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Open Post: How to Bang 1 in 4 Girls

Blog reader ‘Dude’ left a comment that nicely summarizes the core idea behind my books Minimal Game and Club Game, namely to make very targeted approaches. The average “gamer” approaches indiscriminately and may get one date out of 1,000 approaches, but with a smarter approach you can eliminate all the approaches that don’t go anywhere. Here is what he wrote:

Step 1: Be as attractive as you personally can
Step 2: Look which women are checking you out / give you signals
Step 3: Of those girls, go up to the ones you like the most

The whole last year I did exactly that . Didn’t went out a lot, but when I approached a girl it was mostly a one in done situation. No false numbers, no flaking, follow up date after meeting every time (I don’t do ONS, hate them) . Lay ratio 1/4 approaches – not 100 dead end approaches to get 1 fake number like all low IQ “coaches” teach.

This is how it is done. If you are good, you do about a handful of approaches and get laid. Sometimes, you may have a night where you do just one approach, and you succeed. Going out, making one approach, i.e. approaching the one girl you want to bang, and banging her is infinitely more fulfilling than “practicing approaches” or “doing warm-up sets'” or whatever else the PUA crowd told you.

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3 thoughts on “Open Post: How to Bang 1 in 4 Girls

  1. It’s so much more enjoyable that way.

    – ‘Approach Anxiety’? – gone. You know that she likes you, she will not reject you harshly.
    – ‘Cock-Blocking’? – gone. Her friends know what’s up, she told them that she likes you. They just disappear.
    – ‘Asking for phone numbers? – nope. They ask you, or make it very clear that they want to see you again. If not, don’t bother, she will be a pain in the ass anyway.
    – ‘Dates?’ Didn’t spend a penny, they just came to me or I went to them right away.

    Just go for the green girls, don’t bother with the maybe girls let alone the red girls. Maybe girls just waste your time in 95% of the cases. Spend that time making money or in the gym, not learning ‘game’. In general, you should spend your time only with ‘green’ people that like you. It will make your life so much easier and happier.

    1. 300% Green people only! Especially girls.

      What is your pickup context. Are you looking for signals in bars/clubs/parks in cold type environments. Or more hobby/social circle type environments?

      Yeah I also went to zero dating. I invite them to my place to “watch a movie.” I am thinking of going back to one or two coffee/park dates because there are some chicks that aren’t playing games, but just need a little more time. I’m sure I lose some chicks for this reason and as I’m picky in terms of looks, I end up with less sex than I’d like. As I type this though my brain is going: “Fuck that! I don’t wanna go on any dates! Just jerk off!”

    2. Context it’s not important at the end of the day, at least not for me because I’m very good at reading body language and micro expression. As the minimal game book states you can do that everywhere, integrate it into your day to day life to keep it efficient.

      I personally did it in Bars/Niche Clubs/College House Parties (!!!). Again to get the most bang for your buck you have to go to places where you have a lot of single, dtf people. But if you are somewhat attractive and some people turn heads when they see you it will work everywhere. You just need to be a ‘product’ that women want. It’s not ‘game’, it’s being someone people want to have in their lives.

      Just do what the minimal game book tells you to do.

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