End-of-Year 2022 Fundraiser

It’s the end of the year and as many of you deliberately do not have an expensive girlfriend or wife, maybe you want to send some love to the author of this blog instead. So, think of all the enjoyment, education, and entertainment you got from this blog all this time and send some some token of gratitude.

As you know, there are no ads on this site, which benefits your reading experience. Furthermore, I have been kicked out of the Amazon Affiliates program, which used to bring in a steady trickle of money. The jackboot of Big Tech rests on this blog as well.

Your contributions will go towards my hosting fees, hardware, and some miscellaneous expenses related to my writing. For instance, I am currently setting up a little writing corner at my place, for which I will probably get a mid-range PC, likely used, to have a stationary setup instead of only relying on my laptop.

You can contribute in two ways: donate BitCoin or donate funds via PayPal.

If you use BitCoin, my address is:

I also welcome donations to my PayPal account ( Please use the “friends and family” option because otherwise PayPal will subtract a substantial fee.

Thank you very much for your support!

6 thoughts on “End-of-Year 2022 Fundraiser

  1. Aaron,
    I just submitted my donation. Enjoy! As you know, I will always continue to donate so you can have a steady stream of income!

  2. Just something I’d like to suggest/request…

    Is it possible to implement a more refined search engine for this blog in the future? Like something that could find keyword searches from a specific user or something of the sort? Makes it easier to dig up the archives for some of AlekNovy’s insightful old comments/posts,or look for old conversations.

    You can do this in google search,but its nowhere near optimal.

    1. WordPress allows for that kind of functionality out of the box, but I will see if there are any suitable plug-ins around. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I just installed a plug-in for improved search. Let me know if it is an improvement.

    3. A definite improvement! When I type my username or Alek’s,the search results will give every thread we have ever commented on.

      If there’s still room for improvement,I’ll let you know later on,but thanks for listening to my request. 😀

      On another note,I reconnected with my best internet friend not too long ago. The man’s rich now,but unfortunately he has a girlfriend who is making his life miserable. He’s tried to get over here and he’s actually dated prettier and younger women,but in the end,even that didn’t help. I strongly urged him to take a consultation session with you because I believe you can help him out. I hope he’s reached out. Your consultation fees should be peanuts to him.

      It would be painful to see him flush his life down the toilet just because of bad romantic choices when everything else in his life looks to be in order.

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