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A Primer on Online Privacy and Data Security

I received an article request on secure communication in the age of leftist-marxist oppression and widespread censorship:

Hey Aaron, Why not write a piece on privacy and communication? I recall you mentioning a while back something about using a small PC setup for communication. Also, I don’t VPNs do much to protect your identity. I heard something about Tor (sp?) for internet privacy. Perhaps you know more about this subject and can point to some resources for getting started. Who knows if people might need more secure means for organizing themselves. Peacefully, of course.

A few years ago I wrote an article in which I advised you to get off Google. I have largely done this myself. All my private email goes through Yandex as I trust the Russians infinitely more than any US company. I only keep my GMail email addresses around so that nobody else can claim them. I think the best setup for email is to get a trust-worthy secure email address from a provider like Protonmail. My issue is more with US companies, so it’s more important not to use an email address from Google, Microsoft (Hotmail), Yahoo, or any other CIA front.

In general, I’d recommend you use a fake name whenever it is possible. Only very few websites should require you to verify your ID. This means your bank, crypto exchange, online broker, health care provider, tax authorities, online retailers and so on. If YouTube or Facebook tell you that they would like to verify your ID by getting your credit card number or a scan of a government-issued ID, you don one thing: You laugh. Then you stop using those “services”. Social media companies do not need your ID and if they insist, then you’ll go elsewhere for your entertainment. I have almost completely stopped using YouTube, for instance. More or less all I do on there is listen to classical music and retrowave.

Speaking of social media: Thanks to Edward Snowden’s leaks we know that the CIA has direct access to the data harvested by US tech giants. Get off Facebook and Instagram and all that other garbage. I’m not sure I’d trust alternative sites like Gab or Parler. Anywya, to me, social media today is just like TV was in the past. It’s mind-numbing media for the masses that is intended to pump you full of fake news. The hordes have recently begun ditching TV, a solid twenty to twenty-five years before people like us did so. (I never owned a TV in my life, by the way, with the exception of a CRT I used for gaming, but not for watching mainstream garbage.)

In terms of communication, don’t use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, which is likewise owned by Facebook. Instead, use Telegram and, maybe, Signal. Friends of mine swear by Signal, but considering that it is US-centric and was founded by a guy who uses a fake name to hide that his real name is Rosenberg, you don’t need to be much of a conspiracy theorist to stay clear of it. For the time being, I’m using Telegram. Also, it has gotten very popular recently, so it is probably a lot easier to convince your friends to sign up for it.

Getting a phone without showing your ID is apparently quite difficult nowadays. This used to be possible in Europe until a few years ago. I am not sure how it works in the US. I don’t think I had to show my ID to get a phone about a decade ago when I visited but instead I just walked into a store and bought a SIM card. My memory is a bit hazy, though. It is possible that I had to show my ID. Yet, despite this, you can still limit what is tracked. Right now, your choice is to get tracked by either Apple (iOS) or Google (Android). You could, however, put your phone into airplane mode whenever possible or simply turn it off if you don’t need it. Also, Huawei has recently announced their own phone OS called Harmony. I’d feel safer with the Chinese having my data, so maybe keep an eye on Harmony OS phones. Even if they don’t get officially released in the West, you may be able to order them online. (Article continues below.)

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I have not done enough research on VPNs, but I have come across stories of some VPNs having been forced to release data, so the protection they afforded were all just an illusion. There may be providers that do not store any connection data at all. In any case, don’t get a Western VPN.

Now, if you really are concerned that the government is actively spying on you — make no mistake: you are being spied on by the CIA as we speak, they just don’t actively look at your data, in all likelihood — then get Tails OS and run it off a USB stick. It forces all communication through Tor. There is a bit of a learning curve involved but for that extra layer of protection, it is maybe worth it. Linux is pretty easy to use nowadays, so the learning curve should be manageable. I am not sure if Tails OS is worth the extra effort compared to running Linux on your laptop and Tor in your browser (you can easily use Tor if you use Brave). I use Brave on macOS, by the way.

Privacy starts much sooner, though. Think about who really needs to know your name. When picking up chicks, I only gave out my real name in the beginning. Then I tried on a few fake names, but eventually I settled on just using the first letter of my first name. I even trained my friends to call me that. In my room there was not a single piece of paper in sight that showed my full name and address. On a very similar note, any random dude who talks to you does not need to know your name. Just be prepared and have a fake name ready. Whenever I can get away with, I even use fake addresses. There are plenty of online retailers who want your email and postal address, yet accept payment via PayPal. You could be some cuck and give them your real data or you just give them fake data top to bottom. Of course, to pay you need to send them real money via PayPal, but you this address does not have to reveal your real name. Just don’t be an idiot. Data leaks happen all the time, and nobody needs to know your shopping history. Even some big sites have been breached and thus it is much better if an email address with a fake name gets leaked than a real one that has your real name.

Needless to say, I only consume government-approved sources, so I have not reason to hide anything at all and I’m actually surprised I know about all the stuff I wrote about above. In fact, just go ahead and add me on Facebook. My real name is Isidor Spitzer, I’m 36 years old, gender-fluid, and I currently reside in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I work as an expert COBOL programmer for a local bank. My profile picture is “Rainbow Dash” from the hit show “My little Pony”. Not only am I vaxxed, I am an ultra vaxxer and have asked the doctor to take all available vaxxes, shake them, drop an ice cube in it, and give me a nice deep jab. For the second one, I asked my doctor to mix them in the opposite order. I’m now ultra protected against the flu. This is great because this means that I will enjoy a long, healthy life so that I have many years left. Really, guys, you don’t need to be afraid of the government at all because they clearly look out for you. They are even shutting down the world economy because of the flu because nothing could be worse than getting the sniffles. We are run by the best leaders we ever had: Joe Biden, the most popular man who ever lived, Angela Merkel, the sexiest woman alive, Boris Johnson, the most athletic British PM ever, and Justin Trudeau, the straightest, manliest politician you can imagine. Forget about privacy and security because our Marvel Comics like collection of superhero politicians got this!

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15 thoughts on “A Primer on Online Privacy and Data Security

  1. The seriousness of Covid-19 is real. Governments of non-Western countries like China and Vietnam are pushing for total shutdown. My birthplace, Saigon, is enduring a lockdown right now. Millions are out of work.

    There is no need for Vietnamese or Chinese government to exaggerate the number of infections each day. The Chinese and Vietnamese elites are not known to collude with Western elites to conspire against the general population.

    1. Somehow a lot more people die due to lack of exercise or poor nutrition. How come Daddy Government doesn’t step in there and ban the sale of all that crappy ready-made food in supermarkets or forcing you to exercise? Maybe if a group of favored insiders was poised to make billions in gym memberships or selling organic food they would.

    2. You haven’t answered the question. If Covid-19 is a hoax, being blown out of proportion, then why non Western governments also choose to lockdown cities, which causes lots of economic damages and freezes up the entire national economy? It is indeed a self-harm act of treason, if this flu is a hoax.

      Naturally, one must advance another conspiracy-liked argument: Non Western govs and Western elites go hand in hand in conspiring a manufactured disease to cause disruptions to societies. Yet there are no evidences that leaders in China, Vietnam and Iran have much agreement with the West to do so.

    3. Yes, I think that Covid-19 is an attempt to set up a one-world government. The non-Western world is obviously under great pressure from the West. Well, maybe it is not and the fact that there were CIA interventions in every non-Western country that objected to running the Covid psy-ops is a mere coincidence.

    4. “Somehow a lot more people die due to lack of exercise or poor nutrition. How come Daddy Government doesn’t step in there and ban the sale of all that crappy ready-made food in supermarkets or forcing you to exercise?”

      By insinuating those acts are not committed by Western govs, I see that you shift the blame to the West again. Sure, why Chinese governments just act like Western govs, demanding people to exercise and ban fast foods? Instead, China becomes a huge market for fast food chains, not of just Western branches, but also native branches?

      Somehow, the elite of the West and East decide to conspire to destroy the health of the population.

    5. Dude, you are missing the point. There are public health crises that are much more serious than Covid, yet nobody in power gives a fuck. Yet, in the case of the Covid sniffles I’m supposed to believe that governments suddenly discovered that they care about their subjects. Give me a break!

    6. “snifles”?
      Previously, you posted a report of a famous lab on the effectiveness of their vaccines. The result is the vaccines are effective.

      It shows that Covid is not just a cold flu. If you want, I can dig up that comment.

      Those health problems may be mitigated by choices of consumers. Covid is not. You either stay safe or spread the disease to all others around you.

    7. “Yes, I think that Covid-19 is an attempt to set up a one-world government. The non-Western world is obviously under great pressure from the West. Well, maybe it is not and the fact that there were CIA interventions in every non-Western country that objected to running the Covid psy-ops is a mere coincidence.”

      China and Vietnam are obviously under no pressure. They have their own intelligence and counterintelligence agencies. China, in particular, will no way let the US meddle with its own internal issues. Look how powerless the West is when it comes to the Uyghur problem. Vietnam is also a country where the US could not easily manipulate either.

      Yet all these countries, including Iran, impose strict restriction of movements. It shows that the virus is real and dangerous.

  2. I use ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, although the loud proclamations that Proton Technologies is a Swiss company gives me pause, because I’m reminded of Crypto AG – a Swiss company that sold encryption devices from 1952 until 2018 – and which happened to be secretly owned by the CIA and Germany’s BND, who of course had a backdoor into the devices.

    But my thoughts on the matter are that if ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are backdoored, this would be highly classified, and they wouldn’t bother prosecuting anyone based on intelligence gathered from these services for anything but the most serious of offenses, like terrorism, out of concern that their operation would be exposed.

  3. Good points on not using Western services whenever possible. With Western based VPNs, for example, I get the sense that if the FBI came knocking that these companies wouldn’t put up too much resistance before handing over their server data. I’ve even heard VPNs referred to as honeypots before.

    1. It is absolutely crazy that you have the White House spox tell this to the press. Such censorship used to go on behind the scenes, and people would call you a “conspiracy theorist” if you suggested that there might be an extreme leftist bias on social media. Well, at least we’ve got that sorted out now.

  4. So, Tim Pool mentioned how Tucker Carlson covered the audit in Georgia, and how he can’t talk about as he will get censored.

    So I was like, ok let me go to tucker carlson directly. Went in to search for tucker carlson’s latest content. All the search results are just hitpieces on Tucker Carlson. That’s not search functioning as it should. People looking to see what tucker carlson had to say are not looking to see what his competitors had to say about him.

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