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Realizing how little (some) women add to your life

I shared before that I didn’t care much about women in my teens and early adolescence. I considered them a distraction. Probably, observing the marriage of my parents didn’t do much to warm me towards the fairer sex (lol) either. Yet, I did have some encounters that drove the point home that my suspicions were quite well-founded. It’s one thing to be an incel who couldn’t get laid anyway and say that you don’t care about women, but quite another when there are always some chicks swarming around you who want to befriend you. I was firmly in the latter camp. Some women came on to me quite strongly. What I found most fascinating was that if the woman considers you sufficiently attractive but you don’t make a move, she may even make a move on you.

One such encounter I had on a trip during my university days. We traveled to some bigger city in Germany under the pretense of attending some seminar or conference. I only have a vague recollection of it. However, I do have a strong recollection of us, a mixed group of maybe ten people, sitting in some park and emptying a few bottles of wine. (Of course, I showed great restraint.) Among university students in Germany, this was not at all uncommon back then. Today, with the proletarization of higher education, I assume it’s more common that people get the cheapest beer they can find.

As it was a warm summer evening, quite a few people were around. A group of local women joined us and we just hung out. One of those women seemed to have taken quite a liking towards me. She was tall and slim, and overall quite attractive, but I wasn’t into the pump-and-dump thing. She quizzed me about my life and my ambitions, which I found a bit intrusive, but it wasn’t entirely out of place. As she got a bit drunk, this woman got a bit touchy-feely as well and told me that she currently doesn’t have a boyfriend, among other pieces of information she’d probably have kept to herself had she been sober.

Apart from the fact that I don’t like women who are tipsy, it dawned on me what a horrible proposition she made. She was older than me, in her late 20s or possibly even early 30s. She had nothing going on in her life and worked a few menial jobs to make ends meet: store clerk and bar maid. It wasn’t the case that she could offer much in terms of stimulating conversation either. This shouldn’t be high on your list if you just want to get laid but if a woman tells you that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s thinking way beyond spreading her legs just once for you. She was pleasant enough and she knew well enough how to escalate without looking like a slut. At one point she cuddled up to me because it was getting cold. I tolerated that, but I excused myself when she suggested going to her place (she was sharing an apartment).

One of my supposed friends later on chided me for not making a move. He somehow perfectly well knew how to do this, despite, from what I could tell, lacking sexual experience and never having any girl show interest in him. He thought he had a winning argument when pointing out that if I had gone home with her, I might now have a girlfriend. That’s what he wanted, so he couldn’t understand anybody else disagreeing with him on that matter. The mere idea of having a girlfriend in some city one to two hours away struck me as utterly moronic, but that was not the worst of it.

The typical cucked beta male is happy to take more or less every woman. Yet, what this encounter taught me is that some women have really nothing to offer. Assume you are in your 20s and take a modestly attractive woman in her late 20s or early 30s as your girlfriend. She has achieved very little in life and is not able to support herself. Well, guys who do well for themselves don’t necessarily care about the earning potential of their partner. It’s often a negative, in fact, given that today’s affirmative action for women frequently brings out the worst in them. Anyway, you’re undoubtedly better off with a woman who would, in principle, be able to make a living versus one who can only get poorly paid part-time gigs because her looks are tolerable.

A woman of moderate mental facilities will only aggravate you. You know how draining it can be to talk to some airhead on a date for an hour or so. You do it because you’re horny and you want to get laid, but now imagine that you’d have spend time with a woman who has no real interests on her own and who cannot hold her own in a conversation. Of course, you can’t plausibly expect her to be your intellectual equal because then the odds will be heavily weighted against you: good luck finding a woman who is both smart and attractive (the odds are a lot better if you’re into Asian women, but that’s a different topic). Imagine throwing out some random thought and the chick draws a total blank. Your high-IQ topics can easily sink a date that has been going quite well. It only gets worse, though: if you manage to successfully dumb yourself down during the courtship phase, you only end up with a woman who can, at best, regurgitate normie talking points. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

I think men would be a lot better off if they were able to realistically list what they bring to the table. Likewise, they should not be afraid of listing what any woman they fantasize about brings to the table. This is more or less a non-issue for one-night stands, but it is a must when considering a long-term relationship. The Chinese refer to unmarried women in their late 20s as shèngnǚ, i.e. “leftover women”. A rational man would consider such women to be poor dating prospects, regardless of their other qualities. Yet, in the West, we get media brainwashing 24/7 that tries to tell you that 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20. Thus, due to transitivity, 40 is the new 20. It’s ludicrous.

A woman should make a clear positive contribution to your life. This is important even before having children. However, what I see is that a lot of women would only be a burden. They bring chaos to your life. In the worst case, they may saddle you with their debts and make you responsible for solving all the problems in their life. Yet, too many men are apparently not able to look at dating realistically. In all fairness, men are getting more clued in, which is obvious by movements such as MGTOW growing rapidly. However, there are a lot of men who are left to be saved. Here is some food for thought: Do you think women would collectively step up their game if men were pickier? I’d say the answer is a resounding yes, but judging by the way things are going, Western society will collapse before we could observe such a change in female behavior.

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9 thoughts on “Realizing how little (some) women add to your life

  1. This is 100% accurate. Unfortunately, most men don’t realize it until it’s too late and they are trapped with a kid or marriage. Once I got older, I had zero tolerance for women that didn’t bring anything to the table other than their looks. I had no interest in what is essentially an adult kid.

  2. A few years ago I was in a meditation group (that was before I realized that group meditation is bullshit) and there was a woman 5-10 years older than me (so she was late 30s or early 40s).
    She was obviously into me, making me compliments all the time and she invited me to events and so on.
    But she wasn’t very attractive, barely fuckable , but what turned me down massively was just how stupid she was.
    She had a minimum wage job, and she saw it as a great achievement to know how to operate a computer. LOL. She was also into veganism and all that bullshit.
    So I ignored her basically.
    She probably thinks I’m an idiot who couldn’t read her signs 🙂
    A few years later I looked at her facebook, and she had a boyfriend who looked like an uber-beta

  3. Will you address at length the question of choosing a woman in your book on Relationship? After assessing myself, and after reading your posts as well as Assanova’s blog, I think I’d rather find a couple of quality girls and invite them into my life rather than chasing skirts after skirts. Assanova said he would not do it again, he would focus more on his career. And in some of your past writings I can sense a sense of regret lingering as well. Adding to this is how you complained about one night stands, they are not that are cracked up to be. So I feel like I have no motivation to choose this path.

    With my height and look, ONS should be very rare anyway. I am not a supermodel or a supertall, super-jacked dude, so I don’t think I can play the game of hitting and dissing girls anyway.

    1. Of course. However, I’m pretty busy and don’t get to write nearly as much as I would like to.

  4. Women suck to talk to. I used to get from them that I was “too serious.”. WTF does that even mean? Why is serious even bad? It was always from girls that I wasn’t attracted to anyway. They just have nothing inside of their heads, and they think we are all here to entertain them. Sadly, many guys accept that role and treat every woman like she’s Princess Dianna or some shit.

    1. Take it as a compliment. She means “why aren’t you flirting with me, I’d love it if you did”.

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