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32 thoughts on “Open Thread #192

  1. I just got back into the gym and I love it. The best thing about the gym is that it is honest. It doesn’t lie to me. It doesn’t care who I know. No ponts for chronyism. Put in the work, get the results. It’s one of the few places I feel liberated.

    1. I have not been to a gym in about two years, thanks to all those bullshit Covid measures. I think the current regulation here is that you need to be vaxxed and put a mask on. I agree with your sentiment. Physically exerting yourself feels great.

    2. Ditto on everything both of you said. Can’t wait to go back to gym once the crazy shit is over. It was my main form of meditation. I would also describe it as feeling liberating.

  2. The backtrackening is real folks. We were right. It’s going exactly as we predicted.

    This is a nice segment from GBN about the backtranening. Amongst other things, the BBC going all “ooooh we gotta live with this virus, and be reasonable”


    Uber is going to say “yes you predicted everything correctly, but, you didn’t predict exactly which asshole will backtrack by how much on which day, therefore you are wrong and this is a conspiracy theory, besides, my mom watches that show daily, and it wasn’t that much of a backtrack”

    1. I’ll be interested to see how The Daily Stormer couches this as their predictions will be canceled if yours pan out.

    2. I love the comparison with the Iraq war where afterwards everybody was suddenly against it. On a more general note, and without wanting to excessively gloat, I have to say that I effing nailed it with Covid. I wrote the first long critical article in March 2020:
      Back then, this was a position that was considered downright lunatic by the mainstream and even on my little fringe blog here I got flak from some of the commenters. Uber showed his hand early in the comments thread of the article above, by the way.

      What I find downright revolting is when dipshits like Scott Adams now claim that there is no way that anybody could have predicted that Covid was bullshit and we only got it right by “wrongly interpreting inadequate data”, or something along those lines. Sure, a disease that kills 0.0002% or so of those who catch it, and hardly ever anyone without preexisting conditions, is worth shutting down society for so that we can roll out global communism. Give me a break! This was a planned operation and the stewards of it were so sure of winning that the openly told you what they were planning to do. Meanwhile, we have presstitutes tell us that the “great reset”, just like the “great replacement” are nothing but conspiracy theories.

    3. I love the comparison with the Iraq war where afterwards everybody was suddenly against it.

      Huh! That was my favorite part too. I am sending this clip to all my friends, and I’m like “I especially loved the analogy to the Iraq War”. It’s fucking perfect.

    4. What I find downright revolting is when dipshits like Scott Adams now claim that there is no way that anybody could have predicted that Covid was bullshit

      Scott Adams can eat shit and die for saying that. Seriously. Fuck him.

      Top-epidemiologists told us it was bullshit very early on. They pressed on. Fucking nobel lauretes told us this. In fact, top epidemiologists everywhere told us that the swedes are following the science, and others are not. They told us this is a virus like any other that will just grow weaker over time… since it doesn’t impact healthy people we can just risk stratification.

      Now, I WILL forgive people up to 6 months due to “fog of war” and “precaution”. You know the shit where they were saying “yeeeeeah but, what if it acts unlike any virus ever in the history of viruses and surprises us, let’s give it a few more weeks months”… Ok, I’ll grant them that, but not fucking 2 years. Especially since even the most precautious scientists came out by end of the summer of 2020 saying, this is fucking bullshit, lockdowns don’t work, we need to focus on the vulnerable groups and treatment. Anyone who was still supporting this nonsense past that point can go eat shit and die.

    5. I have some memory of the development of Aaron’s thought process and our conversations leading up to when he wrote that article (

      In Jan and Feb 2020 we were very concerned and following the news closely. In Mar 2020, Aaron asked me if I wanted to return to Singapore to seek refuge there, given that we perceived Sweden to be incompetently handling a crisis (I said no btw). In that month he even voluntarily wore a mask on public transport once and was the only person to do so. But in what felt like a very short span of time (almost overnight?) he told me at the kitchen table that Covid is bullshit and this rapid change in opinion was very surprising to me. I didn’t know what he had been reading.

    6. To clarify, I wore the mask on public transport one single time because I took public transport one single time that month. I was well ahead of the curve on that as well. It left quite an impression on me that when I had seen through this bullshit, people around me started losing their minds.

      I can also sense Uber sitting in the corner over there and kvetching that I was simply “regurgitating right-wing narratives”. Yet, at that point, and for many more months, the main position on the right was that government was not taking Covid seriously and that they were fumbling by not ensuring adequate supplies of hand sanitizers and masks. Also, the main meme back then was a picture of a gang of Chinese in hazmat suits spraying an entire alley, with the caption, “It’s just the flu, bro.”

    7. The backpedalling on the lockdowns is here, but I somehow can’t imagine how they’ll ever backpedal on the vaxx, given how hard every politician has been pushing it as THE solution.

      How do you guys see this?

    8. @Neutral

      You’re right, the backpedalling on the measures/lockdowns and such is clear how it will go. It will be complete and glorious. It’s not entirely clear exactly how it will go in terms of the vaccines.

      There will be backpedalling on the vaccines, but not as much, and more vague. Such as for example how austria is “postponing” mandatory vaccination for “technical reasons”. Then they will gradually move closer to treating it like they do the flu vaccine. Will it get to exactly like the flu vaccine shots, no idea.

    9. The mainstream is backpedalling on the vaxx as well:
      I think that the elites will try to keep pushing their totalitarian measures. A possible angle are “climate emergencies”, which would be sold to the public as a necessity due to the historically very high, and increasing, cost of energy. Right now, there is a lot of chaos on the battle field. Some of the foot soldiers of the regime cannot keep their cool and improvise, for instance by telling the public that they never wanted to invade Iraq, er, were not really serious about a vaxx mandate, while others slavishly stick to the script, not realizing that many of their colleagues no longer do so.

    10. @Aaron: now that you mention it, and as the avid critic of the Dog-Eating Empire that I am, many people on the right jumped to the “Kung Flu is China’s ultimate world domination weapon” bandwagon way too quickly.

      I entertained the idea that, at the very least, the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab as the latest, ultimate “made in China ACME products” moment, but after all the shit that’s been going with the vaccine pushing, I’m not sure that’s the greatest origin theory now. It might be, the hazmat suit panic in early 2020 was real enough after all, but it could all be a combination of factors or Western organizations taking advantage of a Chinese blunder.

  3. According to a recent leak, the US government knew in early 2020 that Ivermectin is very effective for treating Covid:
    I just tried to talk to Uber’s mom about this and also inquire about the implications of this revelation. Unfortunately, she hung up right away, but not without hurling a few insults at me first.

  4. There is more pushback against the vaxx mandate:
    It seems that Joe Brandon needs to pursue a different strategy. The Dems want to pack the supreme court anyway, so stuffing it with 50 more judges would be a good start to push a federal vaxx mandate through in 2023. By then, you will just get told to get a subscription for booster shots that will slowly kill you.

    1. Did you see takeaction’s comment? It’s right at the top, if sorted by “Best”:

      “Addition to article. I was reading, don’t know if true or not, but inside life insurance policies, there is a disclaimer that states “Disclosure of Experimental & Investigational Exclusions”. If you use an experimental treatment, your policy could be void. So in theory, since these vaccines were never approved by the FDA, and were authorized under “Emergency Use” and are “Experimental”, I wonder if this is a way out for life insurance companies? I googled it, and of course google says this is “Conpiracy Theory”. ”

      Given the financial incentives that insurances have and given that they have to manage gigantic tail risks I would absolutely not be surprised if this was true.
      Going forward, I would overweight any information regarding deaths that comes from life insurers compared to government data. Also, it will be interesting to see what they do about their premiums. I’m curious if they adapt prices dynamically. “Have you been vaxxed? OK, pay up.” “Oh, you died? Autopsy says you had vaxx induced antibodies, yet you indicated on your application that you’re unvaxxed. Sorry, breach of contract, we’re not gonna pay”.

      It is very similar to what the rating agencies say about a country’s credit rating and what the CDS (credit default swap) market thinks the insurance of a respective 5 year government bond should cost.
      Best example: Canda has a AAA rating (best possible), yet a 5y CDS costs 29.70 basis points, which is 0.70 basis points shy of what Portugal costs, which is rated BBB. This is a solid three notches below on the S&P rating scale. Clearly, the insurance market is calling bullshit on S&P’s rating of Canada. Remember, the market is always right.

      I would love to see higher premiums on vaxxed people for life insurance. Oh, how the tables would turn. In Switzerland there was a short period of discussions around “the unvaxxed should have to pay for their covid treatments and the health insurers should be exempt from having pay for covid related treatments for unvaxxed.” Now this goes the other way entirely and absolutely makes sense. And insurances are big business, i.e. governments hardly can push them around like they did with small businesses when they forced them to close down and basically go bankrupt.

    2. Aha. French insurance companies already not playing along.
      Source not verified. To be taken with a grain of salt, but sounds very plausible:

      “Not in France, they ain’t paying for suicide:

      “In France, a life insurance company will not make a payout of several million euros following the vaccination death of a wealthy grandfather and former businessman from Versailles. The policy worth several million euros, which was meant to benefit his children and grandchildren, will not be reimbursed.

      The court accepted the insurer’s qualification considering, in legal terms, the decedent’s participation in the Phase 3 experimentation of a vaccine whose proven harmlessness is non-existent, and in light of the listed side effects, including death, was a voluntary fatal risk not covered by the contract and is legally entered as a suicide.””

    3. Given the way things are going, I can perfectly imagine a world in which life insurance companies will want to not meet their obligations either way. After all, if you were vaxxed, you took an experimental jab, so you recklessly endangered your life, but if you did not get vaxxed, despite the recommendations of your government, you clearly willfully endangered your health by foregoing the protections this mystery juice allegedly provides.

  5. The European Commission is going to exclude private yachts from their carbon pricing schemes:
    You see, goy, there is nothing wrong. You need to get put under a climate lockdown but your rules need to keep traveling the world on private yachts and jets. Unfortunately, it would take too long to properly explain this to you.

    On a related note, I recently listened to an interview with a business CEO who was talking about retiring on a villa on the Adriatic coast. Then he stumbled over his words for a bit, and added that he hopes that this will still be possible, given the specter of climate change. They are all a bunch of hypocrites. As sea levels are supposedly rising, they are buying up beachfront properties but do not talk about this because this would be hate speech.

    1. The masks are the last thing to drop. They might never drop them. They love that shit. It’s the thing that keeps the pandemic alive. Get rid of the masks and people will forget about the whole thing in 1 month.

      I can see multiple countries passing laws that mandate mask wearing during flu season i.e. from October til March every year.

  6. The one though I’ve been having as of late has been regarding Australia. They went so overboard, and the backtracking will be so impossible for them, that I wonder what will happen to the politicians there. Will they hang off of lamp-posts?

    I mean it’s one thing for countries that never went that draconian to admit “oh well the vaccines didn’t really do much”… and it’s a whole nother thing for countries where storm-trooper looking thugs grabbed little girls and smashed them against walls in the name of getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

    I will be really looking forward to see what happens in Australia during the backtrackening.

    1. Even the mainstream now acknowledges that there are more vaxxed than unvaxxed with Covid in Australian hospitals:

      I envision two scenarios, both of which could happen. In the first, politicians roll out another fake scenario as a distraction. My money is on a “climate crisis”. The second would consist of all parties in Australia frantically looking for politicians who have not been burnt in the Covid tyranny by making incendiary statements. They may also present a new cast altogether.

      A big problem (most) politicians are going to face is that they do not have the means to protect themselves effectively. A guy like Bill Gates can bugger off to his private compound and hire a private army. Some dipshit mayor in a small town who spent two years terrorizing his constituents who will be made personally responsible for destroyed businesses and livelihoods as well as vaxx-induced deaths and mutilations will not be quite so lucky.

    1. I am sure that the ACLU, ADL, or any of the six million Jewish pressure groups in the US have absolutely nothing at all to do with this.

    2. Lol at six million. You forgot the SPLC. The state senator said nothing blasphemous. He was making total sense.
      Liberals even promote student centered learning…….until it doesn’t fit their agenda. Closing off open discussion has always been the hallmark of social Marxism.

      On a side note. Anna Kasperian has officially hit the wall. I always found her annoying and anti white male. But now she’s not even fun to look at. I looked it up and she’s now 35 y/o. I think she mentioned that she’s not married. Now it’s never happening even with a beta provider.

    3. I just looked her up as well. It seems she got a pair of fake tits and botox shots, i.e. the “I’m 35 and single” starter pack. This person is utterly odious. I remember seeing a clip in which she laughs about accidentally smashing a bowling ball in a kid’s face as she was new to bowling and did not look around to see what is going on behind her.

    4. Cenk looks like he got even fatter. But I’ll give him credit for mentioning Stalin’s crimes. I had a college history teacher criticize Truman for calling Stalin a son of a bitch. And preferring FDR calling him Uncle Joe.

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