A Boob Job is a Massive Red Flag

Guys who have not interacted much with women in real life may be unaware of how obsessed women are with the size of their boobs. Sure, you can deduce it from how willingly women put their boobs on display, but Blue-Pill Bill probably justifies this by telling himself that it’s “patriarchy” that objectifies women and makes them behave this way. It’s all a result of oppression somehow. What instead happens is that women are in fierce competition with each other for the best mates or, as we nowadays phrase it, the chaddest Chads. Also, in the very most cases, men approach women, not the other way round. Thus, women want to outcompete each other by being sexually more appealing.

I find it quite amusing how women talk about other women behind their backs. That’s something you’ll probably only ever get privy to if you get a few fuck buddies because once they realize that you aren’t willing to commit to them, they may stick around regardless for a few more weeks. Yet, during that time they may be more open than before. This is when they will talk crap about the “pathetically small boobs” of her supposed best friend or they may reveal that they are green with envy because some other chick has a more impressive rack. Of course, such a woman is quickly labelled a whore behind her back by other women.

In order to make their boobs look bigger, women stuff their bras, use push-up bras, or wear clothes that mislead you regarding the actual size of her knockers. Shadier methods involve using a “bronzer”, which is just makeup applied in such a way to give the illusion of bigger breasts. This works best in photos, and is similar to how some women want to pretend they have high cheekbones when they don’t. There are also plenty of scams targeting insecure women, which is quite similar to dubious methods that supposedly make your dick grow bigger. If it wasn’t the case that enough women fall for such scams, no such miracle cures would be marketed. In Southeast Asia and China some companies fraudulently advertise that their coconut-based drink makes boobs bigger. All of this is quite bizarre and all of this highlights how obsessed women are with their boobs.

There is one method that absolutely helps with enlarging a woman’s breasts: getting implants. Boob jobs are very popular in the industrialized world. Furthermore, the better-off women in the third world flock to the West to bump their cup size up. Fake boobs are almost ubiquitous. I have to qualify this statement, however, because far too many men think that it’s always obvious when a woman has gotten fake boobs. Of course, you have women with comically large breasts in the adult industry. On a night out, you also see the occasional slut a tube top with fake knockers. However, only a relatively small number of women go down that road. In Scandinavian countries, for instance, boob jobs are very common, but women normally opt for an only modest increase in cup size, probably to maintain plausible deniability. After all, as long as her boobs don’t obviously look fake, they may well be natural.

A lot of women with fake boobs fly under the radar. Yet, whenever you get the chance to examine a woman’s breasts, it is good practice to feel out if they could be fake because if they are, you better tread carefully as they are a huge red flag. Obviously, I don’t talk about relative outliers like older women who had one breast restored after breast cancer. Instead, we’re talking about 18 to 35 year-olds, roughly, who opt for fake boobs for purely cosmetic reasons.

Women get fake boobs in order to improve their looks, but the motivations slightly differ depending on age. An adolescent woman may very well tell herself that she’s feeling insecure about her small boobs because her friends Stacy and Becky now have big silicone knockers. If she lives in a country like Norway, she may even get free fake boobs paid for by the taxpayer because intra-female competition is negatively affecting her mental health (I was told this about ten years ago when Norway was flush with cash; today their socialized healthcare system may no longer be that generous, making thots pay for fake boobs themselves). The aspect of feeling insecure may outweigh her wish to supercharge her sex appeal, at least if she does not aim at a career as a titty streamer or cam/Instagram model.

Most young women are perfectly fine without fake boobs, though. A young, slender woman, almost regardless of her face, is a hot property. In our obese times, this is more true than it ever was. Only as she is aging, hopping from one bed to another, may she find that merely being in shape is no longer enough to attract an attractive sexual partner for one night, let alone for a relationship. After all, at a certain point, Chad rather goes for a 22-year-old as opposed to a 28-year-old as the former is not only younger and thus better looking but also won’t push him to enter a relationship with her after having gotten dicked down.

As women realize that their youthful natural good looks fade, the appeal of cosmetic procedures increases. With women in their late 20s or early 30s, a boob job is often Hail Mary. In that critical age range, she is likely to not show any false modesty and instead go for rather sizable implants. She needs them to be in your face so that you are sure to notice them and, by extension, her. It’s a desperate attempt to increase her sexual market value before everything is too late. After all, once her biological window for having children is closed, it’s over for her.

The resulting issue is thus that a young woman with fake boobs indicates that she has deep-seated insecurities. Her boob job was intended to be a quick fix. You can bet that there is now some other part of her body she is not happy about and needs to get “fixed” as soon as she has the money (this may be where you come in). In that regard, women with fake boobs are quite like women with tattoos, which are overlapping demographics anyway. These start with one small tattoo, maybe one they can easily hide — and a few years later she’ll get a sleeve tattoo or a massive tattoo on her shoulder blade or back.

Older women with fake boobs not only reek desperation. You can also bet that they are extremely calculating. She got her fake boobs as an investment, and she wants that investment to pay off, namely by roping some sucker into a relationship. The investment metaphor may not be the most fitting one. It may be more appropriate to call it high-stakes gambling. She’s putting a lot of money down by placing that one big bet. Judging from how those “cougars” in clubs and bars often behave, it’s quite obvious that they feel as if they have no time to waste.

In conclusion, because you want to steer clear of the difficulties that come with being with an insecure and/or a calculating woman, you should avoid women with fake boobs. An insecure woman will, at one point, no longer just want your attention but the attention of other men as well, and a calculating woman who got big fake boobs to rope you into a relationship can easily spell your economic ruin, of course depending on the divorce laws in your country. Needless to say, this does not imply that a woman who does not have fake boobs is necessarily a safe bet. Yet, the point remains that a woman with fake boobs is likely to have more issues, and why would you invite such a bundle of issues into your life? Even a one-night stand with them can be more trouble than it is worth.

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19 thoughts on “A Boob Job is a Massive Red Flag

  1. I willingly admit that I’ve always been a tits man. And as long as fake boobies fit the overall proportions of a woman and/or her image, I used to be very much ok with it. Also I’ve always greatly enjoyed f***ing girls with solidly made fake tits in the realm of C and D cup sizes. Great stuff!

    The caveat here is: for me size & shape of her boobs have never been a decisive factor in choosing a female LTR mate, because my desire to be in a relationship has always been small at best.

  2. I knew a married chick that got fake boobs, was divorced about a couple years later. Her husband was a pastor.

    Anyone else here ass men? I think the same sort of logic can be applied to women who obsess with squats and other booty enhancing workouts. They are leveraging their asses to get ahead of the competition, are calculating and prone to promiscuity. That being said, the majority of my porn usage includes women being face down and ass up.

    1. I think a very similar argument can be made for asses. The difference, though, is that asses are less visible. In fact, evolution suggests that enlarged breasts emerged in the wake of bipedalism because the ass was no longer on eye-level. Also, asses can be, as you rightly point out, enlarged by exercise, and ass implants are relatively rare.

    2. That scene was funny. It’s also a good example of high-quality Japanese voice acting. In contrast, Western dubs are often horrible. The anime adaptation of Madan no Ou to Vanadis (good manga!) got dubbed in English, and the voice actors are just phoning it in. They also picked a rather masculine sounding voice for the hottest chick in the manga, which was jarring. I couldn’t watch it.

    3. I thought the dub for Konosuba was an example of one of the best dubs I’ve ever watched. I’ve been watching subs mostly for the past couple years, though. Have you gotten to check out Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime? It’s my favorite anime since Cowboy Bebop. I sat down and read through the manga after the prologue concluded. Highly recommend the both. The prologue has one of the most likable antagonists I can think of.

    4. Yeah, Prison School is awesome! Just stumbled upon it last month and I laughed my ass off watching it. The humor is super rough and sexually charged and the animation and music are top-notch. Beyond the surface level, it’s not even that shallow since the series basically revolves around loyalty between man.

      I’ve also enjoyed the English dub here as well. Actually, one of the best English voice acting I came across in Anime for years.

  3. Hi Sleazy, I am an avid reader of your blog. I wish to register into your private forum but I don’t see any register button.

    I wonder if you can show me a way to do so. I intend to send you a private message. Nothing big, just that I need help from you to translate a German text.

    I wish you well! Thank you

  4. I dated a girl once who was fairly busty, and told me when she got older she would get a boob job which for the life of my I couldn’t understand. She looked great and had already decided she would have surgery down the road.

  5. Aaron,
    “…young woman with fake boobs indicates that she has deep-seated insecurities”.

    I’m not sure if this would be the case among strippers who are in their early 20s. I have noticed that strippers often get breast implants as it helps improve their tips (the money they make by selling lap dances, VIP etc…). Like you said, “women are in fierce competition with each other for the best mates” and “want to outcompete each other by being sexually more appealing”.

    I have also noticed that women who have gotten implants in their 20s have often gotten a breast reduction later in life in their 30s or 40s. I’m not sure what the motivation was for having a breast reduction. I’ve had couple of girls who told me that they just got tired of having big breast. I’m not sure what that meant, but I figure that it had to do with them being unable to lock down a guy for a relationship.

    I know a couple of girls on a personal level who have gotten breast implants in their 20s while getting a breast reduction in their 30s and/or 40s. I know that these women were not able to secure a long-term partner in the end. They were just a pump and dumb kind of deal. Bare in mind that these women got knock-up in their early 20s. Her fake breast was obviously not a good enough investment to lock down a guy.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend dating a stripper or, for that matter, any woman who directly makes money with her body. To use the categories described in the article, I’d say that those women are both hyper-competitive with other women and very calculating, making deliberate investments in cosmetic surgeries in order to maximize their income.

      Do you mean breast reduction, i.e. of the natural breast tissue or simply removing implants or replacing them? From what I gather, some well-endowed women get their breasts reduced simply because they end up sagging pretty badly. Then, there is the issue of back pain. That’s at least a common claim. I’m not so sure how true this is because it can probably be addressed easily with a bit of exercise. You also have to consider that breast implants can’t stay in the body forever. In fact, they are a health hazard as the body perceives them as an unnatural element, meaning that the immune system of those women tends to be on high alert as a consequence.

      Oh, big (fake) boobs certainly make it more difficult for any guy to take a woman seriously for a long-term relationship. It’s not so much an issue of boob size but of the kind of woman that gets such implants, in my opinion.

    2. Aaron,
      I meant breast reduction in the form of having her former implants removed and making them smaller with a new set of implants. For example, a woman going from a 36D (710cc) implants to a 32C (390cc) implants.

    3. Back pain is indeed an issue for some women, even with exercise. i had a very busty GF many years ago, who had breast reduction while we were dating. She was still busty even after the operation, so you can imagine what kind of knockers she had before!

      Back pain is also not the only issue, I remember finding suitable bras and swimwear at those sizes proved challenging as well.

    4. As I was hitting the “post” button I was suddenly reminded of a girl I knew from high school, one of the most manipulative bitches i knew (she tried to catfish me trough social media back then).

      She wasnt super hot, but she knew how to flirt and make 20yo dumb guys hot. While studying at the university she got herself a boob job, and I later found out she got the money by extorting her boss. Apparently her boss had been hitting on her, she played along while she secretly recorded him, and then she threatened to take the evidence to his wife….

    5. That’s a really great example! If this had happened in the US, she would arguably have aimed for a much bigger payday. It’s essentially the story of Harvey Weinstein in a nutshell, except that in that case the evidence was a bit more shaky.

  6. If a woman who is not single gets a boob job, you can guarantee it’s not for her man. It means she’s looking to upgrade.

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