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26 thoughts on “Open Thread #191


    Austria: Mandatory vaccination reportedly postponed until April due to “technical implementation problems.” In addition, data protection experts criticize the project because it introduces a kind of dragnet search (OE24)

    Well well well, somebody afraid of Police force being decapitated like in Kazakhstan?

    “technical implementation problems” my ass…

    @Alek – you were right. It seems to me that they’re backpedaling in the least reputation damaging way.

    1. Guess they saw this video here.

      Oh it has nothing to do with gas prices and everything to do Covid. Needless to say, the official narrative is total BS. I heard rumors that one can’t withdraw money from one’s bank account in Kazakhstan without a vaxx pass.

      P.S. my phone just rang and Uber’s mom reassured me that her sister’s neighbor’s roommate’s best friend was in Almaty and it’s all peaceful protests about LGBTQXYZ rights. Move on, nothing to see here.

    2. Nah it’s the gas also. my family is from KZ. elites make billions with gas while people don’t get anything from the profits, typical eastern shit whole

    3. Yeah, Dude. I seriously advise against lumping every protest there is into the “CIA color revolution” bunch. There might be some nuances mostly known by the locals.

    4. “Nah it’s the gas also.”

      So, what else is is it besides the gas? Are the rumors true that one can’t withdraw money from the bank without a vaxx pass?

      “elites make billions with gas while people don’t get anything from the profits, typical eastern shit whole”

      No. What this is, is typical eastern communist victim shit thinking. “They make money and I should get a cut even if I contributed nothing.” I have roots in Eastern Europe (former socialist state, not de jure, but de facto ex-Soviet Union) as well and the “somebody fix my problems” is strong there. I appreciate that the crony capitalism is unfair, but no Kazakh citizen complaining about not getting anything from the profits has ever drilled for gas and just being born in a country with resources is not really an achievement worthy of profit sharing. Yes, it’s fucked up, but the cry for better top-down redistribution is silly and stupid, given it is the vacuum that happened after decades of top-down redistribution that caused the entire current dynamic.
      It’s like telling the junkie to pick a healthy vein in his skull, because he fucked up to many other veins all over his body by injecting heroin into them. It’s not really the solution, isn’t it?

      Man, this is so fucked up. People try to fix the concept of government with more government. What a bunch of pussies have been created by a multi-decade period of brainwashing. Can’t cope with cognitive dissonance anymore. Tough shit, eh? Gotta admit that the beliefs one had been holding over generations are actually wrong…

    1. The idea from a few days ago, I don’t know who mentioned it, is starting to make more sense. The mainstream media will slowly start to pretend like they were always skeptical and not overt vaccine-zealots.

    2. I think it is possible that they will simply drop Covid as a topic and pretend it never was an issue, similar to, for instance, the supposed interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election. From one day to the next, this topic was dropped, with hardly any consequences for anybody involved in that conspiracy. In the case of Covid, there could now be more and more “difficulties” coming up regarding the implementation of a general vaxx pass, and surely the millions who are rising up are not helping either. A worst case scenario, though, is that we will see a new ZOG war that dominates mainstream media.

  2. I just learned that the German CDC equivalent, the Robert Koch Institute, fudges even more data than previously thought. If you mixed-and-matched your vaxxes and get Covid, you will never be counted as a “breakthrough infection”, er, vaxx failure case because it cannot clearly be determined which shot is to blame. This is all so shady and dishonest.

    1. Fuuuck, that’s uber-level of dishonest. I honestly wasn’t expecting that level of brazen-fuckery.

    2. On a related note, I recently learned that there is a term for Uber’s favorite argumentative technique. It is referred to as the “burden-of-proof fallacy”. Of course, we can see through this nonsense even without putting a name on the technique, albeit that would probably be its own category of logical fallacy, i.e. the claim that you cannot make use of a particular method if it is not solidly established and clearly named in literature. You encounter this a lot when Reddit dipshits write, “citation needed” for something really obvious that is simply politically incorrect.

    3. That’s interesting, and it makes perfect sense. We kind of could define it and recognize it each time that he (and other soros-trained checkers use it), but it’s good to put a name on it.

    4. On the same point. I’ve been listening to the Robert Malone interview over the past few days. One of the most explosive points he made in this interview is that with the covid vaxx the burden of proof has been reversed, for the first time in history.

      Vaccines (and well drugs and medicine in general) are to be assumed harmful and to have long-term side-effects… And the burden of proof is on the producer to prove that it doesn’t have long-term effects.

      With covvaxxines… it has flipped. They are assumed to have NO long-term effects, and unless you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they might have any long-term side-effects, then they don’t.

    5. I listened to Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan as well last week. This part also stood out for me. I think he phrased it along the lines that it is required to interpret any post-vaccination death as vaccination-related if there is no conclusive proof that this is not the case. If we did that in the case of the vaxx then the death toll would be through the roof. Just think of all those people who have been dying “suddenly and unexpectedly”, with an addendum that this absolutely has nothing to do with the vaxx. Well, by agreed-upon standards, those are all vaxx deaths, as common sense suggests anyway.

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  3. Do you remember when you were an Alex-Jones-tier kook if you warned that the “digital health app” that shows your vaxx status would inevitably get tied to your ID? Of course, before that governments worldwide professed that they would never-ever introduce any kind of digital health app, and now all do. This train has no brakes, though, so as of today, we have the first country, Germany, that wants to tie your Covid app to your national ID card:
    But do not worry, Uber’s mom told me that this means nothing. She is quintuple vaxxed and only needs to get a test to enter the shopping mall, which is a really small price to pay for safety.

  4. Normies are waking up at an exponential rate. In Germany, the Twitter hashtag #ichbinraus, which translates to “I’m out”, is trending:
    Also, “vaccine regret” seems to be getting more and more common.

    On a related note, after “flurona” did not really catch on, the highly-intelligent and virtuous elites are now trying their luck with the new and even deadlier “deltacron” variant. The crazy-train has no brakes.

    1. Germany is pushing back the timeline for vaxx mandates from late Jan to potentially maybe perhaps would love to February/March. They’re folding.
      Listen to this crap:

      “It had always been clear that a general vaccination obligation could not offer a contribution to the mastering of the current Omikron wave, said Kühnert on Monday (10. 1.) in Berlin. ”

      Yeah, right…

      Full quote & source below

      Der SPD-Generalsekretär Kevin Kühnert sieht das Parlament mit Blick auf die Entscheidung über eine Impfpflicht nicht unter akutem Zeitdruck. Es sei immer klar gewesen, dass eine allgemeine Impfpflicht keinen Beitrag zur Bewältigung der aktuellen Omikron-Welle bieten könnte, sagte Kühnert am Montag (10. 1.) in Berlin. Er reagiert damit auf Kritik aus verschiedensten Parteien an möglichen Verzögerungen im parlamentarischen Verfahren. Mit Blick auf die Ansage von Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz von Dezember, die Impfpflicht solle möglichst bis Februar oder März auf den Weg gebracht werden, sagte der Generalsekretär, Scholz habe dies damals lediglich als «wünschenswert» bezeichnet.

    2. I recall reading some “expert” musing that even if the vaxx mandate were to get pushed through parliament in February it would probably take at least until May until they could get started. My impression, though, is that there is a lot of backtracking going on. In completely unrelated news, more and more people are joining the weekly protests. In some cities there are now daily (!) protests.

  5. A found a wonderful comment Zerohedge. I must say I really like this perspective.

    “I suspect that it is in fact the so called “global elites” who are the most obvious victims of “mass formation psychosis”.
    Being the sociopaths they are, which compels them to lie, cheat, steal, back-stab and exploit their way to the utmost heights of narcissism and pretense, they have collectively convinced one another – in their Bilderberg and Davos gatherings – that they are above humanity.
    Further, they have conspired to exterminate and/or enslave the “little people” by remaking them into a subservient transhuman caste – a biometrically tethered slave race of their own genetic recreation.
    Which of these two groups – the 1% or the 99% – is truly mad?
    Which truly suffers from a shared psychosis?
    Time reveals all.”

    1. I read excerpts of it. It is a pretty thick book, written in archaic language, so it will take a while to get through it. I would recommend reading, or at least skimming, the following entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy first:
      Oftentimes, book from Hobbes’ time are written in a very meandering style, which can make them tedious to read. Also, the presentation tends to suffer as well. In case you attended a lecture or seminar on philosophy at university, you are well-aware of professors talking two hours about one page of some author, arguing about what he “really” meant. In the worst case, it is like modern legalism when academia claims that some 17th or 18th century philosopher was some kind of crypto-supporter of socialism or transgenderism and was simply ahead of his time or, my favorite, despite what he wrote, he actually held the opposite opinion and simply made some misogynist remarks as he was afraid of societal repercussions. Contemporary philosophy is simply a worthless discipline.

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