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29 thoughts on “Open Thread #190

  1. This is the most uplifting news story I have come across in a long time:
    In the middle ages, people worked for only about 12 weeks a year, and common laborers were more financially secure than today’s working and middle classes. I only recently learned that the great cathedrals built in the middle ages were largely volunteer efforts where artisans simply spent a good chunk of their 180 holidays per year. They probably would not have worked on castles for free, though, like the volunteers of the project above.

    1. Wow, this is really cool. Imagine breaking away from society and having your own little medieval community. You could do tours and charge people, as well as having all kinds of farm raised and home cooked goods for sale. Perhaps there is even potential to follow in the footsteps of the Amish and get certain benefits, or at least some kind of sovereignty.

    2. “In the middle ages, people worked for only about 12 weeks a year, and common laborers were more financially secure than today’s working and middle classes.”

      Where do you get this information from? I had heard that medieval peasants worked less than we do now, but I didn’t realize that it was this little (if that figure is accurate).

    3. I came across this several times in my reading and it did not at all strike me as an implausible claim. Think of a farmer: he has to work when there is a need to, i.e. tilling the soil, sowing seeds, and harvesting. Add up those days, and you end up with less than a quarter of a year of actual working time.

    4. The book A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind touches on this. At some periods in time many Romans had plenty of downtime that they used to participate in community projects, like much of the awesome architecture that came out of that civilization . If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Nazi workforce throughout much of the 30s had a similar outcome.

    5. I read a good part of this book recently, and quite enjoyed it. It has been almost a year since you first recommended it but over Christmas I finally got around to going through it. My biggest surprise was that the major civilizational catastrophes the author discusses were caused by usury. Yes, obviously the author follows a particular angle but this does not mean that the critical reader should dismiss this book wholesale; I whole-heartedly recommend this book, by the way.

      The angle that Julius Cesar fought against the patricians, i.e. the 1% of his days, who then conspired against him and killed him was new to me. Well, the death of Cesar I learned about multiple times even in state education, first in history and a second time in Latin class. However, my teachers and the textbooks they were using did not even mention the role of capital. The thesis of my Latin teacher was that Cesar got murdered “because he became too powerful”. This may be a plausible argument in isolation but it is not the case that the rulers who succeeded him were not dictators. I knew about ZOG attacking every country that does not want to submit to the petrodollar world order but I have not come across a book that made this case so succinctly as this one.

    6. I think this is pretty much a myth. Probably it came about as a counter-point, after the fact, to the Enlightenment. You see, goy, you used to work ten weeks a year and built phenomenal cathedrals, but now you work 18-hour days in a factory, and increase the GDP, so clearly you are now better off. On a related note, if you have not yet read the Unabomber Manifesto, I strongly recommend you do so as it will make you view technological progress in a different light.

    7. I have thought for a while now that the small family farm system was the best for most Americans. Reason being that they owned and worked on their own land. Industrialization has shown itself to be a failure. Americans never wanted to move to the cities. They were forced out by monopolistic agribusiness propped up by tax dollars.

      So, people including children, were essentially forced into wage slavery. Everyone is cool with children working on family farms. In fact, it is referred to as chores. Reason being that they work for the homestead. Then it was shifted to working for a corporate entity, to pay a landlord, propped up by credit.

      Industrialization only worked in the US for about 3 decades after the war. It was horrible during the guilded age and the robber barons are ratcheting it back. The only reason why it worked for a time is because families owned property because dad was making enough money. This is why homemaking is actually LIBERATING for women. Because they are working for the homestead. And to this day women want to do it. It’s natural. This is how insidious feminism is. It convinces women to be oppressed while claiming liberation. Similar to how liberals embrace Third World immigration which primarily supports corporate interests.

  2. El Salvador just put out a PSA encouraging its inhabitants to pursue a healthy lifestyle:
    When was the last time you heard anything along those lines from your Western government? Also, I do not know how you interpret this but from my perspective, I think that El Salvador is doing a lot right and seems to be on an upwards trajectory, which is quite a contrast from the West. If anything, my government tells me to consume harmful drugs, get shot up with mystery juice, pay taxes to finance illegal immigrants, turn your kids into the opposite sex, and get fat.

  3. I just came across a post where someone claimed that women in NYC have begun lying about their vaxx status after having gotten rejected over it by men. The source does not seem very trustworthy; in any case, it is just based on a few anecdotes. Also, even though the dynamic described is immediately plausible (women lie about their number of sexual partners, and arguably this is less of a problem than the vaxx), I think it would be too early for this to be a mainstream phenomenon as we are only in the beginning of a shift in the public perception. Of course, people on the fringe like us are far ahead of the curve, rejecting vaxxed women for serious relationships out of principle, and from the get-go.

    If there is a critical mass of women getting rejected over the vaxx you can be that there will be “anti-hate-crime legislation”. Remember that in California, it not a crime to lie about carrying HIV/AIDS. Likewise, it is only a matter of time until women will be given the right to lie about their vaxx status, and men who insist on bloodwork will be sent to jail, similar to how some countries have decided that it is a jailable offence to want to know if your kids are really yours by means of a genetic ancestry testing.

    1. “No, no, I wasn’t a Nazi back then” in 1946 = “No, no, I didn’t take the vaxx back then” in 2022/2023.

  4. Have you all been following Novak Djokovic’s case? He’s probably the highest-profile anti-vaxxer right now, and the Australian government (as a globalist lackey) is trying to make an example out of him, the biggest ever champion of their premier tennis tournament. Apparently they have him holed up in a Melbourne airport, and his father is already being attacked as a conspiracy wacko after his reaction to the whole charade.

    1. Uber wrote to me too, telling me that Novak Djokovic would probably play even better if he got vaxxed four or five times, and when I expressed some doubts regarding this rather questionable claim, he called me dishonest and a conspiracy theorist. In fact, he became downright hostile toward me. According to Uber, the only way to disprove his claim would be to vaxx Djokovic and see how well he performs afterwards, which, I was told, was a win-win, because even if he does not end up playing better, he will enjoy the benefit of being protected from “severe cases” of Covid.

    2. This case seems to be making national news all over Europe but seemingly less so in the US. I recall some anonymous commenter online mocking the fact that one of the fittest, healthiest men in the world gets pestered by doughy, dysgenic “Covid ambassadors”, or whatever they title is, which are employed by the Australian government to subjugate the population. It is quite absurd.

    1. I just noticed that I posted this link only after you had left this comment already. I simply overlooked it. In any case, this is certainly a win for us.

  5. Pfizer had requested to release their vaxx trial data over the course of 75 years because nothing screams “trust SCIENCE!” louder than hiding information from the public and ensuring that everything is only out in the open after a very large percentage of the people alive today have died, of the vaxx or otherwise. A US federal judge has now put an end to this nonsense:
    For the next scamdemic, Big Pharma surely is going to work on compromising the entire legal system as well. This makes me wonder how far the Mossad has come with building up a successor for Epstein’s position of Chief of Israeli Kompromat Generation.

  6. I got a red/near infrared LED panel for Christmas and thought the idea of photobiomodulation was pretty silly. I started looking into the research behind it and then actually started using it regularly, and I have to say it’s actually pretty nice. This morning when I used it it felt like I had just got done sun bathing. You know that happy feeling you get after finally feeling the warm sun on your skin after a long Winter? Since there is no UV light there is no risk of burning or tanning, but there appears to be a multitude of health benefits to utilizing red light therapy. I can see myself using it all Winter long for sure. If anything, it’s lifted my mood quite a bit.

    1. This is very interesting. If you do not mind sharing, which model are you using and for how long? I do not know anything about infrared panels but I am familiar with the positive effects of natural-light lamps.


    Does anyone else watch/see this and start to imagine the Aussies losing it, flipping out and hanging this guy off a tree or lamp-post? Is it just me.

    I almost felt surreal reading/watching this. I actually felt a surreal sense of dread or fear. But not for me. For the situation. Like watching Hitler’s or Ceaușescu’s last hours or something.

    1. Put in another way, I felt surreal watching this guy’s press-conference, as if I was watching Ceaușescu’s last speech… Almost like I am seeing a dead-man speaking. Very weird feeling. Maybe it’s just complete nonsense, and the ozzies will just take, but for some gut-wrenching reason I feel like they’re going to snap.

    2. This is indeed surreal. All those lies and this guy’s hubris will end one day. By the way, the comparison to Hitler is not apt. Mainstream opinion is that he killed himself, followed by his corpse, as he had degreed, being doused in petrol and burnt, as his inner circle was giving the Roman salute. That Australian politician can only dream of such an outcome.

    3. Ceaușescu (and his wife) at least looked somewhat disturbed and puzzled during his last speech once the crowd’s sentiment went south.
      This guy seems oblivious. Well, he has no crowd to give him feedback either. OK, the protests, but maybe it’s not on his radar.

    1. Nothing to see here, move along. Unless you can prove that every single bad actor in the world conspired with every other bad actor in the world, conspiring doesn’t exist, because only perfectly synchronized conspiring can exist, otherwise goverments, corporations and elites have to be angellic. The only way to do nefarious things is if you do them perfectly, and since perfection doesn’t exist, these goverments are perfectly angellic and the data manipulation must be for a good cause.

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