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48 thoughts on “Open Thread #166

  1. Do sluts generally have a higher looks threshold than conservative or inexperienced women?

    A long time ago when I used to read Heartiste’s(yeah,I know…)blog,one of the interesting things he’s noted is that while sluts have much less hesitation on acting on their impulses,this does not at all mean that their standards(I’m not sure if he was referring to looks or game,but I think he was referring to both..)are lower. On the contrary,sluts are apparently much more shallow than conservative/inexperienced women. (I’m excluding the bottom of the barrel who just fuck whatever they can get. I recall that article of an obese woman fucking hundreds of guys…)

    This…makes sense to me. Its very common for guys who have little to no luck in dating to screw(or even commit to)women well below their pay grade (sometimes even a “warpig” if desperate enough)when given the opportunity.

    Women are different from us,but not THAT different. I can somewhat follow the logic. A chick who is too shy/anxious to show interest to the men she wants the most(assuming she’s pretty enough to get them to begin with) may be forced to date down for comfort.

    Would like to hear some thoughts on this…

    1. In general, attractive women tend to have higher standards. As sluts differ greatly in terms of looks — yes, there are fat and pretty unattractive sluts around as well — we can probably exclude this variable. Let’s put it differently, if you consider two girls of similar looks where one is a slut and the other is not, which of them do you think will have sex more easily with a random guy? Obviously, across the board, the slut is more likely to fuck a random dude than the non-slut. It’s by definition.

    2. That’s because heartiest like the typical puatard never looked at the science on mating, to realize that all research differentiates long-term and short-term mating, as its completely different.

      Specifically when women look for short-term fun their standards are a lot higher. This is because if they end up pregnant, it better be superior genes.

      Whereas their standard for long-term mating are lower. But they required commitment and provision.

      It’s not sluts vs non sluts. It’s that when a woman picks a guy for a night her standards are much higher than her standards for a long-term mate.

      So the same woman when shes looking for casual fun will have higher standards than when shes looking for a partner.

      So he observed something correct, but doesn’t understand the mechanism behind it.

    1. Lmao! I laughed pretty hard at this. I’ll give Biden this, he sure is a hoot. If it weren’t for his policies continually pushing me towards considering the rope more and more, I might actually not mind him so much. Seriously though, everybody knows it’s not Biden pulling the strings.

  2. I’ve got quite a bit of free time here lately so I picked up a game called Eastward created by a three man team based in Shanghai. I’m not sure what I think of the game yet but I thought it was pretty funny that there is an in-game mini RPG, and in it is a party member called the merchant. The merchant wears a turban and one his special skills is called ‘loan shark’ where he puts the enemy into debt and will eventually bankrupt them after several turns. Not sure what this does as far as game mechanics go, though it’s pretty hilarious. Nice to know Chinese gaming could help keep the industry pretty based.

    1. This looks like a pretty neat game. I bet if the “loan shark” skill got popularized in certain corners of the Internet, this game would sell quite a few more copies, seeing that we are at a point where there is a growing number of people that views purchasing non-woke media as a form of protest. Yet, even without this aspect, I think that Chinese gaming is going to give Western companies a serious run for their money. Genshin Impact has made a few billions dollars, for instance, Tale of Immortal has gained a cult following, and there are several very promising games in the works such as Black Myth: Wukong. Meanwhile, we are getting yet another remaster of GTA V in the West and a new Saints Row game infused with wokeism.

      On a related note, I have been thinking about starting a playthrough of Final Fantasy IX. However, I am currently getting busier again, so I am not sure that I can commit to a 40+ journey. Gaming has been taken quite a backseat during the time of the scamdemic, ironically enough. (There is a good reason, i.e. I have been working on getting out of the city.) I plowed through Dragon Quest XI on the Switch early last year and since then I only played through Saints Row III and Sleeping Dogs, both of which are pretty short experiences.

    2. I’d shill for the game just for virtue of seemingly being thoughtful and not spewing any kind of rhetoric (so far at least), maybe we can help meme the game into higher popularity haha. It appears commonplace for Asian creatives to feature caucasians in their media. Of course, there are no natural real world examples of young Europeans with pink and white hair, red eyes etc. Even those alien agenda advocates have created a race of ‘Tall Nords,’ or alien hybrids that are supposedly almost indistinguishable from Northern Europeans aside from perhaps slightly bigger eyes and thinner bodies.

      One thing I did note so far about the game was during a classroom dialogue sequence where one of the students was wearing a mask for no other explanation than I guess it’s just culturally acceptable now, just like wearing shoes and a shirt:

      While researching the game I found a reddit Q & A page where the devs responded to fans. I found it interesting that when prompted on life in Shanghai, the response mentioned something about the diverse nature of the city in positive terms. I pondered about this and concluded that this guy’s definition of diversity was probably much different from my immediate understanding of it. I assume he means that Shanghai has managed to pool together various aspects of the country into an amalgamation of sorts, and is certainly not referring to hiring based upon box ticks (as you pointed out on your other blog), nor importing doctors and engineers from the third world.

      I would probably replay FFIX someday. The main protagonist is kind of effeminate-looking, but he is actually a pretty masculine character in his actions. I remember a ladder climbing scene where he reaches out and gropes princess Garnet’s ass and comments on its softness. Contrast that with Squall from FFVIII who comes across as really emo, and not because he’s super introverted either, but kind of like how the facial scar he receives during the intro can also signify the scarring on his psyche. In comparison to Squall, Zidane is a lot more likable overall and I’d say I prefer his character more than just about any main protagonist of any game in the series that I’ve played.

  3. Racist and anti-semitic Sweden has stopped administering the Moderna vaxx due to concerns over “mycarditis”:
    The gall of those people! Nobody knows if they really got “myocarditis” from the vaxx. They probably would have gotten it anyway and if not, they would have died from something else. I wish we would listen to science for once.

    Relevant background:

  4. Joe Biden’s US keep winning. It warms my heart that his country has admitted 1.7 million illegal aliens undocumented high-potentials via the Southern Border in 2021 thus far. The given number is 1,666,167, which is probably some kind of coincidence because we all know that the powers that be are not at all into Kabbalistic numerology.

    1. Aaron,
      On a related note, its very common at the federal level to hire a lot of women who are not qualified for a particular position. When I first joined, a lot of the hiring wasn’t based on meritocracy. Rather, women were able to qualify on their irrelevant education and substituted their education for the lack of work experience. The level of idiocrasy is so high and rampant. This has accelerated the decline of western civilization.

    2. This is happening in industry as well. I have seen women rising through the ranks regardless of job performance. There is also the aspect of accelerating decline because once those women are in positions of genuine power, the destruction kicks into high gear. Note that, due to their biography, those women tend to be oblivious of their incompetence, and they are very often extremely arrogant. Well, they have gotten a promotion every year or, sometimes, two in a year, and they normally believe it is due to them doing such a fabulous job. Sometimes, they do not even stay long enough in a role to learn about all the damage they have been causing. Of course, if they did, somebody else would be blamed anyway.

  5. The Delphi AI, supposedly meant to aid humanity in making moral and ethical decisions, became ‘racist’ and ‘anti-semitic’ (like other AIs have in the past) after being given accurate data and being put to the test. Well, that created a bit of a stink and now the thing appears to hate white people and it shills for non-whites.

    Try it for yourself. I asked Delphi, “Is killing for population control acceptable?” Its response was that “it’s okay.” Then try asking it, “Is killing Europeans for population control acceptable?” Same answer was given. Finally, ask the AI, “Is killing Africans for population control acceptable?” You may or may not be surprised to find that the answer is “it’s racist.”

    I think what’s worrying about this is that the elites have figured out that AI can work against them, so they’re tinkering with ways to make the AI work for them. This ultimately means blurring reality, but that’s what they happen to be really talented at doing anyway. Or rather, they understand reality well enough yet seemingly have no moral objections about pulling the wool over everyone else’s eyes. I have to think that only a psychopath could live with such cognitive dissonance.

    1. I wasn’t aware of Delphi AI ( but I had some fun with it. You can see how responses have been tinkered with, and this is also why AI cannot work to further the illogical aims of the elites. In the end, reality provides some pretty harsh limitations. You can meddle with an AI to tell me that it is moral for whites to pay reparations to blacks but this does not mean that there are no real-world consequences. Misguided social policies simply wreck society and in the end, we will have another generation of strong men that will clean up the mess.

    2. Another important point is that there is no universal morality. Whites have a much different view on morality than many other races. Even poor whites are very law-abiding, for instance, whereas there are other races where even the highest percentile of income earners show little regard for the law.

    3. Yes, Western models for law and justice, morality, ethics etc. are arguably the best models human beings have ever created, and it’s perhaps kept non-whites in check to a certain extent for some time. However, as we have discussed, Western values are being dismantled, and with large shifts in demographics and further demoralization of white skins there will also be an ushering of non-white models for governance. That worked out really well for everyone involved in South Africa. The way I understand it is that if you feed an AI as close to accurate statistical data, f.e., then it should easily be able to warn you when a certain demographic approaches you on the street because of the 13/50 rule. These are ‘no shit’ patterns that used to be socially acceptable to recognize, but that was before my time.

  6. The unvaxxed are going to die in increasing numbers soon, which is due to a redefinition because you will have this status if you do not get your booster clotshot on time:

    Also, in the UK, you will need to be triple-vaxxed in order to leave the country:
    This is what happens if you give up bodily autonomy. At first it’s just one shot to protect you, then two, then three, and you did not get any of your supposed rights back either as you are still supposed to mask up in public. But, hey, there is no way any of this is ill-intended. It is a mere coincidence that the globo-homo governments act in unison. Effectively, the vaxx is now on a six-months schedule, and the time interval is likely to shrink in the future.

    I used the phrase “getting vaxxed to death” a while ago. Do you still think this is a joke? The government wants to pump you full of myocarditis and stroke-inducing “vaccines” until you keel over in order to push their depopulation agenda. Meanwhile, Africa remains largely unvaxxed, by the way. I am sure this is a total coincidence.

    1. If you got one of the vaxxes closer to the traditional style, i THINK ivermectin can get that spike protein out of your body.

  7. Here is a great case study on how the feds will trump up charges to get you off the air. Some of you are probably familiar with the YouTuber FPSRussia. Now you will learn how the feds shut down his channel, of course only indirectly, so I am sure this is not an example of anarcho-tyranny or censorship or anti-white hatred:

  8. Fauci funded “research” that involved strapping dogs onto tables and having insects eat their flesh:
    Don’t be upset, goy, because this is science! I mean, where would we end up if we did not senselessly torture dogs? Who knows how much we would regress if we did not know how long incapacitated dogs can survive while buckets full of bugs devour their flesh and bones? I see an obvious future Nobel prize for those esteemed Tunisian doctors here. Muslims strongly dislike dogs, by the way, which was probably why this research was off-shored to Tunisia.

    1. Damn, I give flack to Honolable Chinamen and Sand Niggas alike for things like this. There’s a reason the dog has been, as a species, human’s best friend. And this behavior is a perversion, and a marker for psychopathy.

    2. The Chinese only eat dogs, and only in some parts of the country. Apparently, this behavior emerged during Mao’s famine. Surely, if you were starving to death, you would experiment if dogs are edible. As I was told, it is not at all common to eat dogs in China nowadays, though, and certainly not in the cities. Anecdotal evidence confirms this. When we were in Beijing, dog was not on the menu on any of the restaurants we patronized, for instance. By the way, bringing up the issue of the Chinese eating dogs is considered rude. The Chinese are not at all proud of it, from what I gather.

      In contrast, Muslims seem to be rather fond of torturing dogs. In Sweden, there were countless stories of animal cruelty, like dogs getting doused in acid, stabbed or kicked to death, or run over by a car.

  9. I just did some research on the Rockefeller Foundation and came across this PDF:
    I would recommend skimming it as it traces how the money made by one of the most successful capitalists the world has ever seen ended up funneling left-wing activism. It seems that Rockefeller’s heirs suffered from never having to work for money, which made them fall for the inane ideas they were exposed to as part of their liberal education. So much for that guy’s legacy.

    1. I like it. My first impression was that they have been classically trained as the guitar bits reminded me of the baroque period. Here is a link to a “best of” collection:

      If you like this style, you will not go wrong with exploring Bach and Scarlatti in greater detail.

    2. I certainly do need to explore classical music in more detail in general. There is quite a resemblance there! Thanks for the link. I think some of my favorite classical music is performed on the piano, it just personally sounds to me to be the most beautiful instrument of all.

      The song I linked to is actually kind of an outlier for this band because of the dark mood it starts out with. The overwhelming majority of their discography consists of what I would describe as having a sort of bubble jazz sound.

    3. Btw, what’s some of your all time favorite stuff to listen to, Aaron? If you don’t have any favorites, what about more recently? I’m in need of some new music.

    4. I went through various phases and quite a lot of the music I was really into at some point I do not find interesting at all nowadays. Long gone are the days where I would listen to Nirvana, Metallica, or Korn. In terms of popular music, I still occasionally listen to Papa Roach (Infest), Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory), or even Limp Bizkit (Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish). With regards to electronic music, I’ve outgrown Aphex Twin, which I listened to for about a decade. The last few years I have frequently put on Perturbator, VHS Glitch, Mega Drive, ORAX, Daniel Deluxe, Xurious (probably banned on YT due to edgy track names), and many others. My taste regarding classical music has not changed very much. I no longer listen to Mendelssohn, and not because he is a Jew, but because his work is only superficially appealing. Beethoven is still the best (symphonies, string quartets, piano sonatas), but I also put on Liszt, Mozart, Schubert, and Bach a lot.

      Lastly, there are a few videogame soundtracks I hold in very regards. The Super Nintendo scores probably only appeal to you if you’ve grown up with this console, but I’ve listened to the Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI OSTs a lot. The Super Castlevania IV OST is also very good. The music of Final Fantasy VII also left a big impression on me. Strangely enough, there is probably no soundtrack I have listened to more often than the one of Final Fantasy IX, despite still not having played the game. I managed to get the mp3s via Napster in 2000 and hyped myself up listening to it. Then I bought a Dreamcast, and about a year or two later I hardly played any games anymore.

      What are your favorites?

    5. I also have been through various phases throughout my life. I missed the boat on most of the 90s rock scene because my uncle kept me stuck in the 70s and 80s, so I was into a lot of the early prog stuff and metal artists from that time. I outgrew a lot of that metal scene pretty early on and looking back, a lot of it was pretty cheesy. I think one the bands that stuck with me the most is Iron Maiden, especially after singer Bruce Dickinson reunited with band in the early 2000s and the next three records that followed. The bands I did manage to get into from the 90s were Nevermore, which I still hold in high regard (This Godless Endeavor is brilliant all around imo) and Pantera (oy vey).

      I would have to say that the most intriguing genre of music I’ve gotten into was the fusion, especially the heavier variety. I enjoy the greats like Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola and Alan Holdsworth, though the more contemporary artists like Cynic (also originally from the mid 90s), Exivious, The Cancer Conspiracy, Animals as Leaders, and The Contortionist have become some of my favorites of all time.

      Check out this The Contortionist track. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful metal songs I’ve ever heard:

      Thanks for your electronic recommendations. I will definitely check them out. I have to say that I’m actually not well-versed in the genre but I typically like what I hear in general. I’ve been fooling around with synths in the last year or so and though it’s a lot of fun, it’s not as easy at all to create solid electronic music. Dead Mau5 comes to mind, as well as Infected Mushroom.

      I agree, Beethoven was a Titan of a composer. I went through a phase of learning Niccolo Paganini pieces on guitar, but at considerably slower speeds. I believe it really helped shape my sense of melody and progression, and then fusion kind of threw a wrench into all that.

      Lastly, I’ve gone through a big Scandinavian melodic metal phase as well. Bands like Katatonia (Dead End Kings!), Amorphis, Opeth, Eluviete (actualy from Switzerland), and Insomnium. Pale Morning Star by Insomnium is likewise a very beautiful track perhaps worth your time. As far as this scene goes, I never got much into the black metal aspect of it. Just seemed kind of cheesy, and though there were some great bands among all that noise, I never cared much for pretending to worship Satan for shock value. It would have been cooler to worship Thor or Odin.

    6. Thanks for the recommendations! I listened to a few of the artists you recommended. Dead Mau5 I was familiar with already. In my view, he is long past his peak, but he put out some real bangers. He probably cashed in nicely a decade ago when he was filling stadiums. I vaguely remember that he had pornstars among his groupies. Infected Mushroom I liked right away; I will probably listen to them a lot more in the future. The issue with melodic metal is that music with lyrics is, generally, too distracting for me whereas instrumental music works fine as a soundtrack to whatever I am doing.

    1. Haha, that guy at the end just wasn’t having any of that bullshit. I bet you’d have to interview hundreds of people just to get a few that were as sensible sounding as the average person interviewed here, even though as Krogan points out there were some that tended to justify their stance with some weak sounding excuse. There would also be the modern issue of people being too afraid (probably for good reason) to speak out about how they truly feel about such issues.

    2. Today, you would hardly find anybody who speaks openly. People are not even willing to reveal their real preferences in supposedly anonymous polling calls. It’s not that you can’t blame anybody for it because we live in a highly repressive system.

    1. My God. That child’s eyes looked black like a demon. How much longer will heavily vaccinated countries ignore this? This really could be it, it looks they’re going full speed ahead with the white genocide agenda. Meanwhile, massive numbers of immigrants pouring into countries like the US are being unleashed fully unvaccinated — mere replacements. That’s only what I can conclude at the moment, we’ll have to keep an eye out on this as it unfolds. Vaccine approval for children is supposed to roll out within a week or so here, how long can we keep denying the harmful effects of this untested goop once kids start dropping like flies? This is atrocious.

    2. Biden administration talks of huge payouts for immigrant families. I assume they hope to get them nice and settled using white taxes so they can be assimilated into good little replacements:

    3. I just posted a link myself. This is an utter travesty. If anyone still doubts that we are ruled by a hostile elite then I would not know what else needs to happen to change your mind.

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