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The Vaxx-Induced Great Culling

My predictions regarding Covid and the vaxx have been remarkably accurate. I argued that Covid is bullshit and a psy-op very early on in the scamdemic, at a point where this was a complete fringe position. Three years later, my writings on this topic do not look so schizophrenic anymore. Later, I made the point that the vaxx is a means of genociding the population, in particular whites in Western societies. I recall that this claim was too outlandish for some of you. Yet, the great culling is now underway.

All over the Western world, we are seeing excess mortalities. The other day, official mortality data for Germany were released. From July until December, the relative increases in mortality, compared to the average of the years 2018 to 2021, have been 13, 12, 11, 20, 7, and 19%. These are absolutely staggering increases that are multiple standard deviations outside the norm. This will continue. The effects are already impossible to downplay. For instance, after years and decades of losing money, the German state-pension system made a profit of five billion euros last year.

Of course, the mainstream has no idea what is happening. We are being told that it is absolutely normal that people of all ages just keel over. “Suddenly and unexpectedly” countless people have died. There is some speculation that this is due to climate change, playing video games, or just being too happy. The bullshit those professional liars in politics and the media come up with has become completely detached from reality.

The vaxxed are the majority, and they are not doing well. Anybody working in a larger organization has probably noticed that more people than ever are on sick leave. Amusingly, the vaxxed seem to be getting Covid pretty regularly, knocking them out for one to two weeks every time. As the little spike protein factories in their body have no off-button, their health will only keep getting worse.

On top of excess mortality, there has also been a drastic reduction in child births. I have anecdotal evidence that it is easier than ever to get an appointment at a gynecologist nowadays. From friends in Berlin I know that they were able to pick appointment dates whereas, in the heavily strained German health system, it used to be normal to get assigned an appointment, and often only after weeks of waiting.

I think the vaxx served multiple purposes, all geared towards genociding us. The vaxx was heavily pushed onto pregnant women, with a concomitant drastic uptick in miscarriages. Teenage girls and young women also got it, which negatively affects their fertility, and children have to be sacrificed to Moloch, so if little Timmy dies at the age of 8 it is really most unfortunate, but it could not be helped. It had to be done. Shaving off a few years of the pensioner class was surely only an afterthought. They were only used as the starting point for the mass-vaxx campaign. However, the goal was always to damage children and women as this would inevitably lead to a complete demographic breakdown.

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  1. I thought up a fitting parody song. It’s called, “Anuddah One Bites Da Dust.” The video would feature a Hasidim dancing joyously over a backdrop of ventilator patients, crowded morgues, athletes collapsing.

    1. Unfortunately a lot of people here base their view of the Jews on Daily Stormer memes. If you are interested in acquiring a more realistic, non-caricatured view then I would recommend to read their sources directly. Most of their ethics was compiled and explained by Rambam in the Guide for the Perplexed. They do have a strong in-group preference, but conspiring to kill millions of gentiles is far from kosher.

  2. What’s your position on COVID again? Virus is real, but no worse than the flu? Or is it that there is no new virus, and it’s just a rebranding of the flu?

    1. I think that the original strain of Covid was created in a lab, quite possibly with nefarious intent. The virus itself, however, did not pose a real threat to society. Covid is obviously flu-like. It is, strictly speaking, not a rebranding of the naturally occurring flu virus. Of course, this statement only hold if Covid is indeed man-made.

  3. Aaron,
    “I made the point that the vaxx is a means of genociding the population, in particular whites in Western societies.”

    I quite don’t understand why society would want to eradicate whites. It would be more reasonable to eliminate all the doctors and engineers that are flooding Europe and destroying Europe just like just like all the Central Americans who are flooding the US.

    1. The whole reason why there is a surplus of doctors and engineers is due to “developmental aid” and meddling NGOs. Africans are not particularly good at feeding themselves, despite having some of the most fertile soil available. Prime culprits are NGOs like the German “Brot für die Welt” (lit. “bread for the world”):
      If the elites did not want a surplus of those people, they would not have grown their numbers exponentially. It is quite illuminating to look up how many people lived in Europe in the 19th century vs in Africa.

    2. I’ve commented about this before and I think one of the prime reasons for culling Europeans is IQ and individualism. If things were to have gone towards a more natural progression the West would have been on a fast track towards the “technological singularity”. The choice has been made for us by the elite (some of which are just brilliantly resourceful useful idiots) to halt our progression and revert us back into some sort of neo-agricultural age, where all your basic needs will be met at the cost of your freedom to think, move and act independently. Everyone will be cast under a blanket of surveillance from which any meaningful attempts to liberate ourselves will be immediately quelled. It really helps to move forward with such plans when the average citizen of the world are stuck in a collective bubble and degenerated into dysgenic morons.

      The above scenario is essentially a democratic decision to hold back the few in favor of the many. The technological singularity would inevitably lead to a leap in evolution, to which when such an even occurs generally there is a massive “die off” of the majority of the population in favor of a more adapted form of organism. With such breakthrough technologies we could develop near infinite energy sources and hack our biology to greatly influence our offspring, for example (not to mention AI controlled automation of redundant systems etc. to make day to day life less burdened on the average individual). The industrial revolution and its supposed detrimental effects on the ecosystem was only going to ever be a temporary step towards the rapid progression which could be called “the event horizon”, from which there is no going back. Instead, the elite will secret away these technologies and the general masses will be under a tyrannical pyramid style caste structure from which only a tiny minority are privileged enough to be near the top. And those are my ramblings of a schizophrenic madman for the day.

    3. I also think that this is the reason. The writings of the elites are full of elaborations of this utterly insane plan. A great starting point are Coudenhove-Kalergi’s ramblings about a “pan-Europe”. The problem, however, is that the intellectual facilities of the elites are declining at a rapid clip. A great example of this is the British royal family, arguably the richest and most influential aristocrats in the world. Their children get the best education you can buy, yet they produce one moron after another. Edward Dutton had an unintentionally humorous video on this topic a while ago. Recent members of the royal family managed to flunk every single O-level subject twice, for instance, and there are several family members that do not have their academic records published because they would be too embarrassing. Yet, those are the people that hob-nob with Bill Gates and all the other faggots, discussing how the world should be run.

    4. Also, I think the reason why Sweden had to be destroyed first was their exceptional standard of living. In the 1970s, they had one of if not the most homogeneous country in the world, and were probably the most advanced, too, in terms of metrics like the human development index. This is partly due to population size as it is easier to effectively run a small country, in terms of population size. Out of nowhere, the Swedish government decided, I think it was in 1974, that the country shall become multi-cultural. It’s fucking ludicrous, and it is impossible to find a rational explanation for it. The standard argument is that Swedes allegedly thought that the country is too homogenous and life is not exciting enough. Well, today you have pensioners getting the heating in their state-controlled apartments turned down to, beggars line the streets, and gang crime is out of control. At least life is now more exciting. Right, Sven?

    5. I just thought to add that even if you don’t believe all the conspiracy behind why it’s happening, the West is in the process of de-industrialization. That much is clear (to me). It doesn’t necessarily matter why the reason is, just be aware that shit might get a lot worse.

    6. I have repeatedly used a similar argument when discussing Covid authoritarianism with normies, pointing out to them that even if there is absolutely no collusion between governments the world over, big tech, and big media, it is still the case that a lot of your basic rights disappeared basically overnight. However, getting some of those people to accept reality is sometimes difficult enough. In your example, the problem is that plenty of educated idiots will tell you that service economies are the future and that we no longer need to produce stuff as we can simply create money via pressing a button.

    7. I personally don’t know if a heterogenous society would be fatal and hastened to collapse. I think History speaks for itself. China was torn deeply by the invasion or migration of foreign peoples. There is a firm belief that the US would be able to melt and mold people from all cultural backgrounds and skin colours. But isn’t the constant friction between whites and blacks are the prime counter-evidence for such a belief?

      All around the world, birth rate are declining, I don’t know it if it is entirely due to feminism. It could be true in the West, but not so true in Vietnam or China. This will force country to accept immigration with the hope of augmenting the working population.

    8. Look into the history of the “melting pot” narrative. You will find that it is relatively recent and that it was pushed by a very particular group of people.

    9. I have read the Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. I think I can take away some points of his work. But to be honest, I think his book is problematic in terms of methodology. On the sections where he analyze the works of Franz Boas, he entirely rely on secondary literature, which comes from a highly hostile anthropologist. I also detect at least a quote where the citation doesn’t point to the supposedly listed source in the bibliography. I have emailed MacDonald but he says it cannot find the source. He, of course, says that the quote is true. I gave him the benefit of doubt.

      But yes, I think multi-culturalism and wild immigration is a recent phenomenon. In the late 19th century, America even banned Chinese from immigrating to the US.

      However, I don’t understand this. The Jewish elites in the US want to bring down America since those days. Fast forward to the present, I don’t understand why they want to destroy the US. That would be the suicidal to the existence of Israel. The US has always been a close ally to Israel. Now that China is rising, what would be the fate of Israel? China’s society is still highly homogenous, its government is strong and independent. They would not protect Israel like the US.

      Could it be that the Jews now do not want to bring down US anymore, but the poisonous venom they injected has long taken effects, and they simply cannot reverse it anymore?

    10. I think it’s brutally obvious that Scandinavians and Central/Western Europeans are the most creatively innovative peoples to emerge in modern times. A tiny minority of these populations essentially invented virtually everything of value in contemporary society. This goes beyond physical creations that make life much more bearable and extends to intangible concepts such as law and order. In regards to the singularity it makes sense that Sweden and the rest of Europe was subjected to multiculturalism and other Globalist maladies.

      I imagine this took a monumental effort. Something that had to occur over several generations of carefully crafted demoralization campaigns which took decades to take root and finally bear the fruits of full blown degeneracy. All the while the elite, as you pointed out having become increasingly dysgenic over time, dropped the ball partly by biding their time with activities such as snorting stimulants and engaging in perverted sexual practices. At this point, it’s as if the vehicle has veered off road and driven over a cliff. All that’s left to do now is contemplate the impact.

      In regards to CQV’s comments about countries being forced by necessity to take on immigrants to solve population crises, this is a lie that Boomer’s were heavily sold in the US. Who’s going to harvest all those fruits and vegetables after all? This is a prime example of something the techno-singularity would have easily been able to solve. And as far as boosting the native populations of each respective territory and solving demographics issues is concerned, that is theoretically also a trivial matter during such a leap in innovation. Imagine a super race of “Nordics” being pumped out of artificial wombs every year by the thousands, merely requiring the extraction of sperm and ovum of prime candidates while essentially taking all of the burden off of couples with regards to reproduction. Well, that certainly sounds like a racist’s wet dream, although who knows, maybe Singapore will be at the forefront of such innovations now. Also, I think a big issue with replacement rates today is the economy, which is actively being destroyed. And there are no doubt, in my view, some very serious financial catastrophes in store for us in the future.

  4. @ Pickernanny: “Technological singularity”, “hive mind A.I.”, “infinite energy sources” and “almost immortality-like life span” are all materialist and trans-humanist pipe dreams. They are epistemologically, metaphysically and ontologically impossible.
    Those are gnostic (((“tikkun olam”))) phantasies of turning man into God and marred earth into paradise in the here and now. All of this is nothing new under the sun, it’s very, very old crap. And all those attempts will eventually end in consummate desaster, just like division by zero cannot work.
    The same goes for the gnostic concept of the “elite breakaway civilization” which has been predictively programming through many kind of media for centuries (btw. one visually very intrigueing example is “Dr. Totenkopf” from 2004’s “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”). This will also end in a total shit show.
    All,of this is impossible because it goes against the paradigm of this world and this universe. The fatal flaw of those gnostic (and even worse) “elites” is either their inability or their luciferian pride and unwillingness to accept this fact. After all, they are not the masters of history.

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