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63 thoughts on “Open Thread #150

  1. I’m having a good morning. I just picked my first garden zucchini and it tastes so wonderful in raw form. I can’t wait to cut it up and skewer it with some beef and rice. Everything is blooming all at once now. With this new found confidence and experience I plan to go much bigger next year. One thing I’m going to focus really hard on is potatoes. They seems to do extremely well around these parts and are pretty low maintenance. It seems like a no-brainer to me because you get to most calories for your effort. Also, last week I harvested all my garlic and onions and they’ve been curing. Stuff is so delicious. Some deer have recently been messing around with some of my corn stalks, however.

    1. This sounds fantastic! Homegrown cucumbers are great, too. I’d recommend growing “kirby cucumbers”, which taste a lot better than the standard cucumbers you can buy in grocery stores. My mom occasionally also had problems with deers, but apparently you can keep them out with simple barricades. She rammed stakes into the ground, and fastened a wire (or was it thick yarn?) maybe ten inch above ground that ran from one stake to the next, tracing the outline of the vegetable garden. I’m not sure if this really helped or whether it was just a coincidence that deers stopped showing up. Snails can be a much bigger problem than deers, by the way. There are organic ways of trapping them, for instance with a bowl filled with beer.

    2. Thanks for the tips! Sounds like a pretty cheap way to fence off your crops. And yea, bugs were a lot worse when plants were young, completely decimated a cuke and pepper plant. I’ll look into that strain of cucumbers.

  2. @Aaron

    (This is a response to your reply to me in the previous OT)

    Those % you cite are broadly in line with what I sort of remembered. I would add that % of nonhispanic white (i suppose this means anglo-saxon descended mostly) is not the only metric to keep track of, the overall mix is important.

    The most socially disruptive minority is american blacks, which are disproportionately involved in criminality, and AFAIK they are not increasing as a % of the population.

    The fastest growing minority are latinos, which are somehwat less problematic as a group.

    Notice also that I said “American blacks”. Thomas Sowell has pointed out that black immigrants from other countries like Nigeria are doing just fine, because of different culture (no “ghetto culture”) and self-selection effects.

    Also, the % of middle eastern muslims in the US is minuscule, although some groups are known troublemakers (somali-americans?)

    Finally, I have no idea by how much the positive impact of east asian immigrants in the US will cancel out the negative effects of the others? At least if the stereotype of concientiousness and discipline is accurate, which I believe it largely is (perhaps CQV can chime in here?). But I dont know much about their demographic trends long term.

    1. PS: stopping the war on drugs, getting rid of welfare and bringing back the nuclear family would also fix a lot of whats wrong with the american black community. And the hispanic community too.

      And may I point out these policies were by and large the brainchild of white politicians.

    2. Many of those policies were heavily pushed by Jewish lobby groups. A powerful black pill in this regard is to look up a lot of those “anti-white” agitators online, all people who are seemingly white themselves. Yet, when prodded, they are quick to point out that they are not white but Jewish.

    3. “Finally, I have no idea by how much the positive impact of east asian immigrants in the US will cancel out the negative effects of the others? At least if the stereotype of concientiousness and discipline is accurate, which I believe it largely is (perhaps CQV can chime in here?). But I dont know much about their demographic trends long term.”

      This is complex. Vietnamese who come to the US due to the HO program are very grateful of America and have children serving in the US army. I don’t know much about the latest generation.

      For Chinese, it is quite a danger, because their loyalty is still attached to China. During the Chinese independence day, the October the first, Chinatown have ribbons hung from the high places, congratulating China. Most first generation Chinese are still affected by propaganda from Mainland. Hopefully, the second generation will identify themselves as Americans.

      In fact, you have asked myself this question: Am I loyal to America, or am I just opportunistic. Surely I am not a parasite, but do I just view myself an opportunist?

    4. @CQV: there shouldn’t be any weirdness about your position in the immigration debate. In my own perspective, there are parasites among latinos, there are hardworking ones, but indiscriminate immigration is harmful in the long-term, that’s a fact.

      Would I use it to my favor? Perhaps. I’ve got several uncles who benefitted from US policies in the past. You couldn’t pay me enough to go wetback though. Risk being left as meal for coyotes in the desert for a chance to make some bucks cleaning toilets for some gringo? No, thank you, I’d rather take my chances in my shithole.

      Legal immigration? Well, I’m getting too old for common scholarship applications, and other options are very limited.The way things are, people who want to do things the right way have to jump through more hoops than the rascals and opportunistic assholes.

    5. Jews in the US trend overhwelmingly urban and liberal (in the american sense ie “progressive”) and are therefore heavily overrepresented in the Democratic party, which is the party largely responsible for creating and expanding those policies. At the same time its the political party that is much less friendly to Israel (Boycott-Divest-Sanction is not popular among republicans AFAIK).

      I have not checked details for the sociological makeup of European Jews, but at least superficially I get the impression that the picture looks very similar. Political beliefs largely align to those socioeconomic variables, so I am not surprised a lot of them would favor “progressive” policies as well.

      Lets not forget that until 1985 Israel was a socialist shithole kept afloat by generous subsidies from the US, Germany, and diaspora jews.

    6. “Lets not forget that until 1985 Israel was a socialist shithole kept afloat by generous subsidies from the US, Germany, and diaspora jews.”

      They showed a remarkable ability to muster large financial resources to support overseas Jews. When I was reading past issues (more than 100 years ago) of the New York Times, I noticed that after the Kishinev pogroms, American Jews sent large monetary aids to Jews in Imperial Russia.

    7. Maybe look also into the funding of the Bolshevist revolutionaries as well as how Jews enriched themselves in Weimar Germany.

    8. @Sleazy

      “Jews enriched themselves in Weimar Germany.”

      Do you know any book that details this, perhaps a German title could be alright. This is a topic that I believe has been suppressed and suspended in academia. I don’t have a good understanding of this period at all.

    9. The academic who wrote this paper could have tested a fourth hypothesis, namely that Jews enjoyed great economic advantages due to nepotism. It certainly takes a long education to ignore the most obvious aspects of an issue. I’d say that this is the exact opposite of the emperor not wearing any clothes. Here, the emperor wears clothes but academics insist that he doesn’t or, better yet, that the emperor doesn’t even exist.

    10. “The academic who wrote this paper could have tested a fourth hypothesis, namely that Jews enjoyed great economic advantages due to nepotism.”
      But don’t you think they must be somewhat competent so that nepotism can work?

      I also find it a bit strange when they say that literacy leads to higher economic opportunities. While there is a connection, it is not that simple. Most countries nowadays have a high literacy skills, but not all are prosperous. Sure, in an age where most of the surrounding population did not know to read, you held an edge, but that should not be enough.

      We should inspect immoral business practices by the Jews. The playing field is rarely level when it comes to economic competitions.

      For example, in Vietnam, one persistent stereotype of the Hua (or Chinese-born Vietnamese) is that they possess high business acumen. But that, in itself, has never been enough. They also practiced different kinds of financial engineering and market manipulations to dominate the economic scene. Obviously, an extensive networks of connections and collusions are what we are considering here.

    11. Nepotism works until the system collapses. It has little to do with competency. Look at South Africa, for example.

    12. Man, I need to review how to properly use plural nouns and articles (the, a) in English. It has been 10 years since I’ve read something about proper usage.

    13. “Nepotism works until the system collapses. It has little to do with competency. Look at South Africa, for example.”

      But correct me if I am wrong, the Jewish financial world has not collapsed, they even prospered from it despite adverse conditions.

    14. Finance is not a good example as the global financial system is on the brink of collapse. Look up “debt saturation”. We now have negative interests on savings because this seems to allow us to push the can forward for a little bit.

  3. Open thread 150 feels like a milestone 🍾

    Thanks to everyone participating and thanks to Aaron for hosting.

    1. What’s the limit of comments in Open Threads? 50? It’s kind of low, sometimes the same discussion stretches for three OT’s.

    2. There is no fixed limit. Sometimes, I don’t have time to check the blog for a few days and the current Open Thread has grown to about 100 posts, which I think is too much. Even 50 is quite a lot, in my opinion. My gaol is to start a new thread after 30 to 50 comments. Furthermore, discussions in old Open Threads normally do not end with a new thread, so even if I start a new one after 40 or 50 comments, there may still be a few dozen new comments on the previous one.

    3. Thanks all of you for contributing! Sadly, web forums no longer work, due to the shift to the mobile Internet, but with our Open Threads, we have found a good substitute.

  4. Aaron,

    When do you plan to release your book on relationships? Sometime next year? Hope you don’t mind me asking..

    1. I’ve been working 50 to 60 hours per week for about two years straight, so my creative output is not quite at the level I would like. Right now, I can’t even give you an estimate.

  5. Just want to ask about this novel:

    “Film Riss: der etwas andere Frankfurter Roman”

    I saw a review in German forum of Sleazy. Sleazy wrote a German view which I had to use google translator to read through.

    It seems to be a very interesting book.

    Can Sleazy give a synopsis.

    1. The book is quite entertaining. The protagonist straddles life as a seducer with taking on the underworld of Frankfurt. I think I read it in one or two sittings. Note that I personally know the author.

  6. BTW, how many of you speak German? Apart from Sleazy, who is obviously a native speaker, Alek Novy also speaks German, it seems. I have seen him posting in Sleazy’s German forum.

    1. Are you the KYC/AML group representative or what?
      Stop asking people to doxx themselves.

    2. @Yarara:

      You must get a lot of “are you some nazi’s grandchild?” jokes. 😂

      Anyway, as you said, most of you feel Argentinians, not Germans. Here in Letrinoamérica (LOL) we’re part of the West, though our European and North American friends don’t count us in. The less developed part of the West, but hey, at least we do the acculturation and assimilation thing better than most. Even Middle Easterners learn to behave here, I hope it stays that way. I’m especially worried about your capital city being the progressivism hub of the region though.

    3. I get the nazi jokes a lot, but my ancestors came here in the 19th century. Some of them were here before Germany even became a unified state under Bismarck.

    4. “I get the nazi jokes a lot, but my ancestors came here in the 19th century. Some of them were here before Germany even became a unified state under Bismarck.”

      I first thought of that as well, but I thought to myself and realized that there were no ways in which descendants of such a small group could form such a sizable community.

      So I googled, and I knew instantly that Germans came way before the establishment of the Second Reich.

  7. I quite enjoy playing Virtua Fighter 5. There is a new version out for PS4, but as I only own a PS3 these days, it’s not an option. When I was a kid, I played Street Fighter II (SNES) for a bit, and later, I briefly got into Soul Calibur (Dreamcast), but apart from dabbling in emulated games like Samurai Shodown or The Last Blade, the genre didn’t interest me much. Yet, Virtua Fighter 5 clicked with me. I have been playing it fairly regularly, and only against the CPU. Attacks feels weighty and the game mechanics are very engaging. So far, I’ve only scratched the surface, but what I’ve seen I really like. Some very good introductory videos are available here:
    Just the very first one (10 minutes) gives a good overview:
    (Note that this is for VF5: Final Showdown, which only had a digital release. This version you can no longer buy as Sony shut down the PS3 online store. I play the regular release, though, i.e. Virtual Fighter 5, which you can get for a few bucks used. It has a lengthy single player mode, with well over 100 AI opponents.)

    1. How do you go about deciding which games to check out? Do you find that game review sites like Gamespot are a good starting point, or do you go by word of mouth?

    2. For PS3, I simply bought several collections cheaply. Then I ignore genres I don’t like, and the rest I check out one by one. Normally, I give a game about 15 to 30 minutes to decide if I may play it at some point or if I’m not interested. Even the games in the maybe category I may drop later and some remain in this category for a while, like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which I put down two or three times due due to various issues with the game but ended up coming back to because I really like the atmosphere. One guy sold me a few dozen PS3 games for about 3 Euros each. I kept the ones I wanted, and the rest I sold. Thus, I got PS3 games for virtually nothing. This is faster and cheaper than buying games individually. I wouldn’t do this with more recent consoles where games are still comparatively expensive and retro consoles as that would be prohibitively expensive.

      I know what kind of games I like. It’s normally mastery-based games with a high degree of replayability. Those don’t really get made anymore. There are a few indie developers who are trying, but their attempts are almost comically bad, in my view. Good examples are Super Meatboy and Super Hexagon, which are simply very difficult. You play them because you want to see if you can beat them, not because you genuinely enjoy playing them. This is why the best name for such games is “masocore”. In contrast, the Japanese are able to produce games with a high degree of replayability and a very high skill-ceiling that are fun to play due to their mechanics.

      My interest in modern games is quite low. Anything driven by its narrative is more or less an instant no. I learned about a lot of good games as well as games I may potentially be interested in from checking out YT videos on arcade or console classics, searching gaming forums like NeoGAF for threads with titles similar to “best puzzle games” or “best GBA games” etc. There are also a few enthusiast forums like With classic games alone, I have enough recommendations to last me a lifetime. Whenever I come across an interesting title, I just make a note. About modern games I oftentimes learn about quite randomly, like a colleague recommending it. Of course, with really big releases it’s quite hard not to hear about them like the new Resident Evil or Monster Hunter World.

      I’m not sure if gaming journalism is worth paying any attention to at all nowadays. Years ago I found Gamespot quite helpful as their reviews were quite thorough and also balanced, unlike what sites like IGN put out. For modern games, it’s probably safest to never pre-order and having enough patience because marketing hype will dissipate eventually. Maybe check out the user scores on Metacritc as a they are generally more reliable than the critic score. GTA V got a user score of 8.3 versus a 9.7 critic score, for instance:
      This is one example where I think the user score is much more plausible than the critics score.


    This is an informative slideshow from a professor who taught me Classical Chinese during the 2007-2009 period. We learned by translating Chinese documents in a Chinese History forum.

    It will give you some basic understanding of ethnicity and how Chinese thought of ethnicity during a time span of 2000 years.

    Perhaps it will be conductive to some of you because here we are speaking of races and immigration very often. Obviously, Jews and Jewish influence are discussed quite openly.

    1. I just skimmed this slide deck and will go through it more carefully later as I’m interested in the content. Thanks for sharing! Important to note is that it is inconceivable that a Western scholar would give a similar lecture on his own race.

    1. In Vietnam right now, there is a huge outbreak of Covid in the city I live. Wonder how statistics is managed.

    2. The vaxx has been so super effective and convincing to the public that the American Medical Association and about 50 other organizations decided to get together to pressure medical facilities to make it mandatory for all employees. It basically speaks for itself as to how amazing it is:

      This seems like a desperate move but it may just work in getting many more recipients in the US.

    3. What do you guys think of the Hungarian scientist Katalin Karikó. She’s made headlines in many American-Vietnamese newspaper.

  9. Anyone heard of the Dutch former banker Ronald Bernard? He was an insider to the world of the Satanic elites and served them but cracked when they invited him to participate in child sacrifice. Whether he’s still alive is disputed as he became a whistleblower.

    Here are two interviews: (English) (German dub, English subtitles)

    Thanks to Deus’ link to the documentary on flat earth by Ewaranon, I’ve gone down some rabbit holes lately… (I finished watching all 5 hours of that, and then some.)

    1. This stuff is new, I will need more time to do research.

      I don’t understand why the elites want to sacrifice children?

    2. I got a comment waiting for moderation. They contain 2 links of a woman who claimed to work and quit Bernard’s organization.

    3. @CQV

      I found those articles about Bernard too. Whether his non-profit is fishy or not, that doesn’t take away from his exposé of the Satanic cabal that run our world. Well, it might sound ludicrous and cuckoo if you’re reading this for the first time, but they seek the adrenochrome that’s in the blood of tortured children.

  10. American Krogan has released his first of two videos on BioShock:
    I only came across this because I went to his Twitter account for taking my daily dose of shitposting. There, I saw his latest tweet, where he announced the release, which is exclusive to Odysee for about one week. In case you are not familiar with American Krogan, paraphrasing his own words, he began analyzing video games, started to notice some strange coincidences, and got banned from YouTube as a consequence. He noticed the same kind of strange influence in Western video games that others have noticed in Hollywood movies.

    Here is the description of the video:

    This video is part one of two videos where I’ll be addressing various aspects of the BioShock series. Here I’ll focus on the first game which was released in 2007. The next video will focus on BioShock Infinite, which was released in 2013. That video will be much more in-depth and has consumed the majority of my free time over the past several months. You can think of this video as the primer for that. People are probably wondering why am I making videos about such old games. The answer is simply that, for better or worse, these games are part of Western gaming iconography. They were and still are part of popular thought.

    If I were to distill what the intent of this video is down to a few simple lines, it would be this: The first BioShock had two distinct, yet interwoven narratives. In the background was a Jewish narrative in which notions of victimhood and genius were explored and displayed. In the foreground was a narrative about Objectivism/Libertarianism/Individualism vs Socialism/Collectivism/Religion. Most consumers focused on the latter, and almost no one focused on the former. It is my belief that most “gamers” were simply not equipped to detect, interpret or digest the former, and in addition, the game is exceedingly subtle about it to the point where it’s almost hidden. Undoubtedly such will invite accusations that I am inventing it, despite the numerous quotes and citations I provide.

    Please be aware that there are many relevant talking points and material unaddressed in this video. For example, I don’t explain any CofC paradigms, though I do view the entire series through a lens that is very similar to Kevin MacDonald’s. I believe the first and third games, developed by Ken Levine, (Jew) had motives very different from Jordan Thomas’ (Gentile) motives, when he developed the second game. This is why I am not making a video about the second game or addressing its content. If these videos gain any traction and I receive any sizeable donations, I will consider making an addendum to the series wherein I’ll address it.

  11. “Even within a minority community, some integrate more successfully into the mainstream over time, some do not. Jews are a good example, despite whatever the Daily Stormer may claim they are not, by far, a unified group. I have known and worked with plenty in my life. Sure, they display ingroup bias, like every tribe, but they are equally deivided among themselves. The more conservative ones tend to keep to themselves and isolate from the rest of society to the degree this is possible (like the Amish or the Menonites), others drop most of their traditions and integrate into mainstream society.”

    This is a quote from Yarara in post #149

    I find the issue of division among the Jews very interesting. Previously, I have posted, in this post, a slideshow that discusses ethnic identities in China. I would be glad to see a succinct discussion on the history of ethnic identities of Jewish people since antiquity.

    Here, Yarara just stated another law of History, the law of division. This law is observable throughout human History. Every human organization, as it grows, will become divided and diversified eventually. This applies to both ethnic groups and religions. Even peaceful religions like Buddhism are also subjected to this law.

  12. Anyone read Hoppe’s Democracy: The God That Failed? Reading it rn and it’s a great read so far. I dislike the way he uses the words “capitalism”, “liberal/liberalism/illiberal”, and “nationalism”, but other than that, really good.

  13. Does anybody here have an opinion on the Simone Biles situation in the Olympics?

    I know most here don’t follow sports, but Biles is a black American gymnast who dominated the sport last Olympiad winning multiple gold medals, setting records etc. She is widely considered the GOAT (greatest of all time.) Yesterday in the team all around she quit after a poor performance on vault leaving her teammates to pick up the pieces. They were able to get the silver, with Russia taking the gold.

    The internet reaction is that she is a typical snow flake of today’s young generation. Can’t take pressure, entitled, a loser a quitter etc.

    I don’t entirely disagree with this sentiment, but she is not a loser. She has already won multiple gold medals as stated. She was probably spoiled with success, and hadn’t faced losing in gymnastics or even the prospect of it in her entire life. The media didn’t help. Asking her leading questions going into the games like, “Can anyone beat you?” Her answer was “I don’t know.”. Bad answer. It should have been, “Yes, of course it’s sports. That’s why we play the games. But I have worked hard and am very confident.”. She wears a symbol on her uniform that she is the GOAT. She’s in a commercial where she walks a goat. Her aim was to win the gold in every single fucking event. It’s fucking ridiculous. She had nowhere to go but down.

    My take: Political. She was over-hyped because of her race in a sport traditionally dominated by pretty, rich white girls. And this notion that females have that life is a Disney film and you live happily ever after. Not realizing that losing is an important part of life. That your reaction to it is what defined you as a person. What makes you learn, grow, and evolve. The media gave her a false sense of invincibility which is ridiculous for any athlete or any human for that matter. Respecting your competition, and the prospect of losing keeps one sharp.

    The same thing happened in the UFC a few years ago with their female poster child. They built her and hyped her up until she thought she was unbeatable……then got knocked the fuck out. Life happens. Women get so coddled by society that they can’t face adversity. They think that success is about everything coming easy. It’s very similar to a hot chick given life on a silver platter,not appreciating her luck, being arrogant, thinking she’s better than everyone else…….until she hits the wall and becomes another number.

    1. Good points. My father coached me in a sport when I was younger and he always emphasised not to let pride get to my head or put unnecessary pressure on myself by acting show-offy. You can’t focus on what matters if you’re being self-conscious about your flashy persona and how others are reacting to that.

      You’re also reminding me of England’s black players who lost their penalty shots at the Euro 2020 finals. After the defeat, I went to look at how they took those shots. Rashford and Sancho did what looked like fancy footwork before kicking the ball. I’m not a football fan and haven’t seen many penalty shots in my life. But maybe if they had done a no-frills run up to the ball, like Kane and Maguire before them, they would’ve kicked better.

    2. Didn’t know about this, but your analysis sounds right. Media is such cancer. I know people who like the American media because “they held Trump accountable”.

    3. I think a serious problem with American mentality and education is the overplay of “confidence”, “invincibility”, “go-getting”, “everything is possible”, “you should do what you love”, etc. These themes are manifestations of an overtly optimistic mindset and cultural trend.

      In my culture, it is the opposite. Buddhist influence means that men are made to be very aware of his shortcomings and his limits. In fact, when learning Math, I used to notice that while there is are concepts of infinities in Math, there is no such things when it comes to the realm of humans.

      We see in your examples many problems of modern American culture: a serious downplay of white cultural influence and a hysterical elevation of blacks.

      “My take: Political. She was over-hyped because of her race in a sport traditionally dominated by pretty, rich white girls. And this notion that females have that life is a Disney film and you live happily ever after. Not realizing that losing is an important part of life. ”

      In traditional Vietnamese and Chinese culture, we have various sayings that pass down the wisdom of former generations to latter: Success sows the seed for failures.

      Chinese: 由盛化衰
      Vietnamese: Thịnh quá hóa suy

      This is why, in Eastern cultures, parents sparingly compliment their children, and criticize them most of the time. The extreme of this form is unhealthy, you need to strike a balance, the noble middle way, so to speak.

    4. I think this would take care of itself if we seriously challenged our kids. In the workplace, I’ve witnessed examples of millennials and GenZ’s having a breakdown because they were never told that they were wrong. This is not an exaggeration. Nowadays, managers get sent on trainings on how to deal with the fragile egos of this generation. As part of this, you’ll learn to “deliver criticism in a respectful way” or provide “adequate support”, i.e. you have weekly one-on-ones and provide feedback all the time. Of course, there is no way that this will negatively affect productivity.

    5. This is a good analysis, and one I don’t see any flaw with. I did not know who Simone Biles was but I heard of the story. My first reaction was simply that she must have been pushed into the Olympics not based on merit but to make a point and didn’t want to compete because she didn’t want to lose. Well, my conclusion is the same as yours even though I was starting with a knowledge gap here. On a related note, the German female rowing team recently fumbled in the finals and dropped from second place. They managed to lose their rhythm. When you look at pictures of that team, you notice that there are three white woman and one not-so-white woman. I’m not sure I want to connect the dots here because this might be raycis. It’s quite obvious that homogenous teams perform better, but I bet we can only say this out loud now when there is an all-black sportsball team.

    6. @CQV
      Yes, in my family the extreme form of criticism was undertaken. Myself and my sisters are all screwed up to a degree. I agree that a balance needs to be struck. The thing I’ve seen about Asian families is a loyalty on a level missing in white families/communities. My family is just a collection of individuals. I would go as far as to say that emotional abuse is passed off as an expression of love in my family. I’ve just come to grips with a semblance of self confidence within the past few years by distancing myself from them and seeking out help from sources such as this site, self improvement, exercise, etc.

    7. @ Aaron
      Yes, good observation. Biles was not Olympic-ready regardless of what she did 5 years ago. The media Bonanza the days leading up to the games ignored this and acted like she would pick up where she left off or even do better. Then, interestingly, right before they aired the recorded event, they showed a series of errors Biles had been making in different events leading to the Olympics. She had also screwed up in the qualifying round of the very event that she quit. Also, her replacement for the individual all around is a blonde white chick (if anyone know the results of this event, please don’t post them until 24 hours after this post). Interestingly, the blonde white girl was missing from the 4 girls who represented the US in the team all around. I think only two girls represent each country in the individual all around. Why was the white girl not representing us on the team? Not “diverse” enough?

      And you are right about homogeneous teams. In 1986 the NBA’s Boston Celtics had a team of 9 white players and 3 black players. Yes, you read that correctly. They are widely considered the best team ever by sports writers. Their team chemistry was on a level never seen before or since.

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