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Porn AI vs. Female Solipsism

In a recent article, I wrote about and its surprising ability to generate very realistic images of women, based on user-provided prompts. Of course, the technology is not perfect yet but if you ignore the occasional outlier, the results are already quite astonishing. I would argue that this is not at all an uncontroversial opinion among men of culture. As I argue in this article, advances in AI will not just undermine the viability of the OnlyFans whore business model as AI allows us to cut out the “middleman”, i.e. the dumb broad holding her tits into the camera while telling her viewers that they need to tip her $500 in the next ten minutes for her to unbutton her blouse a bit further. Instead, Adult AI will lead to outright despair among OnlyFans whores. They will need a long time to grasp the significant of this change as it is in direct opposition to their solipsism.

I came across an “opinion piece” of some OnlyFans whore, commenting on AI. I could dig up the article but I am not inclined to promote such people. Anyway, she said that she is not afraid of AI at all. In fact, she said she uses it already to modify her looks in real-time, for instance by turning her ears into fox ears. She did not think much further than that. When I read that article, my first reaction was to wonder how this woman can be that stupid. Of course, this is under the assumption that she is not just putting on a stunning and brave you-go-girl persona. Then it struck me that this is yet another example of female solipsism. In her view, she is not just one of many thousands of whores who sell themselves online. No, in her view, all the simps giving her money consider her to be the perfect woman and would not even dare to look at any other woman. In her own little world, she is the princess, and the world only exists to be at her beck and call. AI only exists to improve her looks but never to replace her because even if she changes her entire look for the camera, she is still who she is and cannot ever be replaced.

It is easy to see why AI will completely wreck the online whore business model, however. First of all, what all those sluts don’t realize is that they are not perfect by any means, and they are not the permanent center of attention of any man. No man looks at some random whore online and thinks that she is the only chick he will rub one out to for the rest of his life. Instead, the discerning man of culture goes on a virtual hunting trip, opening several tabs in his browser, trying to find a woman who is close to what he likes at this point in time. He needs some novelty too, of course. In a sense, traditional porn consumption is an exercise in making concessions. Coomers don’t look for the ideal online whore but for one who is close enough.

You can compare the old porn whore business model to TV of yore. Instead of getting exactly the content you want, you had to make your pick among a relatively small number of mainstream TV channels that all presented the same mainstream opinions. Today, people use the Internet, but they predominantly do not spend their time on Instead, they are looking for exactly the content they want and which they could not have gotten before. Yes, this includes you, dear reader, visiting this blog to check out the latest articles by Aaron “Schizo” Elias. You can get the content you want, when you want it. This will happen with porn, too. Probably within a few short years we will get AI software that can create video clips of exactly the kind of woman you want, when you want it. You tell the AI that you want a blonde bimbo without tattoos (good luck finding that on a porn website nowadays!). The AI then generates five virtual sluts for you. You pick the one you like the most, and then you improve her, fine-tuning her hair color, nose shape, muscle tone, boob size and shape etc. When you are done, you tell the AI to put this virtual whore through a tour-de-force of sex scenes, and you end up with enough scenes to keep even the most eager coomer busy for weeks. Look at the four images below to get a sense for how advanced the current AI already is. The images are almost identical, except subtle or not-so-subtle changes related to bust size and style. Then picture this in motion, perhaps even with an avatar modeled after you in it.

Just to be clear, I am not at all joking about the aforementioned vision of Adult AI. We will get porn that is tailor-made for everyone. This will be streamlined to a level that all those OnlyFans whores will collectively try to petition Congress to ban the technology. This new generation of AI is far more powerful than deep fakes as it is infinitely more flexible. You do not just swap some chick’s face in an existing video but instead create exactly the material you want. Some chicks will probably be able to make a living afterwards, but this will be a niche market. You can think of it as the equivalent of people pretending to enjoy playing new releases for their 1970’s Atari 2600 gaming console, when the world has moved on by leaps and bounds. Adult AI will deliver a smashing blow to female solipsism. You can bet that plenty of those women will not be able to deal with it. A couple of years ago, journalists where mocked by telling them that they should “learn to code”. In a few years, we will probably mock former OnlyFans whores by telling them that they should learn to cook.

3 thoughts on “Porn AI vs. Female Solipsism

  1. “Adult AI will lead to outright despair among OnlyFans whores.”

    Hopefully it means they’ll have to get back to making an honest living by actually putting out for said simps (at least until we can also replicate that).

    “the discerning man of culture goes on a virtual hunting trip, opening several tabs in his browser, trying to find a woman who is close to what he likes at this point in time.”

    It still somehow surprises me the way some pornstar will get my blood pumping one day and make me think “eh” three days later. I think I used to be less prone to this, and I suspect modern women have badly eroded my pair-bonding instinct.

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