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The term “schizo” is often used in a somewhat derogatory way, implying that someone has lost touch with reality, seeing connections that are not there. There is also the aspect that people are often quickly labelled as supposed schizos because they make connections that are very obvious to them yet completely unfathomable to run-of-the-mill mid-wits. We had plenty of such examples on this blog as well. I spoke of Covid being bullshit and mused that the maxx-vaxx program is a genocide in disguise when hardly anybody on the Internet had similar thoughts. Today, of course, everybody and his dog has always been skeptical of Covid propaganda and the vaccination program. Obviously, I am not really schizophrenic but “schizos” like me perceive reality in a fundamentally different way because we are able to look far beyond the surface, but in a way that helps us understand the world better. Perhaps there is an ideal level of “pre-clinical schizophrenia” that helps you in life, just as subclinical autism helps you with getting ahead at whatever it is you are into. Full-fledged autism is not helpful, and neither is genuine schizophrenia.

Let us look at a very recent event that the mainstream tried to hush up: the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the United States, and quite possibly a runner up to the number one event, i.e. the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Of course, I am referring to that train that derailed in Ohio two weeks ago. Its cargo consisted of some of the most toxic chemicals, and it all went up in flames, creating probably the most apocalyptic imagery you have ever seen. In the immediate aftermath, fish, birds, frogs, and other large species in the area died. Those chemicals are also highly hazardous to humans, so there is speculation that we will see a lot of dead bodies in ten to fifteen years, as a consequence of having been exposed to those ultra-toxic chemicals.

The mainstream did not think this was a newsworthy story, however. In fact, the authorities tell you that everything is fine and dandy, with the Environmental Protection Agency claiming that drinking water is safe, i.e. the same water that carries dead fish. Here is how this reads on Wikipedia:

The evacuation was lifted on February 9 after the U.S. EPA reported that the air inside and outside the evacuation zone had returned to normal levels.[28] Although toxicants were detected at the derailment site, they were not detected outside the area. The Ohio EPA also reported that drinking water (sourced from different waterways) was safe. In a testing report from February 8, the Ohio EPA showed WKBN-TV that vinyl chloride, benzene, some chlorinated organic compounds, and other VOCs were not detected in the water.[29]

See, everything is fine!

Going schizo when reading up on the aforementioned event, my mind made the following associations:
– Ohio is one of the whitest states in the US, thus powerful elements of the US government have a vested interest in something bad happening there. After all, they want to get the numbers of those pesky whites down. Also, some of the most anti-governmental communities, the whites of the Appalachian mountains and the Amish, are geographically close.
– The fallout of this disaster covers three very white states, and subsequent water pollution will cut right across the American heartland, the “fly-over country” that the US elites detest at absolutely unfathomable levels.
– This story was suppressed by the mainstream for almost two weeks, which means that you were not supposed to hear about it. Instead, you got served UFO bullshit and a bizarre spy-balloon story to distract you.

The above seem undeniable, but there is more. Let me put on my schizo cap once more. There is security footage floating around showing that at least one of the freight cars had flames coming out of it. It seems that no safety system picked this up, but considering how extremely toxic this cargo was, I wonder how this could have been the case. Surely, it is completely inconceivable that people just looked the other way, just like it happened when, for instance, Epstein got suicided in jail. I am not quite sure what to make of this. In fact, the train continued on its merry way instead of stopping because the people in charge ignored certain warning signs.

There is more, though. The authorities have not been forthcoming at all. We also know nothing about the purpose of this cargo. Why was this seemingly endless cargo train full of deadly chemicals sent in this direction? Who ordered those chemicals? What were they supposed to be used for? Also, why would your employees deliberately ignore safety standards, thus greatly increasing the chance of an accident? There is surely a good explanation for all of this, and it would be great if the public was informed about it. At the very least, this would derail the schizo hypothesis that the Deep State send this train to Ohio just to blow it up, poison the area, and wipe out a lot of whites.

Please note that I am not saying that the Ohio train disaster was a deep-state operation. The above is merely a mental exercise. There is another aspect. Even if you want to dismiss the hypothesis that this train disaster was a deliberate attack on White America, there is the problem that the authorities conspired to let this happen. As you know, there has been a decades-long push to get competent men out of the workforce, only to replace them with women and minorities. Needless to say, this is how you engineer societal collapse. The same is happening all over the Western world. For instance, Germany was once famous for how punctual its trains were. There was even the saying that you could use train arrivals to set your watch, because they used to arrive exactly on time. Well, those days are long gone, and very few people have to manually set the time of a watch, so what’s the big deal, right? Today, it is not at all uncommon that more than half the trains at any given time are delayed. Just some weeks ago I took a train from one of the larger German train stations, and all but one arriving train was delayed, mostly by more than 15 minutes, and up to one hour, in fact.

If you do not want to kill a particular group of people outright, you create conditions that lead to their invariable demise, such as blowing up energy infrastructure, setting up a sea blockade, poisoning drinking water with fluoride, flooding the country with drugs, making them eat insects, cutting off the genitals of their kids, opening the borders to let in millions of third-worlders, or promoting mass-vaxxing. There is copious evidence that the train operator in charge, Norfolk Southern, heavily pushed the DIE agenda — diversity, inclusion, and equity — which the authorities tell you to spell DEI instead, in order to mock you. DIE was imposed from the top-down. Thus, stating that without DIE, the Ohio train disaster would not have happened is not much of a stretch.

As the example above shows, the schizo mindset genuinely widens your horizon. This does not mean that you throw critical thinking out the window. Nonetheless, I want to encourage you to give your mind a proper workout by making connections that may not be obvious. I found that putting myself into the shoes of someone who hates me and my race does wonders for letting me cut through bullshit. This helped me with seeing through the Covid narrative, and it helps me with everything else the mainstream wants to shove down my throat. You can of course tell yourself that I have completely lost it. Yet, if you do not consider supposedly outlandish perspectives — these perspectives are derided by the mainstream because they want you to be a dolt — your understanding of reality will be limited. Do you want to remain naive, or do you dare to take the schizo pill?

26 thoughts on “Schizo Mindset, Winner Mindset

  1. This was definitely a deep-state operation. The train was on fire for over 20 miles before it derailed. Only moving at about 25mph. Plenty of time to stop it and why was it on fire in the first place?

  2. Palenstine, OH is pretty much fucked:


    This is about a 5 hour drive from my home city, btw. Last I heard the smoke plume was about an hour and a half away from where my family is from. I also recently heard that the EPA is going around trying to get the local residents near the disaster to sign a waiver in exchange for some free environmental tests.

    “There is more, though. The authorities have not been forthcoming at all. We also know nothing about the purpose of this cargo. Why was this seemingly endless cargo train full of deadly chemicals sent in this direction? Who ordered those chemicals? What were they supposed to be used for? Also, why would your employees deliberately ignore safety standards, thus greatly increasing the chance of an accident? There is surely a good explanation for all of this, and it would be great if the public was informed about it. At the very least, this would derail the schizo hypothesis that the Deep State send this train to Ohio just to blow it up, poison the area, and wipe out a lot of whites.”

    This pretty much sums it all up. And also, there was a journalism has been heavily discouraged going as far as to actually arrest one of them.

    1. This looks like perfectly fine drinking water to me, just like the EPA told us. I hope that your family gets out of this unscathed.

      By the way, given how much the US elites are into symbolism, I find it completely plausible that ZOG decided to wipe out East Palestine because — wait for it! — it is named after Palestine. You may think that this is bizarre but remember that illiterate Jews, when they came to the US in the early 20th century, refused to sign with an X as the cross is a symbol of Christianity, instead drawing a circle, a “kikel” in Jiddish. This later on led to those people getting referred to as kikes, which took on a derogatory meaning for absolutely no reason at all.

      The Deep State killed Kennedy, murdered a harmless religious sect and their children in Waco, blew up the Twin Towers. Why would they shy away from creating environmental disasters to kill some whites? Also, there is a non-zero probability that this is the start of a war against the conservative heart of America. If genocide by train accident works, we will see a lot more of it.

    2. I knew the Palestine angle would get brought up eventually, and I did not know the history behind the term “kike”. Speaking of kikes and Kennedy, I remember reading about how Nixon once complained that Washington was full of them and how they were only loyal to Israel. I’d say he got off pretty easy compared to JFK, at least.

    3. The Deep State nonetheless went on an all-out war against Nixon. He was forced to resign for stuff that is nothing compared to what Brandon and his meth head son do on a regular Tuesday.

  3. “Instead, you got served UFO bullshit and a bizarre spy-balloon story to distract you.”

    Since we’re on the subject of the schizpill and this but of news got brought up, I wanted to make a few comments about it.

    The US government UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) Report of the Summer of 2021 marks the beginning of a long-term plan to control a specific narrative. It’s impossible to shoot any of these “vehicles” down with conventional weapons, by the way. They have been observed to change direction on a dime at breakneck speeds and dart off completely out of sight, or even simply just vanish out of thin air. It’s also worth noting that admitting that there are these air craft floating around throughout the last however many decades is just not feasible. It’s a complete and total admission of weakness and an inability to protect citizenry from an outside threat. So, instead the plan is to feign strength (we just totally blew some UFOs up guys) and to completely control any and all official discourse on the subject just like any other “controversial” topic of discussion.

  4. This is normal for multi national corps in America. There is absolutely no consequence for stuff like this.
    Oil spills result in wrist slaps.
    This will be the same.

    And the government covering for the people who bribe them is normal here. We put lawyers in jail for suing oil companies successfully (see Steven Donzinger).

    I felt the same about vaccines. It looks to be a dangerous untested experimental product sold by one of the primary oligarchs who rule America. No consequence for killing people. While the vaccine looks to be more dangerous than Covid, the passionate vaccine critics were predicting the vaccine would sterilize or kill the majority of people who got it within three years.

    It doesn’t look like even 1% will die in three years. Birth rate in USA is similar to 2019. No major impact. That looks like a shitty product, rather than a depopulation plot.

    If you want to understand why this stuff happens the answer is a lot simpler than Georgia Guidestone extermination plots. Just follow the money. That’s literally all this is.

    The systems targeting whites is about preventing talented middle class whites from randomly breaking into the upper class. That doesn’t look like a racist genocide, it looks like dynasty preservation. Jose from Ecuador is not going to outsmart Warren Buffet’s great grandson. But Doug Baker from Oklahoma’s great grandson just might.

    1. Don’t you think there would be more effective ways of keeping talented, poor Whites out? It stretches belief to argue that the anti-white campaign that targets the entire white population of the West has only this aim. Also, how does mass immigration fit into this picture, or celebrations about a declining white population? Surely, the elites should prefer to keep whites down, but in productive jobs.

    2. I think Drosera has a good point. The focus is more about money than some sort of racial ideologies.

      It’s my belief that a large reason for large-scale immigration is simple economics. Sure, there are ideologues and political careerists and the like who benefit from it, but how does it benefit the wealthy or corporations?

      Drives down wages. Just like overproduction of a product leads to a price drop, so does an excess of labor lead to a price drop. In 1950s USA a man who didn’t finish high school could get a menial job working in a factory that enabled him to feed and clothe his stay-at-home wife and kids, while also keeping a nice house and a car.

      Today, with tons of immigrants (legal and illegal) wages have dropped significantly. Historically wage increases kept fairly even pace with productivity increases, but the two have been decoupled for a while now.

      There’s intense competition for unskilled labor jobs, and the wages are very low, often at close to minimum wage (or even lower, when illegal aliens fill the jobs).

      Now that automation has eliminated a substantial portion of unskilled jobs, the immigration debate has shifted, to now focus on how we should import skilled laborers instead, where there’s not such intense competition that for positions that drives down wages. This is surely a coincidence, or perhaps companies and lobbyists have simply become altruistic and are now working for the good of the country by trying to alleviate labor shortages.


    3. How does the importation of millions of third-worlders who do, for the very most part, not even work benefit corporations? Even before 2016, there was little need for those people in any advanced economy.

    4. Agriculture, cleaning, unskilled manual labor – these are examples of areas rife with illegal aliens working.

      Heck, in Sweden they even import people just to pick berries in the forests – some legally, some illegally.

      It’s very well-documented that illegal aliens often end up doing jobs that others won’t do, even below minimum wage. Happens with unskilled legal aliens (often asylees) as well. Heck, I’d wager most of the corporate cleaning in Stockholm is performed by illegals and/or asylees.

    5. This is total bullshit. About 3/4 of the third-world doctors and engineers that came to Germany during the Great Flood of 2016 live off welfare. Meanwhile, there are millions of open jobs for the low-skilled and unskilled. Those people do not come to work but to live off the taxpayer’s largesse.

      The “doing jobs others won’t do” line is propaganda. You could certainly close the borders, which the current Swedish government apparently wants to do, and disincentivize living off welfare. Suddenly, you would have a lot of people happily picking berries and sweeping the streets.

      Also, I recommend that you inform yourself about modern agriculture. There are very few people employed in this sector compared to even a few decades ago. Nowadays, this is a heavily automated industry. There is even industrial research on automating one of the trickiest tasks, picking strawberries:

    6. Aaron:

      I’m not overly familiar with the situation in Germany, but I don’t see how that undermines my argument. A large number of people on welfare means a larger pool of unemployed, and the more unemployed people, the lower wages go.

      Low-skilled jobs tend to have a truckload of applicants for each position if they offer somewhat decent wages.

      You’re right about the jobs thing and incentives – but as you say, “if” the government did that things would change. Until that time “jobs others won’t do” isn’t propaganda, it’s a fact. Once (or if) the gov’t actually has changed things, then things will change.

      This is why even some left-wing labor groups are anti-immigration – they don’t want their members’ wages depressed even further.

      I’m well aware of the automation of the agriculture sector. Doesn’t contradict what I said, though. The U.S. agriculture sector, for example, is heavily reliant on labor. Just not as much as it was in the past.

      If a robot is developed that picks strawberries at a cheaper rate than labor, then it will eventually replace labor. That has not happened yet.

    7. A larger number of unemployed people will only drive wages lower if those people actually want to work. It is very doubtful that this is the case. Also, those third worlders normally lack the language skills for even simple jobs. It is also not the case that there are “truck loads of applicants” for such jobs. There are shortages across the board, in fact.

    8. You’re correct Aaron, there is a major focus on mass immigration. It’s partially to drive down wages, but a lot of it is to drive up demand for consumption and require higher taxation of the middle class.
      Perhaps it’s different in Europe but in the USA, big companies sell food, housing, etc to immigrants. And our large businesses and the people who own them basically don’t pay taxes. The cost of immigration is born largely by our middle class.
      It has worked well for the rich and Fortune 500 companies. Poorly for everyone else.
      All of these fragmented groups with no commonality also make it more difficult to dislodge corrupt systems.

      A good article that summarizes the state of politics of the USA is below


      It pretty much sums up everything important going on. The focus is pro-Trump over DeSantis, but pinpoints all key issues. As Sundance likes to say, “There are trillions at stake”.

    9. Aaron:

      With the flood of aliens the west has been receiving in recent times you don’t need a very high percentage of them to want to work to have a very real effect on wages.

      Shortages across the board? You may be thinking of the situation at your level, since you have a high level of skill and education. But entry-level positions that don’t require any training (like receptionists) will get a slew of applications these days. Heck, in Sweden even night-time security guard positions will be swamped with applications.

    10. No, in Germany there are shortages for unskilled labor such as package delivery. Even many restaurants struggle to find service staff. There are millions of open jobs, millions of people who rather live off benefits, and the elites still want to bring in more third-world doctors and engineers, all with the goal of completely wrecking the country.

      By the way, I have hard time imagining Ahmed the illiterate goat-herder making for a particularly effective receptionist.

    11. The MSM and corporations state that there is a big labor shortage. They then justify this for my immigration. Why should I believe them?

    12. @ Drosera: I find it naïve to presuppose, that most deliberately evil actiona and plans are carried out merely for financial gains.
      Those very high echolon folks do not need more of the money per se. Because they own the central banks and global media. They could just print that money themselves – and that’s it!

      To assume such simplistic intent is a sign of a naturalist (“the observable world as it is is all there is”) and materialist mindset (all that exists, is matter”) . Bot both are wrong, thus leading to bad decisions…

    1. Now, now, cool it with your anti-semitism! Even though we rubes have not been told by the CDC why the threshold value for exposure to those highly toxic chemicals has been raised by a mere factor of 1,000, and conveniently less than two weeks before the Deep State sent a train full of those chemicals into the heartland of the US does not mean that this is suspicious at all. It’s a mere cohencidence. The CDC is known to follow science to the letter and if anybody of the elites has earned my full trust, it surely is that lying yenta that runs this institution. Maybe it’s time they wheel her out again so that she can tell us that she has to “go off the script”, while she keeps reading off the teleprompter, and telling us how “really, really scared” she is of Covid. This time, she can tell us that she is just knows that those chemicals are safe, because none of the people exposed have turned into zombies yet.

      I find it quite remarkable that our trust in society is so low that we immediately consider that the “Ohio train derailment” (what a way to frame this, you faggots at Wikipedia!) was a Deep State operation, and that was before corroborating evidence like the above came out. The Western elites jumped the shark over ten years ago. It’s about time this shitshow ends, and the upcoming defeat of the West in the Ukraine will be a milestone towards that goal.

  5. At first I was expecting them to blame it on Russian sabotage, as opposed to sheer incompetence. I did not expect them to say “Nothing to see here, move along!”

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