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43 thoughts on “Open Thread #152

  1. Quite recently, we had a brief exchange about Catboy Kami where I was wondering what he has been up to. As if by divine intervention, I stumbled upon a documentary by an Australian radio station on him. There is very little content in it. It’s just leftist hyperventilation for half an hour, almost completely void of structure and logical reasoning. They also doxx him but the supposed name they reveal sounds almost like a joke, along the lines of calling a jew Shlomo Isidor Moshe Finkelstein. They even claim to bring on a high school classmate of Mr. Kami who tells us that he was always a bit weird and that it was inevitable that he turned into a beacon for the right-wing. I can only recommend listening to this garbage if you need yet another example of the irrationality and dishonesty of the mainstream.

    Here you can listen to the documentary:
    There is also a transcript available:

    I’m not sure in which order these were published. Because I’m extremely charitable when addressing my ideological enemies, I assume that this was indeed a documentary, and the transcript came later. It could also be that those people are bunch of total dimwits who are too stupid to write paragraphs that contain more than one sentence. Given that the supposed transcript contains video clips and images, it’s probably the latter. But IQ is just a number and nobody says that if you can’t write clearly, you can’t think clearly, and if you can’t think clearly, you’ll end up embracing leftist dogshit dogma.

    1. Wow, this entire article really does appear to be comprised of all one sentence paragraphs. I can imagine that taking in bite-sized bits of information at a time is more suitable for the average attention spans we’re dealing with today. I noticed how they mentioned where Kami was ‘interviewed’ by the FBI back on February. I was under the impression he was raided and had some his possessions stolen, I mean confiscated as legitimate evidence. I also remember the gash he had on his ‘proof of life’ video on Telegram, leading me to believe he had been assaulted as well. However, they make it seem from this article that they all just sat down and had a pleasant chat and asked Kami nicely if he would pretty please quit disrupting the status quo and being an extreme and violent terrorist for absolutely no good reason at all.

    2. I have met a few guys in Sweden who have taken on new names. For some reasons, those were all Middle Easterners, probably thinking that “racism” is the cause of their lack of success in life.

    3. Really? I never met one who did, but good for them. I wish more immigrants would make a conscious effort at assimilation!

    4. The total is two I know personally, and a third (wife of one of them) I only know of. Both work in tech. They are clearly outliers. With one of them, it was almost comical because he added a first name and changed his surname. His original first name he only abbreviates nowadays. The end effect is that if you see the CV, which, as others may not be aware of, commonly does not include a picture in Sweden, you imagine a blond Swede, the Sven Svensson kind. Yet, in reality, the guy is short, looks almost stereotypically middle-eastern, and has not made an effort in learning Swedish. I don’t think this sleigh of hand has been working out well for him.

  2. Good thing you got vaxxed, goy!

    ◦ Of the infections, 74% occurred in fully vaccinated people who had one of the three FDA-emergency approved vaccines and 80% had symptoms

    ◦ Only four of the vaccinated people were hospitalized, two of whom had underlying conditions, and there were no deaths

    ◦ Results showed that vaccinated people who get COVID-19 have same viral levels as the unvaccinated

    ◦ The CDC says this outbreak was behind its recent recommendations for vaccinated Americans to wear masks in indoors places in COVID-19 hot spots

    1. Are there reliable or even semi-reliable statistics of those who die of vaxx up till this point?

    2. @CQV

      None reliable AFAIK. According tome some (IRC Bret Weinstein, Robert Malone) few if any autopsies are being done on suspected cases.

      Adverse reaction surveillance systems are not standardized across countries, so the numbers are all over the place. Remember this paper I shared here the day it was published?

      This particular paper passed peer review but is now retracted – and after reading the objections made to it, some seem to be pretty sound (plus I looked up the lead author, and it turns out he has seemingly peddled homeopathy in the past, which is well known to be a pseudoscience, so this casts a reasonable shadow of doubt about how rigorous he is with evidence).

      But the thing I want to point out here, check the data tables of adverse events reported by country. The disparity between them is so great as to make comparisons meaningless.

      The authors had chosen the data from Netherlands to calculate their numbers, because they argued it was more comprehensive and reliable, and because it tracks more closely with the data reported by the VAERS system in the US. This argument also convinced me early on.

      Since I have learned that while there are sound reasons to suspect that VAERS (and all surveillance systems for that matter) is underreporting adverse events even in normal times when there is no political pressure to do so, there are also reasons that could skew the data to overreporting.

      Reasons for overreporting bias are several, but these stand out to me:

      1) All reporting systems will pick up background noise, adverse events that have nothing to do with the vaccine but happen to coincide with it. The vaccination campaigns have been so massive that a lot more background noise will be picked up.

      2) People are hypersensitive to adverse reactions due to the publicity of some, and due to the perception that authorities are attempting to suppress numbers, to they report lesser events that might have gone unnoticed in normal times.

      3) Lawyers pushing clients to report adverse effects, even exxagerate them, in order to build a paper trail for future lawsuits, both individual or class action. This has happened with autism-vaccine claims in the past apparently, of which I was unaware until recently.

      So how do we sort out this mess? I have no good answers, as the actors more capable of conducting the studies necessary also have the least incentives to do so. Also, it would take a lot more time.

    3. I’d have to study the paper and the objections in detail, but the retraction notice raises more questions than it answers. The biggest issue, according to the editors, seems to be that the authors claim that there is a causality between getting vaxxed and dying whereas the esteemed editors think that this is at best a correlation. It’s funny that the same rock-solid standard of establishing evidence does not apply when it comes to Covid infections and deaths. If you die in a motorcycle accident and a PCR test with a cycle count above 40 finds traces of Covid, you clearly died of that. Similarly, if you get hospitalized for anything and the now apparently standard routine of administering a Covid test just in case, you’re now hospitalized due to Covid.

    4. When the paper first came out I skimmed it and saw no obvious objections, but I am aware that my statistics knowledge, while better than average Joe’s, is not very advanced.

      I was a little curious about how they defined the endpoint for vaccine protection, since moving this would greatly affect the denominator.

      Given the political climate, I expected the paper to come under pressure (or even that it was published at all) so I was looking out for criticism of it, esp regarding how reliable the AE data from Netherlands are (they are so far off from the rest that the disparity raises eyebrows).

      And yes, the double standards for counting Covid deaths and cases are ridiculous.

  3. Alex Berenson’s Twitter account got suspended after posting the results of a Pfizer trial that showed that the vaxx is completely useless and in fact has more people die than from a placebo. In other words, the vaxx is utterly useless (from the perspective of the recipient, that is). Read it yourself:
    The mask has now come fully off, but only figuratively. If you have not realized that we live in a modern leftist techno-tyranny, I don’t know what to tell you.

    1. Alex Berenson is back on Twitter now. This seems to be a pattern – suspend Berenson, ooops, let him back again!

      It’s funny because the study he was talking about actually shows a very high vaccine efficacy.

      Anyone who isn’t aware that the major online social media corporations discriminate against right-wing opinions in favor of left-wing opinions hasn’t been paying attention (or is biased beyond belief).

  4. OK, entirely off-topic, but I have an anecdote that illustrates… something….

    One of my latest lovers is a 22yo who recently broke up with a LTR (she got dumped, actually). She does therapy, she sees her psychologist (female psychologist, I will point out) once a week. Due to some reasons I will not go into, our relationship carries some pitfalls, ie it would be more prudent if it were not be happening.

    Her psychologist told her to carry on anyway, and encouraged her to explore her sexuality more with me (she has a VERY low partner count, including LTRS).

    At the same time, at her workplace, a guy that could most aptly be described as her supervisor was hitting on her. I suspected she would finally sleep with him, which she eventually did.

    But what I found remarkable was, that when she told her psychologist she had slept with her supervisor, her psychologyst told her to go ahead with both affairs, and specifically told her that he and I need not know about each other. So basically she should fuck both of us behind our backs.

    She knows I dont care much, and told me anyway. Im OK with it (for what it s worth, she only had an ONS with him, while I bang her twice a week). But I could not help but notice… what kind of advice are therapists – and specifically female therapists – giving young confused girls these days?

    1. @NRT

      Russia as a neighbor is not necessarily a plus, it could go either way.

      If a corrupt authoritarian government came to power and destroyed all the good things you listed about Estonia, Putin wouldnt care much, as long as they geopolitically aligned with Russian foreign policy objectives.

      And while it is unlikely that you will see T-72 tanks rolling over the border anytime soon, Russia has a long term standing policy of trying to break the Baltics away from the EU/NATO sphere of influence.

      For what its worth, Estonia might as well align themselves with Russia while remaining a reasonably ordered democracy like they are now, pretty much like Finland did during the Cold War. Putin would not care much either. In Russian foreign policy, realism trumps ideological preferences and feelings.

      TBH, I see this as a likely outcome within one or two decades, as American power is distracted from the European continent.

    2. OK, this is odd… I meant to post this under Neutrals comment on Estonia… something is wrong with the commenting function these days?

    3. I’m not sure. It’s certainly possible that a diversity hire at WordPress messed something up. I’ve been noticing a deterioration of macOS as well, with sometimes bizarre bugs. Recently I ran into a bug that led to mouse clicks not registering in the top-right quadrant of the screen. The application “Preview”, a PDF viewer, also has been getting slower and slower despite there not being a noticeable increase in functionality. I expect the cracks to only get bigger as time goes on. In a few decades, society may have deteriorated to a point where we can no longer keep applications relatively bug-free.

    4. I think the modern Russian government is even worse than the Communist government of China.

    5. My mom bought a new Apple ipad and it get heat up very fast.

      I have never liked Apple, either Iphone or Ipad.

      I like Dell Alienware, worth the money. I don’t like tablets in general, prefer to stick to laptop and desktop.

    6. OK, this is odd… I meant to post this under Neutrals comment on Estonia… something is wrong with the commenting function these days?

      Nah, it’s very easy to click on the wrong reply button. It happens to me all the time.

  5. In the UK, vegans will be exempted from forced vaxxing, unlike Christians who object to stem cell research that was conducted with tissue of aborted fetuses:
    I think I’ve always been a vegan, in one way or another, anyway, so a move to England is now on the radar. This is not a joke. I’m determined that I’m not going to get vaxxed and moving to a different country is a relatively small price to pay when your health is on the line.

    1. Uhm, Estonia, maybe?
      You’re in the Nordics anyway.

      + No Covid BS, no masks, no nothing
      + Only three taxes: Income, VAT, dividend tax
      + no tax on income outside the country (i.e. territorial taxation)
      + no capital gains tax
      + tax declaration takes you a few minutes
      + highly efficient and digitized governance
      + gun purchase license = gun carry license (can’t have one in the pipe though, while carrying, but this can be trained). Semi-autos are available, even full autos (with surmountable restrictions)
      + no social welfare for migrants. Migrants are publicly known with home address and their work place.
      + affordable housing
      + low population density (area about the size of Switzerland, but with roughly a sixth of Switzerland’s population)
      + government expenditures haven’t risen in the last 10 years. Government officials are actually qualified
      + it has Russia as a neighbor and many Russians live in Estonia
      – it’s in the EU
      – long winters
      -/+ language (everybody speaks English & German in the bigger cities, however)

    1. To be fair, I’ve never met an attractive girl who hasn’t done some modelling or similar. You’d be a fool to refuse such easy money.

      And conservative pundits tend to be more attractive. It’s not that the leftie pundits don’t want to get paid for looking good or selling their body, it’s just that nobody has ever offered them such.

    2. This is a good point, but the “modeling agency” in question here is of a different caliber. To quote from the article,

      One common theme in the modeling profiles above is the low quality and hyper sexual nature of the pictures. National Justice consulted with an expert in photography, who described the images as looking more like what would be featured on an escort site than people trying to get movie roles.

    3. Conservative news panders to mostly a male audience. Fox and other “right wing” outlets are also more pro-zionist which explains the Israeli connection.
      These women tend to have nothing between their ears. Their commentary sucks, as does the eye candy on sports news networks. That’s saying a whole hell of a lot considering their male counterparts. The sports networks are owned by the same Zionist conglomerates that own cable news.

    1. That is actually pretty absurd! Then again, anyone who relies on Facebook for objective fact-checking probably has more air than brain substance between their ears anyway…

  6. The Covid tyranny in Germany is kicking into high gear, similarly to what is going on in other parts of the world. It’s important to remember that this is a total coincidence that can be explained by the incompetence of the political class. By no means is this a sign of a global conspiracy. In short, this is going on:
    – This autumn, an apartheid regime is planned that will exclude the non-vaxxed from restaurants, clubs, and events
    – Kids from 12 years onwards are going to get vaxxed, despite the German equivalent of the CDC not recommending the vaxx for this age group (some doctors have been caught vaxxing kids, by the way)
    – Covid tests will have to be paid out of pocket from mid-August onward
    – Politicians are talking about the third shot as a foregone conclusion, pointing out that we need clarity about who should get the refresher injection first

    1. They can’t keep up this pressure. Something has to give.
      Timing will be impossible, however. A couple months before the wall fell, the GDR was celebrating its birthday.
      “If it keeps on raining, levee’s going to break”.

      19.6 registered guns per 100 citizens as per 2017.
      An estimated 20-40 million unregistered guns in addition to that.

      Possible scenarios from here on, IMO:
      1. Government will stop doing what they are doing (unlikely)
      2. Police will put down their helmets and march with protesters (seen in Spain and in France. Somewhat likely)
      3. One police officer loses his shit and pulls a gun on a protester and actually shoots. Media tries to cover up. Ensuing protests make the George Floyd protests look like a kindergarden party. (quite likely)
      4. (Stand-alone, or in connection with scenario 3). Protesters start shooting the police. Government wants to totally crack down on private gun ownership. Practically nobody complies. Riots intensify. Supply chains for food REALLY break down. South Africa’s latest action looks like a kindergarden party. (somewhat likely)
      5. Unknown scenario: something unthinkable happens, not on anybody’s radar, huge impact. Lots of hindsight is 20/20 explanations in the aftermath (most likely).

      Whatever happens, one thing is NOT possible: The continuation of the current pressure of the gov on the people.

      Top 5 list of countries where it explodes IMO:
      1. France
      2. Italy
      3. Germany
      4. Greece
      5. UK

    1. Did I ever mention that I caught covid? At least I think I did back in May. I’m convinced I had been exposed to it repeatedly for months but it didn’t affect me until I guess I became run down. I think the most significant symptom I suffered was loss of smell for about 2.5-3 months, it would slowly come in go as the weeks progressed but as of right now I have noticed that my sense of smell has fully recovered. For the first few days I felt really tired and had shortness of breath. To remedy the SOB I would lay prone and I could catch my breath. I never developed a bad cough, though I had a lingering cough for about another week, and I never developed an upper respiratory infection either. Also, no runny nose or anything but maybe a slight fever which I didn’t try to suppress.

      Once I knew I was coming down with a cold I popped 30k vit D and 300 mg of vit K2 with a spoonful of coconut oil to help it absorb better. I also added fulvic acid to my drinking water for minerals like zinc etc. After the first few days I went back to taking my normal supplement doses. I also made a big batch of homemade chicken soup and just tried to chill out as much as possible. By the 6 day mark or so my energy levels were about normal, and by the 10-12 day mark my cough ceased completely and I felt 100%.

    1. She looks like a 10? on what scale? 1 to 100?

      I would rather go for the ugly but slimmer friend.

      Or rather neither. I think we are better off just rewinding the clock about a decade and watch this again

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