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The Bleeding Edge of Female Representation in Video Games

Many of you are deeply concerned about the representation of women in video games. Whereas in the past, developers put hot chicks into games wherever they could, which we now look back on and are appalled. In contrast, today’s developers are much more sensitive towards cultural norms. You will be surprised to learn how far we have come already.

Back in 2016, the Internet was outraged when it was discovered that Final Fantasy XV had a minor character called Cindy Aurum who was not an obese, disfigured woman but a 10/10 slut:

It is an outrage that some basement-dwelling gamer bros extracted this character model and put it into different games. I hear that playing the Resident Evil 3 with her makes the game significantly better — if you are a bigoted male, that is!

Well, there is a lot of work left to do for society. We really need to learn to overcome valuing female beauty because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and has nothing at all to do with human evolution. While the company behind Final Fantasy XV, and the upcoming ultra-racist Final Fantasy XVI, i.e. Square Enix, lets us down, thankfully its competitor Capcom can be relied on. This company has been infiltrated, er, due to careful and methodological introspection this company has realized that they need to be an agent of change. The image below is from a leaked slide deck from a reeducation session for their developers. It shows that Capcom is brave and fully embraces diversity. Buff men are OK, cross-dressing is fine, but sluts in bikini armor are now verboten:

They have figured out that the average gamer, a dude in his 30s or 40s, wants nothing more than playing as a buff guy with pigtails. This was just the beginning, however. In the upcoming game Street Fighter VI, Capcom has gone one step further. Let me introduce you to the new fighter Marisa. This is what she looks like:

This is the pinnacle of female beauty. I am impressed by this really tasteful design by Capcom.

Is this not marvelous? This character combines both hyper-femininity and extreme masculinity. According to Capcom’s own information, this is a 6’8″ tall female that weighs 269 pound. Marisa has boobs, a dick, probably a vagina, too, and appeals to both men and women alike. I can really see her become a fan-favorite.

On a similar note, there are rumors floating around that Capcom has made further changes to the beloved character Ashley in the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4. In the original, Ashley is a 10/10 teenage bombshell in a tight sweater and a miniskirt that added an extra level of challenge due to the distractions players had to deal with thanks to the boner they got while looking at her. In the remake, however, not only has Ashley had her tits reduced to almost nothing and appears in clothes that do not flatter her figure at all, she is also — hold on to your seats! — trans. There will be cut scene in which the male protagonist goes for the kiss and Ashley puts his hand on her crotch in response. At first, Chris is startled, which leads to the following dialogue:

Ashley: “I have a lot more to offer than a regular woman. In fact, I am better than a woman.”
Chris: “…”
Ashley: “Chris, you can handle this. You also know that you can handle this!”
Chris: “I can handle this, Ashley.”

This is followed by a very tasteful sex scene that takes cues from the similarly very tasteful sex scene between a gay man and a trans person in The Last of Us, Part II, which was widely celebrated online.

This is the golden age of gaming. Looking back, I am ashamed of myself that I used to enjoy games more when they had hot women in them. Now I know that those greedy, capitalist companies only hijacked my brain. They misled, tortured, and corrupted me. I feel disgusted just thinking about it, but thankfully we gamers can now practice tolerance without having to leave our mother’s basement. What a time to be alive!

11 thoughts on “The Bleeding Edge of Female Representation in Video Games

  1. Jesus, that video. I wonder how long Square Enix can sustain the pressure of not bending to the woke mobs? You spoke about FFXVI being the next Witcher 3, and maybe, with the added benefit that FFXVI will most definitely have way better action based fighting mechanics. Considering how long the Final Fantasy development cycles are they’ve probably had this game mapped out for years now, making it a lot harder to compromise suddenly. They might just bend the knee starting with the next development cycle. Just speculating.

    I looked more into Street Fighter 6. While the trans thing they shoe horned in gets fully exposed legs, Chun Li does no longer. It might not be completely all bad honestly, because her bottom half resembles an obese chick having shoved herself into some yoga pants. Chun Li always did have some thick legs, but I don’t remember her being this disproportionate back during the Street Fighter 2 days.

  2. This is Capcom’s description of Marisa, taken straight from their website:

    An up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy who claims ancestry to ancient Greek warriors. As a child, she was inspired by a vision of the Colosseum in its prime. Today, she seeks glory with a smile—and an eye for beauty.

    Quite frankly, this is retard-tier fan fiction. Even the most satirical takes on wokeness in videogames are nowhere near that level of bizarreness. This thing is taller than 99.9999% of men and probably the most masculine character in the game. Yet, it is also a “jewelry designer” with an eye for beauty. Well, how could it be any other way, considering the surreal level of beauty it sees everytime it looks in the mirror?

    1. You think the Japanese are trolling with that one? I imagine the guy responsible for writing that snickering to himself as he did so.

    2. I had not considered this but it is indeed conceivable, seeing how utterly ridiculous this character is. Capcom has created joke characters before. The most well-known one is Dan from the Street Fighter series, which only exists to make fun of SNK for their lack of creativity. In my view, this was in bad taste, in particular since SNK has much more creative character design than Capcom.

  3. In relation to that remark you made about Capcom pointing to BOTW as an example of what not to do with regards to the male savior trope, it appears Nintendo is cucking in this way with the Mario movie. I’ve seen all the clips of it so far, and everything I’ve gathered is that Mario is your typical sitcom tier buffoon, Princess Peach is sassy and confident, and the damsel in distress is actually going to be Luigi. And instead of hiring talented voice actors, they decided to throw more money at rich Jewish celebrities such as Seth Rogan and Jack Black. There was also this article about a year ago detailing how Nintendo was planing on hiring more women managers:

    1. This is disheartening to read. Also note that the reasoning in the article is nonsensical. Look at this:

      Nintendo has noted in the past that franchises like Animal Crossing, Yoshi, and Kirby are all huge hits with women. Animal Crossing in particular is now one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises with New Horizons selling over 30 million copies. Nintendo believes they can more successfully cater to a wide audience if their workforce reflects that diversity.

      Those games are already successful. Do they think they are going to sell 300 million copies of Animal Crossing if they put more female managers in charge? I would argue that the opposite can easily happen. Also, this company, as a whole, caters to a very wide demographic already. If they stop promoting people based on ability, they will easily find themselves in a position to lose a lot of money.

    2. I’m really struggling to understand the logic with these kinds of decisions. My only guess is that there is no reasoning behind it and rather it’s something that they’re either being incentivized for doing, or doing it to avoid some sort of punishment. I don’t really get it. Surely, Japanese businessmen know deep down that female managers will ultimately be bad for productivity. Any small uptick in video game sales seems mute given that some of your more competent employees might just end up giving the company the finger after being harassed by some diversity hire enough times. I think we might get a few more decent games out of Nintendo before they do something that disgusts me on some fundamental level. I’m already boycotting this dumbass movie.

    3. The only rational explanation I have is that Nintendo is getting strong-armed into this by virtue of “activist capitalism”. Do you know about ESG (“Environmental, Social, and Governance”)? This is about as elegant an acronym as DEI (why not “DIE”?) for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and it is the primary method via which Big Finance pushes companies around. You have people like Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock who happens to be Jewish, and whose company has a board that just so happens to be completely Jewish. BlackRock is the largest asset management firm in the world, and they are better known to the public via their “iShares” brand of ETFs. You buy shares in their ETF, BlackRock buys the actual shares in companies, and thus gains voting powers.

      The grift works as follows: Larry Fink and his bros roll up and tell the management board of some company, “Nice company you got here, pals. Would be real shame if something happened to it.” Then they explain that in order to remain in good standing with the world’s largest asset management company, they need to update their internal policies. Of course, this is a win-win because everything they suggest will only make the world a better place, tikkun-olam style.

    4. I only recently learned about the whole ESG rating system with regards to CDPR. The Witcher is effectively going to be pozzed from now on as far as I can tell. It would see as though it’s only a matter of time before Black Rock or other similar organizations gobble up everything worth a damn and bastardize it. The only seemingly feasible hope is, as you’ve outlined before, collapse and revolution.

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