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The Implementation of Climate Lockdowns

The scamdemic was a trial run for our hostile elites to gain important insights into how to apply oppressive measures at a level not even seen in communist countries of yore. At the extreme, the Chinese government allegedly welded the apartment doors of some people to prevent them from going outside. In the West, lockdowns were practiced a bit differently. A comparatively benign variant was a curfew for a few hours at night, which was of course perfectly plausible because the engineered Covid virus was only active during certain hours. This was just to see if people complied with nonsensical directives. However, there were more severe lockdowns, too. For instance, inhabitants of retirement homes were not allowed to see visitors and could not got outside either. Meanwhile, some progressive governments let criminals out of prisons because it would have too much of a health risk to lock them up. If you caught Covid, as determined by the utterly bogus PCR test, then you had to stay indoors for a certain number of days. You were not supposed to leave your home at all until you managed to regain your limited freedoms by doing another test, but one that showed a negative test result.

Covid was of course total bullshit, which I already said in the spring of 2020. If you have listened to me, which a fair number of you have, then you managed to avoid serious harm to your health. This is not at all an exaggeration as the number of people with health problems due to the vaxx is staggering. As much bullshit as Covid may have been, it has run its course because you cannot bullshit everybody all the time. The next step in the attempted movement towards complete and utter oppression will be “climate lockdowns”. If you pay close attention to elite propaganda, you can piece together what these may look like. Oh, and if you wonder why the elites would tell you what they want to do to you, then I should remind you that we are ruled by satanists. One of their tenets is that if they tell you beforehand what they plan, you are to blame, not them, and if you go along willingly, they cannot be blamed for your stupidity either. This approach was on full display during Covid: outside of the military in some countries, there was no vaxx mandate, and after the genocidal vaxx campaign had concluded, some politicians openly pronounced that anybody suffering health issues is to blame themselves as nobody had forced them to get vaxxed. Of course, this is only true in a technical sense, meaning that the goons of the satanists did not kick in your door and force-vaxx you.

Currently, there is an absurd propaganda campaign going on according to which global warming has morphed into “global boiling”, in the words of the chief faggot of the UN. Science told us that this July was the warmest in 120,000 years, which is a claim so utterly stupid that is boggles the mind. Oh, and there are also the old bogus claims about CO2 being a danger to your health, which is why you pay bogus taxes on your “carbon footprint” while the elites with their yachts and private jets are exempt as it would lead to “excessive bureaucracy”, according to one of the most excessively bureaucratic institutions in the world. This is also why people Obama and his ilk buy beachfront properties because rising sea levels will not affect their properties, only yours, if you can afford them.

The current picture is that climate lockdowns will have several elements: hard lock downs, movement restrictions, and forced displacements. The German government, which was also at the very forefront of enforcing tyrannical Covid measures, recently let it slip that they want to roll out a climate lockdown once we reach 25 degrees Celsius (77 F). In the surrounding discussion some politicians spoke about people not being allowed to leave their home. This is all just to protect your health. It would be the inverse of Covid lockdowns as you would be forced to stay indoors during the day. If the government decides to roll out the next virus psy-ops at the same time, though, you will get to enjoy a climate lockdown during the day, and a pandemic-related lockdown at night. Really, there is no need to get upset. They would only do this if they are doubly concerned about your health, and if the elites had to enforce such measures, it would only signal to us that they really, really want to protect us from harm.

Another aspect of climate lockdowns will be movement restrictions. This is already happening gradually. The European Union, for instance, wants to ban the combustion engine, and the occasional megalomanic politician has let it slip that one advantage of electric cars in a smart grid is that this would make it possible to “ration” electricity. So, if you hold extremist views, you simply may not get any electricity at all, and otherwise, you may only have access to the grid at certain times. Ze Germans once again lead the charge. This is all for the greater good, of course, so you better get used to this. If you make a fuss, you can forget about your six hours of electricity a day because access to electricity is not some kind of basic human right for fascists.

Lastly, there is the concept of “15 minute cities“. This is currently sold to the public as a great convenience, i.e. you are supposed to take care of all your needs easily as everything is only 15 minutes away, and this means a “15-minute walk or bike ride from any point in the city.” The dystopian part is that this can easily be flipped, in standard satanic fashion: first the people embrace this concept, then it is interpreted that you are confined to a 15-minute radius, and politicians will mock the populace for complaining about what they got when they wanted this very concept to be implemented. It’s just like with the vaxx.

The 15-minute city concept implies that you do not own a car. On top, if the combustion engine gets banned and the use of your electric car depends on an AI assessing whether you have been a good goy, you may not see anything of the world outside your small radius of movement ever again. Perhaps your only options will be to starve at home in the countryside or move to a city. You know, having everything accessible within 15 minutes would make your life a lot easier, and you would help the environment, too. Don’t think about bugging off to SEA, though, as you likely will no longer be able to fly. The currently sky high prices already give you a taste of this future.

The only positive aspect of all of this is that our elites are demonstrably incompetent. Thus, I have my doubts that a functioning system at societal scale can ever be implemented. I could see this being effectively used in some cities, however, which may explain why there is a decades-long media campaign targeting non-city dwellers. You know, you are a racist and neckbeard if you grow your own vegetables, and if you do want to get robbed on the street, you are depraving others of their right to reparations. Thus, you forfeit your human rights. If you get too comfortable, the government will simply send a train full of poisonous chemicals your way and blow it up. That’s what you will get for not taking the environment seriously, bigots!

5 thoughts on “The Implementation of Climate Lockdowns

  1. ‘The only positive aspect of all of this is that our elites are demonstrably incompetent. Thus, I have my doubts that a functioning system at societal scale can ever be implemented.’

    That’s why I’m sceptical of a dictatorship ever coming to pass. A few years ago I wrote this little anecdote about communist incompetence:

    How 1984 should have ended. Winston Smith is never caught because the surveillance agency is staffed by lazy, low paid immigrants who are much more interested in watching Caucasian women getting undressed and bathing than what some dude is up to. When the heavies finally do show up to arrest him, they go to the wrong apartment building and bring in the wrong guy, twice. When he is finally apprehended, Julia bribes the impoverished alcoholic Sergeant, Winston walks, and they live happily ever after – until Oceania collapses, its public assets are carved up by oligarchs, and life is made shitty by rag tag local mafias, gangs, junkies and rabid dogs.

  2. I think it would be interesting to see your mobility get cut down to bare essential tasks like grocery shopping and commuting to work, but then see massive corporations like Amazon still allowed to ship things over night without any concern for the carbon emissions. I do agree with your final point about incompetency sabotaging the efforts of the ruling class in this endeavor, and also there is the fact that a massive portion of the population would probably be very wary of another lockdown regardless of political leanings. I think that they’d have to go full blown authoritarian in order to get people to follow along, or put in overtime to sufficiently brainwash gen A and B for a future lockdown. However, ol’ Klaus is probably getting antsy in his old age.

    1. I have a hunch that the preference of the elites is to simply exclude delivery services from CO2 quotas, or at least those that affect them and their lackeys. I mean, it is a real pain in the neck to compute CO2 emissions for a private yacht, so imagine all the unnecessary bureaucracy if we bothered Amazon to do it for its fleet!

  3. The funniest part of the 15-minute cities are the ULEZ cameras in Greater London which are being destroyed, vandalized, and blocked by the locals. So the GLC government has hired people to monitor and protect by driving ULEZ vans all over, demonstrating that it isn’t about “saving the planet” but controlling the population.

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