Full-Frontal Attack By A.I. on E-Thots

I just came across a YouTube channel that showcases AI-generated images, of course only highlighting the cutting edge of applied research in this field, i.e. rendering slutty women. I have highlighted the incredible advances of AI-powered image generators before. Perhaps most relevant is this article as it contains variations of one particular image. Yet, looking at a few isolated images probably does not have the same effect as a the montages on this channel. Just look at any of the videos below and judge yourself:

Sure, if you pause and look closer, you may see the occasional imperfections, and you may also remark that there seem to be an awful lot of twins in those images. Yet, I do not think anyone can plausibly claim that those images are not of an excellent quality. If you need to pause those videos and look closely for any AI artifacts that may be present, it is clear that women have lost the battle when it comes to static images. I would not be surprised if it is only a matter of months until we see a the impact of this technology on e-thottery. Videos are next.

2 thoughts on “Full-Frontal Attack By A.I. on E-Thots

  1. I don’t know if others have noticed the trend. But girls in american porn have been getting uglier and fatter and going on a downward slope. I guess hot girls are getting so rare they can’t even find them anymore.

    AI can’t come fast enough to replace them.

    1. I think that women in porn have overall gotten a lot less attractive. It seems this industry pays so little money nowadays that they only get the gutter-trash tier.

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