‘crabs in a bucket’ analogy. Instead of improving herself, she wants every one else to be as mediocre (and worse) as her. I’m glad there are people like that (a lot are like that)…just makes succeeding that much easier.

      Flip side is that you have more haters just by being slightly better than the average. Plato’s cave comes to mind (although I readily admit I may be mis-applying it to this!)…

    1. Thanks!
      Now that I have a different blog for non-women-related topics as ‘Aaron S. Elias’, it made sense to re-focus my ‘Aaron Sleazy’ blog.

  11. Just a curious question,but how possible is it for a naturally good looking man to marry a “rich but still attractive(doesn’t have to be a 9 or 10,just attractive)” woman and live his life never having to work ever again? (or being a house husband)

    I know its possible for certain men to gold-dig,but of course we all know the usual “sacrifice attractiveness for resources” trade-off/compensation to live this kind of life. I’m just wondering how common is it to be the exception and win both.

    Do you happen to know some men who live this kind of life?

    1. You should read up on female hypergamy. Women marry up, not down. If she is rich, she wants someone who is even richer. Also, rich women are likely to be either divorcees or widows. I can’t think of a single self-made woman.

    2. Not with a attractive woman. And not long-term. There is the loverat thing. Where mostly Jamaican guys give ugly old Western women some BBC. And scam them out of their ex husband’s money.

  12. Womyn, focus on children, not Tinder

    I was recently talking to a friend who complained that she cant find a man. She goes on and on telling me how she uses tinder and other dating apps, buts gets nowhere. I thought for a moment and said to her something like:

    “Women in the 60ies have been smart enough to deal sex only in a way like for a ring or life long security, but 50yrs of sexual revolution changed that and its only the beginning: In times of tinder, men set brutal the rules. Men dont care if their match is 10yrs younger and low educated, as long as she’s hot and sex is good. Women however get bellyaches if their match is an inch too short or works as a bus driver (has to have at least a college degree like she does).
    Maybe its a sad thing, but only a few of these men nowadays want to really grow up and settle with one girl, there could always be a better one or more fun with. With 30 he has no ticking clock and on top of that men will get more attractive if their job status increases – they even can father children in their 60ies. So enough time for all that women have to squeeze between 30 and 40. Yet women are missing foresight and still try to compete in their 30ies with the 20yr old cutie whose hobbies are fitness and travelling?!”

    after a few seconds of silence i said:
    “Yes men who dont want to grow up could be a reason, but overall its your own selfish personality, you know what you want, fight for that at all costs (never thinks about cutting back) and your life has to be in consensus with your feelings. “

    1. Ya i’ve been postponing posting that link for a couple of days… I’m still hoping it’s a prank. Most youtubers have covered it over the past week…

      But seriously… wth

    1. This could be interesting. I’ll look into it. However, it is my perception that Roosh has always had a hard time getting laid.
      (Edit: I just watched a brief segment. My first impression is that Roosh has aged dramatically.)

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