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41 thoughts on “Open Thread #261

    1. Just like Merkel before him, Scholz wants to further weaken Germany. What he does not seem to realize, though, is that if you destroy Germany, then all of Europe will go, too, as this country props up the entire continent. The so-called TARGET2 balances illustrates this quite powerfully. In addition to the countless billions Germany has pumped into the EU, they also provided handouts to the tune of over one trillion euros to the rest of Europe, primarily the South. Well, even Kalergi back in the days did not understand that the “mongrel race” he had wet dreams about may well be more easily to control, albeit even this is doubtful, but will simply not nearly be as productive or inventive as the original stock.

  1. Lol, it seems Looks Maximus either completely lost his marbles or he is the best actor ever. Turned 180° on all his turning points:

    1. He has never made more sense than in this video. I guess he really thought things through when he took a break from the internet for a few weeks. He didn’t turn 180 degrees on all his points. He is still an individualist, atheist hedonist, so he hasn’t turned to Abrahamic religion like Roosh V, Victor Pride and Andrew Tate did, for example.

      The only great change I see in Sovereign Patrician/Looks Maximus is that he stopped being bitter and whiny, complaining about how the elites have it great but plebs suffer. He was talking at length on his streams about how small hats manipulate and control the world, keeping all us plebs down. Also he would wax poetically about how much greater things were in the ancient world where men controlled women’s sexuality completely and any man could get laid with a slave for the price of a cup of wine. Fantasizing about something he would never be able to experience.

      I always saw his talk about zero agency slave cunny as a huge cope, just as he says in this new video almost all women who sell sex do it voluntarily. He would say “they sell me their agency temporarily” but that just seems like mental gymnastics. They are voluntarily selling their agency for a limited time in that case, so it’s all still voluntary. So what he says in this video, that if you want to fuck actual slaves you can’t do that in any developed country (Jeffy 3ps7£1n types being the exception) is more honest.

      Now it seems that he has chosen to focus on the positives in life, to enjoy all the great things available to him right here and now. Makes sense since he is literally living in the moment. With leukemia it’s apparently a coin toss whether he will live more than 5 years.
      I would summarize this whole video as “enjoy the current moral decline instead of romanticizing a bygone era which you cannot live in”.

      The final piece of the puzzle which I don’t get is why he still calls himself androcentric. If he recognizes that he wants to sleep with women, and all the women he sleep with require him to do something in exchange (jestermaxx, build a beautiful physique which attracts them our outright pay them money) then how is he androcentric?

    2. Does he have leukemia? This might explain his rapidly declining appearance.

      I don’t agree with your perspective. Doe he really strike you as not being “bitter and whiny” in this video? Quite the opposite seems to be the case. His voice is strained, whereas he used to be quite relaxed in his old videos. To me, he appears to be unhinged, and well on the way to spiraling into madness. This assumes that we were not just exposed to some kind of prank with above-average acting.

    3. I am not sure what to make of this. The first issue I see is that he looks really unhealthy. It seems he has aged by five or six years in the span of two years. He seems to also have deleted his channels on Telegram and Odysee. I recall that he had another video up a few months ago where he talked about his mental health issues. Perhaps his years of roiding are catching up with him.

    4. Doctors suspect chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and he is off to Canada to get it checked. He is done if he really has this type of cancer because there is no cure. Conventional chemo and cancer therapy don’t work. Lifespan after diagnosis is about 3-10 years. As the average age to get the disease is 70 you can rest assured that his steroid abuse was one factor for the outbreak.

    5. This is awful. His roiding surely did not improve his long-term health. Also, there seem to be a connection between the vaxx and getting cancer. Are you aware of him ever making a statement about getting vaxxed? I did not follow him closely, but I did not have the impression that he fully embraced the anti-vaxx narrative. Roiding and vaxxing surely is a double blow to your immune system.

    6. The gear he takes is an underground stuff which makes it likely to contain contaminants. That and having a lot of unprotected sex with strangers are the most likely culprits in my opinion (some STDs are associated with cancer, hepatitis infection increases likelihood of lymphoma for instance).

  2. SBF was arrested in the Bahamas and i believe he’s being charged with securities fraud/conspiracy, wire fraud/conspiracy and money laundering. I made the claim that he would never see jail time, and I figured he’d find a safe haven in Israel. I still think if he was smart he could have dodged jail time. So, the weird thing that people have pointed out is that he was supposed to appear before the Committee at Congress the day before being arrested, leading people to believe that he may have somehow incriminated (((Gary Gensler))) and the FCC, but that’s literally just a conspiracy theory.

    1. I also thought that SBF would get away with his fraud. Perhaps he felt that he was truly untouchable and overplayed his hand. Remember that the Democrats initially asked, not ordered, him to testify. They were treating him with kids’ gloves.

    2. It’s so built into their nature that they can’t help but out-Jew one another even (just kidding!!). I wonder if this is what ended up happening with Epstein, i.e. he pissed off or tried blackmailing the wrong person.

    3. I think that Epstein either crossed a line by trying to blackmail some of the people he worked for or some of the shadow broker were afraid that he would talk. This is the downside of working with such people, as the many suicided friends of the Clintons, and other influential families in the US, demonstrate very well.

    4. It’s insane that people like Kill and Killary Clinton are able to operate out in the open while simultaneously being involved in some of the shadiest dealings possible.

    1. Does anyone find it hilarious that AJ is outta shape, obese even and he is selling “male vitality pills?”

      Maybe cut down on the chesseburgers and soda first, Mr. Jones…

    2. I listened to this today. Quite frankly, this was a lot more hard-hitting than I expected. It is no surprise that the men with small hats have been working so hard (conspiring?) to shut both of them down.

    3. The fact that Fuentes is banned from everything short of the internet in general, and Jones is looking at a ridiculous billion dollar fine for basically talking shit seems pretty fucking excessive. Just look at what the average leftist and even neo-con gets away with, which is much more than mere slander or expressing opinions. The game is obviously rigged. Btw, the part on the debate where Fuentes warns that when the JQ catches on more and more in the mainstream, how the elite will essentially wish for the more simple days of relatively docile Fuentes as the heat of the public is coming down on them…that sentiment sent chills down my spine.

    4. The JQ is going mainstream. If I were a neurotic Jew, I would consider leaving. In fact, there are some holocaust survivors who are already sounding the alarm bells. The Jews are getting quite antsy, and the kvetching to the US government is also intensifying.

      Looking back, it almost seems that the elites rolled out Jordan Peterson in an attempt to suppress growing dissatisfaction with the way society is going. This guy made utterly ludicrous statements such as that we should be grateful that all those high-IQ Jews act as stewards of society. Well, it took only a few years until the mask went off completely. Now he is best pals with Ben Shapiro, has dinner with the Israeli PM, and tells whites that they have nothing to be proud off.

    5. I breezed through all three articles you linked to as they were succinct, though quite telling. Those Hebrew “spidey senses” are tingling, and somehow I also get the feeling that this isn’t completely alarmism but rather a legitimate concern.

      “My great-aunts and great-uncle all went on to marry and raise their own families.”

      I always find these statements funny because literally (and I mean literally) every Jewish family has a grandparent or some other family member that survived the holocaust (I actually have a pretty messed up personal story about this). I’m not the best with numbers, but it just seems improbable that so many Jewish families claim to have surviving kin folk while at the same time bloating death figures in the 6 millions from European Jews alone. I don’t know, it just doesn’t stack up in my mind.

      I’m going to guess that as the US government gets more pressure from the ADL to clamp down and exercise more censorship, it’ll just result in increased exposure to the JQ in general. This is publicity that I assume will ultimately end up being undesirable for them long term. The JQ does certainly seem to be going or to already have gone mainstream, and if it hasn’t completely yet then more attacks on free speech will probably just end up dragging it more out into the open. This is certainly becoming very entertaining to watch.

      JP is certainly working for the opposition. I get adds on youtube videos featuring JP seated at a round table with the chosen, for example, figuratively licking their collective anuses. They are pulling all the stops now it seems, calling in favors from all of their devoted Shabbos goy and demanding billions of dollars from Western governments in desperate attempts to fight off regime change in the countries they still control either through actual force or through coercion by other means.

    6. Yeah boys i cant wait to reopen Auschwitz, those big nosed goblins have it comming, im gonna start by painting a david star in the house of Art Spiegelman. I wonder if he is as clever as his father was when it comes to elluding aryan justice .

    1. This is ridiculous. They should be fully aware that due to the CyberPunk 2077 disaster they are now under increased scrutiny. On the other hand, it is possible that they thought that they have now fully broken into the mainstream, so it does not matter anymore if they anger their core fanbase.

    2. I seems their priorities lie with pleasing their new owners. Destroying their IPs is expected. Who cares about their fanbase when you’ve got billionaires backing you?

    1. My hypothesis is that this is just Moroccans being Moroccan. Or is this a raycis thing to say?

    2. Hahaha… political correctness prohibits that kind of discussions. “Nothing happened, everyone was on vacation”

  3. A new study by a team of leading German pathologists confirms that the vaxx indeed leads to heart damage, perhaps explaining why so many people keep dying suddenly and unexpectedly. (Uber’s mom was fuming when I told her about it.) This is the money shot from the abstract: “Overall, autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic cardiac failure. Thus, myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

    I was very amused by the “graphical abstract”. It seems that today’s doctors have a hard time with reading or skimming long texts so they need to get informed about key findings differently:

    Rumor has it that the world’s leading science journals are working on piloting emoji-based graphical abstracts in order to remove the issue of knowledge transfer. It was found that third-world doctors are very adept when it comes to communicating with emoji but struggle with other forms of graphical representation, which is exclusively due to racism.

    Regardless of what you may think about the dumbing down of science, I am glad that we are still making progress. This innovation brings us a big step closer towards the reception scene in Idiocracy, after all:

    1. We already knew it could cause myocarditis, though. This study is detailing the histology of fatal cases.

      And led by a Jewish researcher, no less. 😉

    1. I saw this, too. Supposedly, this was not due to sabotage. However, apparently nobody bothered to check the structural integrity of this aquarium. I wonder if diversity hiring is to blame for this oversight.

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