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57 thoughts on “Open Thread #81

  1. Do you guys know who David Cole is? My guess is that some of you do. But for those who don’t, he is a Jewish revisionist on the Holocaust. I saw a couple of his recent YouTube videos and he seems to have changed his views a bit. He claims that “the Holocaust happened.” What that specifically means, I don’t know. He’s not talking about gas Chambers, six million, or any official Nazi policy of genocide.

    He’s adding up all of the Jews who died throughout the war specifically due to Nazi war crimes. Shooting Jews trying to flee the camps (of which Nazis got fired for), executing partisans behind the lines etc. He puts the number at over 3 million. Still about half of the “official” number. He used to be a leading voice in revisionism. My guess is that he is just trying to stay on YouTube. That and years of alcoholism.

    Anyway, he has a documentary of Mel Gibson’s father coming out that looks interesting.

    1. David Cole was on the Killstream quite recently. One of his arguments is that the “six million” number is not accurate. Well, for one, the official Auschwitz numbers have gotten revised downwards, so if there are no corresponding upward corrections for other “death camps”, the conclusion is quite obvious. Dear Jew overlords, we of course uphold that the Nazis killed exactly six million of you. We’d never question that.

    2. Cole is not the same though. He seems to be altering his views to fit closer to the official narrative. Even 3 million sounds a bit high. And the Nazis executed partisans of all stripes.

      The Hutton Gibson documentary sounds cool though. It was actually made in 2004 during The Passion of the Christ controversy. The Hollywood Jews were pissed at Mel and looked for anything to take him down. That’s how they found out his dad was a revisionist. Cole withheld release until Hutton passed (he passed in May).

  2. I’ve been using Brave browser with duckduckgo for any “risky” types of material in the hopes of having more online privacy. Is it worth it to use a VPN service? A South African based website I follow posted an update recently about charges being laid against the owner (crimen injuria), and has since gone silent whereas the site was very active before. I guess the alternative is to avoid anything remotely controversial or factually informative.

    1. Yeah, I only read CNN to make sure I get mainstream-approved news. I can tell you that’s quite a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing mainstream narrative. One day, masks can’t protect us against Covid-19, the other day they’re mandatory. Then I fully bought into BLM and George Floyd’s breathing problems, but now that BLM spoke out against Israel, the situation is a bit unclear. I’m still waiting for the officially approved narrative to tell me what to think. It’s a bit confusing at times, but you’ll get used to it. In any case, it’s still OK, mandatory in fact, to support Antifa and domestic terrorism.

      On a more serious note, if you’re really concerned, get a VPN. There is also the Tor Browser, which I should probably use a bit more often as we’re probably close to the point where reading jogger news is a punishable offense. I’m currently in a transitory phase of my life, so I’m not going to amass a lot of stuff. Yet, once I’ve settled again, I’ll build a mini-PC for secure communication, running on Tails Linux.

    2. Lol!

      I see, it appears Tor is more secure than Brave. I’ll probably grab a VPN soon, too. Apparently, you can serve jail time in the U.K., for example, for frequently visiting ‘far-right extremist’ sites. The criteria for what is considered extremism seems to be expanding day by day.

      “…I’ll build a mini-PC for secure communication, running on Tails Linux.”

      Interesting. I have a couple of decent old towers I may be able format for better privacy. I’ll have to look more into that, thanks.

      Have you ever heard of this guy?

      “Alfred was sentenced to 38 months imprisonment in Germany, starting from July 2018, for “incitement to hatred“, i.e., for telling the truth about the so-called “Holocaust“, and Organized jewry’s false flag attack on America on 9/11, 2001.”


      This is pretty much why the South African guy is in trouble. I would highly caution any asshole that tries to revise history to fit their sick white supremacist fetish agenda. There are several more examples of these creeps I could mention.

    3. Dude, CNN is my jam! I only keep track of right-wing extremists online because I’m a concerned citizen.

      I didn’t know of Alfred Schaefer. However, there are quite a few guys like him who are in prison. The Albanians also set up a rather interesting legal structure according to which a defendant’s lawyer can get locked up for doing his job. Similarly, the defendant commits additional crimes by opening their mouth in a holocaust denial trial.

    4. What VPN service do you guys recommend. I’ve thought this many times too. It’ll be illegal or you’re get thrown in jail for reading alternative sites like these.

    5. @Deus

      NordVPN is pretty userfriendly for both mobile and desktop and is reasonably priced.

      Cheers from Israel, lol.

    6. I ended up picking up NordVPN for $125 which will last 3 years. This is apparently a sale price, though.

    7. Less than $3.50/month is a fantastic price! With VPNs, there are always sales and discount codes available, it seems.

  3. It’s pretty strange. So, Hikaru Nakamura, who is the on of the top chess players have taken an iq test from the website ‘’ , which is designed as real mensa iq test. His result was shockingly low 102 points. I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but I am wondering whether he took this test seriously or that he couldn’t solve such simple problems.

    1. You’re closer to being a genius than an IQ100-normie. To be a decent software engineer, I’d say you need an IQ115+, so you’re probably simply underestimating how smart you are because you’re not interacting much with regular people. Really, it is mind-boggling how stupid the average person is.

    2. I wouldn’t take this test serious. Any legit IQ test will have a time restriction. Without that the results are basically meaningless.

    3. I don’t know which test he took, but depending on the difficulty of the test, a time limit doesn’t make much of a difference. For instance, a sufficiently difficult take-home exam doesn’t get easier if you give people more time as they’ll just hit a brick wall. Only for borderline candidates does more time make a noticeable difference. For the really good students it’s not relevant, and neither is it for the dull ones. In theory, though, you could design a test so that only the top few students is able to finish on time. You could even reduce the difficulty of the various tasks and instead limit the amount of time. This is not as silly as it may sound as there are studies that correlate reaction time with IQ, and it doesn’t get simpler than telling a test taker to hit a button.

    4. Ok I just saw it is timed after all.
      If he only got 102 he probably didn’t take it serious imho.
      And you having 131 and not being genius is perfectly fine.
      131 is still only the top 2%.
      I would say genius starts around the 150 level

    5. At that level, those tests are essentially useless. The one I took was based on a sample size of a few thousand people. Assuming N = 10,000, which would be exceptionally large, you’d have 30 people with an IQ of 145, i.e. three standard deviations from the mean with sigma = 15. You can’t derive much from that. In the test I took, I had a perfect score (= IQ160) in two sub-tests, which — I had to look this up — corresponds to the 99.9936th percentile, i.e. 1 in ~15,000. That kind of precision is nonsensical, considering that N was nowhere near that number. Also, keep in mind that IQ tests were designed to diagnose the feeble-minded. They are great at distinguishing the dull from the smart, but it’s misleading to think that you can make a meaningful distinction at the tail ends of the bell curve as the imprecision is just too large.

    6. If you want to measure your intelligence, pick a subject that interests you, then try a couple of specialized tests, that is much more telling than IQ.

      For example, I score high on IELTS when I was 16. My classmate got an excellent result due to his creative proof of the Abel-Ruffini theorem.

      Those are more accurate than.the so-called IQ test.

      You want something concrete and tangible.

    7. @Cuong Quoc Vu:
      IQ is heavily correlated with a lot of stuff.
      e.q. you won’t find someone with an IQ of 100 doing a physics PHD
      It is the psychological metric with the highest predictive value.

      It’s role is heavily downplayed because obviously this would completely destroy the narrative of the left “everyone is equal”.
      It is almost forbidden these days to speak about it.

    8. I mean you think society is fucked now because of the social engineering to “resolve the gender pay-gap”
      Wait until these nutjobs find out that there is also an IQ, height, race, class, pay gap.
      You will end up with social engineering on a grand scale it will make even Stalin and Mao shudder.

    9. e.g. people with an 80 IQ need to be represented in goverment 😀 just wait for it

    10. We’re getting there. I’d slot quite a few German MPs of the Green Party at around 90 to 95. Their educational outcomes seem to confirm that, seeing that this group includes people who flunked high-school.

    11. A friend of mine has had her life going on a downward trajectory since she was 18 in that she seriously flunked her ‘A’ Levels and after a few years of trying out a particular programme, left it for a bullshit degree in a degree mill. She’s deeply insecure about how her life has turned out compared to those around her and once asked me to take an online IQ test together. She did really well, possibly over 140? My result was a good 20-30 points lower than hers.

      Maybe hers is a case of the exception does not prove the rule (as high IQ strongly correlates with all-round better life outcomes and she’s somehow an outlier), or she has more experience than me in answering such questions. I’m not sure.

    12. @Martin

      I don’t know much about IQ. But given two people belonging to the same IQ, one may have a inclination to do better in a field than the others.

      By contrast, many geniuses don’t know what their IQs are. Say Alexandre Grothiendieck.

      There are many special abilities that an IQ test cannot measure. In the case of Grothendieck, it is his massive capacity of solve extremely abstract Math concepts. He never need an example to guide his intuition, he does Math without needing examples.

      Think of my classmate again, he got such a great result at only 14 years old. Given the Abel-Ruffini theorem to any kid of his age and you will find them dumbstruck.

      I find specialized tests graded by specialists are much more accurate in determining someone’s ability than IQ test.

    13. I watched the video you posted. Nakamura talks to his stream while taking the test. He should have fully focussed on it. I don’t know much about him, but I do know that he’s one of the top blitz chess players in the world. He should be comfortably in the top 2% in terms of IQ.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Wonder what you fellas think about this.

    I recently banged this girl and after we fucked she sort of ghosted me. It is what it is. One thing tho that sort of is bothering me is that she said she expected me to be more of a dick but I’m actually pretty sweet/nice.

    This is bothering me because I wasn’t actively trying to be nice to her I was Jsut being normal. Could it be possibly that I’m acting a certain way and women Jsut perceive it as being nice?

    Like I bought her dinner, one time. Is this world so fucked you buy a hitch dinner for $30 and you’re now a nice guy?

    1. You won’t be able to deduct your nice guy level from that one interaction obviously. People come from different backgrounds and evaluate the same situation differently.

      That being said, I suggest you split the pool of women you want to fuck into two categories:
      Fuck-only material and Wife material.
      Given your above encounter belongs to the first category (right?) and given you’ve achieved your goal of getting laid, I suggest you move on and don’t try to extrapolate complex stuff from that one interaction.

    2. Yes, that’s the state of the world. A slut will question your manhood if you wine and dine her. This is particularly a problem if you made a bold move early on in the interaction. If you decelerate, you’ll look weak. Even worse is that some women think you’re some kind of pussy if you don’t treat them poorly, like addressing them as bitch etc. In the extreme, those women want you to physically abuse them. I don’t recommend going down that rabbit hole, but if you bang enough women, you’re bound to come across a few really deranged ones.

    3. Aaron,
      1. “A slut will question your manhood if you wine and dine her.”

      Can you elaborate how a slut will question your manhood? This has not been the case with me. Of course, I don’t wine and dine every girl or slut I meet. I am very selective who I take out to dinner whether its something simple or high end.

      2. “This is particularly a problem if you made a bold move early on in the interaction.”

      What do you mean by “bold move”? Establishing physical contact and escalating?

      3. “Some women think you’re some kind of pussy if you don’t treat them poorly.”

      In my experience, I’ve had women who would tell me to fuck off when I treated them poorly. By poorly, I mean that I treated them like whores. They hated me for it. Some girls told me that they wanted me to treat them like a Queen (note literally but figuratively) – to treat them nicely and respectfully. When I did treat them nicely and respectfully, they loved me for it. I’ve had women despised me for treating them poorly which has never worked for me.

    4. The issue is deceleration. If she’s wet and expecting to get fucked by you, her excitement will take a nosedive if you take her out to dinner instead of into the bedroom. Yes, “bold” = clearly stating your sexual intent.

      The key to seduction is to read women and adjust your behavior accordingly. Of course, you can’t treat every woman poorly and expect good results. That won’t fly. However, some women do want a guy who is the opposite of a gentleman. Imagine a guy like Lisbon: the kind of woman who is into his looks expects hypermasculine behavior. Also, not many guys can get away with hypermasculine behavior. If you look like a prototypical nice guy, you can forget about rapid sexual escalation. Of course, if you’re rich and famous, you can still fuck them quickly, but it’s a far cry from running thug game where a woman bangs you regardless of your resources. She just wants that big thug cock of yours.

    5. If you are constantly around women who want to be mistreated, maybe that is a sign of trouble?

    6. Aaron,
      “If she’s wet and expecting to get fucked by you, her excitement will take a nosedive if you take her out to dinner instead of into the bedroom.”

      1. Is there any way a guy can salvage this situation?
      2. Wouldn’t this cause the guy to be put in the friend zone since it a case of anti-game? Or is the friend zone a case of lack of attraction?

    7. 1) You may not be able to salvage the situation if your behavior is very incongruent. Normally, you’re done if you make a bold move, she’s ready to get fucked and then you suddenly hem and haw.

      2) Why would you want to be in the friend zone? Sure, you may be able to turn yourself into an exploitable resource for women you failed to pick up but there is nothing to be gained from that.

    8. Aaron,
      I miss-wrote the last part about the friend zone. Disregard that sentence on number 2.

    9. Aaron
      This is what I meant to say…

      Since the guy failed to act accordingly, wouldn’t most women put the guy in the friend zone since her attraction to him took a nose dive?

      Its obvious now since the situation is not salvagable….

  5. Man Austria is such a joke:

    It’s a german article.

    They now have a serious discussion in our government if a national military which is able to defend our country is still required.
    fucking madness.

    And a women is our defense minister. Fucking lol. How cucked we have become.
    Someone who never had a fucking weapon in her hands, is now the commander in chief of the army.

    (not to take me wrong, the Austrian army is a complete joke, but now they want to reduce its funds even more)

    I guess we will just tell some future aggressor “to please be nice and respect our rights!”

    1. This is a fair discussion. I bet a private military is going to be cheaper amd more effective.
      National militaries are quite the waste of money.

    2. There are funny comparisons going around of Europe’s female defence ministers with their counterparts in Russia/China/Iran. About your last sentence, that kind of thinking really manifests– Sweden’s wahmen Foreign Minister and Minister for Social Affairs convened foreign ambassadors to tell them to right the wrong perceptions their countries might have about how Sweden’s handling Covid. That’s their idea of damage control, behaving like nagging mothers.

      How is Kurz doing as Chancellor? Are you hopeful?

    3. Most of Europe is de facto a US military protectorate under NATO, and always has been since the Cold War. Thats why they get so nervous when Trump talks about pulling out, they would have to start paying and building up their militaries for real.

      European countries have neglected their defence for so long that by themselves (I mean, without USA) they are no match for even a Russia with diminished power.

      Only the french may stand up to them, because they have their own nuclear force.

    4. @Neutralrandomthoughts: the discussion is not about private military or not.
      the discussion is about defunding the military to such a level that it basically cannot fulfill its role anymore.

      And countries can certainly spend too much on defense, but Austria is not one of those countries. We already have one of the lowest defense budgets in the world.

    5. @Sleazy’s Wife “How is Kurz doing as Chancellor? Are you hopeful?”

      I was very skeptical of him at first, because he is a typical career politician, doesn’t have much life experience, never worked a real job basically.

      But so far he is doing quite well, and certainly better than the alternatives.

      There was a little setback because of the Ibiza gate and now the ÖVP has to be in a coalition with the green party, which is suboptimal. but I think at the next election Kurz will get even more votes, maybe a majority.

      He is very popular and also his handling of the covid-19 situation so far was received quite well by the public

    6. @Yarara:

      I know that against an aggressor like Russia the Austrian army would not stand a chance, obviously.
      (on the other side, a few ill equipped goat herders in Afghanistan were able to fuck with the mighty US army… so maybe this is actually wrong)

      The reduction of the army funding to ridiculously low levels is more of a sign that our political leaders have lost touch with reality in my opinion.

      And then there is obviously the threat of terrorism, so the purpose of an army is also to protect strategic objects from some ISIS nutjobs.

    7. @Martin

      My point was that the true cost of something becomes known after fully privatizing it.
      “Defunding” in my understanding means “stop paying for it with tax money/government debt”.


  6. Although I hate 99 percent of main stream American media, I will say that Tucker Carlson on Fox News has a damn fine show. Any other Tucker fans out there?

    1. I like him. He’s the only mainstream commentator I don’t despise, in fact.

    2. How long do you think they will continue to allow him to tell the truth?

      He reminds me of Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan from years ago. Both of whom were effectively silenced.

    3. They already tried doxxing him bery recently. Plans for silencing him are underway.

    4. Tucker was doxxed a few years ago already. There is a video floating around online showing a group of Antifas chanting outside of his house. There may have been break-ins already. He also got harassed at his country club. The current threat of doxing comes from the “newspaper of record”, our beloved New York Times, by the way.

    5. Something similar happened to Lou Dobbs back in 09. His house was fired upon after a series of threatening phone calls. His show was never the same after that.

      Before we lose Tucker for good, here is a segment where he takes apart neocon John Bolton:

    6. I don’t have time to watch him, but I have Tim Pool running in the background as I do work… and Tim constantly praises/references tucker as the “only respectable guy with balls left in media”. I’m paraphrasing. But from what I hear he’s also setting records and basically demolishing everyone.

      No wonder they’re trying so hard to silence him. His effectivness comes from the fact that he can communicate in a way that resonates to everyone.

      He’s not like some conservative dude that only speaks to conservatives.

      I’ve seen hyper-leftie facebook pages post clips of him and trying to smear him… and yet I go read the comments… and most people are like “wait, what he says makes a lot of sense”… and these are the same commentariat who fall for most ultra-leftie propaganda immediatelly.

      Tucker’s really effective in speaking in a way that reaches moderates and lefties… to where most of them go “hmmm he has a point”. That’s what makes him so dangerous to the left.

    1. I really wonder how much more fucked up women will become in the future.

      Imagine you get these 2 message:

      – you are strong, independent, powerful!
      – you cannot handle someone looking at you, you poor little fragile thing

      now wonder a lot just become crazy

    2. It looks almost certain that Islam will take over the West, so women shall have their fun now, complaining all they want as that window of opportunity is closing rapidly.

  7. Haha. Well, at least when Islam does take hold then Western women will have already had a head start in the practice of face veiling.

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