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73 thoughts on “Open Thread #273

    1. The new RE4 trailer looks really good, thanks for sharing! Capcom arguably has the best art direction in the industry. A glimmer of hope regarding woke garbage is that Ashley can be seen in a sleeveless top for a split-second. Also, I am not sure if Ada Wong had been revealed before, but I am glad that she is as sexy as ever. I also wonder if the line “the time has come” is a dog whistle that the game will not be quite as serious as the trailer may imply as my immediate association is the classic line “The time has come, and so have I” from Devil May Cry.

      Speaking of trailers, today I came across this one:

      I am not the biggest fan of first-person shooters, but I readily admit that this game, The Finals, looks really slick. The studio behind it consists of the old DICE staff of Battlefield fame. It seems they got sick of the direction management was taking the studio, so they left. They have another game in the oven, ARC Raiders, which has not gotten a lot of attention yet, but looks phenomenal in the trailer.

    2. Wow, that The Finals trailer sure does look chaotic. Definitely some interesting gameplay mechanics teased here, too. The art direction absolutely reminds me of Mirror’s Edge, which is actually a Dice game. It’d be nice if a multiplayer game like this took off and we could get passed the whole Battle Royale phase a little bit, but I think there’s a high chance this game flops based off a series of interesting FPS style multiplayer games I’ve watched over the last 5 years or so come and go. I’m certainly okay with being wrong, though.

      In regards to the seriousness of REmake 4, did you notice the split second where Leon suplexes an enemy? Also, I’ve noticed him to use quite a few one liners throughout the last few trailers. My favorite one is when he shoots a lantern and catches a cow/ganado on fire before jesting, “you can bill me for the repairs later.” Btw, Ada Wong was drop dead gorgeous in REmake 2:

    3. I own Mirror’s Edge for the PS3 but have only put in about 15 minutes of my time. The art style is quite impressive, and I can see this being a game worthy of some attention, even though it is about 15 years old by now. The studio behind The Finals consists of Battlefield 3 and 4 veterans, so some of them surely were involved with Mirror’s Edge, too.

      I did not notice the suplex the first time I watched it, but when rewatching the trailer, I did. This looks all pretty great so far. Ada Wong in REmake 2 is a real stunner. Speaking of hot chicks, Capcom released a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 yesterday, and look at the incredible bombshell they turned Cammy into! This is the hottest chick to grace a video game since Nier: Automata’s 2B. Her tits could perhaps be a little bit bigger, but this is a matter of personal preference as she is a 10/10 either way. You can bet that this character model will end up taking a lot of dick in fan movies. I also noticed that they gave another character, Manon, enormous knockers. This almost makes you forget about the abomination Marisa or those two token black chicks they had to put in the game. I can see the new fighter Lily being the least popular one by a mile.

    4. Damn, I’m actually surprised that Capcom put such a babe in the new SF game. I’d love to see analytics after the game’s been out for a while and see which “female” characters (I use the term female loosely because that one thing is definitely a roided out tranny) get the most play time. Surely Capcom will be keeping a finger on the pulse of this game, and maybe once they see what a horrible decision some of their character designs were they will think twice about including grotesque nonsense like that in future games (one can dream). If I were to nitpick on Catgirl Cammy other than breast size, maybe it’d be more aesthetic if she didn’t have such pronounced abdominals. To be clear, I think she’s gorgeous-looking overall.

      At the end of that REmake 4 trailer they announced that a demo is coming soon. I sure can’t wait to check that out and see how it performs on the Deck. I’m also still holding out hope for Silent Hill 2, but they’re definitely dropping all subtlety with this remake. James is clearly guilt-stricken from the outset and that was never supposed to be so clearly telegraphed before. I also heard a rumor that they’re dialing down the fear factor in the remake to appeal more widely to a “modern audience”. If you take that statement at face value, then I can sort of agree because RE7 was just too terrifying, I thought.

  1. Has anyone here ever came across this fraud couple of a severely disabled guy “married” to this hot chick? Click the link and skip to about the 6:15 mark where they address the common question of how could this dude have possibly scored this chick. It’s hilarious because the guy claims they can’t get hot pussy like he does because they’re all basically immature assholes. It’s the most bluepilled response you could probably give, but enough people seem to be buying into this charade as they’re more than likely making quite a bit of money off of the grift or else the chick wouldn’t even be in the picture:

    1. This is ridiculous. There was a very similar grift during the PUA days of yore, with a guy who was even more deformed. His (fake?) name was Sean Stephenson, and he had a bunch of videos with a pretty good-looking blonde. Her body language was quite telling as she seemed to feel physically uncomfortable in his presence, not that this should surprise anybody. Yet, quite a few guys in the community seemed to have fallen for this bullshit and spouted nonsense about “inner game” being more important than physical attractiveness.

      EDIT: I just looked up Sean Stephenson and it turned out he died three years ago. Well, it’s like with the heads of the Hydra. One scammer dies or disappears, two more appear to take his place.

    2. I’m just imaging how long she’s going to be able to keep up the falsity before someone catches her out with one of her side-Chads and posts footage of it online. I just can’t believe the grift is going so well that she is able to abstain from hooking up. I looked up that other guy you referred to and I believe I’ve seen him before. Your analogy of the hydra is spot on.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. Your email was indeed in the spam folder. I will get back to you soon.

    1. No, I was not familiar with this cover. I like the instrumentation a lot but the accent of the singer detracts from the otherwise high quality of this track.

    2. Aaron, maybe you’ll enjoy this cover of The Only Thing I Know for Real a bit more:

      It’s wild to see how popular this game became years after it initially released. The amount of memes born from this game alone are astounding. I think Konami would be foolish not to consider a sequel.

    3. This is an excellent cover of The Only Thing I Know for Real. It’s even better than the original, in my opinion.

      I am not sure a sequel of MG:R would be a hit. One issue I see is that Platinum is too inconsistent so there is a non-zero chance that they will mess up the gameplay. Among hardcore fans, for instance, Bayonetta 3 did not land well at all as it seems to be heavily dumbed down. The favorable critics’ reception also corroborates this because an action game that appeals to mainstream critics with their toddler-like skill level will not get embraced by genre aficionados. There are exceptions, of course. DMC V, for instance, was quite well received and is also considered a good game by its target audience. (I vaguely recall that Bayonetta 2 has a mode for the handicapped — no, seriously — that basically plays itself. This probably what game journos used, which made them hand out good review scores.)

    4. This guy also has covers of Rules of Nature and Red Sun on his channel, but these do not even come close to the originals, in my opinion. In particular Rules of Nature is not nearly as good as his voice pales in comparison to the original’s singer.

  2. Is Alek around? if so,there’s something I’d like to ask.

    Are there any differing advice you would give to younger men as compared to the usual?

    For example,if one is a younger guy (around ages 15 or so,although the younger,the better.) who is looking into improving themselves,I’d recommend them getting into Basic Gymnastics over Weight Training. This isn’t because the latter is a bad choice by any means (You’d absolutely be on the right track as compared to the typical kid screwing around on their iPad),but because there is a multitude of benefits to be had at getting into the former at a young age. Not only can Gymnastics (or Calisthenics) get you very strong/muscular as a side benefit of the skill work, (I’ve read its not uncommon for people with a background in this to be able to deadlift more twice their bodyweight on their first go at it!)but also will develop Kinesthetic Awareness/Physical IQ that will greatly benefit them in almost any physical endeavor they may decide to get into. They’ll have a much easier time learning any new physical skill. Also if they do decide to stick to doing Gymnastics as a hobbyist later on,its definitely a great potential dating pool for obvious reasons.

    For an adult ages 25-30+ though,this would be a much less feasible endeavor. They’re probably better off just hitting the weightroom and doing any sport they have an interest in on the side.

    To get away from the physical side of things,I think getting into a variety of part-time side jobs (But never do them for free,always gun for the ones that have pay) when you’re young is a great way to not only build social/working experience in general,but also potentially build a variety of useful skills. I think of special mention however is Coding (So much potential to make an income here…) and Business/Sales skills.

    On the latter part,I know we like to bash Caleb Jones/Blackdragon around here (and for good reason),but looking at his childhood story of how he got into becoming a Business person,I think he made some very good decisions as a child:

    Unfortunately,schools in my area were absolutely against students having part time jobs. There’s a lot of things school screws up on,but in my opinion,this one (I dunno if this is also the case in US Schools,but it is where I live) is especially egregious. People are failing to get hired due to “Lack of working experience” so where on earth do they expect students to get them if they won’t even allow this? but I digress..

    There’s probably a ton of things I haven’t covered,I’d be interested to hear your personal thoughts if you got the time.

    1. I skimmed Blackdragon’s post, and it reeks of bullshit:
      1) Where would he get “newspapers on sharks and whales” for free or almost for free to sell them at a profit?
      2) Selling individual pieces of chewing gun for the price of a pack seems bizarre and hard to believe.
      3) The TI-99/4A computer he mentioned did not cost $40 back then but $525.

    2. I remember a blogger, maybe Stonah Wit a Bonah used to steal pornographic magazines and sell them to his classmates to buy alcohol and marijuana. Sounds like he could have done that side hustle if he was also praising the 5 finger discount

  3. Today I recalled that I had quite some fun playing Atelier Rorona on the PS3 probably about a decade ago. It’s a whimsical RPG that should appeal to the OCD crowd due to the time management aspect. I got pretty hooked on it for a week or two. The graphics are not the best, but the soundtrack still holds up. I have had this on in the background for a while now, humming along from time to time:

    Speaking of great gaming news, I came across Sons of the Forest today:
    This is an indie game, but look at those graphics! At this rate of progress, we will surely get some indie developers who are willing to put all kinds of hot 3D waifus into our games. It is quite exciting that we seem to be getting an equal playing field in terms of graphics. With AI text and sound generation small, indie studios will only be able to compete better and better against industry heavyweights.

  4. Aaron,

    Do you think there is value in choosing a wife is BOTH tall and beautiful? (assuming of course you’re actually in a position to have that kind of option) We all acknowledge here the importance of height not just in dating,but getting by in society in general.

    Its completely irrelevant if you don’t plan to have kids,but if you do,what do you think about the above?

    1. I think that taller women are more likely to not be overly attractive as they often have more masculine features whereas shorter women more easily appear feminine. Men seem to generally prefer shorter women, too. The one exception seem to be very short PUA-types who want to overcompensate by getting a girlfriend who is taller (!) than them, which is unlikely to happen.

      I am quite tall, so I do not think there will be any issue. Any son I might have should be able to breach the all-important six-foot barrier.

    2. Anecdotally, I know a guy who is seriously 5’3” and happens to have a tall (definitely greater than 6 feet) father. His mother is about 4’11”, however.

    3. Even though my wife is on the short side, and very petite, the men in her family are all very tall for being Chinese. I think everyone I met is around six feet tall, even the older ones who may not have reached their phenotypical maximum due to the harsher conditions back then. On that note, the Chinese, as a whole, have become a lot taller in the last few decades, gaining over three inches. In contrast, Americans are getting shorter, but this may be explained by all those “Americans” flooding in from the Southern border.

    4. That would explain the drop in IQ in the West to some extent also, even though I think whitey has become a lot more degenerate on the whole since WW2. Your wife sounds to be of very exceptional stock!

    5. This surely explains most of the decline in IQ in the West. The other aspects are environmental pollution and dysgenic breeding among whites. On a related note, there is not a lot of data on racial IQ differences out there, at least not direct assessment. The best you get are PISA/TIMMS studies, which focus on middle and high school kids. There is an infamous study, which claims that Jews have an IQ of 115, but what you never hear is that that very same study showed an IQ of 117 for whites.

    6. I don’t share your deep antisemitism, and I don’t mean it in any negative way, because due to my culture and national identity, I am certainly “anti-sinoist” (anti-Chinese).

      But I have read a few works that you recommend, and if those things are true, I am tempted to say that Jews are masters of sophistry and false theory builders. In that sense, whites, counting Greek, are truely truth seekers. It would be an utter disgrace and a curse to a ethno-religious group that they are masterful liars and falsifiers.

      But, of course, I am resistful against such a conclusion.

      There are many prominent figures, even giants, turn into anti-semitic for reasons that are mysterious to me, including the great Soviet algebraist Shafarevich. If the whole Western civilization has in the past, as well as now, turn against Jews, then there ought to be a reason for it.

    7. Yes, I also find it deeply puzzling that anti-semitism emerged all over the world, whenever people got in contact with Jews. This happened before there was mass communication or any means of exchange between distant people or just cities in the same country. Someone should come up with “vengeful dirt theory” to explain this, i.e. whenever Jews are in one place for too long, some kind of miasma emerges from below which turns everyone into an anti-semite.

  5. Aaron,
    1. Long story short, I met this girl or should I say slut. She told me she was taking PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). At first, I didn’t know what it was. She told me it was a medication for people who don’t have HIV. It turns out that the medication is used to prevent from contracting HIV from a sexual partner who happens to be infected and positive with HIV. I wasn’t sure what to make of this situation when she told me she was taking PrEP and getting tested every few months. She wasn’t some slut I met at the strip club. I had my fair share of sluts who I banged raw, and fortunately I’ve been blessed not to catch any STDs. I started thinking whether this slut is constantly fucking random guys raw every weekend. This medication seems more suitable for your typical faggot. She’s from Colombia who moved to the US and worked as a bikini barista. She’s above average looking, and she’s tall (5’10, 1.77). She’s 30 and has one kid. Have you come across women taking such medication, or tells you early on that they are taking some kind of STD medication?

    2. On a side note, do you recall the coworker I mention who is married and is into me? I wrote about her on your blog a few months ago. Anyways, we’re still talking and one day I was flirting with her. She told me I was a little to vulgar. She told me she wanted me to “sweet talk” to her. I didn’t understand what she meant by sweet talk. I don’t even know how to sweet talk. Is she trying to “train” me by getting me to sweet talk to her? If so, what is this “training” about? It kind of resonates with a girl I discusses with you in a past consultation, and you mention that she was “training” me by getting me to compliment her more often.

    1. Hi Chris!

      1) I have never come across a woman who, to my knowledge, too that kind of medication, but I have had a few encounters where women told me about their STDs, and it’s not a problem because they are taking medication for it. Needless to say, this put a damper on my enthusiasm. In your case, I would stay away as this is definitely not normal behavior. She is probably hiding something. I could imagine that she fucks some bisexual Chad who contracted AIDS from his same-sex relationships.

      2) I remember this woman. She is flirting hard with you. I bet that if you offered to sweet-talk to her somewhere private, perhaps the backseat of your car would do already, she would take you up on this offer.

    2. Aaron,
      “I could imagine that she fucks some bisexual Chad…”

      1. I once had a friend who told me that he knew of a girl who loved fucking faggots. In fact, this girl would cheat on her boyfriend with faggots. I’m not sure, if its uncommon for women to bang faggots they find attractive.

      2. Its kind off hard to hook up with my coworker because of her circumstances. For one, we can’t hook up at work because there’s cameras all over the facility. Two, hooking up on the job is consider a serious offense which means termination. Three, she doesn’t own her own personal vehicle, which means her husband drops her off at work and picks her up. If her husband can’t pick her up or drop her off, her dad will provide her with transportation. I personally can’t pick her up or drop her off because we start work and end work at different times, but we cross path at work. Our days off are also different. She has weekends off while I have week days off.

    3. 1) This is not that uncommon. Some girls consider it a badge of honor if they get a faggot to fuck them as it feeds their narcissism. Afterwards, they can tell themselves that they are so irresistible that even guys who normally are not into girls can’t help it but to want to bang them. I have even come across girls who claimed that it “does not count” if they fuck a faggot. This may also apply to the cheater you mentioned.

      2) There is a chance that she is teasing you because she knows you cannot act on it, but perhaps you can still create the opportunity. Would it be possible to take a somewhat longer lunch break and go somewhere with her? Note that some women behave sexually around men if they think the guy is unable to act on all those signals she is sending, but if you manage to solve such a logistical challenge, those girls readily fuck you. The interesting part is that those women may not have acted in such a way around you if it had been easy for you to escalate the situation towards sex.

    4. Aaron,
      “There is a chance that she is teasing you because she knows you cannot act on it…”

      When you say “teasing”, you mean she’s leading me on like a typical slut who leads men on and exploits them financially without banging them?

      She actually bought me an Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Watch and a Nikon camera. One day she told me she was going to spoil me and she did. I’m not sure what to make of it. Its funny, cause one day we were bantering and she mention that she wanted to have kids with me. Again, I’m not sure what to make of it.

    5. She is teasing you in the more general sense. Women also tease men as part of their flirting, with the expectation that the guy is going to bang her. This woman seems really into you. Well, the question is if you want to make a move, and deal with the consequences, or not. I think you could bang her, if you found a way to make it happen.

    6. You could ask her to take a day off, which she could easily hide from her husband, and then you meet up and bang her. Her husband drives her to work, you meet her there, and then you go somewhere else. I would not do it, but if you want to push this interaction further, this would be one possible approach.

    7. Chris,

      My guess is she either has sex with many men without condomes and did this to be proactive or she has sex with bisexual men who are often more likely to carry this disease. It is funny because there was a case of a pornographic actress who refused to work with bisexual men because she was afraid she might get aides. They found out and bullied her online until she killed herself. Tolerant indeed!

      Hear is one of the ironies of life, the people who insist on condome usage are the ones you don’t need to use condomes on and the ones who say “No big deal” or “Condomes are for wimps!” are the ones you should definitely use the with!!!! Kind of like those who don’t need credit are those with very good credit but those who need credit have very bad credit!

      (and yes, I know people will say I am hypocritical because I get with ladyboys. ) I do e everything but oral sex covered!!!

    8. @P Ray

      Its kinda ironic that you’re apparently more likely to get an STD pursuing casual sex over seeing an escort. (especially if its a country with legalized prostitution)

      This is reminding me of one of Aaron’s old posts:

      This phenomenon lends credence to AlekNovy’s recommendation of pursuing around 15-20 lays just to learn how to actually get laid,and then coast by with the skill so you don’t mess up the easy and convenient opportunities that happen to pop up while you’re doing something else with your life.

      Trying to rack up hundreds of lays probably puts you at a high chance (if not guaranteed) of you getting an STD,even if you’re diligent about using protection.

    9. Mauau,

      Ironically, I think the cleanest women are the pronographic actresses in the San Fernando Valley because they need to test once or twice each month
      otherwise they can’t make money.

      In fact the testing looks like a big business!

      I don’t really think that fat ladies at bars or massage women in Asian countries are very clean. In fact, I think that many lady boys in Asia are cleaner than the women because they often charge a little more and aim for higher class of men.

    10. @ P Ray
      “…the people who insist on condome usage are the ones you don’t need to use condomes on and the ones who say “No big deal” or “Condomes are for wimps!” are the ones you should definitely use the with!!!!”

      Women who insist on condoms doesn’t necessarily means she’s sexually responsible. Many women who insist condoms happy fuck other men raw and vice-versa.

  6. It seems that the big game publishers are cutting their losses. Volition was shut down a few months after their absolutely dismal Saints Row reboot, and the makers of Forspoken got the axe even sooner. Almost exactly one month after the release of this steaming piece of garbage, Square Enix announced that they are going to dismantle the studio behind it. At least the game was good for a few memes. The “muhfuggin’ dragon” line of the misunderstood black, female protagonist will probably be referenced long after the last person has deinstalled Forspoken.

    1. Holy shit! This is very encouraging news. Thanks for sharing. It’s as if the phrase “get woke, go broke” finally has some credence to it. Certain entities, like Amazon for example, may be able to eat the costs of promoting degeneracy, but most gaming companies surely cannot keep this up for long.

    2. I think real change happens when the CEO realizes that all this woke bullshit could mean that he will be out of his multi-million-dollar-a-year job. Wokism gets enforced from the top and it will also be stopped from the top. Of course, any CEO who thinks that he is beholden to some outside party that tells him to put more trannies into his company’s games risks bringing down an entire studio and sadly there are leaders in this industry who put ideology above profits, or making a good game. By the way, Microsoft fired that bitch that ran Halo into the ground or, more correctly, kept running it into the ground for about ten years straight. Slowly some people are indeed waking up.

      There is another one to watch: Jade Raymond, who has been coasting due to being a woman. Sony bought her studio a couple of years ago, and we have not seen or heard anything about their revolutionary upcoming game.

    3. LOL. Imagine typing an “N” in a game chat only to have a SWAT team hold you at gunpoint fifteen minutes later. This sounds like the ADL’s wet dream, so I am not at all surprised they are involved in this. Mainstream gaming is such a shitshow nowadays. Microsoft is also big on censoring people. A while ago, when the “Let’s go Brandon” meme was big, they kicked people with that name off the platform.

    1. What a clip! I had to laugh out loud watching this as my expectations were nowhere near reality. Her addressing the camera with, “I’m single. I’m single, guys!” while this cuck stands next to her, looking like a complete moron, is beyond belief. If this had appeared in a movie, it would be considered implausible. In all fairness, though, I think most women do a much better job managing the clueless beta-orbiter cucks in their life. This woman pursues an interesting strategy, though: she bluntly informs him that he is just a friend, but she puts on this child-like persona, presumably to disarm him and make him believe that she is not really serious.

    2. Aaron, after reflecting on your last sentence I swear I knew a chick just like this. They even look strikingly similar. In between using her child-like charm coupled with her petite figure to manipulate the perception of men around her, she was definitely somewhere on the spectrum of borderline and full blown narcissist. It’s such a drastic contrast to see a woman go from angelic and innocent one minute, to suddenly it’s like you’re staring a real life demon in the face for the slightest of perceived transgressions. Something tells me this woman is probably quite similar to the above example simply by judging the fact that she had no qualms about publicly humiliating this man in such a shameful manner. That guy probably never stood a chance and was in way over his head.

    3. This guy may not even realize what kind of a bullet he dodged. It is quite tragic when men desire women who would completely ruin their life. This is yet another reason why guys with little success with women should bang a few hookers in order to build emotional resilience against female manipulation.

    4. She isn’t much of a prize herself, looks like she needs dental work, some contacts to replace those coke bottles and some implants to get to a Bee Cup!!!

    5. Hi Aaron!
      “It is quite tragic when men desire women who would completely ruin their life.”

      This sounds like a case of Captain Save a Hoe. In general, do men need to acquire more sexual experience with Cluster B or just women in general to overcome Captain Save a Hoe Syndrome?

    6. I think exposure to Cluster B women is quite valuable. This does not necessarily need to happen via a sexual relationship, however. Captain-ho-syndrome is often due to a real or perceived lack of sexual options. Thus, men cling to any woman who seemingly wants them.

    7. I went back and watched this clip again and I’m pretty certain this woman is cluster B or something similar. Just notice how she cackles at this guys humiliation in front of an entire studio audience. This doesn’t strike me a socially acceptable or empathically normal behavior.

      In response to P Ray’s comments I think these two are pretty close to looks matched. I’m assuming she’s wearing heels here also, so he should have a few inches or so on her. If this were the decade in which they’re portraying then they probably would have ended up together, however, in this instance the woman here is certainly stringing this poor simp along while holding out for a Chad to commit to her while simultaneously taking Chad’s dick to compensate for her failings in the meantime.

    8. Aaron,
      “I think most women do a much better job managing the clueless beta-orbiter cucks in their life. ”

      What are some common ways women manage their beta cucks in their life?

    9. There is one basic principle: dangling the (remote) possibility of sex in front of them, for instance by casually touching them, and in a very calculated way. They also make sure to spent a modicum of time with them, just enough to keep them interested.

    10. Man you guys really have experience with women. I thought she was bubbly and all. Turns out she is a narcissist. Very scary!

      And thus she cloaked her naked villany with old odd ends, and seems most saint when she is a true devil.

    11. “ I’m pretty certain this woman is cluster B or something similar. Just notice how she cackles at this guys humiliation in front of an entire studio audience. ”

      That is a sharp insight of a sniper. This chick doesn’t bother humiliating her supposed partner. And she is still laughing after even though the guy says “Let’s not talk about it in front of everyone.” And she has no qualm to broadcast her relationship status to a wide audience.

      I don’t have experience with women so I can only rely on my own instinct in the form of fear. Some girls who are good looking just stir in me a sense of fear and cold so I avoid them latter.

      Western women are really scary as I read more and more about them on this blog.

      Thanks Sleazy and your friends.

    12. I think all it really requires to notice these kinds of things is a shift in perspective. You can get that from either personal experience, or intellectually from reading this blog.

    1. I recall when this faggot called anti-vaxxers idiots, claiming that we “accidentally got it right” and that we are stupid nonetheless. Well, I am not in favor of cancelling, but in this case, I cannot say that I feel sorry for this guy. Scott Adams used to be a mainstream mouthpiece, so this is just an example of the revolution eating its children.

    1. I did not know about this. Pepe LePew is a most endearing character. Sadly, our overlords think that no fun is allowed. Look at this quote:

      In recent days, Pepe had come under fire in a New York Times opinion piece criticizing the skunk as a character who “normalized rape culture.”

    2. Modern cartoons are garbage compared to classics such as Looney Tune or Tom and Jerry.

    1. It is also possible that he was roiding as well. There is another aspect to 13-year-old Mike Tyson: Blacks mature faster than whites. Thus, the idea of putting thirteen or fourteen years old blacks in the same classroom as whites seems a bit questionable, to put it mildly.

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