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28 thoughts on “Open Thread #262

  1. Modern video games may get more and more pozzed, but there are still surprising releases, such as the Chad simulator Rance coming to Western shores:
    I have not played Rance myself. From what I gather, you play as some kind of warlord and in between battles, you have sex with women or, on occasion, rape them. It sounds like an X-rated version of Fire Emblem.

  2. I don’t think that the Nintendo 64 holds up well graphically, due to the low resolution and muddy textures. This remake of Mario Kart 64, however, has great aesthetics:

    1. This looks really nice. I remember when I figured out there was a shortcut glitch on Wario’s Stadium and really pissed off my friends. It gives you like a 20 second head start (just guessing) for each lap you can land it.

    2. There are actually multiple short cut glitches in the map. You can actually do the whole race in around 10 seconds by jumping directly left after the start and then jumping again back left directly Infront of the finish line.

  3. With the risk of making a strawmen argument, I feel that Most people focus on two types of people, „chads“ and „incells“, when talking about the dating market. I think this misses an important group – the what I call „middle class“.
    This is how a typical dating life of a guy in the middle class could looks like:
    – mostly unsuccessful as a teen
    – from senior year in high school: two or three serious long term relationships which all last multiple years. more often in a relationship than single after high school.
    – when single: not successful in picking up „random women“ (club ONS are usually really ugly and only happens because the guy gets hammered); however still gets laid regularly via „social circle“
    – usually gets married

    1. At a first glance this dating life doesn’t look that bleak. However the dating life of of q middle class today is much worse than in the past m. In the past a person of the middle class got directly married to a high quality women with which he could build a very meaningful relationship. Yes, a guy in the middle class nowadays has more women than in the past, however the quality is much lower, especially for marriage. On top of that the middle class is getting smaller and the inequality between middle class and upper class (chads) is becoming more and more extreme and visible

    2. I think that the dating market is getting more and more bimodal, i.e. a few guys have all the options and most guys don’t do well at all. Just like with the economy, the “dating middle class” seems to get squeezed out. I am not sure that your classification is entirely valid, though. Are you referring to average looking guys who end up in relationships with average to below average looking women? Those normally cling to their women as they have no idea how to get another one. There are also “fake-cels”, i.e. Chads who are unaware of their power level, who get into relationships because women throw themselves at them.

      Also, I see fewer and fewer men getting married. This is particularly an issue in large cities. If I think of the friends and acquaintances I most frequently talk to, their relationship statuses are: divorced (and single), single, single if not with a fuck buddy, technically single (has some kind of long-term chick whom he bangs out of convenience), and single. Those are all reasonable to very successful guys in their 30s. Only one of them has some kind of yearning for a relationship. Even among run-of-the-mill guys I get the impression that they are a lot less concerned about women that you would expect.

    3. “Even among run-of-the-mill guys I get the impression that they are a lot less concerned about women that you would expect.”

      I’ve found knowing the truth about female nature to be a serious wood-killer. I’m old enough to have been raised on the usual idealistic crap about them, so some of it is red pill rage. I’m also not in a big hurry to go where 100+ Chads have probably already been.

  4. I was referring to an above average looking guy being in a relationship with an above average („cute“, „good looking“) woman. The description of this „middle class“ life I wrote actually applies to me and a lot of my friends ( and yes I am married).
    I do agree that most guys don’t do well and that this group is getting larger. Though I think that there are more people in the „middle class“ than „chads“. My guess: 70% incells, 25% „middle class“, 5% chads. Though I have to admit – I could be way off.

  5. “In the past a person of the middle class got directly married to a high quality women with which he could build a very meaningful relationship. Yes, a guy in the middle class nowadays has more women than in the past, however the quality is much lower, especially for marriage.”

    what about all those boomers who got divorced? At least modern guys got a good warning sign of seeing older guys cast aside and turned into ATM machines.

    I do think the old guys had two massive advantages though…

    1.) Much easier to get a high paying career and buy property

    2.) The average woman was less likely to be obese.

    1. I agree with your points.
      My sentence about higher quality women in the past is more suitable for the silent generation. The whole “sexual revolution” started with boomers and the disastrous consequence was the skyrocketing divorce rates. Other disastrous social and economic changes implemented by boomers were only felt by later generations. Therefore, as you wrote, boomers were way better off economically and women back then were less obese (I would also add: less left wing, less tattoos, and less short hair).

    1. Nuclear fusion has gotten a lot more mainstream attention here in Europe. I think that this is bullshit. Our foreign occupiers bombed Nordstream and put heavy sanctions on Russia, which led to energy costs skyrocketing. But, goy, hang in there because there is a new technology just around the corner! Similarly, there has been an increase in stories about hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on boomer TV, which I know from my parents. Supposedly, this technology is supposed to be superior to both petrol-powered vehicles and electric ones. It is nothing but laughable propaganda. Oh, by the way, goy, please don’t forget to take the new “bivalent booster” while you are freezing for Putin! It is for your own safety.

  6. I just watched a documentary on the Ukraine, Ukraine on Fire (2016), which highlights the excessive meddling by the US that led to the current problems. It is worth it just to hear Victoria Nuland (Nudelman), who incidentally happens to be a Jew who is tirelessly working on making the world a better place for everyone, say “Fuck the EU!” in a leaked phone call between her and a top US diplomat. I also recommend looking up the “early life” section on Wikipedia on all the key figures. Putin gets extensive air time, giving some clear and insightful takes on the Western establishment.

  7. When meditating, how many seconds before letting a thought go does it take to count as getting lost in thought? I’m doing pretty well at my current session length, but there are definitely some thoughts/memories that I get lost in for 10-20 seconds each session.

    1. This depends on how you want to define “getting lost”. I would say that you are getting distracted by your thoughts. If you got lost in thoughts, you would find it very difficult to return to having an empty mind.

    2. If you’re only getting distracted, then is it probably safe to add some length to the sessions?

    3. If you are only getting distracted too easily, then it may be better to cut your sessions short. There may also be an external reason that causes this.

    4. Ah, ok. I have been overdoing it with the alcohol a bit over the holidays. Sleep also could be improved. I’ll fix those, and see if I notice improvement. Thanks.

  8. There’s a lot of money to be made in promoting climate change. I don’t believe the models are any more accurate than the coronavirus models that precipitated the lockdowns, asks even if they are it is actually a long way off before anything bad happens. If it’s accurate then next century some parts of the world will be more inhabitable while other parts are less inhabitable. The economic harm that is being done right now to prevent something that MIGHT happen in the future is at least as bad as the future economic harm that we are trying to prevent. Instead of swallowing that pill now lets see if we are better able to handle the fallout next century with technological advances that are coming, and then we don’t have to make people poor today

    1. Probably a lot more people would survive due to increased temperatures. People freeze to death, and there is also the issue of traffic accidents in winter. Currently, there is heavy snowfall in large parts of the US. Surely, those people would now appreciate temperatures above zero.

    1. Refreshing seems to fix it. nitter seems to have some glitches.

      The quoted tweet says “Woman is not a feeling or a costume. Stop erasing women. Stop appropriating our identity. Hands off our hard won sports, spaces, and shortlists” and shows a banner that reads “WOMEN WILL NOT SUBMIT”

      The reply says “The trans madness is primarily promoted by white women, so actually a very large number of you will.”

  9. Speaking on the subject of brutalist architecture, as Civil engineers we are taught that simplicity in structural design begets stability, plus there are only so many ways you can build a skyscraper without increasing horizontal area too much (like Egyptian pyramids). Not to mention the economic side of construction.

    Having said that, whenever there’s a will to build something for more than just its practical application or its resistance against wind/seismic forces, be it a casino, a hotel or even a church, we always end up with eyesores that must appeal more to people who are high on narcotics, or children.

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