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Open Thread #65

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81 thoughts on “Open Thread #65

  1. In a previous open thread I brought up a Barbara Walters interview with Sean Connery where he talks about giving women “a little smack” when they get out of line. Here is Joe Rogan and former UFC fighter Josh Barnett talking about it.

    1. That’s a great interview! The chick is hot, too. Is it just me or have women on TV gotten less attractive? Partly, it could be due to high-definition video.

    2. Barbara Walters was known for being a hard ass interviewer. She would put people on the spot, put them in their place etc. Sean was like “yeah…fuck it, whatever.”

      Sean Connery makes bosses look like simps. He has real life stories that put those made up Chuck Norris stories to shame. Most say that he played James Bond better than every other actor that came after him, but I strongly disagree.

      Sean Connery is James Bond.

  2. I just watched Onward, the latest Pixar movie. I found it quite mediocre. It targets the crowd of fatherless boys and men, so maybe it just wasn’t for me. There is one scene in which one o the characters, er, goes out of character, changing voice, prosody, and body language, and launches into an incoherent monologue that has little to do with the scene. It’s along the lines of “Well, in moments like this I feel weird and don’t know what to do with myself” etc. I watched this scene twice and think that this is a reference to Jordan Peterson. It’s not quite clear to me whether it’s a mockery or a dog-whistle to the intended audience.

    1. Aren’t you tall? Just get shorter girls so they can’t see hehe. Also you could get that tattoo that mimics a buzzcut on your head. You probably have the money. You could do that tomorrow and you’ll never have to worry for the rest of your life.

    2. Go to this website: do what the guy is teaching. He is legit, I stopped my hair loss and I’m in recovery. A lot happened in hair loss research in the last 8 years that nobody knows about. There are many factors that go into hair loss it’s not just one thing that causes it, it’s a syndrome with many factors. Hair loss is reversible for a lot of guys but it takes a lot of work and most guys are to lazy to make it happened. It’s harder than going to the gym I most say.

      Also I have friends with cute girlfriends that have far worse hair loss than you. My best friend’s hairstyle looks like an animal died on his head but has no problems to get laid.

    3. Dude, there is lots of the articles on this site to read. Can you do some kind of summary? What products to buy? How to use them?

  3. Aaron and I discussed the show Sex and the City in an earlier open thread. I believe Aaron had seen them all. I was amazed at how accurately the show depicted deviant female behaviour. So the show was fascinating to watch even though it was trying to appeal to a female audience.

    Have you guys seen the more recent HBO show Girls? It’s basically a rip off of Sex and the City, except the girls are younger. I have actually seen all of the episodes because it fascinated me the way it depicted female narcissistic behaviour. Another difference with Sex and the City is that the female lead was fat and was naked in many scenes. I think she got fatter as the show went on over the years. The guys She hooked up with were always good looking, buff, or both. And she would always do the dumping, yet at the same time she was somehow always the victim. She would do interviews after the show aired and it was quite obvious that the character she was depicting was Lena Denham herself.

    1. Up until you mentioned that the lead character is fat and shown naked on screen, I was curious to give Girls a shot. I couldn’t have endured watching Sex and the City if I would have had to look at naked old hags all the time.

    2. The other girls on the show are much better looking. But only one of them shows her tits and it’s rare. Brian Williams (of MSNBC) daughter was on it. Probably the hottest girl on the show. She was in sex scenes but never showed her tits. What fascinated me was that a fat chick would have the nerve to do that on screen and think she was so liberated and in control of her life and relationships.

    3. Girls is quite an interesting show because it depicts female nastiness & narcissism in a way that no television show (not even Sex & The City) has ever done.It only seems to have avoided criticism due to the fact that a woman wrote most of the episodes. It’s a pretty difficult watch and the lead character’s constant nudity is pretty repulsive.

    4. Exactly, James. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Last I read about it Dunham wants to make a movie. Stupid bitch didn’t even know that HBO doesn’t produce major motion pictures. Maybe they’ll make it an HBO original. Heh, I guess I’ll watch it.

      Sarah Jessica Parker had already starred in multiple successful movies even before Sex and the City. She had the start up capital to produce her own Sex and the City movies.

  4. My buddy asked why I was watching Sex and the City. Stating that ” it’s for girls.” I told him that it’s like being behind enemy lines.

    Of course not all girls are enemies. Just the narcissistic ones. I thought Girls took that to the next level with a fat bitch.

  5. Has anyone seen the HBO show Succession?

    It had been on my list for a while but I finally got to watch it because of the lockdown. The story is loosely based on the Murdock family and who will succeed Rupert Murdock. It’s a brilliant black comedy/drama and much to my shock it didn’t have any ideological liberal agenda. It has a very neutral tone for a show about back stabbing rich white people. I’d highly recommend it

    1. I watched the first episode of the first season of Succession yesterday. It seems really promising and I’m looking forward to the rest, so thanks for the recommendation! Don’t spoil it for me now, but let me add that I sense that a “strong, empowered woman making it on her own in a man’s world” subplot is being set up in the case of that ugly sister. Apart from that, my only criticism is the foul language, which is quite exaggerated. You can have heated meetings in the real world without casually throwing a bunch of four-letter words. When it happens, it seems that it’s either an example of life imitating art or one of a bad upbringing. It’s not the norm in any way.

    2. Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything.

      I will say that in the first few episodes the show is still very much finding its feet (much like The Sopranos first season) but once it kicks into gear, (around the fifth episode), things really heat up. The second season of the show was one of best pieces of television that I’ve seen since The Sopranos.

    3. Succession is a great show! I watched a few more episodes. The storytelling is stellar. What I like most is that there are unexpected twists and turns, but not in an out-of-left-field style like, for instance, 24 did it. I also like the humor. I don’t want to spoil anything either, so I’ll leave it at that.

      You know, I tend to wonder if I’m completely jaded when I go through a list of media I wanted to check out and basically everything just bores me. Out of a list of about two dozen movies recently, I only watched a small number in the end, for instance. But then I come across a gem like 10 Cloverfield Lane or Succession that draws me in almost right away, and I can rest assured that I’m alright. It’s just Sturgeon’s law in action.

    4. It’s a few days later, and I have now finished watching the first two seasons of Succession. It’s phenomenal! After the first season, I thought it’s a very good show. I need a bit more distance, but my current view is that this may very well be the best TV show I’ve ever watched. Season 2 ended with an absolute bang. There are a lot of great details, and one in particular regarding the end of season 2, which I would like to mention, but I’ll keep it to myself. It’s really worth paying attention.

      One minor gripe is that I dislike the camera work. I understand the reasoning behind the unsteady camera, as it’s supposedly more life-like, but I think this effect has done to death by now. It’s a horrible trend in filmmaking.

    5. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Aaron, television rarely gets as good as the end of that second season. The camera work in the first season annoyed me and seemed like an unnecessary stylistic choice. I think that I probably just got used to it in the second season.


      Also, shiv’s story line…………they nearly made it look like one of those strong independent woman arcs but they kept the show grounded in realism. Quite amazing to have done that in this day and age

  6. If you want a story about a delusional woman hitting the wall, I recommend watching “A Streetcar named Desire” with the great Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.

    1. Dude, I am fucking SOLD. I had no idea they worked together. Vivian Liegh can play a bitch like no other (Gone With the Wind). Marlon Brando is up there with the best of them. I’m excited to watch this. They don’t makem like they used to!

    2. Another movie that showcases the wall is August Osage County. It stars Maryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Juliet Louis. Maryl Streep’s character goes on a rant about how women get ugly when they get older.

      It’s an extremely dark comedy. It was based on a highly acclaimed Broadway play.

    1. Ironically this guy has a photo of him with his very attractive jawline, talking over it and explaining how looks don’t make a difference and everything is game.

      Ah the facepalming irony of it all. This dude (who says looks make no difference and you just need to buy his game tips) just by some coincidence happens to have the jawline that science tells us gets you laid…

      Video going into jawline angles, length etc:

  7. What videogames do you guys play these days? I went through my backlog this week and, to my big surprise, I found that it’s quite difficult for me to play old games. There was probably a reason why I didn’t play them when they came out as I probably would have made time had I been really interested in them. For instance, Dragon Quest IX (Nintendo DS) had been on my list for about a decade, but standards for handheld gaming have improved so much that I didn’t manage to get into it when I finally sat down to play it the other day. A Nintendo Switch is in the mail, though, and a bunch more games.

    1. I recently finished Blasphemous for Switch at around 98% completion, took about 20-25 hours. It’s one of the few examples of kickstarter games that delivered well on it’s promise. I found it on sale and thought it looked cool. Basically, it’s a side-scrolling metroidvania with a Spanish Catholic-Goth sort of aesthetic. The story, I thought, was pretty unique and well thought out. If you get the true ending, it’s kind of a mind fuck. There is also apparently some free dlc scheduled to drop this year. Whole sale is around 25 USD.

      I saw MK11 was 60% off with the entire bundle dlc costing around 30 USD. But I decided against it because I’ve been spending too much time gaming lately. I play Octopath Traveler intermittently, but I think the story fucking sucks. I literally skip all dialogue anymore and just grind. Battle system is pretty good.

      Btw, I heard rumors that Sony was to buy intellectual properties from Konami. Konami is basically trash now, but this would give Hideo Kojima access to perhaps Silent Hill, Metal Gear and Sony may also be buying Castlevania. Take that with a grain of salt, though. I would certainly be interested in Kojima and Del Toro having access to Silent Hill.

    2. Thanks for the recommendations! Blasphemous looks great. I’ll add it to my list. Mortal Kombat is too gory for my liking. I don’t mind blood and violence, but MK is downright off-putting. I also vaguely recall seeing some articles about a shoehorned SJW agenda in the latest iteration of that game. I played the demo of Octopath Traveler when it came out but it didn’t grab me. I have recently ordered Astral Chain, Animal Crossing, and Dragon Quest XI. I’ll probably only hold on to Animal Crossing. The others I’ll likely play through and sell afterwards.

      Weren’t there also rumors that Microsoft wanted to buy the dormant Konami IPs? I’d like to see that just to witness how much they’ll butcher them as pretty much everything Microsoft has touched in gaming has turned into crap. I recall when the cover of Gears of Wars 5 (“Gears 5”) was leaked and people were adamant that it was fake and a bad joke. Nope, they really did put a butch on the cover and made her the main characters. A new Silent Hill, like the canceled Silent Hills project with Kojima/Del Toro, would be great, though. The Silent Hills teaser trailer was really well made.

    3. They tried inserting some SJW BS into MK? That’s disappointing. I figured I’d pick a few characters to learn well and compete online, but I don’t really want to pay for the online sub right now either. I doubt I’ll ever get it now since you said that lmao.

      Astral Chain is pretty impressive. It’s like stepping into an actual anime. I’ve only played the first few missions so far, mainly because after the intro mission there is a learning curve to get used to and I got distracted with other games. The only complaint I have so far is that the seemingly rare platforming sequences are kind of clunky.

      I haven’t heard the Microsoft rumor but god, I hope it’s Sony if anyone. Btw, I’ll check back with you about Dragon Quest. I haven’t found a great RPG in a while, so I’m interest in what you think about it. Honestly, if you ever get the chance or if it’s perhaps on the online catalogue, consider Chrono Trigger (snes) if you’ve never played it. I played through it about a year ago on a raspberri pi 3 and it kind of spoiled me with regards to RPGs.

    4. The big issues with MK 11 were Jax’s ending (cf. and that the developer ended the decades-long tradition of having super-sexy women in the game. Now they are all physically a lot less attractive (smaller boobs, less sexy figures) and show less skin.

      All Platinum games I’ve played had some elements that were pretty shoddy. Thankfully, the action sequences are normally top-notch, so I hope that this also holds for Astral Chain. The footage of high-level play I’ve watched certainly looks great, so my hope is that this game is indeed as good as the reviews say it is. Needless to say, I don’t trust mainstream reviews much these days.

      I played through Chrono Trigger in the early 2000s. It’s my favorite RPG. I also really liked Grandia II and Final Fantasy VI. The latter felt a bit like a slog closer to the end, but the amazing final part redeemed it. Come to think of it, I played all those games in the early 2000s and haven’t really touched an RPG since, with the exception of The World Ends With You on Nintendo DS, which I liked a lot back then. The recent HD remaster announcement of it didn’t interest me at all, though. I’ve been looking into games I could play while listening to podcasts. I imagine that grinding in an RPG would work well in this context.

    5. Wow. I don’t understand how a game can be known for always pushing the envelope and being way over the top, only to give in to the pressures of PC culture and water your product down. When MK first came out it was super controversial with the blood and fatalities. Now it seems it’s controversial in a different way, because it betrayed the fan base essentially. I seriously doubt very many women get deep into the gameplay and competition aspect. So give the players (mostly men) the T and A and just skip all that slavery crap. Maybe they’ll reveal that Mileena is trans or something in the next installment.

      Funny that you mention the podcast thing. I downloaded Doom 64 for $5 and found myself listening to podcasts while running through the 28 levels or so. I know you’re not too into to FPS games, though. Or at least I think you’ve mentioned that before. The platformer Rayman might pique your interest. It’s probably one of the best in the genre, possibly ever. I still would recommend Celeste over Rayman, though. The music for Celeste is quite good, however, and would be a shame to cover it up with a podcast.

    6. I think modern FPS games just aren’t good games nor are they good value for money if you don’t play multiplayer. I played a few Call of Duties on Xbox 360. The campaign takes about five to six hours; in the end, I even thought the little I paid for used copies was too much. They aren’t even real games to me: cutscene, set piece, action, repeat a few times, credits. In terms of gameplay, they are also really shallow. I think Modern Warfare 3 was the last FPS I played. It was over before it really started.

      I got Celeste as a freebie on the Epic game store but I’ve had my fill of difficult platformers for a while. I want to play it eventually, though.

    7. Oh, btw, glad to hear you really liked Chrono Trigger. About the time you played through those games you menioned above I was playing FFVII , VIII and IX. I lost all interest in FF at around XII. Never played XI, but I noticed I started losing interest around X. I think part of it might have to do with when they started adding voices to the characters. It just kind of took away from the charm for me.

      I was in the middle of playing FFVI (IV in Japan?) when the Switch fell into my lap but I was definitely digging it. I’ll definitely go back and beat it at some point. I tried playing it directly after beating Chorno Trigger and I just couldn’t go back to random encounters for a good while after that. The battle system in CT was much more enjoyable, I thought. And the graphics, music and story.

    8. I played FF VI, i.e. FF III in the US, before Chrono Trigger. Otherwise, the random battles would probably have been too jarring. I vaguely remember that there was an item that drastically reduces random encounters, though, but I may confuse it with some other game. Compared to Chrono Trigger, FF VI was more than twice as long and less than half the fun. I skipped FF VIII and XI, but wanted to play FF X. Yet, I dropped it quickly as I thought it was too cut-scene heavy. It just didn’t grab me. I also played through FF VII. I had a friend of insist I borrow his PlayStation and the game so that I can see for myself how great it was. I liked the music and the graphics were pretty great back then, but I didn’t like the gameplay very much. Note that this was also after playing Chrono Trigger.

      It’s been about two decades, so nostalgia may cloud my judgment, but I really enjoyed Grandia II and its battle system back in the days. That game saw a re-release on Steam some time ago; it’s probably on Switch, too. Maybe get it on Steam (it should be cheap on a sale) because then you can get a refund if you don’t like it and you’ve played it for less than two hours.

    9. Thanks, dude! I’ll definitely look into Grandia II. At the very least I should be able to snag a coughROMcough, hehe. I’ll let you know how it turns out for me.

    10. I’ve never tried Dreamcast emulators, but when I looked into it a couple years ago, results weren’t that great. Let me know how you like that game if you do get it to run properly. I looked up some footage of Grandia II earlier today and have to concede that my rose-tinted memories don’t quite match up with reality. This game didn’t age particularly well in terms of graphics, but maybe you can get used to it.

    11. I found the Grandia I & II remaster collection on the estore for $40. I’ll probably hold off until it’s on sale or something. As far as emulators go I was thinking it was snes for some reason until I looked it up, but apparently it has a ps2 release. Have you played Astral Chain yet?

    12. Everything I ordered is stuck in the mail due to Covid-19, so I haven’t had the opportunity yet to play Astral Chain. I think $40 is a lot of money for those two games. Even with 50% off during a sale I’d say it’s too much.

    13. Ah, thanks for the heads up. I’ve found that many of the roms I’ve tried weren’t even worth the 3 second download and the time it took to boot them up. There should be a PS2 version of that game, though. Also, I’m finding that many of the modern games I’ve bought weren’t worth it and I’ve become a bit jaded.

      I was very pleased with REmake2 (it had some issues, sure) but I’m glad I don’t own a PS4 now because REmake3 turned out to be a dud. Capcom had a team working on that game (mostly in secret) for about 3 years and they ended up delivering a game with low replay value with an average play of about 6 hours or so. And that might even included cutscenes, I’m not sure. They had even outsourced the (which isn’t receiving much praise either) online multiplayer mode so the main team had full focus and three years to complete the main campaign. Not to mention many assets were potentially recyclable from RE7. They essentially made Resident Evil into a COD with a shit multiplayer.

      Now, if it were a $20 dlc for RE2 then that would be acceptable to me. But this is a full $60 game.

    14. I watched a review of RE3. Apparently, Capcom recycled a significant amount of content for the purposes of “story continuity”. This company is quite something. They tend to put out a few games, and if one of it gets big, they milk the resulting franchise until there is nothing left. They ran franchises like Onimusha and Ace Attorney into the ground with a flood of low-effort sequels. Even their flagship series Resident Evil was almost done, if it weren’t for the stroke of genius that was RE4. Of course, afterwards they went right back to producing shitty spin-offs and disappointing sequels. I recall that back in the days people were quite disappointed with the original Resident Evil 3 after the highly acclaimed first two games.

      My Switch has now arrived, but my games are still in the mail. There is a demo of Dragon Quest XI on the e-shop, which is a few hours long. I really like it. Progress carries over to the full game. If the demo isn’t on the US e-shop (some demos are only available in certain regions), then just create a UK account on your console.

    15. I agree, RE4 was phenomenal. I got a lot of replay out of that one and really enjoyed the mercenaries mode back then, too. It’s a game that still holds up well visually to this day even, I think. You could almost call it perfect. Guess what, though. There is vague confirmation that another remake is in the works, and a ton of speculation (even from IGN) that the next remake is RE4. If that’s the case and with the amount of expectation there would be for that game, they would almost no doubt screw up. They’ve milked that game for everything it’s worth already by porting it to virtually every capable console, so a remake wouldn’t be surprising.

      And nice! Glad to hear you’re digging DQ so far.

    16. Aaron, I just finished Alien: Isolation. It was pretty tough, I thought, on medium difficulty but if survival horror is your thing then I highly recommend it. It’s probably one of the best-looking games on Switch, too. The second half of the game really impressed me. Just exploring the space station and what not, it does a good job of making you feel like an engineer in space and a helpless one at that. It’s not for everybody, though. I got really frustrated by the xenomorph a lot, the AI is really impressive.

      I just picked up slash and dash game called Katana Zero. It’s 33% off right now at around $10 and is criticaly acclaimed. I figure you’re probably pretty backed up right now and not really searching for new titles, just thought I’d throw those out there.

      Btw, it’s looking more and more like Capcom really is looking at a 2022 release of REmake4. I give them kudos for RE2, however, this is definitely looking like cash grab move. Apparently the original director turned down the job offer and will instead advise the dev team.

      How’s your gaming experience been lately? I’m going to quit gaming indefinitely here soon. Also, if the economy doesn’t kick back in soon I may possibly get furloughed.

    17. I just looked into Alien: Isolation. It’s sadly only available as an eshop release. With more expensive games, I prefer buying them physically so that I can sell them once I’m done with them.

      I share your skepticism about the RE4 remake. When the game was originally released, it was revolutionary. Today, the biggest selling point of a remake would simply be nostalgia as the genre has moved on. Every ground-breaking game has been surpassed. Compare Quake to modern 3D FPS shooters, Street Fighter II to any modern fighting game, or Ocarina of Time to later 3D Legend of Zelda games! Looking back, it always becomes clear how limited those games were.

      I tend to binge on videogames and then I put them away, sometimes for months or even a year or two. Right now, I’m engrossed in Dragon Quest XI. I have Astral Chain and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the mail. The only two Switch games I had been considering in addition to those were Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Dragon’s Dogma. The former has pretty poor graphics as it’s a remaster of a 3DS game so I’ve decided to skip it. The latter I owned for PS3 and liked it a lot. I dropped it only because I had too much stuff to do. That’s when I go cold turkey and sell my games and consoles. I’m still curious to play it. It’s only available physically in the US and Japan so I’ll have to import it, which is a bit of a hassle.

      What’s your reason for wanting to quit gaming?

      I wish you good luck and hope that you’ll get through these chaotic times well.

    18. Thanks, man. I’ll be fine of it goes through, the situation is really just starting to make my eyes roll at this point. It’s funny, because we were told we would be overwhelmed and it’s come to this. I’m certainly more fortunate than millions of others at the moment.

      My reasons for taking a break are simply because I’d like to invest more time in self-improvement and other hobbies. Do you ever game so consistently that you start to feel guilty, like you should probably be doing something more ‘productive’ with your efforts? Likewise, when my schedule is super full and I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I begin to crave more leisure time to game and binge watch.

      I happened to forget that fact about A:I. And sadly the Switch port is probably the most expensive version of the game. Would be much cheaper for another console or PC, I’m sure, and a physical version at that. I’d say whoever ported the game was compensated well, they did a fantastic job.

    19. I don’t feel guilty when I play games. However, gaming doesn’t come at the expense of anything else in my life. I think if it doesn’t affect your job, sleep, nutrition, or exercise regimen, it’s not a big deal. Besides, I almost always listen to podcasts while gaming, which works fine with gameplay as opposed to story-driven games. Your observation makes sense. I don’t play consistently, though. Sure, I may put in one to three hours a day for a few weeks to get through some mammoth game, but then I’ll have had my fill for a while.

      I looked more into the Switch port of Alien: Isolation. According to Digital Foundry, which I think highly of for their technical analyses, the image quality of the game is better than on PS4:

      I’ve been arguing that pixel counts simply aren’t as important these days and that’s for good reason. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions are locked at 1080p, the Switch version is substantially cleaner in motion. This is due to a reliance on more modern accumulation temporal anti-aliasing. This approach massively reduces in-surface aliasing and edge shimmering to the point where it looks flat out better than the original console release, even if it is running at a higher pixel-count. This is consistent throughout the adventure with a great number of surfaces now exhibiting smoother edges on Switch. Even when the resolution dips under 1080p, the result is still more visually attractive and cleaner to the eye.

    20. Oh yea, Digital Foundry is legit. I was watching tech breakdown of the PS5 a few weeks back:

      Whereas Xbox has a raw power advantage, the PS5 is utilizing its tech in innovative ways giving it overall higher performance capabilities. It’s been awhile since I watched the video. I remember them discussing how games could boot in 1 sec with seamless gameplay – basically zero loading screens due to the SSD technology. Also, what they’re doing with the audio on the PS5 is, as far as I know, extremely forward thinking and not really available on PC at the moment. Their goal with the audio design is to mimic as if the player were actually perceiving sounds from inside the game’s environment by conforming to the player’s head shape and ear acoustics (or something). Hypothetically, you could send Sony images of your head and they could customize the audio setting for you, though there are supposed to be 6 default settings.

      I think I’ll start doing like you do and binge game when I feel like it then turn around and sell my console/games when I’m through.

  8. It’s funny when girls say that “personality is everything.” WTF do they even mean? Confidence? Sense of humor? Being nice? Cocky?

    The only thing universal and consistent about what women want in a man is looks. And that itself is pretty uniform. It’s mostly the dudes facial structure. Men like different traits in women. Ass men, breast men etc.

    1. She means “looks is everything”, but usually lacks the courage to admit her superficial nature.

  9. What are your top 3 or more criticisms of modern monetary theory that backs the democrats (Bernie, AOC & etc.) governmental spending proposals with economics?

    1. Am I supposed to write your fucking term papers? Try to make more of an effort from now on.

    2. I was expecting only three sentences. If you don’t already know about the MMT you can check out this.

    3. Its basic premise (straw man) is a government, unlike a household, can print as much money as inflation is contained to pay for government spending.

    4. Dude, this is no way of starting a discussion. How about you formulate your point properly to give us something to respond to? You expect us to do all the work. On that note, asking us to watch a 50-minute video is beyond the pale.

    5. @Sampath: I’m going to be super nice to you here and suggest you read “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous.

      @Aaron, I highly recommend this one. Saifedean has a very sharp mind and a sharp tongue, too. Totally tears apart the official narrative.

    6. I am going to be very nice to the Bitcoin crowd as well as say they are still set in their ways.

      Bitcoin has a lot of problems like its deflationary properties, inability to properly lend it and so on. Therefore, my diagnosis of the book “the bitcoin standard” is that it just says bitcoin is hard money and just doesn’t provide evidence of a scientific nature for that.

      @Aaron, If you don’t know what MMT is already, you can easily say so and I will go somewhere else to find my criticisms from a far-right conspiracy theorist view point. You don’t need me to explain what MMT is when it is already invented by someone else and published.

    7. Dude, you should drop your act. There is nothing modern about MMT. It’s just deficit spending with a fresh coat of paint. The problem with your posts is that there is absolutely no substance in them. It takes no effort to show up and ask, “What are the top X problems with concept Y?” Imagine you have someone come up to you, asking you that. It just reeks of laziness.

    8. It’s modern since, it’s a better explanation of deficit spending. What’s exactly wrong with deficit spending? Why is it that everyone have to ask the dumb question “How are you going to pay for it?” when talking about the government spending budget?

      On your point about deficit spending, we’ve always had deficit spending and when ever we didn’t there was a recession.

    9. “How are you going to pay for it?” is not a dumb question. Have you ever thought about why there is inflation? I think before you discuss very specific topics like MMT, you should try to acquire a basic understanding of economics.

      That most governments are wasteful is hardly a justification for deficit spending. You surely are aware that plenty of countries have gone bankrupt in history, some multiple times.

    10. @Aaron
      Don’t waste your time with someone saying that a monetary medium with a fixed supply is deflationary.

    1. A lot of gym rats don’t get laid. The problem is that we think that if we get in great shape they will throw themselves at us. Plenty of insecure guys are driven to work on their bodies. I’ve been in that position. Not the worst thing in the world, but we still have to pick up on the signals and make the move. Plus the gym can become an obsession that takes up too much of your time and focus.

    2. The other day a video popped up in my YouTube feed in which someone contrasted slender guys with attractive faces with buff dudes who had average to unattractive faces, wanting to make the point that incels are “coping” by working out if they have an unattractive face. I think that your face accounts for more than your body. Of course, I’m not implying that guys should not bother with working out.

    3. I’ve been thinking about blackpillers a lot lately, and have realized the one main thing that differentiates my number of lays from theirs is that I was blessed with 2 things.

      1) Not giving a crap about women’s approval. I get to bang her, I don’t care if she has a high opinion of me or not
      2) Not giving a crap about women’s faces

      I literally don’t perceive a girl’s face. It’s not a factor in how attracted I am to a girl.

      – If I look at girl with an 8 body and 2 face, to me she’s an 8
      – If I look at a girl with an 8 body and 8 face, she’s an 8 to me (basically no further advantage)

      The reason I relate this to the gym topic is that when I gym-maxxed, I banged girls with hot-tight bodies. Most of them didn’t have pretty faces, let’s say most of them were average face, a few ugly-faced. But it’s all a blur.

      While face is indeed more important… It seems to me like you can bang girls with hot bodies (and not so hot faces) if you’re gym-maxxed.

      I might be entirely wrong, but from what I’ve perceived in listening to many hours of blackpiller stuff… it seems they’re obsessed with the face, because they care about the girl’s face and approval.

      I don’t have an attractive face. But I had plenty of pornlike sex with pornlike chicks (hot body, face not so much). Btw, watch some interviews with “pornstars” without the makeup. Most of them have either an average or below average face.

      I bet most blackpillers have no problem jerking off to a ton of porn. But if they saw that same girl in clothes and without makeup, she’s not good enough for them.

    4. They focus on facial attractiveness because they appear to not having it. The problem is that a majority of this “community” consists of mental ill psychos with self worth issues. When you look at guys like faceandlms, this is what he considers an “true incel”: You don’t need to be a genius to understand that this guy hardly slays. Also if you are short you will have problems. A lot of those guys lowered their standards down to the mariana trench but still get nothing.

    1. Denmark has passed an emergency law that allows the government to force people to take a vaccine for coronavirus.

      The emergency law gives authorities sweeping powers to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain in force until March 2021.

    2. The government giving itself the authority to inject its subjects with some chemical cocktail is nightmare fuel. None of the candidate vaccinations will get properly vetted as they are all being rushed to market.

  10. Aaron,
    Over the years it you have mention that women do not lust after average men, and that looks trumps money. Women pursue Chads for casual encounters while they settle with their Beta Male provider long term. Ok Cupid highlighted in their study that women find 80 percent of men to be below average in looks. Finally, women who divorced their husband claimed that they never found him attractive to begin with.

    1. Taking all this data into account, would all this suggest that when women marry their beta male, she is never truly in love with him? And If so, how is it that Mr. Beta Male is so blind to this fake relationship that he cannot acknowledge his situation?

    2. Are women “ONLY” and more likely to fall in love with Chads as physical attraction is the starting point to lust which may lead to falling in love down the road?

    3. If a woman manages to lock up a Chad as a provider would this suggest that she is more willing to make the relationship work in the long run unlike their counter- part Beta Male Provider?

    4. From your personal experience, what’s your take on “love”? Do people have a certain number of times they are able to fall in love before they reach point where they can no longer fall in love again and thus just become cynic and jaded?

    5. Mainstreams dating advice always claim that men are more likely to fall in love first than women. However, I have noticed that women are very likely to fall in love first if their partner is eye candy (Chad). Whereas, Mr. Beta Male is likely to fall in love quickly since he is inexperience. What’s your take on these claims how on love works?

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