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70 thoughts on “Open Thread #151

  1. I just learned about something really cool. California has recently banned the sale of high-powered PCs for end-users. I’m sure this only applies to plebs. Also, big tech is most certainly also excluded:
    This makes perfect sense, given the incessant racist “PC master race” memes. The hammer had to fall. Now go play vidya on low-powered consoles, peasants! However, if you play on console, please be reminded that big-screen TVs are also banned for sale in California:
    When this law was introduced, 75% of TVs became illegal to sell. Go play your vidya on a 19″ screen, peasant! This does have some benefits, though, because there is presumably little footage of looting blacks with stacks of big-screen TVs coming out of California. As you can see, it’s for the greater good.

    1. Do you think the reason that they give, power consumption, is entirely bullshit?

    2. Yes, I think it is b.s. because the effect of a bunch of guys playing video games in their basement or jerking off to porn on an 85″ TV is not going to move the needle much, and this is assuming that climate warming due to CO2 is an issue. If we really wanted to combat climate warming this way, we’d pressure the third world, not the first world. Yet, the point of the climate change propaganda seems to be to deindustrialize the West.

    3. This is pretty hilarious. I’d like to see more bans like this that directly affect those environmental fags. Like for example, imagine if Greta Thunberg was no longer able to upgrade to the newest Iphone because it costs too much to keep charged.

      Also, the CDC officially recommends we diaper up again because muh delta strain. It’s super serious this time, gentiles.

    4. If you’re still in the Northeast USA(Boswas) Or Pacific states after everything that’s happened, god help you. Collapsing empires have always focused on the Core regions.

    5. “Yet, the point of the climate change propaganda seems to be to deindustrialize the West.”
      Wow, that is a big hypothesis there.

      Why do the elites want to deindustrialize the West? I am completely befuddled.

    1. It makes one wonder if they can get away with such atrociousness out in the open, what’s happening behind the scenes. Makes me shudder to think.

    1. I don’t have to look up her early life, just take a gander at that freaking side profile. But who really nose? So much misinfo out there these days.

    2. I also assumed that there is no need to go to Wikipedia to confirm my hunch. Her nose looks as if inspired caricatures, and there is probably a “Le Happy Merchant” meme with her face put on it floating around. Also, I wonder when “early life” references will be systematically scrubbed from Wikipedia as a form of defense, akin to how all references to Judaism on Epstein’s page disappeared for absolutely no reason at all over night.

    3. “there is probably a “Le Happy Merchant” meme with her face put on it floating around.”

      Lmao. Merchants of death.

      Interesting about Epstein, I didn’t know that. We were talking about Judeo-Christianity a while back. I recently read a tweet (or meme maybe) recommending we start using Judeo for other things. For example, Judeo-Science was a funny one and also pretty relevant given that Science! is merely a cult.

    4. I vaguely recall Andrew Anglin speaking of “Judeo-democracy”. I’m not quite sure what he means by that, though. Maybe it’s something in GTA V.

    1. I just had a crazy conspiracy theory run through my mind. Up until just recently I didn’t worry too much about the vaxx because it’s never been pushed so aggressively. Apparently enough people don’t trust or want it so that governments are going to have to start mandating it via various ways (employment, travel, shopping etc., in other words you won’t be able to function in society and survive without it), and of course most people will just give in like they always do. We saw a little skirmish in France but I assume the government will back off just a smidge until people settle down and then ramp up the pressure again. The only way the people of France can mitigate this bullshit, I think, would have been to keep rioting and creating chaos until all the politicians in power were forced out of office. People probably won’t go that far this day and age.

      Anyways, let’s say the majority of people end up being vaccinated out of necessity for their economic survival (myself included). On top of yearly flu vaccines, there may be annual covid shots with perhaps quarterly boosters of some ridiculous bullshit. Here’s where the conspiracy part comes into play. What if all these vaccines continue to accumulate and compound on the population. The governments of the world must act with haste because people might start noticing some funny after effects of all this genetic tampering and it will be too late. There are several ways the vaccine could potentially negatively affecting an individual. You could have a stroke, anaphylactic reaction, die of a blood clot or pulmonary embolism, develop an auto immune disorder within 6 months to 20 years and wreck you natural immunity making you deathly susceptible to common colds, develop Alzheimer’s or dementia…the list goes on.

      So, why would governments want a depopulation agenda? What do you guys think? This also ties into my wild conspiracy theory because until less than 100 years ago we didn’t have nuclear weapons. World War 3 is probably not an attractive option. You see, it could be argued that WW2 was just another phase in mass depopulation. Not necessarily a conspiracy theory entirely (though perhaps to a degree), but it just appears that mankind goes through phases of mass culling either through warfare or natural disease. We haven’t had a significant death toll for quite some time and attacking the family unit and promoting feminism and abortion has mainly halted birthrates among the productive classes. There will still be people left at then end of this fantastical death parade, and the elites will always have access to the greatest minds should they need to utilize them for more quality of life advancements. Things the elites want: Unlimited luxury (they’ve got it), complete domestication of the under classes (they’re working on it), immortality (they’ll try to get it).

      Keep in mind that free enterprise benefitted the elite for a while. That period of humanity is reaching it’s end. The elite no longer necessarily need free enterprise to develop their modern conveniences, not to mention they’re getting impatient. Like I mentioned, if they need innovative people for certain things, they’ll have access to those minds and provide heavy incentives to those individuals in return for their loyalty. The rest of the population will basically be well behaved farm animals. Things could crash and burn and reset in the people’s favor ultimately, however, things could also pan out in the opposite direction.

    2. Yes, I think a big reason behind the very recent massive push towards forced vaccination is that the elites are running out of time. Thus, there must be nefarious motives, given how trivial an illness Covid is. My bet it on crippling autoimmune diseases that will lead to a wave of deaths. I have a hunch that the vaxx will furthermore also cause mass infertility in women, considering that spike proteins seem to be drawn to ovaries. This is only now being investigated. I wonder if this ongoing study will ever get written up in a paper and published:
      It’s also a little bit strange that nobody ever looked into this before rolling out mass vaxxing. I guess the elites had no choice, given that dead bodies were piling up in the streets and the health care system had temporarily collapsed. Wait, that happened in a zombie movie I watched, not in the real world.

    3. Today is supposedly the day Biden is going to talk about considerations having been made to mandate vaccines for federal workers. Perhaps they’ll have the choice to be vaccinated or be submitted to weekly faulty testing. Imagine what this can accomplish. First, it weeds out anyone with principles i.e. those that pose the greatest threat to democracy and to the nation, and secondly, moves the goalpost further into developing a requirement for vaccination IDs to be able to take a dump. I would think that even most of those who are hesitant to get vaxxed would do so to keep their pensions and to keep being able to pay on their myriad of debts.

    4. If you want to know how far this will go, and probably beyond that, check out this mainstream article on the “pingdemic” in the UK:
      Hundreds of thousands of people have been told to self-quarantine because they supposedly were in contact with someone who took one of those super-reliable PCR tests. I assume the app is GPS based, so putting your phone into airplane mode should work, or just leaving it at home. It’s also important to point out that consumer-grade GPS is highly imprecise, with a margin of errors of several meters. Thus, the system could tell you to self-isolate when you were a multiple of the mandated 3-feet distance away from a supposedly infected person.

    5. Up until recently, the US seems to have been slightly better off than places like the UK or Australia, but things are moving along at a brisk pace. There is little to no significant resistance. The walls are closing in. The right is getting desperate as they’re increasingly becoming more and more censored. Measures are being taken to deal with apps like Telegram and ‘far right’ forums like 4chan and 8kun. Every influential pioneer in the right f.e Kami, Gypsy, Fuentes and even Molyjew to name a few have effectively been silenced or handicapped repeatedly. This all reeks of aggressive-style desperation to me. We must be near the end game, the nuclear chain reaction before the big explosion. Of perhaps in this case, implosion.

    1. It’s not working with my phone. Can you sum it up please? I never tire of bashing PUAs.

    2. Its an old Flash Game precisely about PUA. You approach your target from a 45 degree angle,make an opener,DHV,and finish with a kiss close. All that jazz..

      Although,after you make your 45 degree angle approach,the mechanic is done via some airplane minigame at the bottom rather than you actually making dialogue choice,so this game could have been made much better.

      Give it a shot when you’re on a computer,might give you a bit of a chuckle. haha.

    3. Is this game supposed to be satire? I find it impossible to tell. The game telling me to never approach a woman who is out on her own was quite amusing. This is exactly the kind of nonsensical advice the PUA community was infamous for.

    4. I just played it again. It looks like you can go further than just a “kiss-close.” (the scene you get for an imperfect score)

      I managed to get a perfect score this time around and “full-closed” the deal after the typical kiss cutscene. (Don’t get excited though,no nudity.)

      I’ll get to reading the comment section now for extra entertainment…

    5. >Is this game supposed to be satire?

      As far as I can tell,no,it isn’t. At the end of the game,it tries to lead you to a(now defunct it seems)website. It was probably a PUA site trying to make money.

      I’m not sure if the sellers made it themselves,or a fan trying to shill them..

  2. Germany recently allowed a congregation of 60k homosexuals in public to happen. This was in Berlin, which has no shortage of this demographic. They generally flaunted Covid regulations, but that was fine because if you’ve got GRIDS/HIV, then a mild flu isn’t worth paying attention to. It’s only consequential that demonstrations against the government get banned because they pose a public health risk, though (article in German):
    This reminds me of the US last year where it was established that peaceful protests convey temporary immunity to Covid. If you think this doesn’t make any sense you’re a bigot, and probably a racist, too!

    1. Everything makes sense to me now that I look at it through the lens that the Western world (and to a lesser degree most of the rest of the world), is anti-straight white male. White women have, for the most part, already been conquered and will be used for miscegenation or ultimately be viewed of as disposable should a certain agenda progress far enough. In the West specifically, you could look at it alternatively as an attack on IQ and Individuality (it’s not simply because of skin color and sexual orientation) because these types of people pose the biggest threat to duh-mockeracy. Once you view bizarre happenings such as this homospiritual congregation through the lens that you’re an enemy of the state, it becomes perfectly understandable and reasonable as to why such phenomenon is considered acceptable vs congregating for church, for example. Of course, the frustrating part of all of this is how many people go along with this and why there is little to no resistance to this takeover.

  3. Pfizer’s vaxx supply contract with governments got leaked:
    Herein, we learn the following surprising fact that the mainstream assured me was fake news:

    “Purchaser acknowledges…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.”

    It’s probably nothing, though. The vaxx is safe. A mild flu is a lot worse than Guillain-Barré syndrome, sterility, or an auto-immune disease, and if you object to that, you’re a science denier, a bigot, and most certaily also a racist and an anti-semite because Pfizer is run by a Jew. It’ll soon probably be an antisemitic hate crime to refuse the Pfizer vaxx.

    In related news, if your life is too boring, you could also get the Moderna jab and eagerly await the formation of “oozing boils” on your face:

    1. Oh hell, Aaron. Can’t you tell that the boils are the detoxifying healing effect of the vaxx? Once that part is over the true health effects start to occur. Take off that tinfoil hat for goodness sake, the government loves you.

    2. Thanks for your input, Pickernanny! What I appreciate most about this blog is that we manage to collectively strengthen the mainstream narrative. I have to admit that I sometimes waver in my steadfast resolve and wonder if there is a chance of, for instance, prime-faggot Justin Trudeau being not perfect or whether ghoulish creatures like Tony Fauci and Bill Gates have ulterior motives. But then I come here and find alternative explanations for various phenomena. Indeed, I’m growing more and more convinced that if you die of the vaxx, then the vaxx is working. After all, if you die, the virus no longer has a viable host, so Science! triumphs in the end.

      In related news, Israel is now rolling out the third jab. There is some speculation that the vaxx is wrecking your immune system so you need booster shots to survive. I’m not sure if there is anything to it. It’s probably nothing, as usual with the vaxx.

    3. “There is some speculation that the vaxx is wrecking your immune system so you need booster shots to survive.”

      Yes, I know. Best we not say anything silly lest we become deplatformed and canceled from receiving our survival boosters. How awful would that be to that hanging over your head. Like literal zombies shuffling around and moaning, “booster! I need booster!!”

    4. I may now know of a second vaxx death in my professional life. A colleague of mine was recently quite cryptic, but he had to take time off due to a “sudden health emergency in the family”. He was pale and sounded genuinely frazzled and as if he was on the brink of a breakdown. (Just days ago he boasted that everybody in his extended family is now double-vaxxed as if it was some kind of achievement. Too bad I didn’t have a dunce cap with me to hand to him.) I’m probably reading too much into this because people die all the time and if they die shortly after getting the vaxx, the only plausible explanation is that it’s just a big coincidence. Obviously, it it wasn’t, then those would be recorded as vaxx deaths because there is no reason the government would lie to us.

    5. That must have came as somewhat of a shock. I imagine him as being too young to just up and die of a heart attack or a stroke, though that’s not impossible. It’s not everyday that formerly healthy career people just suddenly grow pale and keel over. Same as with the story I told about the fellow that worked in another department. I was actually just discussing with someone within the past couple days about how he was said to have been seen on his home security cameras lying down for a nap, and he just never woke up from it. It could very well be in this case and the one you described as a pulmonary embolism being the culprit.

    6. I may have been unclear: yes, the colleague is comparatively young, but the emergency related to a member of his family. That being said, his health seems to be deteriorating as well. Every time I bump into him, he looks paler and doughier.

    7. I just found this paper on pulmonary embolisms. Note that flushing and sweating (diaphoresis) as well as skin exhibiting pallor or appearing blue around the lips (cyanosis), for example, are common symptoms

      “The most common new-onset clinical findings in the 24 hours before discharge were unusual facial skin color changes (pale, flushed, or cyanotic) (57%), chest or upper back pain (47%), tachycardia (heart rate more than 100 bpm) (40%), hypoxemia (arterial oxygen saturation less than or equal to 90%) (40%), and fever less than 101F (37%). In 63% of the patients, either anxiety, restlessness, diaphoresis, or dyspnea was also noted in the 24 hours before discharge.”

      As you probably have heard, certain vaxxes have been known to increase the risk of blood clots. You could develop a blood clot in your leg f.e., not really notice and later have it dislodge and travel to an artery in a lung. Even if you aren’t vaxxed, if you decide to travel by air your vaxxed pilot is at a greater risk of developing a blood clot at high altitudes, so that’s concerning. Of course, if the pilot was white then the cause of death isn’t at all related to the vaxx but actually a form of far right terrorism. I can see the headlines now…

    8. I also forgot to mention that if someone does develop a blood clot in an extremity, they may develop symptoms of redness, pain and swelling to the area. I was told from someone that you could try taking 81 mg of aspirin daily for a while to try to mitigate the risk of clots, but I have no idea as to how effective that would be as a prophylactic. It’s probably not a great idea to take the vaxx and be sedentary either, or it could be that your exercise routine is enough to make you throw a clot and end up in the hospital or dead.

    9. Partly the effect in this video could be due to lighting, but this is indeed similar to the transformation my colleague has been going through. He used to be sinewy, with a healthy skin tone, and now he looks unhealthy and as if he has been aging rapidly. Upon further reflection, there are more people in my company who have made a similar transformation. One of our senior managers, who just so happened to repeatedly send out emails to staff that we need to get vaxxed in order to return to normalcy, looks as if he’s recently started chemotherapy. I’ve only ever seen him with his head nicely shaved, which, in his case, looked good because he’s one of those stereotypical WASP jocks with a Chad-jaw. These days, though, he looks genuinely sick. It’s as if he’s aged 10 years in six months. He looks worse than the dude in the second half of your clip, and used to look better than that guy at the start of the clip.

    10. That’s super interesting, though probably a coincidence. But seriously, I wonder if the spike proteins settling in large amounts throughout various organs is taxing them and causing a dramatic decline in health. Just a guess. If the FDA approves any one of these vaccines then I wouldn’t be surprised if my company mandates it, in which case I may try to weasel out of it. Otherwise, I’d have to try seeking employment in another state where hopefully there will be companies that aren’t complete lunatics.

      Many of the employees at the current facility I work at have taken the Pfizer vaxx. I honestly don’t think I’ve noticed anyone take such a dramatic turn for the worse in terms of their physical appearance, and many of these people got vaxxed right when it first became available. Can you recall which vaxx these people you refer yo might have been stabbed with?

    11. The younger colleague has a preexisting medical condition, which probably does not help. I think it’s diabetes, but those topics are off-limits so I can’t really ask. I only know that he needs “continual treatment”. For cancer, he looks too healthy, and GRIDS/AIDS is probably out of the question because he’s in a long-term heterosexual relationship.

      I don’t know what vaxxes those people took but I’m fairly certain that it was either Pfizer or AZ, simply based on the fact that I can’t recall anybody telling me about having gotten the Johnson & Johnson one, and those vaxx faggots all seem to have the urge to tell you what they got injected with. I’m not even sure you can get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in my area. I think a good working hypothesis is that if you are not in good health, then the vaxx may hit you pretty hard.

    12. Indeed, vaccine causes stupendous amount of aging and bodily degeneration. It is especially tragic for all those elite athletes who took the vaccine and now can’t play at the same level.

    13. I don’t follow the Olympics, but I recently came across a post online in which someone compared the U.S. medal yield this years with the previous iterations. The US is faring much worse, barely making the top 5, whereas it used to be a top contender. The posited hypotheses were 1) increased diversity and 2) the effects of the vaxx. I see little reason to doubt either. I’m not sure that the vaxx causes rapid aging and bodily degeneration in general, though. This may be partly an issue of correlation. For instance, it is well-established that people are packing on the pounds as a consequence of the never-ending lockdown. Substance abuse also shot up.

    1. I came across this a few weeks ago but was too disgusted by it to repost it here. I didn’t even finish watching the clip as it was enough for me to reach the part where this fine, black gentleman lowers his trousers and sits down on the pail.

    2. Yeah, I was genuinely disgusted by this. The USA has so many mentally disabled people compared to Vietnam, even though life is undoubtedly more comfortable here.

      If I were the black janitor, I would immediately drag the pail away.

    3. @CQV, you may be right; however, I personally have never seen anyone shit in plain sight in the USA. I’ve seen it in Vietnam. NYC is basically a 3rd-world city. I think talking about the states as a whole as opposed to breaking it out by certain cities and demographics leads to some confusion.

  4. So… Dave Rubin got banned from twitter… simply for saying the vaccines aren’t working as amazingly well as we had all been hoping for.

    No… really. That’s it. Apparently simply not saying the vaccines are OMG supah amazing best zeeeeng evah… is a bannable offense.

    1. I don’t follow Dave Rubin, and don’t find him interesting in the least. That he got banned is indeed quite something. The left has started to devour itself.

    2. Rubin and the Left parted ways a long time ago. I found his early interviews more interesting, I would say the first 2 years or so of his show were solid enough to keep me watching on and off. He introduced me to people like the Weinstein brothers, Gad Saad, Sam Harris, and other interesting characters. And if I had not known Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson from before, I would have learned about them when he interviewed them.

      He is kinda milquetoast, but at least he never tried to force words into the mouths of the people he interviewed.

      That being said, over time I started finding him increasingly repetitive and his guests less interesting. And his new format for his clips I find off putting. I still peek into his channel every now and then, to see if anything interesting appears there, but rarely watch anymore.

      It seems to be a running problem for all these tuber types, that they lose originality and burn out their star rather quickly. does anyone know what the average fame life span for these types is? I would guess probably not more than a few short years, like pornstars (average career is 2 years, IIRC). I saw the same happen to Sargon of Akkad, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. No idea how Sam Harris is doing, I never was much of a fan. Bret Weinstein and his wife seem to be on a meteoric rise, from what I hear.

    3. I think one reason those people become less interesting over time is that they are afraid their channel will get shut down. I watched a few of Rubin’s interviews several years ago, but that was it. I had forgotten he existed. The average time in the limelight of those people seems to be quite long. Rubin was probably around for five to ten years. Also, just because he has become less interesting for people like us does not necessarily mean that he became less popular overall but to conclusively answer this, I’d have to look into social media metrics.

    1. Speaking of the Olympics, I found out that the black woman we recently talked about was proclaimed by the media to be the “GOAT” before she had won her first medal. The aesthetics aren’t there at all, so I’m tempted to file this in the same folder as the push to tell us that fat, ugly women are supermodels and have to be on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

    2. Water polo is infamous for its lack of sportsmanship. Apparently, matches get decided under the water surface, with contestants kicking and punching each other to no end. I have no first-hand experience of this, but I once knew a guy who played competitive water polo who told me about it.

    3. @ Aaron

      Damn I didn’t even know that about Simone. She is on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine. Latest is that she dropped out of the games entirely. She aimed to win 6 golds and goes home with 0. I hope the lessons are learned.

      On that note, I saw the reaction of former US Olympic gymnast Lory Hernandez. She is a black Puerto Rican from New York. She didn’t make the team this year even though she is only 22 y/o. Anyway, her reaction to the Asian American, Susima Lee, winning the gold sounded like sour grapes. She kept overemphasizing how she had won by a hair. Do you know what winning by a hair in the Olympics means?

      It means a gold medal.

      Hernandez was probably pissed she wasn’t on the team. That Simone quit. That she wasn’t replaced by the other black chick. And that a fellow black Latina (Brazilian gymnast) lost to Lee. I’ve seen this from blacks in American sports a lot. Steven A. Smith of ESPN rabble rouses for racial animosity all of the time.

    4. About water Pollo, yes it can be a very dirty sport. I have several family members who have played competitively. Basically if the ref didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Goes with most sports, but this one is largely under water.

      SPOILER for those who haven’t seen the USA/Hungary results. We lost by 3. Oh well, Hungary is tough. They have won 9 gold medals in the sport. 1956 was very inspirational though. Here is a clip from the movie Freedom’s Fury depicting the game:

  5. Chris Masterson has a new vid up:

    Title: Confusion: Keeping up with shifting lockdown and vaccine narratives

    My favorite part is where he shows the WHO changing the definition of “herd immunity”. They literally sneaked in a new definition where “herd immunity” is where everyone gets vaccinated 🙂 No joke.

    That “herd immunity” has always meant “enough people are immune to catching and spreading it” for all of medical history, doesn’t seem to matter.

    They had to change the definition because it looks bad for the current vaccines which neither prevent getting it, nor prevent spreading it. That is they don’t contribute to herd immunity.

    (Putting aside the claims that they reduce the risk of serious outcomes when you do catch it, irrelevant to the topic of “herd immunity” which means the virus can no longer spread because too many people are no longer capable of spreading it)

    1. The WHO also changed the definition of “pandemic”, for a similar reason. If the spread of Covid and its effect don’t qualify for a pandemic, you just change what the word means. This is the prime modus operandi of the left. Arguably, their biggest problem is that they believe that language constitutes reality.

    2. “Reducing the risk of serious outcomes” sounds like utter bullshit to me. How is this supposed to work? Let’s say Joe gets vaxxed and gets Covid, which turns out to be the sniffles. Is the claim of the mainstream that Joe would have died of Covid (perhaps in a motorcycle accident) if he hadn’t gotten vaccinated? To be more explicit: this is an unfalsifiable statement.

    3. I actually had stopped using the term herd immunity because I though I had mistaken its meaning. Turns out they just coopted it from the doctors and epidemiologists who opposed them. Yes, typical word games by the system. Like calling illegals simply “immigrants.” Or calling bribing politicians “free speech.”

      War is peace, freedom is slavery, same ole shit……..

    4. Always playing word games. Regressive is progressive. Opinion is fact. Facts are hate speech. Loxism is anti-racism. Men are women. Olympic cowards are called courageous, their failures are referred to as successes etc…

    5. Just to clarify on Aarons point, the definition of “pandemic” was changed on the occasion of the “Swine Flu” panic a decade ago.

      Der Spiegel did a very decent exposé of it at the time. Bottom line is, in an attempt to supposedly stay ahead of a pandemic, there were apparently binding contracts signed between states and big pharma companies to supply antiflu medications, and these contracts would kick in automatically at the point when WHO declared a pandemic.

      So, there was a lot of pressure and lobbying to change the definition and eliminate “severity” requiremente (ie morbidity and mortality) in order to be able to declare a “pandemic” on a relatively benign and mostly harmless H1N1 virus.

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