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28 thoughts on “Open Thread #267

  1. This is a few weeks old, but I just found it: Antimaximus appeared on Whoremaxxer’s stream to elaborate on his controversial video (since taken down) in which he distanced himself from the Looks Maximus persona and some of his messages.

    The summary is that Maximus still advocates being a hedonistic coomer, avoiding serious relationships and fatherhood and to exploit the system rather than trying to support it. But he no longer idealizes living in the ancient pre-christian world of zero-agency women and institutionalized slavery.

    Rather, he points out that a man who is free of christian morals can enjoy the fruits of the modern world that christian morals (social stability and strong work ethic) has created for us. By being individualist and turning one’s back on the collective one can live a better life now than ever before in history, thanks to modern medicine, global travel and a higher quality of life in general.

    He also notes that it is women’s liberation that has enabled the sexual revolution, making it easier than ever for a man to get laid with fresh, healthy women. Whether through whoremaxxing or jestermaxxing. Plebs in the ancient world could indeed have sex with slave women for a small cost, but he thinks those slaves would be unhygienic and unenthusiastic. So he reasons that androcentric coomers are actually better off today than in ancient times.

    Whoremaxxer’s streams are usually too repetitive and low IQ to bear watching but the mere presence of Maximus seems to have elevated the level of discussion in this one. They actually ask Maximus some interesting questions.

    1. The main reason he deleted all Looks Maximus accounts is that the he realized he made a mistake by addressing the black pill/incel community. Interacting with those people was very frustrating and he felt it drained his energy too much. This is understandable since most black pillers will make ANY excuse to not make efforts to improve their situation. Maximus realized he had encouraged their defeatist thinking with a few of his videos, like the Tinder experiments with “Katie” and “Donalda”. This was counterproductive as he didn’t want to encourage defeatism, but rather to promote moneymaxxing and mogmaxxing as paths to getting good sexual experiences.

      There were other videos were Maximus called women cattle and advocated that raping beautiful women you see in public should be allowed. He clarifies in this stream that those statements were made in jest. He later realized that some black pillers/incels took it literally. Maximus says he doesn’t actually hate women so he wanted to erase any material that could be misinterpreted.

    2. @Cuong Quoc Vu
      I agree that following Maximus’ advice wont lead to lasting “happiness”. Especially the use of performance enhancing drugs. “Happiness” is, however, a tricky thing. Many experts claim that it’s impossible for a neurotypical human to achieve lasting happiness. We are only biologically capable of experiencing joy or euphoria temporarily, not for sutained periods of time. It is a far more realistic proposition to pursue a lifestyle that enables you to “content” or “serene in acceptance of the way things are”. I think the philosophies that show most promise in this regard are secular Buddhism and Stoicism. I see Maximus as a form of Absurdist, which I think is viable for some people. I believe it depends on one’s personality type.

      The reason I posted a link to the video is that Maximus’ ideas have been discussed on the blog before, and I find it enriching to examine men’s ideas and perspectives, even if I do end up rejecting them.

    3. Yeah when I wrote that I did understand that happiness means different thing to different people.

      It seems now popular for young guys to enter the contest of having sex with as many women as possible, and he endorsed that, but is it really worth it? I have no minimal sexual experience so you may say I don’t know what I am talking about, but I find going through many women can be dangerous as well. Instead of using drugs to pursue women, if you were not born in a family with certain wealth, why not spend time to earn more money, than women will come to you. Alex Novy is an example of that. Guys like Sleazy are rare and they can easily secure many girls with little investment. Emulating them while paying a great price in terms of time and health is not worth it.

    4. Yes, having sex with a woman is indeed one of those experiences that will often only give you a fleeting moment of happiness. Even if the sex is good, passionate love making rather than soulless, mechanical humping. But the same goes for all other momentary pleasures, like a walk in beautiful nature, eating a delicous meal or playing a great video game.
      Whether it’s worth the time investment and health consequences depends on your opportunity cost – what else were you going to do with your time and health? Maybe you’re a “builder”, a guy who is the happiest when he is spending all his energies on constructive pursuits: starting a family and raising healthy children, mastering a craft that helps other people (like speech pathology in your case) or building a business that makes the world run more efficiently. Most guys can’t spend 100% of their waking time on these pursuits. They need to unwind with some relaxing activity – a form of momentary pleasure. Video games are of course the most obvious, safest choice. But some guys need a higher lever of excitement to be engaged, and sex is more suitable for them.

      If having sex with a lot of different women is dangerous or not depends on how you meet them and whether you use protection. That applies to both sex workers and ordinary women you meet through online dating. A man who deals with street walker prostitutes and cheap brothels take more risk than a man who goes to a legal, high class brothel or books an elite escort. When using online dating strictly for sex it’s important to filter out unsuitable girls and only meet those women who have a good attitude and want exactly the same thing as you. I think Andy from is a great example of this. He is a follower of Good Looking Loser’s dating methods, though he has put his own modernized spin on it.

      Regarding using drugs to pursue women rather than money, this is a matter of optimization. There are three possible motivations for a woman to bed a man: love, lust (pure physical sexual attraction) and greed (the woman seeks to transfer the mans wealth, social status or genetic material to herself/her child). For men the motivation is usually love or lust.

      When women are motivated by love or lust, they tend to have sex with passion and show a lot of appreciation for the man. This gives him validation and increases his pleasure. Women who have sex motivated by greed have to hide their lack of attraction, or even disgust, for the man to give him the same validating experience. This requires good acting skills. Most women don’t have them.

      So an ugly man who wants life affirming sexual experiences has two options:
      1. Seek out the prostitutes and gold diggers women who are great actors.
      2. Looksmaxx using any available means, including performance enhancing drugs, so the women will feel genuine attraction (love/lust).

      Depending on where a man lives it may be easy to find paid women who are great actors, and in that case looksmaxxing isn’t worth the trouble. For example many men report getting great service from sex workers in Thailand and Colombia despite being unattractive. But for men who live in places were sex workers don’t even bother to fake attraction, looksmaxxing may be the only way to get life affirming sexual experiences. These guys may say roiding is worth it. If I had to make that choice I would rather save up and go to Thailand once a year, but my sex drive isn’t that high so being celibate for months is no big deal for me. I suppose high testosterone guys may no be able to bear it.

    5. When I said “dangerous” as in sleeping with many women being dangerous, I mean you will eventually encounter whackos and crazies. Yes, STDs are a real risk, but meeting trashy women is all the more dangerous.

      I would rather learn to identify sluts to avoid them and select healthy girls. That being said, you may not be able to do so without going through a dozen of womyn. I could have get laid in college back in China, but I decided to recoil because those chicks exhibited dangerous or self-destructive traits (dating multiple guys at the same time, excessively consume alcohol, etc).

    6. @Burt,

      I think I agree with everything you said. I guess I am just a reserved and risk-averse type of guy.

      For me, the most dangerous aspect of jumping directly into the dating pool is that I am inexperienced and belong to the “sensitive” type. I may become too attached to a girl while other types of guys are more detached after having sex with her. I will be emotionally ruined if I end up with a whacko, crazy, manipulative or even bipolar women.

      They said nice guys finish last. Well, I say if you are a nice guy, you should find a girl who saves herself for a nice guy instead of jumping from dicks to cocks.

    7. @Cuong Quoc Vu
      I think you are right that identifying which women are toxic and crazy, and which ones are good girls, is something you can only truly learn by dating a few women. Reading articles like the ones Sleazy wrote on “slut psychology” will help speed up the process though. The key for a risk averse man is probably to get so good at it that you can identify these women as early in the dating process as possible. Like when you’re having a coffee, taking a walk in the park, going to an art gallery, etc. and doing all that talking that’s supposed to be an interview without feeling to much like an interview.

      I have been on a few first dates lately and I see the red and green flags very quickly. The most unhinged women aren’t even self-aware enough to hide their flaws, or may even have come to the point where they are proud that they don’t get along with anybody because it shows they have “integrity and strong will”.

      I don’t think you are wrong to be risk averse. If you can control your sex drive so well that you can put off sleeping with a woman until you have been dating seriously for a few months this is to your advantage when courting real, authentic good girls.

      Your biggest problem will be finding these good young women. What social circles should you move in? Geeky university clubs? Evangelical church meetings? It is an issue many western tradcon men struggle with.

    8. @Burt

      Thank you for your kind words. If finding a good girl is your priority, I wish you luck on your journey.

      To be honest, when looking at the dating pool between the US and Vietnam, I have an instinctual feeling that finding a good girl in Vietnam is easier than in the US.

      I have been in the US for 6 years and I would say a lot white girls I came to interact with exuded strong vibes of craziness. For some reasons, perhaps related to genetics, crazy Americans are far more common than East Asians.

      I don’t claim to possess a 6th sense or anything, but many times I was saved by an instinctual fear when I came to know certain girls. I usually followed these feelings as they might hint at something unusual about these girls.

  2. Its a bit late to bring up,but thank you Aaron for taking up my suggestion to improve the search engine! I need to give feedback however. I’ve already noticed a flaw. It seems the search engine will prioritize any instance where those letters come together (as part of completely different longer words) rather than the word itself.

    I don’t think I explained that in the best way,so allow me to show a screenshot:

    Searching “Rance” (because I could have sworn you mentioned that gameplay VN elsewhere),unfortunately I don’t get the mention of Rance as a first result (in fact,I haven’t seen the result yet. I might have to really dig deep in the search results to find it) but rather unrelated words that just so happen to have those letter aligned (i.e. France,Appearance,Intolerance,etc.) as part of the word.

    Not rushing you of course,but I hope me bringing this to your attention helps! Its still much better than before.

    Speaking of gameplay visual novels though… (haven’t played Rance yet myself)
    I highly recommend Baldr Force : Standard Edition if you’re looking for extra experience with the genre.

    This version (which is the only translated version) removes all the porn/H-scenes (which you probably wouldn’t want to see anyway. Look up why at your own discretion),but definitely doesn’t censor anything else. Let me just say that one of the antagonists there is a complete psycho,and (unfortunately) not one you wouldn’t find IRL if you’re unlucky enough to have met up with such a person in your personal life.

    You might wanna check it out if you find yourself getting hungry for some action and giant robots. (although that’s not the only appeal of this VN by any means!)

    1. I asked him about the search engine too. Now I know it was you. Thanks for making it easier for us all.

    2. This is a corner case, and I am not sure that it can be easily fixed. The same issue exists in the internal search engine for comments, which is accessible via the admin panel of this blog. It is correct that I mentioned the VN Rance on this blog before:

      Thanks for the recommendation of that VN. I had a look but the style of the graphics does not appeal to me very much. This reminds me that I wanted to replay Phoenix Wright and the sequels at some point.

  3. Hey Aaron, didn’t you publish an article about Hollywood’s movie industry recently? I skimmed through it and wanted to read it and the comments properly today, but it seems to be deleted for some reason. 

    Best regards

    1. Are you perhaps referring to my article, “1980s Masculinity vs. Present-Day Faggotry“? This article is still available. In fact, I have never taken down an article before, and I have no intention of ever doing so. I have also never edited any article to make it more mainstream-friendly.

  4. Aaron, I know you’re a gamer and have spent time picking up chicks. I was wondering, if you could only keep one:

    1. Video games
    2. Sex

    Which would it be? Which is better overall? Just curious.

    1. I am not sure how I can plausibly answer this. Rationally speaking, the average male will clearly spend more time playing videogames than having sex. On the other hand, you have a sex drive but no drive to play videogames as it is simply a habit you picked up.

    2. Have you ever heard of the infamous lolcow “Chris Chan”,Aaron?

      If not,there are plenty of documentaries of him on youtube. The one made by GenoSamuel is the most comprehensive one,but you probably don’t want to have to consume all that much detail at once,so just picked a random one on youtube that catches your eye to get you some overview.

      One of Chris’ atrocious and retarded habits,is spending large amounts of money on a hoard of games (most egregiously; even DLC’s of games HE DOESN’T EVEN OWN!!) that he ends up not even playing. I think its a common bad habit nowadays to mass purchase in Steam during the biggest sale occassions and end up not even playing half of the games purchased. (I’ll even raise my hand that I’m currently guilty of this.) But imagine this bad habit,but 100x worse with Chris. Literally buying physical copies of games that just go to waste and actually contribute to building up hoard in his dreadful house.

      At least,that used to be the case. Guy is now a (possibly fake) trans in prison for fucking his old withering away mother. No,this sentence is not a joke. You can read up about her on that wiki link I gave. Definitely backs up a lot of what you say that a whole lot of narcissist chicks out there,aren’t actually the attractive ones. Barb was never a looker even before she became the obese “Snorlax” that she is by the time we first heard of Chris and her.

      What does this have to do with the topic of video games and sex? I’ve argued elsewhere that I think Chris would have actually seen an increase in his QoL by saving some of his cash (rather than wasting them all on toys/legos/and video games he doesn’t even play) to get some pay-for-play.

      Dude is that unique,cognitive dissonant mix of being an entitled incel AND bluepill. Some call him the incel prototype. (since I think he became infamous before the word incel)

    3. I know of Chris Chan and his unfortunate status as a “lolcow”. Clearly, he is a mentally ill individual who cannot take care of himself. In my view, it is poor taste to make fun of a disabled person. This contrasts sharply with other “lolcows” such as titty streamers who are highly manipulative and know what they are doing.

    4. I definitely do not condone the long-stretched bullying he endured. Really goes to show how many internet trolls out there do not have a life. Believe it or not,Chris Chan is actually the most documented individual in HISTORY. GenoSamuel simply put all the info out (due to incessant stalking by trolls) there in chronological order in one massive video documentary series.

      Chris Chan’s life is quite the tragedy. He’s pretty much the definiton of this saying:

      Be very careful about sharing any personal info about yourself on the internet. This guy shared so much of himself online publically (even embarrassing personal info),and this is the result. I was bullied pretty regularly myself back in school,and this taught me very early on that there are plenty of people out there who are NOT nice (and that’s putting it lightly) and I always interacted in forums under anonymity. Chris had the a similar experience,but I suppose he was too mentally ill to learn this lesson for himself.

      On another note,I’ve mentioned the topic before of how I feel introducing TV/Video Games too early in children’s lives might not be good for them. I think this would have been especially beneficial in Chris’ special case.

    5. The reddit links you posted are unfortunately only accessible for logged-in users. If it is not too much effort, could you perhaps copy and paste the key parts of those posts?

    6. Oh crap,I forgot that this subreddit is over 18+,which I think requires an account to view. Here’s some imgur shots: (about how I feel Chris should have saved his money for pay for play instead of wasting them on legos/toys and games he doesn’t even play) (TV/Video Games and how it may have affected Chris’ development)

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